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How Are Psychic Readings Different from Energetic Literacy?



Recently I had a fascinating e-conversation with Blog-Buddy “Daphne” about using energetic literacy versus doing psychic readings.

Daphne was enjoying a game online with a talented teacher of psychic development. The idea was to do a quick reading on one unidentified celebrity at a time.

You’d see the photo. If you then got a quick intuitive hit on that person, you were encouraged to share that, adding your contribution to psychic readings from others.

Daphne loved this game. As she told me, the best part was that you could find out how many other people got more or less the very same hits as you. Thus, you could measure your accuracy.

To Daphne, this psychic game seemed a lot like what we do at this website with techniques of energetic literacy. Only better.

Who doesn’t love the drama of a scoreboard? Who doesn’t long to have stats, to find out from others how well you are doing? Isn’t that a great way to measure your progress?

That depends. For starters, let’s consider this rather essential question, progress toward what? Is the context psychic development or spiritual development, getting accurate intuitive hits or developing a dependable state of energetic literacy?

So confusing

Confusingly, when people use any of the following terms, the context could be either spiritual development and energetic literacy OR psychic development. Like so much of life here at Earth School, labels can be so hard to figure out! Do you appreciate how any of the following could be used for either direction of development, psychic or spiritual?

  • Aura
  • Empath
  • Intuition
  • Intuitive reading
  • Energy reading
  • Reading people

Why not both? Many teachers and websites blur the distinction. Can’t you do both at the same time, spiritual development and psychic readings? Am I just splitting hairs?

If teachers or websites blur this distinction, they may define terms differently from the way I do. But to me this is a very important distinction, so I’ll supply a concrete example for clarification.

Aura reading, for example

Sure, aura reading is often taught as a form of psychic development. Usually, actually!

An aura is a set of energy bodies around the physical body. Auras are full of information. It’s concentrated in chakras, also readable one layer at a time.

Most of this information is at the astral level, including STUFF, stored emotional and/or spiritual garbage.

Other information in auras is at the etheric level, that Divine component within each human being. “Gifts of your soul” is what I call that part.

What happens, doing aura reading in the context of psychic development?

A psychic works with an astral-level guide, or on his or her own. The aura reader may find it hard to get a very full range of information because the reading can go only so deep/high as the astral guide.

Sometimes the psychic will move away from the human dimension completely and read the akashic record.

What is attractive and helpful about this?

  • There can be predictions.
  • Lost objects can be found.
  • Factual information is available.
  • There will usually be great certainty, as in “You should do x, y, z.” and “You should not do p, q, r.” And “Your purpose in life is d, e, f.” And “You really need to move to Kansas.”
  • Inspiringly you may be told the meaning of things that have happened to you so far — given a greater context such as a life purpose or what occurred in different lifetimes. (Note: A reading, though inspiring, does not bring about significant healing at the level of auras.)
  • It may feel like a vacation from being merely human. Many psychics, and their clients, trust the psychic level or wisdom from guides, far more than any ideas that are merely human.

What happens, doing aura reading in the context of spiritual development?

Using techniques to read auras in the context of spiritual development, you co-create with your choice of Divine Being.

What is attractive and helpful about this?

  • The full range of a person’s here-and-now aura becomes available to you.
  • You can read permanent gifts of the soul in that person’s aura.
  • All experiences come through you, so that you are very awake and present as yourself throughout the process of reading an aura.
  • Language, perceptions, and trust all develop as part of your ongoing evolution toward Enlightenment.
  • This type of aura reading strengthens self-authority for clients as well as the person doing the research.
  • It can be helpful for healing to be able to read here-and-now. So this type of aura reading co-ordinates well with skill sets that also are done with Divine help.

What differences  can you understand as a human?

Technical points aside, there are many points of difference between psychic development and spiritual development. Not stats, exactly. At least I can number them. 😉 \

And you don’t have to be psychic, or energetically literate, to understand these distinctions… then decide whether they make sense to you.

1. Psychic development, long term, is very different from energetic literacy.

Psychic development means gaining astral-level information, either for its own entertaining sake or to help you to win an advantage in your human life.

Energetic literacy is a means of spiritual development, part of a person’s path to Enlightenment.

The goals, the techniques, and the consequences of pursuing this type of study are all completely different.

2. Just one thing might seem identical about psychic readings and energetic literacy.

That is the idea of getting information about people.

This blog, as well as The Official Rose Rosetree Website, exists to help you learn information of a sort that raises your consciousness, waking it up as your consciousness.  Energetic literacy helps you to learn, at will, deep secrets about here-and-now reality.

Whether the skills involve face reading, aura reading, skilled empath merge, or even depth investigation into body language, the overall goal is to read people with the kind of depth that you would like others to demonstrate in reading you — learning about the real you beneath the surface.

3. External validation versus internal validation

I admire psychics who attempt to empower their clients; other psychics have a more-or-less hidden agenda to make their clients dependent. Either way, however, psychics will usually emphasize external validation, as though the important things in life are facts like how old somebody is or naming the person or what city that person lives in or who is going to win that next horserace. Telling who is inaccurate and praising accuracy matters a lot.

Obviously! If you’re going to make predictions, or uncover facts that others can’t tell, of course accuracy would matter. People can make fortunes based on such predictions. It is very attractive to obtain factual information not available to others.

4. Truth or accuracy?

For spiritual development and energetic literacy, truth matters more than accuracy at finding practical details. That means “Truth” as personally meaningful to you.

Truth is related to wisdom, part of your ongoing  and cumulative search for innermost truth in life.

Seeking truth takes a great deal of courage. Therefore, one of the biggest concerns in developing full Stage Three Energetic Literacy is learning to value internal validation.

For that you don’t do scoreboard and stats. Instead, you explore self-acceptance. You aim for qualities like depth, personal illumination, learning that your personal insights are is valuable. Whether other people agree with you or not.

5. Questioning the need for flash

For psychic development, it’s important to value intuitive flashes. Studying with a psychic, you may be encouraged to take quick hits all day long. If the phone rings, quick! Who is it? Can you guess properly before picking up the call?

Accuracy with intuitive hits can be lucrative. It’s also fun, a game that can be fascinating and empowering, bolstering self-esteem — especially if you get loads of external validation that you are good at picking up psychic details.

I would caution, however, that there can be a price to pay for this particular game. Psychic hits involve moving in and out of different states of consciousness. What’s at stake here?

Human consciousness allows us to quickly move through three worlds of information: There are human levels, psychic levels, and a separate etheric or spiritual level. Taking quick intuitive hits means moving in and out of subconscious or psychic experiences. Well, some professional psychics wind up living there.

It’s like what my friend Joe  perceptively observed to me once about our mutual friend Gladys. She is a talented psychic who is also trained to work professionally. Joe said, “Did you ever look in Gladys’ eyes and see how tired she is? Gladys has the look I have seen in other psychics. So exhausted. And why wouldn’t she be? She’s constantly getting messages. It doesn’t turn off.”

6. Path to Enlightenment

Unlike getting quick psychic hits, energetic literacy is done via dedicated techniques — whether ones I have developed or any other techniques you prefer. All such techniques have a start, a middle, an end. Once the technique is finished, you go back to your emphasis on human life. This produces steady progress toward Enlightenment.

Energetic literacy, a.k.a. “Deeper Perception,”  is not about hits or intuitive flashes, not any more than your ability to successfully read this screen. Can’t you do that any time you like, as a human being, using everyday skills of  Gutenberg literacy? Maybe it’s boring, having that kind of skill, compared to the drama if you couldn’t quite read in a predictable way. So one day you would open this blog and not be able to understand more than a vague word or two. But another day you could read through this entire post and understand every word. Wow! There’s drama, right?

Getting hits, doing quick looks, playing at shifts into psychic states — this can definitely add drama. Unfortunately, one side effect is especially tricky, especially for empaths:

Psychic research is a great way to pick up random STUFF by opening up astral experience willy nilly.

Playing with psychic perception can also cause a person to move into spiritual addiction – a problem you’ll find in the auras of most people who actively pursue psychic development with great passion.

What is spiritual development?

To me, spiritual development is required for each person’s sacred path to Enlightenment. Psychic development is optional And the two are entirely different.

Most religions and spiritual paths discourage the pursuit of psychic development because it can bec0me a distraction.

Of course, for millions psychic experiences are THE most exciting and important part of one’s sacred path to Enlightenment.

Fair enough. Whichever path you choose, psychic or spiritual or purely human, sooner or later you will get There.

I do think it is important to understand, however, that spiritual Enlightenment is not at all equivalent to being a psychic. In Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, you’ll find an entire chapter devoted to the differences, complete with diagrams throughout that book. These illustrations may be quite eye opening.

Staying right here at this blog, you might want to take a fresh  look at our Enlightenment Life List, also check out the various candidates proposed so far.

By now, 101 candidates proposed by you Blog-Buddies have made that list. Many spiritual teachers are there. Many are healers. However, the only psychic you’ll find is #87 Carolyn Myss. Her claim to fame was working as a medical intuitive, a specialized kind of psychic. However, she wasn’t Enlightened back then. Since then she became known as an author and teacher, specializing in spiritual topics.

What about other psychics proposed as candidates for the Enlightenment Life List but not ready for it yet? That includes Sylvia Browne, Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette, James Van Praagh. Like Carolyn, these talented psychics have probably made more money than anyone else on the list… except for the professional performers. Interesting, isn’t it?

Every teacher plays a sacred and spiritual role in life. Just not the same role.

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  1. 1
    Nathan says:

    So basically, spiritual development and psychic development are two different things, yes? Well… For me, the theory is simple – spiritual development results in psychic development, psychic development results in spiritual development. The reason why some illuminated people don’t have psychic abilities, or why psychics aren’t spiritually developed is that some people are just consciously blocking the other “element”.

  2. 2
    Reader says:

    Thank you, Rose, this makes so many crucial points– and I have’t seen this said elsewhere, certainly not so clearly.

    I am really looking forward to the session I have booked with you; I have so many questions.

    Your emphasis on internal validation is something I especially appreciate. I can see many parallels in the way I teach creative writing: There are many things I can explain and point out, but in the end, the artist is the artist.

  3. 3

    NATHAN, your theory is perfectly plausible… and extremely tidy… as a theory.

    Psychic development does not result in spiritual developemnt, however, not in reality. That is part of the point I attempted to make with some nuance and detail in this post.

    My definition of “Enlightenment” is based on reading auras of thousands of people in depth and detail. After a couple of decades, I discovered that it is possible to read individual chakra databanks. People have hundreds of them, you know.

    Someone like Sylvia Browne has enormous, hugely developed chakra databanks related to psychic pursuits. In other databanks, she has plenty of problems and plenty of STUFF — stuck energy distorting the functioning of different chakra databanks. Most definitely not Enlightened yet, although talented and apparently feeling no pain.

    By contrast, someone Enlightened has ALL chakra databanks working well, at full capacity, and no STUFF stuck in them. As you can find by using any of the links to the 101 folks on the Enlightenment Life List, bringing up their photographs and reading THEIR chakra databanks.

    Nathan, it is very common that people either are told directly theories like yours, or else they assume that any “other side” or “spiritual/psychic pursuits” will all lead to Enlightenment. Sure helps the Hay House authors make lots of money!

    On the level of a person’s who-you-be, however, when reading auric modeling in contrast to theories, the reality is quite different. Psychic and spiritual are not interchangeable.

  4. 4

    READER, thanks for your appreciative words. It delights me to read have you have made the connection between internal validation and creativity.

    That connection is really important, I think. Funny thing is, when I teach the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), people do learn to trust themselves more. This is very helpful for people who want to live more creatively.

  5. 5
    Nathan says:

    I didn’t say that psychic development results in enlightenment, I say that it leads to spiritual development, development as ongoing process, not the final illumination. Through different psychic development techniques (to name at least energy work or mantras/affirmations), many blockages are removed, this is spiritual growth, growth as “making few steps forward”.

    Brown might have her “third eye opened” as people like to say, of course this doesn’t mean she is on higher spiritual level, because as you say, she have many blockages in other chakras and meridians.

    Blockages disallow energies to flow freely through the body – and blockages are nothing more but negative patterns, bad memories and experiences. To become psychic, one must get rid of the blockages – and this is part of spiritual development. At some point, “psychic-wannabe” learns psychic abilities and it’s the point where he can decide if he want to continue the path. He might move further towards illumination, or he can stop “here and now”. But nevertheless, he was growing on spiritual level by dealing with his blockages.

    I don’t have problems with scanning chakras and energy bodies, and my theory isn’t just theory, as I based it on my own experiences, experiences of my teachers, and experiences of all these people I taught in the past 5 years.

    PS: Oh, and forgive me as I won’t read chakras of anyone without direct permission :). My psychic ethic is kind a strict :).

  6. 6

    NATHAN, thanks. You’ve articulated your perspective beautifully.

    About ethics, all you Blog-Buddies, I agree with NATHAN that it is very important to have ethics for all forms of Deeper Perception.

    In my case, I make a clear distinction between aura reading (or any other skills of energetic literacy) versus aura healing (such as cutting cords of attachment).

    Literacy doesn’t change people, in my opinion. Really, do you ask permission before you look at a photo on Facebook?

    If you’re interested in this topic, that’s what this whole thread is about. Blog-Buddies, all of you are warmly invited to share your thoughts.

    Agreeing with me isn’t required; your self-authority is.

  7. 7
    Primmie says:

    I’m interested in removing stuff and that’s it really. I’m here because I think I shouldn’t close my mind to the possibility that STUFF can be removed through spiritual healing as well as psychological healing. I’m also an empath and have found that the spiritual approach to becoming a skilled empath works.

    I don’t know about psychic development. What is it actually? Is it having a knowing about people in the way empaths know about people? If it is that, then I can see why it isn’t the same as releasing STUFF.

    I can learn a lot about others by merging, but that doesn’t help me with releasing my own STUFF. I am pretty adept at understanding others and have been since I was a child, but understanding myself is a different process.

    Perhaps I’m not the person to shed any light on the difference between spiritual development and psychic development as I am primarily interested in psychological healing. Bit presumptuous of me really as I don’t even know what psychic development is.

  8. 8
    Jean says:

    Thank you, Rose, for putting this much needed information out there.

    Really helped this learner to understand a new – and objectively realistic – view of “all things psychic.”

    Is the ability to enjoy healthy internal self-validation perhaps one of the cornerstones for positive human evolution? IMHO it may be…..

    Now to continue convincing my very human brain – gently but firmly – time to let go of some of those outdated neural pathways and create new connections that implement concepts such as those mentioned in the above blog post.

    Good old Earth School.

  9. 9

    PRIMMIE, energetic literacy is being distinguished from psychic readings in the main article of this thread.

    Energetic literacy means aura reading ALL THE WAY THROUGH to the level of gifts of the soul; also Skilled Empath Merges and face reading.

    Psychics also read auras, but it is done in the context of… psychic reading.

    Psychic readings include getting intuitive hits, doing quick readings, having flashes of psychic knowing. Like unskilled empath merges, any of this may put STUFF in someone’s aura.

    This is one reason why most of us know some really talented, well trained psychics who can’t stop smoking, or keep gaining more weight each year, or have pretty unenjoyable human lives while not doing psychic work. STUFF galore.

    When NATHAN explained that ethically he wouldn’t read someone’s aura, that’s related (seems to me) to his having the perspective of a psychic. From the perspective of psychics, a reading brings healing. From the perspective of spiritual healing, and energetic literacy, no, a reading is NOT a healing.

    Healing is done separately. That is why one does not need to request permission in order to merely do reading.

    One more point of clarification, in case it isn’t obvious to you and other Blog-Buddies by now: Doing an unskilled empath merge does NOT count as energetic literacy. It is talent for energetic literacy being used without skill, and in such a way that the perceptions are often inaccurate even while the perceiver is opening herself or himself up to taking on STUFF.

    Does this distinction make sense now? This blog really is about education, so I’m grateful you have raised these questions. 🙂

  10. 10

    JEAN, you are so welcome. This topic is so personal it can really push buttons. I’m sincere in the desire to clarify.

  11. 11
    Carol says:

    Rose, you have done a beautiful job, here, of making a very important distinction. I have always been more interested in my spiritual development but found psychic abilities just present in my life to varying degrees throughout my life. The psychic happenings, though not particularly pursued for their own sake, can be very fun and seductive in a “want to know” sort of way.

    But, my first experience of finding the clear distinction made between psychic phenomenon and true spiritual development toward Enlightenment was in the Hindu teachings about the Nadi’s (not sure about the spelling). It was in those reading that I learned that as you near Enlightenment the psychic phenomenon may become more and more present in your life. And the danger, at that point in spiritual development, is to become so enamoured with these phenomenon that you get sidetracked off of the original goal of full Enlightenment.

    So, they make the same distinction between psychic phenomenon and spiritual development that you make here, Rose. I found that one distinction tremendously helpful because it made the decisions about what teachings to pursue in my spiritual development pretty easy from that point on.

    Before that, it was all very confusing to me. I wanted to pursue a path of most efficiency and elegance. And this distinction, alone, saved me a lot of sidetracking into areas that would have only delayed my spiritual development and added more STUFF to my already STUFFED aura.

  12. 12
    Primmie says:

    Rose, thank you for that! Yes it makes sense now.

    Also, it makes sense for me of why you’ve placed so much emphasis on a reading not being a healing. It sounds like seeing a doctor who can diagnose what’s wrong and will charge you for that, but can’t offer any help with the diagnosis. I’d rather the two parts of the process, myself.

  13. 13
    Amanda says:

    Hello Rose,

    This is a very interesting area and the distinction you make has been made by many people through the ages – from the ancient Hindu texts and the Buddhist tradition through to the Christian Renaissance scholars of the sixteenth century and I’m sure very many in between.

    In my own experience, psychic readings are a sidetrack which I’ve gone into and out of on various occasions, and when these phenomena faded my experience became clearer, simpler and more whole.

    I may not be able to tell which Lottery scratchcard is going to pay out any more, but I’m a lot happier and I feel a whole lot safer 🙂

    It seems to me that psychic phenomena tend towards the striving for what’s outside us. Whereas spiritual light brings us into more presence here and now; that simple, available joy and pure presence that needs nothing and is always there if we remember to allow ourselves to just sink into it.

    I remembered this morning :), and this comment is sent with the wish that everyone and myself can find this grace within themselves. I don’t do namastes on the whole but I have a very sincere one deep inside me right now.


  14. 14
    Ashley S. says:

    Hey, Jean. I really agree with what you said that’s in bold and I appreciate you putting that to words. It’s brilliant.

    For a while, my intention with my sessions with Rose has been to learn to trust myself better. So there you go. I bet a lot of people are wanting internal self-validation.

  15. 15
    suzanne says:

    Thanks for your blog. I understand what you are saying about the need for psychics to learn techniques for not taking on stuff. I wish all psychics would learn your methods. That said, I also feel like there need not be a huge gulf between psychic development and spiritual development.

    I’m guessing that contest mentioned above was for the purpose of learning and developing skills, not keeping a scoreboard and was not just about quick hits. It is true what you say that one could pick up stuff that way. But you could also protect yourself by “getting big” and using other spiritual protection techniques before using your intuition.

    I do not really understand the difference between empath merges and receiving information in different ways (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognisizance etc.)

    I know that you do not think of yourself as psychic, and I find that amazing because to my mind, how could you not be psychic?! As another Blog-Buddy said, “it’s like she’s read my diary! Including the bits I didn’t write.” I’ve never had a psychic be as dead-on right as you are all the time.

    I do feel that it is possible to pursue psychic development and spiritual development at the same time. It is true that a reading is not a healing. But psychic readings can be very valuable all the same, as valuable as energetic healing just in a different way. Both have their purposes.

    For example: I had a psychic reading two years ago that was extremely helpful to me. I was trying to decide between three professions and had been going back and forth in my head for months between the three. The psychic reading I received inspired me with a vision. The psychic saw me as “a librarian with a soul and a mission” a high end librarian at a university library, who hobnobs with lots of bright/intelligent people and gets involved with helping international graduate students. She did not state what she saw in absolute or certain terms, but as a possibility that seemed to her to fit (but could be changed by other factors in my life.)

    I loved her vision and it helped me to figure out something that had been really puzzling me–how I could put together my desire to be of service with being a librarian. I was looking at it as an either/or thing. Be a librarian (and just please myself) or be a social worker and be helpful to others.

    Through talking to her I realized that, duh, being a librarian IS being of service.

    Now, will it come true? I don’t know–I am leaning these days towards being a public librarian. But her reading did help me to make my decision to go to library school. Not because of the external validation but because I was inspired by the vision. And that was what I was needing–a picture of where I wanted to go.

    Had I not liked that picture, I would have ignored her reading and chosen one of the other options I was considering. But the fact was, it helped me to get unstuck and make a decision.

    In that specific case, what I needed was not a healing but a reading.

    Most of the time I prefer to work on healing (as you know!)

    That psychic is a very down-to-earth person and also seems very spiritual–I’m guessing that she has somehow found ways to protect herself spiritually while doing readings so that she doesn’t take on stuff.

    I have met the other type of psychic you are talking about (the kind whose life is a mess when not giving readings.) I remember the first one I went to see. Her house, where I went for the appointment, was full of wall to wall clutter! Actually the reading was lousy too.

    About external validation, truthfully sometimes I like it. I understand that it is not good to be dependent on it, but sometimes it helps just to receive confirmation, wow! maybe I really do have some abilities. Maybe I should try to develop them further.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts.


  16. 16
    CindyT says:

    Beautifully written article, thank you so much for sharing with us. It was a pleasure to read and learn about the path to enlightenment and spiritual development

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