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Psychic development vs. energetic literacy, empath skill, etc.

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In a recent comment, ASHLEY S. wrote, “Elaine, you continue to impress me with your level of detail.If I practice 10 minutes a day I might be as good as Elaine someday? Really?? Sounds too good to be true.”

I agree that ELAINE is doing great. Loads of you Blog-Buddies are! For success with Skilled Empath Merge, or any Aura Reading technique or Face Reading technique, here is my short list of suggestions:

  1. Ten minutes of practice a day. (Yes, ASHLEY, that sounds about right.)
  2. For any of you Blog-Buddies who drink alcohol, get stoned on weed, etc., never do any techniques for energetic literacy while under the influence.
  3. Equally important to avoid, do not pursue techniques for psychic development while you are studying any of my systems for energetic literacy. Choose one or the other. They do not mix well.
  4. Aim to be as good as yourself, not as good as ELAINE (wonderful though she is) or anyone else. Comparing oneself to others is never helpful for developing energetic literacy; nor is external validation.
  5. If you feel tempted to compare yourself, or feel you need external validation, use techniques that I have built into my trademarked systems for spiritual development. They will help you to calm down and trust yourself more, a life skill that I believe is essential along each person’s path to Enlightenment.

Warning to all you creative empaths, aura readers, etc.

Please, please, please do not sample bits of techniques from my books, playing with one fragment or another as the mood strikes you. Steps of a technique for energetic literacy are not toys, nor are they meant to be cute ideas or tweets strung together.

As a teacher of personal development, I have worked diligently to co-create very specific techniques that produce specific benefits. Each technique has been rigorously tested and researched. Then it is taught systematically in my workshops and book-length how-to’s. All for the purpose of bringing you great results.

What will your results be if, instead of following a technique as presented, you authorize yourself to fool around with it, taking out pieces or “Getting to the good part” without doing the preparation process, etc.?

You won’t get the results for which my techniques are designed, that’s for sure.

After you have mastered one such technique, really own it, what then? If you want to combine that with other skill sets that you have, fine. Just make sure you really own the technique first.

Be aware, however, that skill sets of energetic literacy are designed to fit together beautifully; the same can’t necessariily be said for mixing things up with other techniques, particularly skills of psychic development.

To experiment wildly with ways to use your consciousness is not like saying, “I’ll wear a top from Talbotts and mix it with jeans from Mango, combine Goth makeup and a diamond tiara.” Consciousness does not necessarily respond well to “Mixing fashion lines.”

Creativity and self-authority, are both powerful, sacred facets of your being. Use them wisely.

Creativity works well with energetic literacy when you use solid skills and then apply them creatively. To make an analogy, if you want to be a great composer, first you need to learn the basic technical skills. Maybe you’ll practice on a piano. You’ll learn how to play scales in every single key. You’ll learn about chords. etc. Then you compose.

Too many New Agers are thinking the equivalent of, “I’m creative. So I’ll compose music without bothering to learn anything about technique.” Or, “Hey, I learned to play a scale in C major. That’s enough  theory from Western music. Now I’ll spend a few hours learning one raga from classical Indian music. That’s all I need. I’m, like, totally prepared my own World Music  thing now.”

Combining psychic development and spiritual development techniques is a similar mash-up. Except with this analogy, music that is a spontaneous mash-up and maybe doesn’t sound very good would count merely an interesting hobby, one failed experiment. Whereas…

Serious confusion results from mixing psychic and spiritual practices

We have had some discussion of late, in this online community, about How are psychic readings different from energetic literacy? In Comment 15, Suzanne gave a long, thoughtful comment. She wrote, “I do feel that it is possible to pursue psychic development and spiritual development at the same time.”

My response: Of course it’s possible. You’ve been doing it! And, afterwards, asked loads of questions that reveal a “progress” of deepened confusion whenever this topic comes up, now in quite a mash-up of psychic development and spiritual development related to becoming a skilled empath.

Of course you can use your free will in that way! All you readers are free to pursue psychic development and spiritual development at the same time, maybe studying with several teachers within each field. Only don’t fool yourself. You will slow down your progress on either path, also confuse yourself. Frankly, playing mix-and-match will result in your not doing either pursuit very well.

It isn’t about talent, not for any of you. Of course you have talent. The question is, what will you choose to do with your talent?

Psychic planes and spiritual planes are entirely different. The most compelling example to me of the difference is that nobody on our Enlightenment Life List is a practicing psychic, while most are spiritual practitioners.

As a healer, I have worked with many psychics, channelers, mediums, etc. Very often, not always, psychic work leads to significant spiritual addiction. Very often, not always, it leads to STUFF accumulating in the psychic’s aura.

Responding to questions raised by Suzanne, since she did ask — and responding with great respect for her, because I have been Suzanne’s huge fan for years — let’s explore further.

Evidence of the developing confusion, expressed by Suzanne in that comment,  is that she further wrote, “I do not really understand the difference between empath merges and receiving information in different ways (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognisizance etc.)”

That’s for sure! Because right in that question she is mixing terminology and concepts and practices from psychic training and the spiritually-oriented training of energetic literacy. Oops.

Blog-Buddies, either do one type of training or the other at a given time in your life. Don’t mix them up.

Mixed-up training in psychic development

Some psychics who offer trainings are very confused about what they are doing. For contrast, two ethical, brilliant psychics whom I would recommend are Sonia Choquette and Kathryn Harwig.

If you are seeking instruction in psychic development, be a smart consumer. Find out if the course in psychic development mixes up doing psychic readings and doing healing without labeling them as different — a somewhat common mixup that may indicate teaching that has not been thought through too deeply. Getting readings from angels does not necessarily mean there will be permanent healing, so I would be concerned if:

  • Claims are made that doing readings will lead to healing
  • Or there’s an extra little bit of healing tacked on to the program to supplement the psychic readings
  • Or you start off learning to do some kind of intuitive reading but soon are told to emphasize recognizing and healing dark souls, etc.

Be a smart consumer when seeking psychic development. Don’t toss away your street smarts just because you’re in love with the angels. Don’t drop your discernment because you’re so thrilled to discover that you have great psychic talent.

A reading is not a healing

At least that’s what I believe. Yet to many psychics, a reading is considered a healing. There can be a deeply felt belief that everything from the other side brings healing.

Fans of intuitive development may believe many variations on this theme, such as:

Learning about your purpose or downloading info. from The Akashic Record automatically heals your life in every meaningful respect. (?)

Or, perhaps, there is an idealism that, supposedly, just being in the room with somebody’s wonderful astral guide provides miraculous, no-words needed healing, similar to the miracles attributed to Jesus. (?)

Except, wait. Jesus taught how to connect up with God. Jesus was a spiritual teacher. Healing techniques used by Jesus, whatever they were — and who among us today knows for sure? — were most likely spiritually-based healing techniques.

Psychic development uses astral-level beings to obtain information. Astral beings are not Ascended Masters like Jesus.

Some great healers do depend on help from astral-level guides, including Barbara Brennan and Rosalyn Bruyere. These world-renowned psychics provide training in how to heal because they have developed very well defined methods for healing. To my knowledge, neither of these eminent healers also offers a bit of “How to do psychic readings” on the side. Beware of the psychic development teacher who takes a little time out to coach you on how to do healing.

It’s amazing, all the resources available now. You will find, I’m sure, that some psychics are busily teaching how to cut cords of attachment. If you read the last chapter in my how-to, Cut Cords of Attachment, you will find clear investigation of why results come as they do from the Energy Spirituality method of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).

Also you can read specifics explaing how this technique of Energy Spirituality is technically a world apart from doing a psychic-level version of cord-cutting. Could there be teachers of psychic development now who are taking parts of my system, tossing in their favorite psychic-level practices, etc.? There’s nobody to stop them. People are allowed to teach, and study, whatever they want.

Speaking of smarts as a New Age Consumer

In case it helps you as a consumer, however, I will note that currently I am the only one authorized to teach this particular trademarked method for cutting cords of attachment. Period. Nobody has been authorized by me to represent my work by teaching all of it, or some of it, or some of it with wonderful improvements. Some day I would love to carefully and systematically train my top Mentoring Students to do this. But this sure hasn’t happened yet. As Suzanne noted today in another sweet comment, “Rose, you are one busy busy person.”

Some of you Blog-Buddies may find healers online who quote my how-to book, “Cut Cords of Attachment” without attribution. Or there might be a vague reference to my name, but no quotation marks, nor any acknowledgment that the healer is claiming that she or he wrote the words.

Well, some of you might be thinking, “That can’t be right. Taking copyrighted material and pretending it came from you doesn’t sound ethical to me.”

I would agree. Whenever this unethical behavior has come to my attention, I have asked the copyright infringer to stop. So far, not one of them has. Sad, isn’t it?

At this time, I have better things to do than to embark on lawsuits against all these healers. Their karma will catch up with them just fine. Here I’ll just warn you, as a New Age Consumer, that someone with the ethical shoddiness to do such a thing… might not be a healer you would trust with your own personal aura.

The longing for external validation

It was adorable to me how SUZANNE admitted, “About external validation, truthfully sometimes I like it. I understand that it is not good to be dependent on it, but sometimes it helps just to receive confirmation, wow! maybe I really do have some abilities. Maybe I should try to develop them further.”

Truthfulness is always good. 🙂 But receiving confirmation that your deep experiences are “correct”  is a sure sign that you have been practicing psychic exercises, Suzanne and other Blog-Buddies.

My advice: Go the psychic training route for a while, if it pulls you. Find out if it helps bring you fulfillment. Or choose to vigorously pursue the altogether different path of spiritual development, via techniques for developing energetic literacy. Spend a year on one or spend a year on the other. Just don’t disrespect yourself and your teachers by going back and forth, doing both types of study simultaneously.

For your sake, and also as a courtesy, please show respect to whatever type of teaching you pursue. For example:

  • If you’re doing “Wakeup Call” from Become the Most Important Person in the Room, do the whole technique. Don’t simply take the words and make them into a song that you sing.
  • Don’t connect up with an astral-level guide and ask that guide’s opinion about “Wakeup Call.”
  • Don’t take experiences from psychic training and use my Energy Spirituality “Questioning” technique to explain them.
  • If you are using techniques from Aura Reading Through All Your Senses like “Get Big,” use that only in combination with other techniques of energetic literacy. Do not import that technique as a cute add-on while you are studying psychic developement.

You get the idea. For your own protection and clarity, for evolving in the direction to which you feel called, show respect to dedicated teachers like Sonia Choquette or me, who have devoted their lives to developing a body of work.

Show respect to yourself by walking one path at a time. Do not mix and match. Because every time you do that,  you weaken your ability to get results from a technique like “Get Big” should you ever, in some future time, decide to walk the path of  Energy Spirituality. It’s like corrupting some software files, I suppose.

Do you have the right to study psychic development? By all means! That’s where the big money is in New Age, for sure. That’s where the vast majority of New Agers are. It’s flashier. Also, it’s perfect for people who like external validation and being part of a big group engaged in sharing exciting adventures in the astral. You’ll learn loads about miracles! Many people having the very same experiences as you! How much is meant to be! Your special purpose! The excitement of stopping many times a day to consult special help from the psychic! Woweee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you still be a skilled empath while studying psychic development?

The answer is YES and NO.

YES, you can definitely benefit from the skill set of Empath Empowerment(R) regarding the techniques to turn your gifts OFF. (Again, I strongly recommend that, if you are using this part of my work you do not mix it up with other systems or practices that are popular for helping empaths. Better to do another system and enjoy the results. Leave this skill set for when you want to use it exclusively and you are willing do a good job with it. A sloppy job. But nonetheless pursuing the particular skill set called  Empath Empowerment.)

It would be smart for any psychic, medium, channeler, healer, etc. to learn this. The Turn-Gifts-OFF part of  Empath Empowerment will protect you as you do all the separate, different skill sets involved in becoming a particular kind of  psychic, medium, channeler, healer, etc.

As for the NO… The final part of  Empath Empowerment involves turning your empath gifts ON. This is meant to be done only after you have done a thorough job of exploring the rest of the skill set.

In my two books for empaths, I offer a number of power-packed techniques for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person from the inside. The real bonanza of techniques for Skilled Empath Merge will be found toward the end of Empowered by Empathy.

Huge fun! Huge discovery! The general name for these techniques is “Skilled Empath Merge”…  which ELAINE was praised for doing beautifully, with cumulative skill, right at the start of today’s article.

NO, do not attempt any kind of empath merge when you are studying psychic development. Same with intuitive development, mediumship, channeling, etc. Let your teachers of psychic exploration be your only teachers. Let them show you what they and their techniques can do for you.

It disrespects any mind-body-spirit teacher for a student to secretly substitute bits and pieces from other trainings. Master a skill as it is. Use self-authority to decide which skill to learn, not whether to criticize bits and pieces and improve on systems you haven’t yet mastered.

About that accuracy thing

I was especially touched by another part of SUZANNE’s comment:

“I know that you do not think of yourself as psychic, and I find that amazing because to my mind, how could you not be psychic?!

As another Blog-Buddy said, “it’s like she’s read my diary! Including the bits I didn’t write.” I’ve never had a psychic be as dead-on right as you are all the time.”

This accuracy thing isn’t about me, actually. Work with anyone who has studied seriously with the techniques of  Empath Empowerment(R) and Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R) and Face Reading Secrets(R). These practioners are just as accurate in their own way. They are super-accurate because they have developed full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. They have been involved in doing spiritual development, not psychic development.

I remember teaching Gladys some aura reading techniques. She was one of my students in a little class at Marshall High School, a public school in Virginina where I used to teach adult education classes.  Gladys was doing so well that I took her aside and spent about 10 minutes teaching her how to read auras from photos.

That was it! Gladys got it! She owned the energetic literacy skill for keeps! After 10 minutes, she was doing super-accurate aura readings from regular, ordinary photos.

Incidentally, when I say “anyone who has studied seriously with me,” that isn’t meant to involve my putting in some sneaky greedy hook that you must take a particular workshop with me or go through several days of personal mentoring.

To master most of my skill sets, just buy the book. (In case you’re wondering, I spend way, way more time on my books than I do on this blog. Which is one reason why I work about 60 hours a week. But not why my hair has turned gray, which started when I was in my twenties. 😉 )

Want a full skill set for cheap? Buy yourself a copy of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses ($14.95) or Empowered by Empathy (a big $18.95, unless you get the audiobook edition, which costs a bit more). Then you can really get into that book. 10-30 minutes a day, wow!

I have seen some of those much-read copies, with post-its and underlining and the magnificent self-study that was done, propelling my readers into a level of awesome competence. Students like that really know how to honor a teaching.

Others students, for plenty of perfectly good reasons, cannot show that kind of fidelity to one teacher at a time. It’s personal choice. Ultimately, such choices are part of each individual’s sacred path. I would never want to interfere in that process, only offer a bit of practical advice as I have in today’s post.

So, SUZANNE and others who are so glad she spoke up and asked those good questions, here’s the most practical summary of my advice about pursuing psychic development or intuitive development versus energetic literacy:

  1. If you cannot understand the difference between spiritual development and psychic development, it’s possible I have just not done a very good job of explaining. But it’s also possible that you currently feel very drawn toward psychic development.
  2. You will not get that here. This blog is positioned at the leading edge of the New Age. My goal is to help you develop yourself in the context of spiritual evolution. Energetic literacy skills are not about psychic development. They strengthen your connection to your favorite form of the Divine and further your progress, in that direction, moving you toward Enlightenment.
  3. No worries! You can receive healing from me as a client, no matter which type of learning you choose. Get the healing one phone session at a time. Meanwhile you are free to study psychic development elsewhere. That wouldn’t be a problem with me, so long as you put aside doing the techniques I teach for developing energetic literacy. Make sense?
  4. If you do want to study what I have to teach, it will be my delight to serve you.

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  1. 1
    suzanne says:

    Thanks for your blog, Rose, and for your tact. I appreciate that very much. A couple of points:

    I totally get what you are saying about it being disrespectful to a teacher to mix and match systems with other teacher’s teaching. That was never my intention.

    I am not deeply drawn to psychic knowledge. I saw a psychic two years ago, because I needed advice. I looked at a psychic blog (by a respected psychic) and I did the exercise found there which involved asking oneself questions about a photo.

    Only I used your “Get Big” technique, etc. first because I wasn’t about to look into the eyes of someone in a photo without doing that. I know better, thanks to you.

    I realize it is part of your technique, but the truth is people have been connecting to the Divine since the dawn of time — it’s part of having a spiritual life to call on God/Goddess/Buddha. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to strenghten/deepen my spiritual connection and teaching me to use it.

    I now use your techniques for “Get Big” and “Set an Intention” for many things in my life and find it very helpful (for example, when giving a speech, something you suggested I try.) To me it was just common sense to do that as part of the psychic exercise, not mixing and matching.

    I do highly respect what you teach. I have read your books and I do read the instructions in your book very carefully and follow the steps for techniques in order.

    It is true that I have not had an easy time with the techniques for aura reading/empath merge. I suspect that I still have cords of attachment that impact my abilities in this area. That is why I am waiting till next year to take your two workshops in this area.

    About mixing up terms, your book “Empowered by Empathy” also talks about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and truth knowledge (claircognizance.) So, I don’t really understand how it is mixing psychic knowledge and deeper perception to talk about those terms in the same sentence with empath abilities.

    One question I have: I always thought that clairaudience is your strongest way of receiving information, and that is how you are able to do phone healing sessions. But you can teach others how to cut cords. Does that mean that they are able to do aura healing sessions in which cords are cut over the phone? What if the person is not clairaudient? Can they still do the techniques, but only in person?

    I understand if this is too specific a question for the blog.

    I am fully committed to learning everything you have to teach. Seriously. I will also follow your advice and just avoid using methods from other systems while I am learning.

    I also will try practicing 10 minutes a day, without attachment to results 🙂

  2. 2

    Great questions all, SUZANNE. I will get to responses as soon as the packed schedule allows.

    But don’t wait until then to do that practicing. 😉

    Best wishes from your fan,


  3. 3
    "Kathy" says:

    A psychic I know claims that empathy is a psychic gift.

    You, too, are using clairaudience (a psychic gift) in your work, I wonder how you want to keep psychic and empathic functioning apart?

  4. 4
    "Kathy" says:

    Also,I didn’t receive your newsletter so far this month.

  5. 5

    Not personal about the newsletter, KATHY. It hasn’t been sent out yet. This week we had a computer crash; the entire computer software had to be re-installed, so we’re running a bit late that way.

    That May newsletter will be going out for sure!

    Incidentally, for those who want to receive this free resource, you can sign up on The Official Rose Rosetree Website:

  6. 6

    SUZANNE and KATHY, about the naming of gifts, etc. This is a very important question and will be the subject of a future post.

    Now on to answers to other questions that can quickly be answered here related to your Comment #5, SUZANNE. One at a time, for clarity, as follows.

  7. 7

    Woo-hoo, here we go, then. Back to SUZANNE’S great and comprehensive Comment #1.

    Regarding, “I totally get what you are saying about it being disrespectful to a teacher to mix and match systems with other teacher’s teaching. That was never my intention.”

    Of course disrespect wasn’t your intention, SUZANNE. The idea of following a technique and learning about it in depth, etc., is not a common notion in America. It is, I’ve noticed, especially tricky for Gen X’ers and younger folks to understand.

    Many people of any ate wouldn’t even agree with me, and of course I celebrate that self-authority. Personally, though, I am very deeply committed to quality and integrity for spiritual teaching. It is one of my core personal values.

  8. 8

    Another component of this thread is that, thanks to you and other Blog-Buddies, SUZANNE, I am finally acknowledging publicly a certain intent to bring leadership into the field of New Age.

    Sometimes at this blog I have referred to my four trademarked systems. This has mostly been because many people today do not think of where an idea comes from (including intellectual property).

    If you google “The Power of Face Reading,” for instance, you won’t just find my book by that title. Also you’ll get over 12 million hits. Many professional physiognomists liked that name and decided to use it themselves. To most people, maybe it seems as though all forms of face reading are identical, so it shouldn’t matter. I think it does.

    Anyway, I have used those legal trademark terms for quite a while. But I have backed away from saying in public what many students and clients have told me for years, that there is a kind of pioneering work going on here.

    So, yes, finally I’ll admit that.

    Yes, Energy Spirituality is extremely different from being a psychic — different approach, different results, different techniques, different concepts, some different names and names of some other terms shared between both separate fields.

    I do welcome this series of posts coming up to clarify. And, for all of you who read, perhaps you’ll enjoy thinking about the larger implications. You can decide for yourself, “Is Rose Rosetree really a psychic? Is she just weird or in denial because she has always maintained she is doing something very different from psychic work when she uses Deeper Perception (a.k.a. Energetic Literacy)?”

    Well, stay tuned, Blog-Buddies. Let’s explore, one comment and post at a time.

  9. 9

    Regarding, “Only I used your ‘Get Big’ technique, etc. first because I wasn’t about to look into the eyes of someone in a photo without doing that.”

    Well, Suzanne, you could say about this, “Rose was naughty because she didn’t clearly communicate in the past to please not mix and match.”

    Have I thanked you yet for bringing this up?

    For all you Blog-Buddies, if you are going to go onto a psychic’s website, a channeler’s website, a medium’s website, etc. and do an exercise there, please honor that teacher. Do the technique that the teacher uses. Do not take part of one of my techniques and mix-and-match.

    You’ll have a clearer experience. You won’t get confused. You’ll find out what each teacher’s work can (or can’t) do for you.

    And you’ll find it easier to return to the techniques from any teacher from your past, myself included, and have that technique work as intended.

  10. 10

    Regarding, “I realize it is part of your technique, but the truth is people have been connecting to the Divine since the dawn of time — it’s part of having a spiritual life to call on God/Goddess/Buddha. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to strenghten/deepen my spiritual connection and teaching me to use it.”

    Aw, SUZANNE. You’re welcome enough, or at least a whole lot.

    Everything about Energy Spirituality is designed to strengthen that spiritual connection. More on that theme in some upcoming posts…

    Meanwhile, let’s clarify about techniques. The “Get Big” technique in many of my books is meant to be used in the context where it was taught. It is taught in a certain way.

    I wonder if, perhaps, out of your enthusiasm and delight for the results of that technique, you have been taking some of it (not the full technique, either) and plugging it into life whenever it might seem good.

    There are, as you imply, a zillion ways of connecting to the Divine. I would recommend that you use some of them instead during these situations and reserve techniques like “Get Big” for the purpose intended. I’m not going into a whole lot of detail about why. Let’s simplify and call this a recommendation which shouldn’t be that hard to follow, given that you only have available all the other zillion ways, right?

    I think I speak for many teachers of personal development when I request, “Either do a full technique, as taught, or don’t. Please don’t take little bits and start applying them to other aspects of life.”

    This is part of respecting a teaching and making sure you can get the best use from it, long term.

    Incidentally, I sure hope that nobody at this blog is going to ask me to go into technical details about what is meant here. If you have one of my books and there is a technique in it, read that part of the book again. You will find that each technique is very clearly presented, with more than one quick thing to do. Follow the specific instruction and the technique will work. That simple.

  11. 11

    SUZANNE, this is probably the most personal part of what you wrote in Comment #1:

    “I now use your techniques for “Get Big” and “Set an Intention” for many things in my life and find it very helpful (for example, when giving a speech, something you suggested I try.)

    “To me it was just common sense to do that as part of the psychic exercise, not mixing and matching.”

    Let’s be very clear. You and I did have a session of Aura Healing and Transformation with the intention to help you do public speaking — which you wrote about eloquently at the blog here, of course, Comment #43:

    During that particular session, I suggested you use those particular techniques as a preparation for public speaking.

    I did not suggest that you then continue to use those techniques when cooking dinner, using the Stairmaster, figuring out your best personal guidance when making decisions, talking back to your GPS Voice Person, etc.

    To me this was obvious. In the past I would have feared sounding patronizing or schoolmarmish. But, heck, I should have found a way to say it anyway.

    Indirectly I misled you, unfortunately.

    This was YOUR healing session and YOUR particular problem with ONE particular aspect of life. In my professional judgment, this was an appropriate time to import those two techniques.

    Phew! We both survived that bolded statement, right?

  12. 12

    SUZANNE, continuing, here’s another terrific point from your Comment 1:

    “It is true that I have not had an easy time with the techniques for aura reading/empath merge. I suspect that I still have cords of attachment that impact my abilities in this area. That is why I am waiting till next year to take your two workshops in this area.”

    Very smart. You know what is the really funny part?

    To help yourself move forward, you found your way over to a psychic website and started experimenting.

    Please understand, I do not aim to knock the entire field of psychic development. My field is altogether different, as I am developing the spunk to say clearly and write about in this blog!

    It is, however, a very common reason why people turn to psychics, psychic development websites, channelers, mediums, etc.: “I feel stuck in life. So let’s get help from a spirit or astral-level guide.”

    A better choice might have been to move forward with an Energy Spirituality-type healing at the level of auras. For instance, you could take your fun copy of “Cut Cords of Attachment” and go through, nice and sloppy, moving out the most minor cord of attachment from your list.

    A week later, cut the next very minor cord of attachment.

    Slowly but surely your skills will improve. Bit by bit you’ll receive healing. And, by cutting some of the hundreds of minor cords of attachment available, you won’t ruin the possibility of having major cords of attachment removed with much greater clarity (by either you or me or some other professional practitioner) later on.

    Sound practical?

  13. 13

    Now here comes the last interesting bundle of questions in your Comment #1 to address here, SUZANNE:

    “One question I have: I always thought that clairaudience is your strongest way of receiving information, and that is how you are able to do phone healing sessions. But you can teach others how to cut cords. Does that mean that they are able to do aura healing sessions in which cords are cut over the phone? What if the person is not clairaudient? Can they still do the techniques, but only in person?”

    First bit first: How is it that I can do a quality job of cutting cords of attachment as a remote healing?

    This is a skill set, Suzanne. It is not a matter of which gifts for aura reading Rose Rosetree personally happens to possess.

    What is the implication here? I do not recommend that you or anyone assume that, short of having studied that skill set with me, it would be smart or professional to cut cords of attachment as a remote healing.

    No, it is not enough to think, “Gee, it must be all about the clairaudience, so if I have clairaudience, I’ll just extrapolate from Rose’s how-to book, where she gives a method for how to cut cords of attachment in the present with another person.”

  14. 14

    And what about this part, SUZANNE:

    “But you can teach others how to cut cords. Does that mean that they are able to do aura healing sessions in which cords are cut over the phone?”

    When I teach students how to cut cords of attachment, SUZANNE, I do everything I can from my side to ensure success, both for the healer and — if that person is helping others — for the client.

    This is part of my solemn duty, at the risk of sounding solemn about it.

    Yes, I did write a how-to book called Cut Cords of Attachment: How to Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality.The method there is for doing a healing in person. Only.

    And when I teach the upcoming Cut Cords of Attachment, Level 2 Workshop, that will also be about doing healings in person. Because there is way more depth to cover than could be contained in that book.

    And when I work personally coaching students in my Mentoring Program, the best of the best being personally coached by me, I still teach them only about doing healings in person. Because having facilitated many thousands of these sessions, I know a few things that can fast-track these students into a much higher level of professionalism.

    Here’s a hint: We are humans, in human bodies. Learning new skills, it is really important to own the skills all the way through.

    For example, infants need to crawl before they can walk. Ideally infants crawl a whole lot before they walk. One day, the kid feels ready and starts to walk. Brilliant!

    Many benefits for the brain and lifelong ways of moving, thanks to the good time spent crawling.

    These days, of course, we have walkers. We also have plenty of well meaning parents in a great big hurry. “What, have Joe waste six months of his life crawling around like a baby? How undignified!”

    So Joe is pushed to go, fast as possible, into walking. That’s a loss, not a gain, in my opinion.

    Today there are many healers and teachers of great talent who are also in a great big hurry. Meaning well, I’m sure, they push themselves. They learn just a tiny bit, then hang out their shingles and start teaching others.

    I think of a talented beginner I know at 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R). “Gladys” is now teaching others how to do this. I never authorized her as a teacher of my method, but no mind. (So far as she is concerned.)

    How many cords of attachment had Gladys cut before she started this teaching? If I remember correctly, I think she said the number was 150.

    Personally, I would prefer if Gladys would refer people to me, if they want to learn my method.

    And speaking of the method I use, including those phone sessions, do you know how long I cut cords of attachment during one-on-one, in-person sessions before I began to slowly experiment with doing telephone sessions?

    Ten years.

    Some people, reading this, might react, “Well, wasn’t that Rose really stupid, that she couldn’t just figure it out in a week, like so many Reiki Masters I know who became fully qualified after a weekend.”

    Those of you who care about depth healing, like you, SUZANNE, might find some food for thought.

  15. 15
    suzanne says:

    Thanks for your answers Rose. About remote healing sessions, that makes sense and is a relief to me to hear that when you teach the workshop, you are only teaching people how to cut cords in person. I didn’t see how it was possible for someone new to the skill to do what you do…

    You’ve put in your 10,000 hours of practice using your gifts and your methods, to use Malcolm Gladwell’s example. I don’t think it’s silly at all to wait 10 years. I agree that the idea of becoming fully qualified at anything after a weekend is ridiculous.

    About cutting cords myself: There is no way I’m cutting even a minor cord until I am sure where that cord is located, something at present I can not tell. What if my first several cords, I’m wrong? I can’t ever cut those cords again, right?

    I hear what you are saying about not overdoing connecting to spirit. But the exaggerated version that you describe is NOT what I do although I can see why my comment led you to think so. There are a zillion ways to connect with the Divine, that was my point, free to all.

    You are a pioneer in the field, undeniably. And I understand why you would want to trademark methods, and how passionate you are about teaching and keeping things clear.

    You say that it would be better to slowly learn spiritual healing methods than to consult a psychic. My thought is, what you are suggesting is a long-term project, and usually when people consult a psychic it is because of an issue that is timely.

    If I consult a psychic, it is because I have a pressing need for guidance and I have not yet learned how to do it myself. I surely agree that knowing how to get unstuck myself would be the best way, but in the meantime I am glad there are people in the world who are more in touch with their intuition than I am.

    Which is how I see psychics, as intuitives. But I guess you are saying that psychics are receiving information from the astral level, and this is something I hadn’t really considered before.

    I’m guessing that some psychics DO connect to the Divine, not just astral entities. Or perhaps they connect with your spirit guides. I guess your point is that, with psychics you never know.

    A valid reason for caution.

  16. 16
    suzanne says:

    One clarification: I’ve been to see psychics only 4 times in my life. That would be, four times within a span of 25 years. It’s not like I routinely outsource my life choices to a psychic. But I’ll tell you, if I had a missing child, or a terminal illness, you’d better believe I would consult a psychic! Someone who came highly recommended and had a lot of testimonials…

  17. 17
    suzanne says:

    Ahem, I mean within a span of the past 25 years not that I am 25 years old. I am no gen-xer!

  18. 18

    SUZANNE, I’m not surprised you understood what I meant with all this. I am glad, though. 🙂

    Of course, I would get a psychic reading as well with a missing child, etc. Which comes in handy because some of my best friends happen to be professional psychics!

    And in the interest of my relationships with them, as well as clarification, I am NOT trying to suggest anywhere on this blog that it is bad or wrong etc. to consult a psychic.

    I am NOT suggesting, either, that it would detract from someone’s pursuit of learning skills of Energy Spirituality to be a client, having loads of readings with psychics.

    Nope, I’m just suggesting something for people who want to develop energetic literacy in one of the ways I teach. If you want to learn to cut cords of attachment with skill, or read auras with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy or, perhaps, you would like to own the full skill set of Empath Empowerment, then it would be smart to not concurrently work on psychic development skills.

    And I’m not saying “Forever,” you’ll notice. Instead I am literally saying “Not simultaneously, because the directions are very different so it will slow down your progress, rather than hastening it.”

    Make sense?

    Yes, I will be blogging more on this distinction. At least for now, I hope you and others here have more clarity, just in case you have been confused about “What’s the diff?”

  19. 19
    suzanne says:

    Phew! All right, now I fully understand. That makes perfect sense and thanks for clarifying your position on consulting psychics. That was the part I did not understand from your first set of responses.

  20. 20

    Hooray, SUZANNE. One more good chunk ‘o communication complete.

  21. 21
    Grace W says:

    I’m enjoying these threads on the difference between psychic development and energetic literacy. I’m happy to see your recommendation of Sonia Choquette. When I did her professional training, I was extremely impressed by the ethical guidelines she put forth. That was probably the most valuable part of the training for me. I’d been at that phase of exploring psychic development at which I thought it was appropriate to share everything I was picking up with everyone. Oy. I learned a whole lot from her.

    As often happens, something you’ve shared here articulates something I’ve been aware of somewhere in my being but hadn’t quite put together in the way you did, so it clarifies a lot for me.

    I do see how different the two types of training are and I see in particular how important it is for those of us who’ve had to develop self-authority to learn energetic literacy.

    I just remembered what Sonia told me a few years back, at a major turning point for me. How becoming the source of power for my own life was really my big lesson and task. I’d try to get her to tell me what to do and she’d basically bop me over the head with, “No! You’ve got to become independent!”

    So it really makes sense that I made my way to a wonderful teacher of energetic literacy and self-authority.

    Oh, and also, I’ve lost the thread now with the link to the radio show in which you comment on the Duke and Duchess and bin Laden, but wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. He’s a wonderful interviewer! Asks great questions.

  22. 22

    Bop you, huh? 😉 GRACE, thanks for sharing this latest tale.

    It is one of the most sensitive topics ever discussed at this blog, the difference between psychic development and Energy Spirituality. So thank you for the word “wonderful” and all the rest of your encouragement.

  23. 23

    GRACE, if you’re ever trying to find an old post or comment, just use that SEARCH box on the top of the left column. One or two words will bring up a series of links.

    Re the radio interview with Rob McConnell, I just typed in “Radio.”

    For any of you Blog-Buddies who want to listen in, the interview link is here:

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