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Compatibility Face Reading for William and Kate

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How irresistible! Also, what a relief! Because this morning I started the day by doing a face reading about compatibility for Prince William and Kate Middleton!

One of my favorite ways to use the system of Face Reading Secrets(R) is to compare and contrast a couple. Not for predicting the couple’s future, no, no! This I’d call a “psychic reading,” in contrast to “deeper perception of people using skills of energetic literacy.”

Tina Fey — Interact, Aura Readers, Skilled Empaths, Face Readers

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Yes, the May issue of Reading Life Deeper features a profile of Tina Fey, using energetic literacy. It was such a delight preparing this newsletter issue, which will go live within a week from today.

Part of the fun of that newsletter is having this interactive opportunity for you to comment on the articles. Or add your own insights, reading the photo above. So go for it!

Which would you prefer, Blog-Buddies, for an energetic literacy profile?


Good morning, everybody.

Here in Sterling, Virginia, it is a glorious spring day. Beyond luscious, really.

As I prepare for the next aura reading profile, or face reading, or Skilled Empath Merge, I’m thinking, “Last Liz Taylor Husband? Or maybe someone entirely different.”

How Are Psychic Readings Different from Energetic Literacy?



Recently I had a fascinating e-conversation with Blog-Buddy “Daphne” about using energetic literacy versus doing psychic readings.

Daphne was enjoying a game online with a talented teacher of psychic development. The idea was to do a quick reading on one unidentified celebrity at a time.

You’d see the photo. If you then got a quick intuitive hit on that person, you were encouraged to share that, adding your contribution to psychic readings from others.

Saving others or co-creating to help others heal? Your choice.


Easter Sunday is a favorite holiday for many, including me. However, I’m not celebrating it in the way of many of my Bible-Belt neighbors.

Some of those neighbors here in Sterling, Virginia feel both grateful and relieved when Eastertide rolls around: Jesus died to take away my sins. That was the whole purpose, really.

Two new Face Reading Videos with Rose

Face Reading Secrets with Rose

The Power of Face Reading — now that’s an easy kind of power to get. All it takes is to learn some skills.

Besides being practical, just seeing regular old faces in this new-fangled, old-fangled way can make your mind sparkle a bit more in a new direction.

Here is a recent YouTube introduction to the ancient art of physiognomy, as updated in my trademarked system, Face Reading Secrets (R). If you click on this video link to  Rose Rosetree\’s books about how to read faces, there’s an introduction to my three different — very different — learn how  to do face reading-type books. 

Empath Merge on Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, Guest Post by Elaine

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“Celebritology” is what they call it in The Washington Post. Here our discussion of our famous folk is something other than gossip or a new venue to compare designer dresses.

“Energetic Literacy” is what we call it here at this blog, using techniques like Skilled Empath Merges, Aura Reading from Regular Photos, etc.

Liz adores the man, but how much? Aura reading the wedding pix.

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Here comes the bride. Again. Because this is Liz Taylor’s Marriage #5.

Have you noticed? With this series of articles, we’re using energetic literacy to delve into themes of love addiction, fantasy relationships, and the unique ways that a human being can define “love” at any given time.

Last blog post, we looked at some fascinating body language and face reading data. Now we’ll read deeper, using a different skill set of energetic literacy. For the following profile of Elizabeth Taylor, I’ll use the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R). For tech details about all we’re doing here, including the concept of chakra databanks, check out this earlier post. It’s our first of the series on aura reading the fascinating parade of husbands belonging, at one time or another, to recently deceased Elizabeth Taylor.

Aura Reading Elizabeth Taylor crushing on Husband #6, Richard Burton

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Richard Burton was a grownup, at least at the time he first married Elizabeth Taylor.  Hollywood legend has it, they met on the set of “Cleopatra.” Much was made of the gorgeousness of Ms. Taylor, starring in the title role of “Elizabeth Taylor.” Oops, I mean the Queen of Egypt, Cleo-something.

Sure, Elizabeth looked like a cutie. You have to admit that eye makeup, and all the rest of Elizabeth, looked absolutely fab. Certainly knowing she looked so good could have helped her survive a screen role where she had to speak out lines like this: 

Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor, read by Skilled Empath Elaine



It takes all kinds to make a world: Eddie Fishers, Liz Taylors, youses and me’s. 

Profiling any one of us properly also takes a world with some people who use deeper perception —  many skilled empaths, aura readers, and others with energetic literacy. Today I’m delighted to share that profiler’s spotlight with Skilled Empath Elaine, who adds perspective on the happy couple, Elizabeth Taylor newly married to perky young performer Eddie Fisher.