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Jesse Eisenberg, Aura Reading #8 for 2011 Oscar Nominees

Annette Bening Aura Reading

Using energetic literacy on Jesse Eisenberg, I can’t resist commenting on a big deal item of face reading. Are any of you Blog-Buddies Face Readers? Compare the left and right sides of Jesse’s face. What do you notice?

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

I’ll comment about this at the conclusion of today’s article.

Before getting started on the aura reading, I’ll also say that this is the only one of the nominated movies I have seen yet. “The Social Network” is a compelling film, one of the best-written screenplays I’ve ever encountered, fascinating me for every single frame. Proof that I was drawn totally into the story is that I never once saw what is  glaringly obvious in a still photograph of Mr. Eisenberg.

One other point to get out of the way from the start: Apologies to Mark Zuckerberg, real Facebook founder, whose life story was the pretext of this largely fictional work. When time permits, I would love to research the real man, using his photo and skills of energetic literacy. Is he really Aspberger-like, arrogant, and socially clueless? But that kind of face reading or empath merge or aura reading will have to wait until I’m back from my upcoming trip to Europe.

Between now and when I leave Wednesday morning, I’ll just be able to get these Oscar posts complete (along with my other responsibilities, which do NOT include friending 50 more people daily on Facebook. 😉 ). Future hypothetical postings will just have to wait. Okay, let’s roll our reading of Jesse. Bring on his chakra databanks!

Are you ready to join me? Do you know what on earth I mean by terms like “energetic literacy” and “chakra databank”? If not, take a look at this introductory post about movie reviews with energetic literacy.

As Facebook developer Mark Zuckerberg, Jesse Eisenberg plays a young man whose computer expertise far outweighs his social skills. Research on the actor is based on this photo. To enlarge the photo, copy onto a document and pull those corners!

Our comparison photo is taken from his performance as Mark. To enlarge this photo, copy the picture onto a document and pull those corners!

Now, let’s go forth, one chakra databank at a time.

The Reality He Lives in: Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra

  • As Jesse: Physical expressiveness is there, as for so many actors. Reality has expressions and paces and gestures. Jesse notices them acutely.

Otherwise, this chakra databank is surprisingly small. And subjective.

At the time of this photograph, the young actor largely lives in his own world. Were he my client for a session of RES Energy HEALING, I’d be concerned and start looking for ways to help him to achieve more balance. It’s not a serious imbalance necessarily, just a bit troubling. I wonder what it will take for Eisenberg to make more enthusiastic contact with external reality.

Strengths in Root Chakra databanks like this one have a lot to do with a person’s ability to be successful in life. (For more on that theme, see the how-to about how to help yourself to become more successful, based on strengthening your auric modeling: Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.

  • As Mark: Intellectual analysis of life is an obsession, the character’s main way of connecting to reality. Altogether this chakra databank is about 20 times larger for Mark than for Jesse. Beyond that, social status is a deep preoccupation.
  • Chakra Change Point: 1, with a degree of change that is dazzling.

Sex Appeal: Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra

  • As Jesse: Spiritual presence is way, way stronger than this youngster’s sex appeal. Personally, I think it’s healthy to find a performer his age who is not highly sexualized. Compare him, say, to little Jennifer Lawrence, trying so very hard to seem hot.

Age and maturity may not be the main factors here, however. Face readers, check out the philtrum definition in Mr. Eisenberg. On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being Javier Bardem-like mega-massive philtrum definition, Jesse scores a 1.

This lack of philtrum definition suggests a soul-level gift for relating to people spiritually, rather than appealing to strangers, first and foremost, as a sex object.

As you face readers know, this item of face reading data is just about sex appeal, having nothing to do with actual sexual performance — as in, to put in Oscar-speak, “Co-starring in a sexual role.”

  • As Mark: Change is total once gain. Sex appeal is, again, some 20 times bigger as a chakra databank than what the actor has on his own.

Mark’s mighty intellect is filtering all experiences. Beneath that, this character is using his intellect for a purpose — to prove himself and make himself sexually desirable.

There’s a chronic degree of upset over lack of sexual attention. It reminds me of guys I have read who have a love addiction or a pornography addiction — only this isn’t quite the same. What Eisenberg has portrayed isn’t addiction so much as frustration mixed with chronic rage.

  • Chakra Change Point: 1 brave and fascinating point

Power in Relationships: Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • As Jesse: Sweet! This is one kind person. He hasn’t yet learned how to push hard in life. Instead, he relates to others through his emotions and spirit. Loaded with feminine energy, Jesse mostly attracts what he wants.

Toughness may come later. Meanwhile, Eisenberg has this wonderful ability to pull in whatever he desires.

Note: I’m not commenting here on Jesse’s sexual orientation, which could be anything. Sexual orientation is read in auras as wholly independent of the qualities of sexual energies itself.

The range of masculine and feminine energy within a person is a fascinating study in itself. Figuring out sexual orientation has never been my job, which is fortunate. Within the range of every gender and sexual persuasion, there is a huge continuum with masculine on one side and feminine on the other; a person could be any place in between.

I will, however, say it is obvious that (at the level of auras) Jesse has way more feminine energy than any of the five female nominees this year for Best Actress. Come to think of it, Colin Firth does, too. Although he still contains loads of masculine energy in sexually relevant chakra databanks.

As Mark: Couldn’t be much more different, what shows in this character compared to the actor playing himself. Meet one super-bossy, hyper-controlling personality. And what does he use to keep others under him, social status-wise? Intellect, of course.

  • Chakra Change Point: 1 casually arrogant, technically super-creative, point

Being in Touch with His Own Emotions:  Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra

  • As Jesse: Yes, this is one of the chakra databanks that over-functions on the young actor. Many other chakra databanks under-function (including the three ones previously read) but not this particular chakra databank.

Jesse is acutely aware of human emotions, in all their nuances. As a highly talented empath (not skilled yet, unfortunately), Jesse’s gifts include both Emotional Oneness and Emotional Intuition (as well as Physical Oneness, Intellectual Empath Ability, Spiritual Oneness, and Environmental Empath Ability).

Bottom line, his emotional gifts as an empath are the strongest. Compounding the potential for imbalance, the young man spends a lot of time doing unskilled empath merges, processing feelings that do not belong to him technically.

Yet he does not know this consciously. No wonder the emotional life is so intense.Variety, not pathology, is the signature quality however.

Jesse Eisenberg has a fascination with the human heart to equal Mark Zuckerberg’s fascination with computers.

  • As Mark: Emotional self-awareness is small, harsh, and judgmental.
  • Chakra Change Point: 1 huge performance point. Aurically, I wouldn’t have recognized this Mark character as the same guy as the actor.

Communication Charisma: Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra

  • As Jesse: Charisma is very present, huge and gentle. It’s like having x-ray ability turned into language. Jesse’s communication goes straight to the deepest intelligence and consciousness within the friend, family member, or movie viewer.
  • As Mark: Charisma-less and quite small, this chakra databank belongs to a cyborg more than a cool young guy. Intellect speaks through Mark. If human life depended on intelligence, he would have first-rate charisma. Yet, in this role, the college student has zilch, zip, zero charisma.
  • Chakra Change Point: 1

Spiritual Connection: Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra

  • As Jesse: Love is his path. Love is his essence. Jesse lives a gorgeous, understated connection to Spiritual Source. No fuss or frills, just an exquisite connection. Reminds me a bit of a singer who hasn’t been heard from in years, Paul Simon’s old partner Art Garfunkel.

When reading Jesse Eisenberg’s aura, it’s a lot like meeting an angel.

  • As Mark: Oh, am I loving this! The actor has crafted a moderately-sized, totally different from usual, quality of Divine connection. God is harsh, smart, rewarding and punishing, way more authoritarian.

This harsh version contrasts strangely with the God of love to which the Jesse Eisenberg has such an effortless, gentle connection.

  • Chakra Change Point: 1. And holy cow!

Total Chakra Change Points: 6


Face reading first. The entire left side of the young actor’s face is pushed forward, sticking out in 3-D more than the entire right side. (Face readers, you know to cross over, of course. Because the right side of this screen would correspond to the left side of the actor’s face.)

The left side is also longer. Basically, Jesse’s whole left half of his face dominates.

Multiple items of face reading data are affected by this asymmetry. Bottom line: This young man is designed to be exquisitely aware of personal life, the inner qualities of subjective experience, far more than the oomphy pushy qualities of outer life.

Helps Eisenberg to be a fabulous actor, thought it wouldn’t have come in handy for the real originator of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg actually has a very different face!

Back at the Oscar-nominated performance, Jesse has provided a highly sophisticated, nuanced depiction of a completely different way to interface with reality — one reason why the movie was so much fun to watch.

Were the character merely obsessive or intellectual or status seeking, he wouldn’t have been so likeable. It’s like having Jon Hamm play against type as Donald Draper in “Mad Men.”

How huge will Jesse Eisenberg’s career be? He’s a mega-talented actor. For him to have the fullest impact in career, though, it will be important for him to move into his physical body more and develop more in terms of sex appeal.

Time may take care of the latter. For the former, he might consider some Energy Spirituality! Any of you friends with him at Facebook? Encourage mega-talented him!

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  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    I just rewatched “The Social Network” with this reading. I kept in mind the fact that you found that Colin Firth’s face changed during his nominated performance. I think I noticed some interesting things about Jesse’s lips during the movie.

    For instance, does this picture show a less severe version of that blade lip you talked about with Mubarak? Jesse’s normal bottom lip is much more rounded.
    [Link No Longer Available]

    Only if you have time to take a quick glance, of course! I know you’ve already had a long day of face reading! 🙂

  2. 2

    Welcome to the blog, ROBERT INCHAUSTI.

    Yes, I am aware of that mistake. When the book goes into its next printing, I will correct that mistake.

  3. 3
    Robert Inchausti says:


    I’m enjoying your book Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, but found two slips.

    Twice in your book you refer to the success guru James Arthur Ray as James Earl Ray. James Earl Ray was the assassin of Martin Luther King Jr. I think James Arthur would like a correction.

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