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Aura Reading of Liz Taylor’s Husband #3, Bold Mike Todd

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A promoter of girlie shows on Broadway — that’s Mike Todd at the time he meets Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, he works with high-class movies as well, such as “Around the World in 80 Days.” Why did Liz leave her husband, the other Michael, for this newer model?

Let’s investigate using energetic literacy skills, specifically Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. For tech details about all we’re doing here, including the concept of chakra databanks, check out this earlier post. It’s our first of the series on aura reading the fascinating parade of husbands belonging, at one time or another, to Elizabeth Taylor.

Given her world-class fame at the time, dating her must have seemed like beating the speed record of Around the World in 80 Days.” How about 80 dances?

One great thing about Liz Taylor is that she didn’t keep marrying the same type of guy over and over. They were as different as chalk and cheese… and spaghetti and sushi and… I hope you’ll join me in our latest exploration. Hint: The biggest surprise for me was the way Taylor’s fame had a very particular impact upon her which, in turn, made Mike Todd desirable in a way that otherwise he wouldn’t have been.

Which picture will I use for today’s aura reading? There is the best I’ve found of the wedding day itself below. To see it best, use this high-res aura reader’s wedding photo. A poorer quality, but more dependable, link will bring up another aura reader’s wedding photo of the (then) happy couple. Unfortunately this picture is a terrible choice for reading Mike Todd’s aura because his physical position is torqued off to the side. Consequently his aura is too, so trying to read it made me way dizzy.

To read along with me, you might want to open up one of these photographs. To enlarge either photograph, copy it onto a new document. Then pull on the edges. Ooh, that Husband #3 was a zesty one, wasn’t he?

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Aura Reading Databank: Presence in public at the Root Chakra

  • Gift of his soul:

Just as Elizabeth Taylor is dripping with diamonds, Mike Todd’s presence is dripping with power and fascination with sex. These allied interests animate him; Mike pursues them with unabashed, outrageous, totally focused zeal. The fact that he’s set up this way at the soul level, minus any shame about it at all, adds a loveable bad boy quality to the man.

  • Reading the chakra databank with STUFF included:

15 feet.  Such an intense presence, riddled with toughness! Todd thinks of himself as a good person, a great person. Unabashed cockiness accentuates his interests in sex, power, money, and all the great material things that money can buy.

This is an extremely proud man. Even when acting crude or brash, he won’t disguise it. If anything, Mike is proud of letting it show: his zesty single-minded pursuit of whatever he wants.

In a way, Mike Todd’s presence is the polar opposite of Michael Wilding’s version of this chakra databank. (Wilding’s aura was read in a previous article.)

Another important characteristic of this professional promoter is the nature of reality for him. It is mostly about external values like wealth, power, success, attractiveness, “the best” clothing and jewels and talent. Gee, who in the world would embody that more than Elizabeth Taylor?

Aura Reading Databank: Presence with Liz at the Root Chakra

  • Gift of his soul:

Elizabeth’s caring for Mike is a life-changing experience. The Presence with Liz chakra databank that arises out of this miraculous, odds-against, relationship — this databank where he has the most famous woman in the world notice and care for him, Michael Todd — what a beyond-big deal this is — for a man whose life work involves brokering big deals.

Technical point: This chakra databank is one of the 25 in his root chakra that belongs in the “Optional” or “Personalized” category. When I first began to write publicly about researching chakra databanks, that was in Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality, first published in 2007 [now updated as Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing]. I noticed that every major chakra contains 50 separate databanks, a concept that was illustrated (literally and figuratively) in a later book, Read People Deeper.

Half of the databanks in each chakra are “Standard Issue.” Everybody has these, such as “Presence in the Room.”

The other half of a person’s chakra databanks depend on that person’s individualized path toward Enlightenment. Lifestyle choices, particular set of friends, etc., become “fixtures” in a person’s development. That’s what Elizabeth became to Mike.

Sure, Liz Taylor was a big deal in the lives of all her husbands. Sure, they must all have developed many chakra databanks related to being with her. (As well as one cord of attachment, plus one spiritual tie, per relationship. That’s just Earth School for everyone, right?)

Still, the quality of this chakra databank for Elizabeth Taylor Husband Collection #3 really blows me away. How big and bright is the corresponding gift of the soul for Mike Todd? Being up close and personal with the world’s most famously beautiful woman is absolutely colossal.

The impact is like being told “Jesus loves you.” By Jesus, while living on earth. Plus, of course, friend with “benefits.”

  •  Reading the chakra databank with STUFF included:

1 foot. She humbles him. And he loves it.

Not too many people can humble Mike Todd. But Taylor does because being with her is like holding a goddess in his arms. She’s so nurturing, cutting through many of the carefully (and habitually) hidden shame and fear and self-judgment that he is used to carrying.

Mr. Todd feels truly seen by this woman. Also accepted for all the good intentions that he hides behind the tough exterior.

Why does Elizabeth Taylor have this uncanny ability to see him? I challenge you Blog-Buddies to do your own aura reading, or Skilled Empath Merge on the woman in this photograph and find some answers. Comment, of course. And, if you’re really bold, write a full-length comment. I’ll be glad to turn it into a Guest Post. Meanwhile, let’s investigate more.

 Aura Reading Databank: Lover of Liz, at the Belly Chakra

  • Gift of his soul:

Sexual chemistry with this woman is dynamite-delicious. It’s a powerful force of raw physical desire that both of them can enjoy, becoming more excited than ever before with any partner. While with each other, this frenzy is a sure thing. Amazing sex always there for the taking, guaranteed every single time the two of them touch!

  •  Reading the chakra databank with STUFF included:

Trillions of miles. Sex between the two of them is superb. It’s addictive, actually.

To understand part of the amazing chemistry, Blog-Buddies, I must take one small glimpse into the corresponding chakra databank of Liz, with STUFF included.

Liz Taylor’s Belly Chakra Databank, Sexual Connection to Mike Todd, with STUFF included:

Trillions of miles. As always, Liz Taylor has a private and sacred way of relating to sex as a major, major part of her life. Her own way of embodying Goddess energy in life resembles the freshness, purity, and spontaneity of a flower — perhaps one reason why, throughout her career, she often chooses to wear garments patterned with flowers, flower-shaped jewelry; ornaments with flowers, including live ones.

However, by the time she meets Todd, Elizabeth has served humanity for decades as a sex symbol and mega-box-office-sensation. On the level of auras, STUFF, and subconscious interactions with her fans, the consequences haven’t been pretty. Projected onto this one human woman, there have been directed the sexual fantasies of untold millions of pinup fans. In addition, there have been billions of psychic ties that focused on her as a sex object.

Like Elvis and Britney Spears and others in this strange position, combining surreal fame and a focus on sexuality, this is a problem. The sexual backlash of desire from adoring fans brings a much bigger energy to contend with — and a more low-astral one — than mere fame alone. It is a tsunami of subconscious-level, very real, lust that few people can withstand.

When Taylor meets Todd, she is carrying around this overlay of low-vibe, sex-fantasy ridden, hyper-excited sexual energy. It is lodged right in her aura, adding a slimy and confusing set of energy dynamics that were never part of the star’s original way of relating to sexiness. Thank heaven! Mike Todd is a perfect person for expressing this with, rather than denying it. He can match her, lust for lust. Partnering with him, Liz can get much of this huge sexual wackiness out of her system, purging in a way that she needs to in order to feel relatively normal again. And one great thing about that bold, super-sexed-up Mike Todd: He’ll be very glad to help out.

Okay, now back to aura reading Mike Todd…

Aura Reading Databank: Sharing power with Liz at the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Gift of his soul:

Idealism verging on worship changes Mike’s usual methods of sharing power. He is humbled in her presence.

Gladly will he give her an awful lot of what she wants. Reluctantly, fussing only slightly, will he give her the rest of what she wants. What a new and bewildering experience for Mr. Todd!

Liz also knows so much about what he wants. She cares about helping him to have it.

Right from the very first word they exchanged, both of them have been totally honest with each other — almost like being able to read each other’s minds. Somehow, this honesty is part of his gift for sharing power with this beloved.

  •  Reading the chakra databank with STUFF included:

29 unprecedented feet. Sharing that much with a woman? Mike has a lot of resistance to this, and a history to match I suppose.

(Do any of you Blog-Buddies know about Mike Todd’s quality of relationships with women pre-Liz? STUFF tucked away here in this chakra databank suggests that Mike didn’t treat them particularly well, especially if they were demoted from his Good list to his Bad List. And I think the man only kept two lists for the sex-suppliers in his life.)

Sharing life with Liz stirs things up for him emotionally. He’s growing, moving into unprecedented kinds of thinking and feeling about sharing power with a woman.

Scary, yes. But Mike Todd is one courageous man externally. With Liz Taylor’s help, he’s starting, just starting, to become courageous internally, too.

Aura Reading Databank: Soul Thrill at the High Heart Chakra

  • Gift of his soul:

Being with Elizabeth Taylor is the big thrill of Mike Todd’s life. She brings him such a jolt of Divine Presence, every time, every where, every way. Really he could divide up his history neatly into Before Liz and With Liz.

  • Reading the chakra databank with STUFF included:

3 feet. Innocence. Joy. Delight. Confusion. Being willing to change — yet resisting change — yet unable to resist change.

Always adventurous and courageous, Mike Todd is having the ride of his life. Every day feels like a miracle now. It’s thanks to this Goddess. She sees “The real Mike Todd” and loves every bit of him.

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  1. 1
    Primrose says:

    Hmm. I don’t know how skilled I am at doing an Empath Merge, because I am not sure I know what is my projection and what isn’t. So with that in mind, this is what I feel.

    Giving her perfect most beautiful version of herself. The open heart to love this man and take all of his pain and transform it. To accept it all.

    This pefect father lover.

    This God of power to contain her and protect her and take all of her.

    The emotional heart of her, the truth of her, the version of herself that HE feels and provides for her IS her when they are together. His devotion means she feels worthy of devotion. His desire means she is desirable. His love means she is loveable. His gaze makes her exist. His eyes give her herself. Her eyes give him himself. Perfect symbiosis and entwinement. For now.

    The high of the sex. The high of the love. The rush of all of it. And daddy has come home, but a powerful daddy. The most powerful father she could wish for to keep the world out. A jewelled cage she’s happy to live in. Seeing this God. He is God. This God of sex and power and love so she can be a Goddess for him, but also a devotee. Tired of being a Goddess, she craves to submit, to worship, to be a consort of a God. An adored and spoilt and indulged daughter lover of this God.

    I’m not surprised Michael Todd felt deeply known by Elizabeth if she saw the God in him. Good for the ego on a superficial level, of course, but also what a gift to truly see God in another human being.

  2. 2

    PRIMMIE, woo-hoo! Hooray! Yes, yes, yes. Applause!!!!

    You’re daring to do this and what fascinating findings!

    Technical point, if applicable: Do remember to use an actual technique for Skilled Empath Merge.

    Using a technique, rather than simply feeling your way, will protect you from taking on STUFF. It is also a great way to move your consciousness in the modality that counts as being a Skilled Empath. Doubts are less because the structure of the technique helps you — you know, technically.

    PRIMMIE, I have a noticed a wonderful gentle shift in your comments in recent months. It’s as though you really are becoming more alive in the present and less a spokesperson for old pain; even your triumphs of growth related to that old pain are being out-distanced now.

    Reading this comment from you today is just moving all that even further ahead. Thank you!

  3. 3
    Primrose says:

    Oh thank you Rose! Lovely of you to write that.

    I relate to Elizabeth Taylor’s feelings, so with this merge it’s less easy to separate my reality from hers. With someone less like me the distinction is easier. Not that I relate at all to being the most famous woman in the world 🙂 that certainly isn’t the same!

    Interestingly, I feel that shift away from identifying with pain. It’s nice that you notice it.

    Clambering out of pain is something I’ve been proud of. And that’s great, but isn’t it really wonderful to have made your way out of a dark place and suddenly to feel the sun on your face? Sure it’s good to let others know how you made the journey, but also just basking in the sunlight and not feeling the need to document the journey feels fantastic. Here’s to basking!

  4. 4
    Opal says:

    “However, by the time she meets Todd, Elizabeth has served humanity for decades as a sex symbol and mega-box-office-sensation. On the level of auras, STUFF, and subconscious interactions with her fans, the consequences haven’t been pretty.”

    Subconscious interactions with fans? Yikes. So, if you fantasize about someone, anyone, they receive that? Every time, without exception? Is it harmful to the object of lust? Or is it only harmful on a mass scale?

  5. 5

    OPAL, it’s an educational experience for the one who seeks fame.

    Technically you are asking about astral ties. You can learn more about them, including how to heal them for yourself, in Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

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