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Natalie Portman, Aura Reading #3 for 2011 Oscar Nominees

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Whether or not Natalie Portman wins this year’s Academy Award for Best Actress, her profile swan shot sure has been prevalent. Granted, one doesn’t see swan pictures every year. But, personally, I find it easier to do aura reading from a front view. And I’d rather see that sweet Natalie face than the oh-so-interesting iconic image, so very carefully crafted to be distinctive, the profile shot with the black mask.

Anyway, I will be evaluating Portman’s performance from the inside out, at the level of chakra databanks. No mask can stand up to aura reading anyway!

Are you ready to join me? Do you know what on earth I mean by terms like “energetic literacy” and “chakra databank”? If not, take a look at this introductory post about movie reviews with energetic literacy.

In her nominated role, Natalie Portman plays Nina Sayers, a young ballerina whose precarious mental state begins to disintegrate when she is cast in the role of the Swan Queen.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Research is based on these paired photos of the youngish actress. Natalie has more miles on her than Jennifer Lawrence but still on the very, very young side (from my perspective, anyway). To enlarge the photo,  copy onto a document and pull those corners!

Our comparison photo is taken from her performance as Nina. To enlarge the photo, copy the picture onto a document and pull those corners!

Now, let’s go forth, one chakra databank at a time.

The Reality She Lives in: Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra

  • As Natalie: Highly intelligent, Natalie doesn’t live “in her head” but the life of the mind is her passion. She’s always learning.

Also noteworthy, and unusual in the acting field, in the moment of her photograph, Natalie is proudly representing something by her presence as a celebrity. Meaning matters a great deal to her, spiritual meaning. Ethically, for instance, she must be impeccable — doing what is right according to her personal set of beliefs.

Whatever her belief system now, and without making a big deal of it, Natalie lives to glorify her spiritual connection and ground it into this earth. She walks it, not talks it.

  • As Nina: Oh so controlled, positively tortured. Really, really complicated layers of self-control and pushing herself — the quality is highly obsessive. So this woman doesn’t quite make contact with reality. It’s more like wearing grey glasses of obsession.

Ouch, what courage to experience this level of psychological dysfunction! I’ll put it this way. When I do first sessions of RES Energy HEALING with a new client, sometimes I will discover major psychological or mind-body-spirit dysfunction. How often does this happen? Maybe a few times in a typical year, out of more than 1,000 hours spent with clients.

In such a case I will tell my client straight out, “Please see a mental health practitioner. You’re having trouble functioning and there’s a strong possibility that psychiatric medication could make a big difference in your quality of life.”

Having said this clearly (and sometimes repeatedly) I will do what I can for such clients. It’s only responsible to make the point that my sessions alone would not be enough to help that client function comfortably in life. (Actually, I have had quite a few clients who take medication and benefit a great deal from my sessions; the two approaches are perfectly compatible, far as I am concerned.)

So, in that context, what do I mean when I describe “Nina” as having “major psychological or mind-body-spirit dysfunction”? What this character presents, right here with her auric modeling, right here in this one photo, is way more major than the degree of difficulty flagged in those aforementioned clients.

If Nina were my client, right after doing the Skilled Empath Merge in her session, I would suggest that she see a mental health professional. We’d discuss this briefly and I would terminate her session right away.

To put it succinctly, right from the basic way of making contact with reality, this character’s aura shows very, very serious mental illness.

Chakra Change Point: 1, of course. Nobly done. Not what Rose Rosetree would call “entertainment,” of course, but it is absolutely magnificent how Portman has taken this plunge off “the deep end.”

Sex Appeal: Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra

  • As Natalie: A great deal of joyful, intense sexuality moves through this free spirit. However, she clearly has her own standards about sexuality and how much she is going to make this part of her life into her brand.

Don’t expect cute young Natalie to move into a sex symbol type of career. Qualities here include “Sex is reserved for the one I love, nobody else.”

  • As Nina: Scary big, this is a very weird kind of major-league sex appeal. Seeking sexual approval is raw, a major issue for this character. I notice a kind of back story with issues around her father.

To say that dance has sexual significance for this character is an understatement. It’s as though, through dance, Nina is offering herself up, totally naked, for a symbolic sexual ritual with whoever watches her dance.

Her whole identity, worth as a person, spiritual connection, reason for living — all of it hinges on whether the audience will find her appealing.

Chakra Change Point: 1. Troubling performance, obviously! Well done, however.

This pattern of functioning seems to me like a brainily calculated artistic choice on the part of the actress; it’s as though she intellectually analyzed the components of craziness that she would portray and then methodically moved her mind-body-spirit system right there.

Talk about method acting! This takes acting to new vistas of pathology. Ahem, I mean “skill.”

Power in Relationships: Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • As Natalie: Pity the poor fool who would try to outsmart her, underestimate, or simply believe that this young person is, deep down young. In soul age, Natalie is about 10,000 years old. She has a tough, pragmatic intellect that, especially, depends on an extraordinary degree of analytical ability.

It’s really enjoyable to see a pretty young thing who is so comfortable with her personal power. Moreover, that power isn’t about her being pretty or young. It’s about being intellectually clear, way smart, and not having to prove anything to anyone else on this earth.

Portman parents, you did a great job! (Though you still might find it really, really weird to watch your kid in this movie.)

  • As Nina: Power circuits are puny. This character knows only two roles relating to power. Manipulator or victim.

Compromise, or sharing power, is not an option. If she is to avoid being a total victim, she must possess total power. For her to do this, Nina’s big strategy is to work on herself, control herself, perfect herself, anticipate any criticism as a kind of pre-emptive power ploy.

  • Chakra Change Point: 1 sickening point. (Although I’m still clearly a Portman fan. And, obviously, there is no way I would watch this movie just for “fun.”)

Being in Touch with Her Own Emotions: Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra

  • As Natalie: The actress combines having vivid, intense emotional experiences and being very controlled in everyday life. There’s a bit of intellectual self-consciousness about Portman’s emotional life, and a clear fascination (at this time) with emotional pathology.

I know she’s a student at a prestigious university, or has been. Any of you Blog-Buddies know what she studied? Psychology would be a great fit with the intellectual rigor that Natalie brings to emotions, even her own.

Having read this chakra databank, it makes perfect sense that Natalie Portman would have had the desire to take on this role. You can watch out for more such roles in her future. Some day the Portman Brand might include “Specialist in deep interpretations of psychological pathology; no role too scary; nuances welcome.”

  • As Nina: Emotional self-awareness is slammed shut. Instead, the character has an energetic sub-routine around obsessive body perfection. Partly this involves pursuing what I call “The Anorexic Ideal.” But there is more, much more. Yech!!!!
  • Chakra Change Point: 1 more disgusting chakra change point

Communication Charisma: Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra

  • As Natalie: Once again, natural talent is given a distinctive direction toward religion or spirituality. Natalie has huge charisma, and she can aim it most accurately. However, within this chakra databank it is clear what motivates her.

Natalie Portman’s charisma is not ego-based. She is a teacher. Every bit of “Look at me” is designed to uplift humanity or teach something useful. A deep kind of detachment allows Natalie to make such choices.

Her kind of standing, at the level of auras, can’t be earned quickly. It really needs thousands of years of earth time with many, varied incarnations to mature in this way as a soul.

  • As Nina: Now here was a brave artistic choice. Realistically, given the rest of the character’s pathology, there is just about no charisma at all. The character is way too self-involved, scared, and confused to send out much of a “Come hither” through her auric modeling.

Some actors, and wannabe actors, go there. They starve themselves and get surgically altered and work as hard as they can to achieve fame. But there isn’t much of a human life there. So, ironically, communication suffers along with the rest of the auric modeling.

In most cases, big stars do have loads of charisma. (There’s the occasional fame karma that brings a big career without that much of an auric display, but that’s another topic for other articles, right?) And Natalie the Actress has loads of charisma, but she has chosen to stifle it in order to make her role most authentic.

Given research I have done, an actress has two make-or-break chakra databanks from the set researched here: Sex appeal and communication charisma. When both work well in the role, the actress is more likely to win an Oscar and have a big career all around. If either one is missing, the career may not be nearly so successful.

If you search back here at this blog for other years when I have read Oscar nominees, you’ll find plenty of examples where an actress kept up her sex appeal and verbal charisma, even if not quite true for the role. And even if this was artistically a compromise, the actress was more successful.

It takes a lot of courage, and artistic integrity, to make the choice Portman did.

  • Chakra Change Point: 1 brave point.

Spiritual Connection: Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra

  • As Natalie: She and God are like best friends. What if you had the opportunity to ask Ms. Portman, “Have you always felt yourself strongly connected to God?” I’m quite sure that the answer would be “Yes.”

Most humans don’t have that, of course. Certainly I had nothing like that, back at Natalie Portman’s age. But some very graced people do have that clear connection as a lifelong gift, which would include her.

I’ll save my other comments related to this… for the conclusion to today’s article.

  • As Nina: No spiritual connection is experienced by this character. In its place, she has her personal ego — which isn’t at all unusual for a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of fame or power or wealth. Here comes the more unusual part:

That version of herself, held at the third eye, that kind of image of god to which she bows down on a daily basis — this “biggest inspiration” is a version of herself as bad through and through.

Self-hatred is at the core of this character’s life. You would expect extreme self-sabotage, scary drama, having people turn against her.

So many of us have had lifetimes like that, but this is one of the most extreme versions I have ever encountered with using skills of energetic literacy. Really, really horrible!

  • Chakra Change Point: 1 really, really horrible point.

Total Chakra Change Points: 6


Any actor who gets full points at changing all the chakra databanks in this profile has my admiration for outstanding talent. Having researched many a performance this way by now, doing the movie reviews with energetic literacy, I am used to admiring this rare feat — and it is quite rare, even among the Best Actor Nominees.

To choose such a detailed characterization and push it all the way to the limit, to make choices that are so utterly different from the actor’s own way of being, and to make choices in the direction of nightmarish craziness — this is what Natalie Portman has achieved in this amazingly courageous performance.

Based on this research, I would have to call her one of the most accomplished actors of her generation. What made it possible for someone so young to do such an extraordinary job?

Close to being spiritually Enlightened, Natalie’s consciousness is hanging by a kind of sacred thread. She is part of a large grouping of souls who could be Enlightened — maybe has been Enlightened in another lifetime, or more than one — but is living and breathing among us now, helping humanity to evolve.

It seems to me, Natalie’s soul will allow her to go back There, while here, at the appropriate time. Meanwhile, this is one very, very evolved being. Her human life is working very well, in addition to her work as a World Server. As for that sacred connection, it’s as though God holds Natalie in the palm of her hand. (And the other way around, too.)

Yes, you skilled empaths. Definitely do a Skilled Empath Merge on this one! Not the other photograph, in character, but Natalie simply as Natalie.

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  1. 1
    Carol says:

    Wow, this was a really exciting aura reading to read. I will definitely do the Skilled Empath Merge – and see the movie. Both, I trust, will be enormously instructive.

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    I saw this movie and her performance was incredible. I hope she wins.

    Interesting (and unsurprising) quote:

    “There were some nights that I thought I literally was going to die,” she told EW recently about playing perfection-obsessed ballerina Nina Sayers.  

    “It was the first time I understood how you could get so wrapped up in a role that it could sort of take you down.”

  3. 3
    Amy O says:

    I went to see this with a friend of mine.

    We had to walk out halfway through, it was too much.

    I can see from your aura reading just how deranged the character she portrayed was, and why it affected us so much.

  4. 4
    Jody says:

    I saw the movie preview and read a short review of the “Black Swan” movie, and ewwww, really will not be seeing it.

    Natalie Portman obviously does an AMAZING job of bringing her very disturbed character to life.

    Rose, I was wondering with highly evolved souls like Natalie Portman, does a name change or cosmetic surgery have such an effect as it would on a younger soul? (Natalie’s birth name is Natalie Hershlag, and she has had rhinoplasty. Both changes, I guess, were to help her career path in such a finicky industry.) And I’m not sure how she personally felt about making either of those changes.

    Such a fascinating Aura Reading, thank you so much for pointing out the role models!

  5. 5
    Truthseeker says:

    She graduated from Harvard in 2004 with a bachlor’s degree in psychology.

    Interestingly, in 2001, she starred in a play along with two other Enlightened persons, Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline. Does that mean anything of significance, since you say she is almost practically enlightened? Or is it mere coincedence?

  6. 6
    Amanda says:

    Rose, I’d like to ask.. do you think the echoes of having so thoroughly immersed herself in that scary space – effectively the echoes of her character – might repeat for Natalie as a form of STUFF in future? It sounds like she went into a place of extreme self-hatred for the sake of her art: would that not remain as an imprint?

    I’ve wondered this about actors before, and how they separate from their roles, having created them. I expect it’s rather like being an empath, you have to learn to switch off.


  7. 7
    Anita says:

    Loved the reading of Natalie Portman. I am such a huge fan and, until her role in “Black Swan,” I felt her talent was under-utilized and/or under-displayed. No chance of her ever getting underestimated again (at least not as an actress). Disturbing role, great acting.

    Portman graduated from Harvard with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her father is a renowned physician, an ob-gyn whose expertise is in fertility.

    Not sure about the rhinoplasty. Portman has certainly never publicly commented on it, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done.

    Nicole Kidman only recently admitted that she used to get Botox on her forehead and no longer does. I often wondered how Kidman’s skin appeared to be so wrinkle-free and now I know at least one reason why.

  8. 8
    Grace W says:

    I remember reading a while ago that Natalie Portman’s choice to change her name was in part to protect her family’s privacy. It would be interesting to do a name change reading of her, though it sure seems that Portman is working for her!

  9. 9
    Grace W says:

    I came across this article on Natalie Portman today in the NY Times. Definitely supports your reading, Rose, on her high level of intelligence.,2%5D

    She was a semi-finalist in high school in the Intel competition and here’s a quote from a Harvard instructor:

    “I’ve taught at Harvard, Dartmouth and Vassar, and I’ve had the privilege of teaching a lot of very bright kids,” said Abigail A. Baird, who was one of Ms. Portman’s mentors at Harvard. “There are very few who are as inherently bright as Natalie is, who have as much intellectual horsepower, who work as hard as she did. She didn’t take a single thing for granted.”

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