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Michelle Williams, Aura Reading #5 for 2011 Oscar Nominees

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Will Michelle Williams win the Academy Award? Each Oscar nominee for Best Actress in 2011 has been receiving my movie review based on energetic literacy, one blog post at a time. Although I can’t predict who will win, I’m sure interested in evaluating this final nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Yes, let’s explore Michelle’s performance from the inside out, at the level of chakra databanks.

Are you ready to join me? Do you know what on earth I mean by terms like “energetic literacy” and “chakra databank”? If not, take a look at this introductory post about movie reviews with energetic literacy here.

For her nominated role in “Blue Valentine,” Michelle Williams plays Cindy, a young wife and mother whose marriage is failing. Reportedly the actress put on 15 pounds for the role and needed to do this in one month in order to complete a Vogue Magazine photo shoot. What did she add, or take away, at the level of chakra databanks for this role?

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Research is based on this photo. To enlarge the photo, copy onto a document and pull those corners!

Our heart-wrenching comparison photo is taken from her performance as Cindy. To enlarge the photo,  copy the picture onto a document and pull those corners!

Soon as the image is big enough for you to focus on her face, you will surely feel the impact of Williams’ expression in this scene.

Now, let’s go forth, one chakra databank at a time.

The Reality She Lives in: Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra

  • As Michelle: How I admire this woman! Sure, her gift of the soul for experiencing reality is gorgeous in itself. She is both sensuous and inquisitive. But what really stands out are all the striations within this chakra databank, suggesting that this woman has overcome many serious problems.

Were they traumas, or simply long-term problems with a difficult childhood? I’m not an authority on Michelle Williams’ personal history. Do any of you Blog-Buddies know much about what she has had to overcome?

What shows so beautifully is her courage, putting herself together again and again. Think of the mythical phoenix, who periodically rises from its own ashes.

That bird ain’t got nothing on Michelle Williams. She has reconfigured herself courageously, again and again. The resulting wisdom shows, including the glorious way she insists on trusting human reality anyway, still choosing to invest in her human life and keep on exploring.

Incidentally, this root chakra databank on Michelle Williams is screaming “Feed me.” I don’t have information about when this photo was taken, related to the adding (and undoubtedly forcing out) the famous 15 pounds for Williams’ Oscar-nominated role. But based on the anguish found here, plus listlessness in many of her other chakra databanks, I would add the actress to my list of casualties, performers who push themselves to pursue today’s job requirement of attaining The Anorexic Ideal.

  • As Cindy: Very scared, extremely upset — this character suffers from a degree of distress that causes her to barely notice her environment.
  • Chakra Change Point: 1. Not to put too fine a point on this point, but really the change made by Michelle doesn’t involve what I’m usually seeking here, which is having an actor’s chakra databank qualitatively change into the experience of a different kind of person.

In this case it’s more a quantitative change and intense degree of focus, like a very drastic reaching into her own ample reserves of pain. Still, the immersion is total, which counts as a kind of change. So I award the full Chakra Change Point here.

Sex Appeal: Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra

  • As Michelle: Ordinarily, sex appeal isn’t a big deal overall in the actress’ everyday life. Yet she can turn up the oomph, turn it up very convincingly. What’s really special about this particular chakra databank is, again, the trace here of having had some very horrible sexual experiences that Ms. Williams has healed up courageously.

Still, the actress is sending out a very mixed message here in this chakra databank. Put into words it would be like this:  “Notice my huge sex appeal. I have suffered a great deal in this area of life. But I’ve got it together again. Here is my wonderful, luscious sexiness, everyone! Just what you demand in an actress, loads of sex appeal.”

As someone who facilitates healing at the level of auras, I do hope this woman finds her way to a healer who can help her move out the rest of the STUFF she still carries related to this. Otherwise, I fear that Michelle Williams’ career — and life — are going to be limited by so much old pain.

Sure, sex sells, especially in show biz. The mixed message in this chakra databank could be changed, and when it is, her brand will gain considerably more value in the performer’s marketplace. How I do wish Michelle Williams well!

  • As Cindy: Ms. Williams is sending out a slightly more concentrated form of her usual oomphy version of sex appeal, only here it has a slight bit of  “appealing victim” quality.

Personally, I am not attracted by “maiden in distress, so extra sexy because of being a victim.” Yet perhaps you will have guess that, amazingly, I am not, a voting member of the Academy bestowing Oscars.

  • Nor am I the typical woman in the movie audience, who is going through education via victimhood right now and, therefore, leaps up emotionally at Michelle’s auric modeling, as in “There IS hope for me. My victimy mess, as I live it right now, is probably very appealing to men.”
  • Nor am I the typical man in the audience, who may like rescuing women who suffer. Such an easy way for a pretty STUFF-ridden guy to still score points as a hero!
  • Okay, I am not likely to be ANY type of person in the audience for “Blue Valentine.” I like my valentines red and happy. It’s all I can do to keep my Skilled Empath Circuits firmly OFF and quickly do the bit of aura reading necessary of the sad photo used here. After finishing this article, I don’t expect to ever again voluntarily immerse myself in the sufferings of this fictional character.

Now, say that someone in as much energetic distress as this character came to me for an RES Energy HEALING session. I wouldn’t hesitate to help her. Hanging out just for entertainment, though? Puhleeeeze!

Chakra Change Point: 1/8 Any change at the level of chakra databanks, however slight, still counts for something superb in the realm of acting.

Power in Relationships: Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • As Michelle: Being nice is the big talent here. Michelle tries really hard to be a good person normally. During a conflict, she tries extra hard to be nice.

Sweet though this approach is, Michelle’s chakra databank reveals a long-term lack of effectiveness at dealing with power. Of course, the results of living this way would furnish plenty of material for the actress to use at her craft!

I’m beginning to wonder if Michelle Williams specializes in playing wounded women who are survivors. Again, any of you Blog-Buddies know much about this dear person?

  • As Cindy: Unalloyed victimhood, virtually no power.
  • Chakra Change Point: 1. Again, I’m trying to be fair to the actress. She suffered a lot, very intimately too, in order to construct this role.

However, I will note that the chakra-level shift here is completely in character for the actress. Change happens only because business-as-usual is taken to great — even heroic — extremes.

Also, this is a very one-note change. If you really want to become a conoisseur of victimhood, check out the complex and creatively designed bits of changed done by Natalie Portman in “Black Swan,” as described in yesterday’s post.

Being in Touch with Her Own Emotions:  Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra

  • As Michelle: Emotional courage is obvious. The range of experience emotionally is not huge, however. Also Michelle’s inner distinctions between one feeling and another are not especially clear. However, she has one very strong talent at this chakra databank: Emotional Oneness.

Having this gift as an empath, it is easy for Michelle Williams to experience the feelings of others as if they belong to her. Is she a skilled empath at the time of this photo? Just the opposite. It seems to me that Williams continually moves in and out of emotions belonging to other people, never really clear what really belongs to her. And, like any not-yet-skilled empath, Ms. Williams picks up loads of STUFF from these random people, adding to what she already copes with aurically.

Confusing or not, this makes for a big emotional education about constant emotional turmoil. Experiences that an actress might find useful! This does not, alas, make for a comfortable inner life. Still, it’s a fascinating way to have a human lifetime, no doubt about it.

  • As Cindy: No change, except for feeling very sad at the time. (And this is “feeling” very sad, authentically, unlike the version of acting where a whopping big thought form is created and strongly maintained — something done by cute young Jennifer Lawrence in “Winter’s Bone.” See previous post for details.)
  • Chakra Change Point: 1/8

Communication Charisma: Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra

  • As Michelle: Feminine energy is sweet Michelle’s specialty — holding a space for others. However, the energetic showing at this chakra databank is really limited at the time of this photograph. This lack, like the mixed message at Michelle’s Sex Appeal Chakra Databank, could greatly limit her career… unless she gets herself some effective healing to move out old STUFF.
  • As Cindy: No change. Are you surprised? Me neither.

Although Michelle Williams is a very good actress indeed, she suffers from a high degree of personal stuckness at this chakra databank. The problems within her own aura are so severe, at the time of this photograph, it would be nearly impossible to change anything here while acting. Not before she, herself, can change due to successful healing of STUFF.

  • Chakra Change Point: 0

Spiritual Connection: Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra

  • As Michelle: Sweet but fuzzy, and about 5 inches out (reading this chakra databank at the third layer, as I usually do). Spirituality is truly important for this woman. I admire how Michelle seems to have escaped the more righteous, Fundamentalist belief systems that bring an easy, unquestioning certainty.

However, Divine help isn’t being used much by Ms. Williams, not at this stage in her life. She doesn’t worship suffering but spends way more time contemplating its intricacies than she spends time pursuing a direct experience of spiritual inspiration.

  • As Cindy: No change whatsoever.
  • Chakra Change Point: 0

Total Chakra Change Points: 2 and 1/4


Commitment and courage points aren’t awarded in this type of movie review with energetic literacy. On these counts, Michelle Williams would score big.

In her personal life, Williams has overcome so much. Besides that, she does appear (to this aura reader, anyway) to be making a daily sacrifice of being starving hungry all the time. Yes, to pursue The Mighty Oscar, there’s got to be the dual pursuit of The Anorexic Ideal, the skinny-making human sacrifice now required of young blonde actresses if they are to have any big-time career at all.

Has this role been a triumph of acting? Not really. But, from what I’ve observed here, many audience members might find this an inspiring movie, even ennobling. We humans seek catharsis wherever we can find it. Based on where we are in our personal evolution, we might crave the sight of a brave woman moving in and out of deep victimhood.

I hope this movie helps all the people who need it.

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  1. 1
    Primrose says:

    I love all your readings, Rose. Thank you for doing them.

    I’m married to an actor and your way of analysing how actors change themselves is fascinating. I first saw my husband onstage and, as he’s a very good actor, when I met him offstage, he was such a different person it was amazing to me.

    I also love what you say here about being an actor and an empath.

    I don’t know much about this actress other than that the father of her child, another actor, Heath Ledger, died in very tragic circumstances.

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    I really like Michelle Williams, I do hope she heals.

    What I know about suffering in her personal life is what most people know – she was engaged to the late Heath Ledger and had a little daughter, Matilda, with him in 2005. They were separated when he died in January 2008.

  3. 3
    Jody says:

    Michelle Williams has always come across to me as a very sweet person. I hope she can clear out that STUFF that is holding her back, so she can get in to a stronger place of being.

    I read the Oscar Roundtable interview with this year’s nominees, and found out that Michelle Williams has recently finished filming a biopic where she plays Marilyn Monroe. So another “appealing victim” kind of role.

    In the interview, Michelle Williams was asked how she prepared for the role. And part of her response was that she found it difficult to figure out how to do Marilyn Monroe’s voice because she was always in character; even during interviews, she always had her mask on.

    I found that interesting (and sad), and since reading Rose’s Aura Reading am now wondering if Michelle Williams is somehow attracted to characters who have issues at their throat chakras too.

  4. 4
    Grace W says:

    These readings are truly fascinating, Rose!

    One thing I remember (I hope I’m remembering this correctly) reading a while back about Michelle Williams is that she legally emancipated herself from her family when she was like 16 so that she could act.

    And, as others have mentioned, the whole drama with Heath Ledger would certainly have been a lot to heal from.

    What struck me about this role and film and also “Black Swan” is that I instinctively veered away from both of them. In years past, I’ve seen most of the Oscar-nominated films, but this year I had no desire to see these films.

    Having read these readings, I understand what was hitting me viscerally. I’m not interested in watching sick, victimy women on the big screen for entertainment. Spent too much time in victim-land myself and those days are over! 🙂

    Now watching Colin Firth, that is an entirely different story…..

    Many thanks for the gift of this series. It’s always great fun and enormously illuminating.

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