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If you’re an empath, be glad

What a mighty and marvellous group are attending this year’s Empath Empowerment Workshop. Beyond that, I won’t supply any details about amazing Joe and Gladyses. (After all, we’ve chosen to respect a Confidentiality Agreement.)

However, I know that many of you Blog-Buddies would have loved to come join us this year. But couldn’t, not this year. In honor of you, as well as the glorious Gladyses and Joe, here’s today’s post in praise of being born as an empath.

Being an empath, so under-rated

Sorry but it’s too late to decide whether or not you would perhaps like to try being an empath. This time around, as with all your incarnations, you came in with a fabulously powerful free will. However, you still deal with certain built-in constraints here at Earth School. Such as only one head per customer.

Frustratingly, all the affirmations in the world won’t grow you a new one. Not if you signed up as free-standing human on earth circa 2011.

Just as you’re stuck with only one head per lifetime, 1 in 20 humans also comes in hardwired as an empath. (In my beloved Japan, it’s 1 in 5, according to my research after reading Japanese aura after aura after aura.)

If you’re in this select group, there’s no special reward. Not even frequent flyer points. Although heaven knows, unskilled empaths deserve them. Since they’re continually flying in spirit, doing unskilled empath merges willy nilly day and night. Also, in the process, picking up STUFF from all the empath mergees.

Possibly you, as a cute and confused little unskilled empath kid, were fortunate enough to encounter a parent who was a skilled empath. Probably not, though. In which case, you probably didn’t even know you were an empath until you had suffered for many years.

Often time spent as an unskilled empath means pain and confusion. Also, of course,  picking up loads of STUFF from your empath mergees. Where their pain and confusion sticks around in your personal aura and subconscious mind.

What is the defining characteristic of being born as an empath? Here’s what it’s not: Feeling other people’s feelings.

Emotional Oneness is my name for that particular empath gift. But many an empath doesn’t have that particular gift at all. Instead an empath could have Emotional Intuition OR Physical Oneness OR Physical Intuition OR Intellectual Empath Ability OR Spiritual Oneness OR be an Animal Empath, Plant Empath, Mechanical Empath, Crystal Empath, Environmental Empath, even a Molecular Empath.

As a born empath, you could have any one of these gifts, maybe more than one. (What about having them all? So far, I’ve yet to meet any empath who was hard-wired with them all. That sure wouldn’t be me, for instance.)

So the fair, non-confusing definition of empath would be quite different from “Feeling other people’s feelings.” Here is the best language I’ve come up with thus far, working in the field of Empath Empowerment® for 15 years or so:

An empath has at least one lifelong gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be someone else.

Okay, there’s a more practical part of the definition to add:

  • Unskilled empaths suffer a lot. Unfortunately they are less effective in life than non-empaths.
  • By contrast, skilled empaths don’t suffer a lot — not due to being empaths, anyway. 
  • Also, skilled empaths they are way more effective in life than non-empaths.

When empaths dare to do The Big Icky

Many unskilled empaths use coping strategies to “manage their sensitivity” or “terribly embarrassing chronic craziness” or whatever they have come to personally name their own empath gift(s).

It’s common to do boundary work or put up walls or create shields.

Some unskilled empaths try avoiding others. Or naming all the ways other people are nasty and disgusting, such as energy vampires and psychic vampires and narcissists and smelly sillyheads, etc. Then avoiding them.

Yet other unskilled empaths make a part-time or full-time job out of discerning, “Where does the awful way I feel come from. Is it Uncle Hubert? The gal in the red car who cut me off in traffic? Taylor, The Latte Boy, at my favorite Starbucks?”

Nice tries, all. If they have brought you consolation — or given you a way to keep busy while suffering — more power to you! However, as an empath coach who also has energetic literacy (i.e., does aura reading down to the level of chakra databanks), I think it’s pretty clear that none of these approaches will help you at the level of your aura.

STUFF will still wham and slam right into your aura, as a result of unskilled empath merges. And none of the above-mentioned coping methods prevents that in the slightest degree.

That’s why I define being askilled empath like this:

Being able to wake up from inside, be yourself more fully, maybe even become the most important person in the room. (You know, the natural state of non-empaths who possess a moderate degree of mental health.)

Techniques in my method of Empath Empowerment® help you do that. A skilled empath spontaneously lives as a very alive person with your empath gift(s) turned OFF as a matter of routine. You turn empath gift(s) ON only for very short periods of time. And you do this on purpose, with conscious intent and a technique that keeps you from taking on STUFF.

So skilled empaths feel good. And are effective at life. Also, ha ha! You still can gain that sweet and sophisticated and spiritually amazing inside information known as “Skilled Empath Merge.”

Empath Empowerment isn’t hard, either. Only one must be willing to deal with The Big Icky. Called “Being human.” As in shifting your consciousness — not just opinions or ideas — so you can:

  • Allow yourself to have a physical body (without hating it, ignoring it, defining it soley in terms of “acceptable weight” etc.)
  • Allow yourself to have your very own feelings, thoughts, opinions (even if not yet perfect, spiritually Enlightened, etc.)
  • Allow yourself to use the seemingly boring normal human faculties of speech and action (which can be hard to get used to at first, given your built-in empath super-powers).

 Yes, Empath Super-Powers

That’s really the bottom line, you lifelong empaths. In this particular lifetime, you are not unlike Superman in the comics, movies, etc. Only you’re real, as real as a human fingernail or belly button.

You have come into this lifetime with at least one trainable super-power for directly experiencing what it is like to be other people.

Okay, maybe you’d trade in this super-power, if you could, for the ability to run faster than a speeding locomotive. Maybe, instead of being able to move inside someone else’s consciousness it would seem cooler to fly physically in a skin-tight colorful costume that ripples fetchingly in the breeze.

You know, that way you could have people in the street point to you admiringly and say, “Look! Up in the air! Is that a bird? A plane? No, it’s Superman.”

And, I have to admit, infatuated as I am with the skills of Empath Empowerment, this has never happened to me. Not even once.

Still, if you’re spiritually adventurous, you got the right gift set after all. Moving in consciousness as a skilled empath — what I call “Flying in spirit” — is a very enjoyable thing. Also it can be hugely useful for developing compassion, learning, service to humanity, speeding forward on your path to Enlightenment without competing with locomotives, etc.

But think back to your favorite Superman movie or comic book or whatever. Superman isn’t always doing the thing as super hero with super powers. Nope, he’s hanging out as Clark Kent, who is, frankly, not that fancy as humans go.

Made for a better story in fiction. Makes for a better life, too.

If you signed up for a lifetime as a super-power laden empath, the only way God could give that to you was for all your empath gifts installed from day one.

No need to whine about this. Learn to deal.

Your job is to turn your spiritual super-powers OFF. Then use them with skill.

Flying in spirit constantly makes for a terrible life. Being willing to live as a human, with super-powers turn OFF most of the time, makes for a wonderful life. And then you have the brief times when you do the equivalent of putting on the flying cape with your cosmic personal logo emblazoned across your chest:

Humble Servant of the Divine. Skilled Empath at Your Service, God.

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  1. 1
    Colleen says:

    I love this reminder, Rose. Even after taking the Empath Intensive Workshop, I find that I am forgetful.

    It is so great to be oneself, in fact it a sovereign right, not to have all the windows and doors open (metaphorically speaking, of course) to this world.

    It may have been for very ancient healers to function this way…but it is not appropriate for now. It was blessed to spend a full day at that Intensive Workshop being me!

  2. 2
    Primrose says:

    When we’re skilled we’re more effective in life than non-emapths? Looking forward to being very effective!

  3. 3
    Ryan says:

    How are skilled empaths “way more effective in life than non-empaths”?

  4. 4
    Elaine says:

    Just finished my second workshop with Rose, first one was Face Reading last month, so informative and jam packed. Especially loved the Empath workshop this weekend.

    Growing up, not knowing I was an empath was difficult, to say the least. I was taking on other people’s emotions and “stuff” without even knowing why or how or that such a thing was even going on. I just know I felt bombarded. Life felt difficult, especially in crowds.

    Becoming a skilled empath has literally opened an entire new world, a new, more powerful way of being me, the person I really am, without sucking in “stuff” from others.

  5. 5
    Grace W says:

    Ryan, I can share my own experience with becoming more effective in my life as I’ve become more skilled. I’ve experienced lots of changes and that said, I realize that I’m still near the beginning of a new chapter of being effective. I can still appreciate some big benefits, though.

    I’ve experienced differences in effectiveness in my life on various levels, such as mental clarity, physical energy & stamina, and decision-making.

    Because I’ve learned the skills Rose teaches, I’m better able to go through my daily life without picking up all the muck that I used to pick up regularly when I was unconsciously doing empath merges so much of the time.

    So much of that muck I used to think was all mine and before I knew about cutting cords of attachment and turning off my empathy, a lot of time, energy and money went into trying to deal with all that stuff I’d acquired.

    Of course, when you’re an unskilled empath, it’s also a whole lot harder to know who you really are and to just get on with the business of living and expressing your gifts, being of service in a healthy way, stuff like that.

    So compared to who I was a few years ago, before learning about and becoming a skilled empath, I’m able to accomplish much more on any given day. I’m definitely able to do my job more effectively on many levels, which also means I’ve been able to improve my financial situation.

    I have a much clearer connection to my intuition and trust my instincts, so I don’t get into the messes I used to with people I didn’t realize I was merging with.

    There are things that may seem small to some people, but actually bring me a lot of joy. I’m able to take public transportation without being drained by all the stuff of the people around me, so this saves me the money I used to spend on driving to work. I get much more enjoyment out of activities like dancing and going to museums; in the past I’d get distracted and drained by other people, especially those with strong energy. Now I can hold my own with my gifts turned off. When I get tired or don’t feel well, I know how to take care of myself and avoid crowds.

    Because I’m free of so much stuff, compared to who I was before, it feels like my gifts are much more focused and I’m able to be present and use them in a more powerful way when I choose to do so. As these changes have unfolded, I’ve gradually gotten more recognition and appreciation for these gifts.

    In general, life feels much easier to navigate than it did a few years ago. I still make mistakes and have challenges, but now I feel like I have a much better understanding of who I am and how I’m wired as an empath, which means that life doesn’t feel so scary and overwhelming, which it did for me so much of the time before learning these skills.

  6. 6
    Jody says:

    Grace, thank you for taking the time to write about your experience.

    I am still living the Big Icky at the moment, but that is steadily changing bit by bit as I work with Rose cutting cords of attachment, and get skilled as an empath.

    It is really good to hear about your ongoing progress and success, I am very happy and proud for you. 🙂

    Thanks again for the inspiration 🙂

  7. 7
    Elaine says:

    I can add to Grace W’s comment. I always felt hesitant and uncomfortable in crowds, even at family gatherings. I could only take so much and then I would leave, never really understanding what was going on about taking on other’s stuff in the forms of emotional pain, and/or just plain emotions bombarding me.

    Having worked with Rose pretty consistently the last two years or so — regressions, workshops, phone consults, cord cutting — I am now fully embracing my social life and loving it. I’ve always worked for myself in my own home office and still do, but other than that I now love going out in the social world of real, face-to-face communicating.

    Years ago the idea of going somewhere to dance, and ask people to dance, to be in a dance hall with 400 other people, would have sent me home. Or I wouldn’t have gone in the first place. Now I have the greatest time mixing and dancing and socializing and several hours in the social venue sometimes doesn’t feel like enough.

    So whether you dance or do exercise class, join social grouops or show up for business meetings, etc., learning to become a skilled empath will open not only your eyes but the potential for a totally new and freer you.

  8. 8
    Grace W says:

    Thanks, Jody. I’m glad my comments were helpful to you.

    Of course, having shared all that, wouldn’t you know that this morning after my dance class, I made the mistake of engaging in conversation with someone who can be pleasant enough, but who turns out is very needy. And I found myself, in spite of having turned off my empath gifts, in one of these conversations that has happened with me only in California (a big reason why I adore working with Japanese people, who would never do such a thing!) In which case, all of a sudden, wham, they’re sharing all this personal stuff that I have absolutely no desire to know about. Dumping.

    I get so startled by this kind of thing that I feel like I’m in slow motion. What I want to say is, “I don’t want to hear this!!!” but feel shocked, actually, that people just get into really personal stuff with someone they barely know. I’ve never encountered this kind of thing, the way people do it in California, not anywhere else.

    I did come home and check for a cord of attachment to this person and cut it, which helped.

    Best wishes to you as you cut cords of attachment and gain skills. I appreciate being able to talk about this stuff with people who get it.

    So it isn’t all a bed of roses! It’s better than it used to be, but there are still challenges.

  9. 9
    Francesca says:

    Hi Grace W.,

    I would also like to thank you for taking the time to write such an informative post about how life is better as a skilled empath!


  10. 10

    PRIMMIE and RYAN, thank you both for asking this question. And, wow! How I’ve been enjoying responses from you, GRACE W. and JODY and ELAINE.

    FRANCESCA, I’m with you!

    BTW, more answers to this big question are in “Become the Most Important Person in the Room.”

    Meanwhile, more comments may be on the way from more of you skilled empaths. Do you agree with my observation? (It isn’t just theoretical but flows from my experiences as a teacher and also as an empath myself.)

    Unskilled empaths are LESS effective than non-empaths. But Skille Empaths are MORE effective than non-empaths.

  11. 11
    Francesca says:

    Hi Rose,

    Sure wish I could have attended your Empath Empowerment that just happened. I am sure it was wonderful and I hope to be able to attend the next one!

  12. 12
    Jody G. says:

    My hand goes up, Rose. I agree with your bold-type observation most definitely.

    And I am glad to be able to observe and experience that observation, too, because I feel like my empath skills are getting better, my perception is getting better, not so car-crashy.

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if Ryan’s question got answered and frankly I’m curious too. How is it that those not “lucky” enough to be born with any empathy, skilled or not, are LESS effective at life?

  14. 14

    Also related to your Comment 13, ANONYNMOUS, all human beings are “born with empathy.”

    Having empathy is different from being an empath.

    To learn more about the difference, you might want to supplement the two books I have in print specifically dedicated to this topic by typing the word “EMPATH” into the search box at the top left on this page.

    Some exciting shifts await all who were born as empaths, because no empath is born with skills for turning your empath gift(s) OFF.

  15. 15

    ANONYMOUS, an unskilled empath picks up STUFF from others, which makes the unskilled empath less effective than non-empaths.

    A skilled empath does not pick up STUFF from others. And a skilled empath also has the ability, which can be trained, to do very brief periods of Skilled Empath Merge to gain hugely useful, perceptive information about another person. This combo makes the skilled empath more effective than non-empaths.

    To understand more about these concepts, complete with illustrations, ANONYMOUS and RYAN, I refer you to Become the Most Important Person in the Room [now updated for the Age of Awakening as Empath Empowerment in 30 Days] I have worked really hard to explain these things; the purpose of this blog is not to rewrite my books, as I’m sure you can understand.

    Otherwise, thanks to all you skilled empaths whose comments are above — highly educational indeed!

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    And what about empaths who choose never to do an empath merge? They aren’t very effective at all then! Sure they can learn to cope with their affliction, but they will have to work on keeping stuff turned off for the rest of my life. Never looking people in the eyes? That’s no way to live.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe I should specify. Apparently when an empath looks a person in the eyes the empath runs the risk of doing an “empath merge.” I reiterate that having to refrain from doing this is no fun way to live life. I know I for one wish to never do “empath merges.” I consider it a handicap though I’m not sure WHAT it is, if it’s a psychological condition or physical condition or what. It’s like being born with diabetes or Tourette syndrome, or some other affliction.

  18. 18
    Lara says:

    For example with me, when I used to go to the supermarket/subway/anywhere with large groups of people I would get very stressed and overwhelmed after a short while and felt really socially incompetant for it. And I am not socially incompetant. Being around a depressed person, I would start to feel low even if I was having a great day. Stuff like everyone else has said. Just naming empathy when I discovered this blog and Roses books made me feel better in a way. Having done the techniques and being able to turn it off makes such a difference to life quality. And learning how to do empathic merges conciously and safely opens up a whole world. The first time I tried the magic picture technique really did seem like magic.

  19. 19
    Dave says:

    Grace and Elaine’s comments are very inspiring!

    I can second their sentiments as I feel the best I’ve felt my whole life since I’ve started learning to be a skilled empath.

    Some of my friends say “Oh man, I loved being a little kid. Things were so much easier.” or “Oh man, high school was the best time ever.”

    Me, I feel now is the best time of my life because I finally know that I’m an empath, and I have the tools to live a less emotionally draining life. I am still a newbie, but I’ve made lots of progress so far and I’m confident I will only grow stronger and more competent in directing my empathy (empathness?). [Word idea from Rose: Empath gifts.]

  20. 20
    Grace W says:

    Anonymous, if you are serious about learning about what it is to be an empath and how one becomes skilled, why don’t you simply get Rose’s books? All the information is there and there are few authors who spell things out as clearly and wisely as Rose does.

    My experience has been that with each of her books, if I read them carefully and follow the directions in acquiring the skills she is teaching, my life changes for the better. Period.

    Educating yourself in this way would help you to see that being born an empath is not an “affliction.”

    I’m wondering if you’ve read any of the comments by folks who’ve become skilled empaths or who are on their way to becoming skilled.

  21. 21
    suzanne says:

    Having just completed Rose’s amazing Empath Empowerment Workshop I can say that I know for sure that empathy is not an affliction but a huge gift and one I’m very grateful for.

    The more I develop skill as an empath, the less work is involved and the more it is just intuitive/natural. Like Anonymous, I did at first think becoming a skilled empath meant no more eye contact and too much work. This is just not true. The point of becoming a skilled empath, as Rose says in her excellent blog article above, is learning to “Wake up from inside.”

    This is something you have to experience, you can’t really be told about it. The techniques are the method that gets you to that experience, they are not the end experience, in my opinion. “The map is not the territory.”

    Here is one story I have of the difference of before and after. The weekend of the workshop, I shared a room with another workshop participant, each of us sleeping on an air mattress. That first night, I slept no more than four hours because I was so concerned that I might make too much noise and disturb the other person that I could not relax. The last night of the workshop, I slept beautifully. I realized before I fell asleep that I felt completely filled with myself — it was like I was alone in the room.

    I realized that this huge problem I had had for most of my life, which I labeled “self-consciousness,” was really a lack of consciousness of self. I was tuned into everything but my own inner world. I didn’t even know what my own inner world felt like, so I couldn’t tell when I was suddenly experiencing someone else’s world. I just spent a lot of time feeling confused and scattered and and experiencing a lot of jangly emotions and thought (as I’m sure others did) that I was a space cadet.

    Becoming a skilled empath, you realize that there is a whole beautiful world inside yourself and that when you start to luxuriate in that, and turn the volume up on your own experience, that outer disturbances fade in importance.

    You also recognize when you do not feel like yourself, and you can take steps to change that.

    Over the past several months of working with Rose and her books, I have been gradually learning how to turn up the volume in my own life. The outer circumstances of my life have changed in very exciting and obvious ways. My inner life has become so much clearer, more joyful and more exciting.

    For a few months after reading Become The Most Important Person in the Room I avoided trying any of the techniques for turning empathy on. I realized during the Skilled Empath Merge exercise that we did in the workshop that that was a big mistake. There is nothing more thrilling than empath-merging (ahem, or as Rose says, nothing more thrilling you can do with your clothes on.)

    I will admit I am uncomfortable with the statement that skilled empaths are more effective than non-empaths. If I were a non-empath, that is not something I would want to hear. I know Rose that you don’t mean to dis non-empaths.

    I can say that as a skilled empath (or someone on the path to becoming a skilled empath) I personally am way more effective than I have ever been in my life.

    About having phone sessions with Rose — yes, definitely. You can be skeptical. It will still work.

  22. 22
    Jody G. says:

    Wow, Suzanne, that is some super clear self-reflection you have going on there; thank you for the role-modelling.

    I understand the “self-consciousness” thingie, and my experience was/is associated with loads of anxiety, too. I guess because my inner me feels lost and abandoned when I am not inwardly connected. With Rose’s skilled empath techniques I am not dropping the baby so much, so to speak, and the anxiety is going.

    I’ve been called a space cadet too, and weird. But now if that were to happen I can boldy assert (to myself), “Compared to what??” just like Marcel at 2:44.


  23. 23
    suzanne says:

    Thanks Jody! I’m glad you are finding the empath techniques helpful. That is a hilarious video, thanks for the laugh.

  24. 24

    BLOG-BUDDIES, thanks to all of you who posted comments today. In case you wonder what I’ve been doing blog-wise, I’ve been accumulating photographs for a bunch of readings of …. woo-hoo, you’ll find out soon.

    The April issue of “Read People Deeper” has also been in the works.

    Don’t think I’ve forgotten you’all. No way!

  25. 25
    Primrose says:

    I had a good experience this week of turning my empathicness off. I was in a hospital group which by its nature was a group of very anxious unhappy people. I felt fine. Before everyone went into the group we had to sit in reception close to each other. I was with my husband and we giggled away together and just enjoyed each others company. I’ve been in hospital waitingrooms before and usually the fear coming off people overwhelms me. When everyone sat together for the group we watched a demonstration of the treatment we’d be having. Then people asked questions. I heard the fear in one woman’s voice and I felt myself open up, so I brought myself back into my body and felt fine again.

    I’m really happy about being able to do that and keep myself just as myself especially in places like hospitals. Interestingly, as the day wore on and I had to wait around for appointments, I got hungry and I wasn’t able to keep myself switched off. So not being hungry is especially important if I want to avoid overwhelm.

  26. 26
    Shirl says:

    I feel other’s pain, joy, and emotions in-between. I feel cities their hopes and energy. I see dead people, have psychic visions, my past lives, and dreams that come true almost verbatim when people are ready to cross over.
    I’ve had many aura attachments picked up from funerals, traditional churches, stores and from healing clients, as well as 79 ghost removed, 1 demon from my home and my aura.
    I’ve seen Angels, and feel their beautiful energy.
    My mother was psychic and understood.
    I am an empath. There are no prizes for being so.
    I am accepting and not rattled by these gifts(?)
    Life has been a real trip.
    It is what it is.

  27. 27
    Elaine says:

    Hi Shirl: I’m just wondering at “I am accepting and not rattled by these gifts (?)”

    Being a skilled empath is a bigger trip, in my estimation. 🙂

  28. 28

    ELAINE, good point and well put. SHIRL, if you were going to start with Rose thingies, even before doing your first personal session of RES Energy HEALING, which you hinted you’d like to do in your previous comment at another thread, here is an idea.

    One of my how-to books for empaths is called Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment. It’s easy to read, I’ve been told, and the more practical of my two how-to’s for empaths.

    Go through it first as a kind of pleasure read. (From your comment it sounds as though you could definitely use some pleasure as an empath.) Skip all the exercises that first time around.

    Not to give too much away, I think you’ll find many ideas that help you keep the talent but gain skills to move you beyond victimhood.

    What you expressed about “There are no prizes” is quite typical for the experiences of someone with talent as an empath but, not yet, skill.

    After you’ve learned from a quick read through, go back and do one short chapter a day. There will be a bit of homework, taking no more than 10 minutes tops. Do a sloppy job of it, never trying to be perfect.

    You can cycle through that book many times and, each time, deepen your skill as an empath.

    Incidentally, you could have plenty of time to do that before having a phone session with me as I’m now making appointments into the end of May.

    You can preview the book at my official website,

  29. 29
    Shirl says:

    Thank you Elaine and Rose for your comments.
    I am a work in progress and thrive to understand others’ perspectives.

    Elaine, It occurs to me that I did not give enough info.
    When I said, I’m accepting and not rattled by these gifts(?)

    Along my life path have learned that everyone has gifts and I am accepting of that.

    Sometimes gifts can be hard especially in my early days when I assumed others could see, feel, hear, smell, and had the same abilities too.

    So many different levels of energy…
    I have witnessed things that would literally scare the pants off some.
    When I say I don’t get rattled it is because of these experiences.
    By the same token…
    I’ve felt such Love giving to me from Angels that was so beautiful.
    I use all my gifts in service to help others as many people do.
    Being an empath is one special gift however, for me, when paring it with the other spiritual gifts helps accentuates empath healing, understanding and assists, no matter what the reason or need or level of another’s request.

    I have traveled through the processes of opening up, learning about gifts; seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing, dreams, astro travel- working on the other side in the initial soul transports upon earth deaths, healing with Angels in attendance for people on earth, have had aliens’ abduction, and working with them on our process earth’s ascension.

    I have made a study of learning all types of healing modalities along the way.
    Having the intuitive gifts of sight, affords my ability to look inside human and pet’s physical bodies.
    Empath, feeling others’ pain, and distress tells me the area in which to look.
    Physically, stepping into other’s energy fields helps me understand how much truth they can handle. I am guided by that in not giving over loads, and can choose words that gently help, not hinder.
    Hearing, affords the direction of how to heal and or the info. to steer them toward the proper health provider, whether it be spiritual, mental or physical.
    Smells, are a gage, what vibration is low, in-between or higher, on many different levels…

    Throughout my life experiences, starting in childhood through 60+ years, with limited society understanding, growing up in the Bible belt-old south, and without available written material during that era, I’ve learned much the hard way by testing it out, taking the punches from the unenlightened, fearful, and have accepted the rewards seeing others’ benefit from my deep knowing, using all of the combined gifts, and wisdom.

    When I say there are no prizes, I meant as in, behind door number 3…
    Rather, there is a deep satisfaction in helping others’ heal, learning, and watching theirs and my own growth along our life-paths.
    Love all the win-wins! 🙂

    When I say, it is what it is means, I lead in truth, have no concerns anymore about what others’ may judge or think about my life regarding these gifts. I am accepting of them. And am good with the roads I have traveled in acquiring the knowledge and use there of.

    I encourage everyone to be the best they can be whatever path they are on.

    Remaining a work in progress,

  30. 30
    Grace S says:

    Great article, very clear and concise and I’m going to email it to empath friends. I really appreciate what people have been saying about the debilitating anxiety and self consciousness, mine is starting to fade. It feels soooo good! 🙂

    I wanted to share a recent experience of a dumping of STUFF. FYI, a side note, usually people feel better after being around you, because you siphon off their burden (and carry it yourself) and they learn to gravitate to you. A bunch of us have stories about when you start turning your empath gifts OFF, those folks can sense it too, and didn’t like it.

    Rose talks about it as such, “don’t worry, they’ll find someone else!” She is clear about what is and is not your obligation in her books, and here’s a hint, not much!

    My husband and I both have the empath gifts of Emotional Oneness and Emotional Intuition. With Emotional Oneness, you really believe that those are your feelings, when in all reality, they are not, but you can’t see the difference. (Turning your skills OFF is not just knowing the difference. It’s about not absorbing it in the first place, unless you want to, like when you’re in a loving situation).

    With Emotional Intuition, you have instant information/hits about the person. I used to doubt the instant information I would get; Rose has taught me not to, and that sense of self-authority and trust has been worth its weight in gold!

    I think an interesting aspect to being an empath is that you assume this is “normal” and just like everyone else, or else you just think you’re crazy, etc., and end up on meds. By the way, I don’t believe in Energy Vampires anymore, either.

    I’m a beginner at turning the empath gifts OFF, and my husband is just starting to get a clue. We were both blindsided the other day when we ran into a friend with her one-week old. We were just cooing and thrilled and doing congratulatory hugs (Physical contact is sometimes a conduit too, for having our empath gifts turn ON.0

    Regardless, we were wide open, and NOT experiencing our own bodies, not in the least. When we left her side, both of us felt slimed, seriously slimed.

    She is not doing well, and was trying to cope.

    When I got home, I felt soooo depressed and anxious and self conscious, like I haven’t in a long time. So it was very obvious to me that “something” had happened. I kept interpreting the experience as the mom just being grouchy and I had taken some of her comments personally… but even with that rationalization, I could see that I was truly overreacting, especially since I’ve been in high spirits for quite some time now, not at all feeling fragile.

    But it conked me out for the night. I was so grateful that my husband wasn’t away on a business trip and could care for our young son. The feelings were so intense, real and prohibitive. Later on, when I felt that I could reconnect with him, he said that had experienced similar things.

    I holed up, trying to seclude myself (which ruined my night, and isolated me from connecting with my son).

    Incidentally, he’s an empath too, and I’ve told him that he does not have to feel my feelings with/for me; we are separate and there are other ways to show that you care or are concerned. He can tell me that he knows I’m sad, angry or whatever, and acknowledge what’s going on. But he does not need to FEEL me, or feel responsible for my feelings and making me feel better. I’ve gotten good about articulating what I need emotionally too, as in some down time, or a cuddle, etc. But he hasn’t empath merged a while, so that’s really cool.

    Anyway, it finally dawned on me that I had done an unskilled empath merge with the mom and had majorly downloaded her STUFF. EVEN with that knowledge, it doesn’t magically get rid of it. I found myself craving something heavy like meat (intuitively knowing it would ground me), and then went out for a long, long drive – I craved motion and psychological space. I still didn’t come home for an hour, until I felt like my normal self.

    Crummy experience, no doubt, but it used to happen ALL the time, and I’d ALWAYS own the emotions as my own.

    I used to mistakenly feel like I didn’t “connect” with someone until I did get dumped on, kid you not. It’s like on some level I knew I was of some service to people, and took comfort in being a martyr (not anymore though).

    I hope this story helps newbies gain some insight into this process. We all tend to talk around the topic on this blog, and when I first got on, I felt that I couldn’t get any clear understanding of what the actual experience was.

    The upshot of this empath thing, from a different perspective, is that being an Environmental Empath is wickedly cool. You’re the one who can sit at the beach or with that tree and really feel shot to the moon and deeply seeped into it, every sound, every smell. Feeling at one and utterly at peace, yet vibrant. “Normal” people don’t get to do that, so HA! That’s quite the cool perk! 🙂

  31. 31

    GRACE S., what a superb share. Thank you.

  32. 32
    Ashley S. says:

    This happened a few weeks ago. I was sitting outside in the grass with my cat. He usually insists on coming outside with me and will often just lay and soak the sun. I was just sitting and thinking and occasionally looking over at my cat. It dawned on me that I was feeling really anxious. A skittery kind of anxiety.

    I thought, “Wait a second, I feel anxious. Why?”

    I began scanning everything that was going on in my life currently and I couldn’t find any reason why I would be feeling anxious now or why it would be coming on so suddenly. Then I looked over at my cat and I saw that he was darting his head around to and fro. His eyes were wide, and his ears were turning in all different directions. His body was tense. It made perfect sense that he should be the one who felt anxious.

    That was the first time it dawned on me that I might have Emotional Oneness myself. At least with my cat. And wow, it really is a confusing thing.

  33. 33

    Congratulations, ASHLEY S., on this latest bit of understanding yourself.

    Only guess what? You described an experience of Animal Empath ability, not Emotional Oneness.

    The emotional empath gift is with humans! 😉

    With Animal Empath ability, the information could register with any kind of animal (not necessarily all animals!) and your experience could involve something emotional, physical, about spiritual consciousness, etc. The bottom line is that it is an experience belonging to a non-human, physical, earth-type animal.

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