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Is he an empath? Investigation for a psychiatrist.



How can you tell if somebody else is an empath? Guessing won’t help you. Nor will extrapolating from another person’s behavior.

Two especially good examples of this un-guessableness about empaths came my way recently.

“Dr. Joseph” is a psychiatrist and skilled empath. He knows well the power of full energetic literacy. So he consulted me about two of his patients, “Gladiola” and “Benjamin.” Blog-Buddies, I thought you might be interested in some of the conversation (with details disguised).

Gustavo Dudamel ready for his energetic literacy profile

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Wait, that’s no magic wand. Moreover, the man is not performing at a great wizarding tournament.

It’s Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel, an amazing phenom in the music world today. If you’re a lover of classical music, you know he’s about the hottest thing to come along in about 100 years. If you haven’t met him yet, you can. Because he’s the star of the June issue of “Reading Life Deeper,” that free magazine I send out each month.

Aura reading Maria Shriver on Oprah

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


When I saw the photo, I felt that I just had to read her.

There was Maria Shriver, pictured in the Washington Post. A big wide smile flashed out at her audience. Cleavage was on display, just a tasteful amount. A very, very good hair day was being had, stylishly long tresses with perfect curls.

Yes, beautiful Maria Shriver looked for all the world like one more famous celeb on stage, joining Oprah’s merry band of famous and rich and inflential and almost inhumanly positive.

Why cut your cord of attachment to God?



God is great! And that’s just the beginning of all of the praise you may have for the All in All.

Nonetheless, it’s possible to have a really disgusting, limiting cord of attachment to God.

This vileness doesn’t come from God directly, of course. It’s like what happens with so many other truly horrible cords of attachment. The degree of being horrible — what I call  “Scoring 10 out of 10 points”  on my Yuckiness Index for Cords of Attachment — is directly proportional to one’s degree of caring about the cordee.

Aura Reading at the Harry Potter Theme Park


Less than a year old, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter portion of Universal Studios absolutely beckoned to me. How magical can life get?

Even a silly muggle can have energetic literacy, fortunately. Though I don’t get owl-mail, at least I’ve got e-mail… and a bloggable home to which I have just returned.

John Warner’s aura and chakra databanks… as he marries Liz Taylor

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Okay, Blog-Buddies, I have paid close attention to your requests for aura reading and empath merges. Many of you have wearied of the Elizabeth Taylor Husband Collection. If her signature perfume (White Diamonds) were renamed, I’d suggest “Many Diamonds.”

However, some of you want me to finish what I started with those fascinating Liz Taylor hubands. So let’s have some fun with Deeper Perception! When doing energetic literacy profiles I’ll alternate these two last Liz-Husband posts with aura readings of unrelated nominees from you’all. And we will start with that former senator from Virginia ( a principled, centrist Republican who used to represent me in congress, actually), John Warner.  Not that he represented me on December 4, 1976, when his wedding picture was taken.

New perspective on Enlightenment, spiritual development, and psychic development


Over at the Enlightenment Life List, ASHLEY S. raised some great questions in her Comment #426. Some answer follows over at that thread, but part of her question pulled together some of my latest understandings about this blog community, my work, and how so many of us are growing together. Here I would like to share my changing perspective on energetic literacy.

ASHLEY asked, “Rose, you have mentioned that there are some souls with a lot of ‘spiritual light’ and you’ve also said that some souls are very evolved. What does this mean?”

Claircognizance, just a psychic gift or useful for energetic literacy?


Let’s think together about your gifts for deeper perception, such as claircognizance. Because how YOU think about your God-given gifts will affect how you develop them.

Will you prefer the prevailing form of personal development in New Age culture, which is psychic development? Or will you summon enough spunk and pioneering spirit to use your gifts to develop full energetic literacy, moving in the direction of Energy Spirituality? That’s spiritual development, Blog-Buddies, aimed to move you towards Enlightenment.

Energetic literacy vs. psychic development, who decides what is true?


“Lament of the Ponzi-schemed: Everybody else was doing it.”

This headline in today’s newspaper is, to me, the perfect lead-in to a discussion of one of many differences between energetic literacy and psychic development. Let’s consider the hot topic of internal validation vs. external validation.

One reason Bernie Madoff was so successful at his chosen profession was his creating an “exclusive” club of investors where, as his victim, you felt that you were in superb company. To be chosen as part of Madoff’s special club? What an honor! All of you in the know together, how nice. (For a while at least.)

Psychic development vs. energetic literacy, empath skill, etc.

Rose Rosetree, Teaching Energy Spirituality, not everything

In a recent comment, ASHLEY S. wrote, “Elaine, you continue to impress me with your level of detail.If I practice 10 minutes a day I might be as good as Elaine someday? Really?? Sounds too good to be true.”

I agree that ELAINE is doing great. Loads of you Blog-Buddies are! For success with Skilled Empath Merge, or any Aura Reading technique or Face Reading technique, here is my short list of suggestions:

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