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Energetic literacy vs. psychic development, who decides what is true?


“Lament of the Ponzi-schemed: Everybody else was doing it.”

This headline in today’s newspaper is, to me, the perfect lead-in to a discussion of one of many differences between energetic literacy and psychic development. Let’s consider the hot topic of internal validation vs. external validation.

One reason Bernie Madoff was so successful at his chosen profession was his creating an “exclusive” club of investors where, as his victim, you felt that you were in superb company. To be chosen as part of Madoff’s special club? What an honor! All of you in the know together, how nice. (For a while at least.)

Spiritual Self-Authority

Some people always have spiritual self-authority. Good for them! Like Joe, who has figured this out, you have a lifelong right to decide for yourself what seems true to you.

Being human, you have many ways to access your own guidance through self-authority: How you feel emotionally, the pace of your thoughts, even sensations in your body. All you have learned, your preferences, likes and dislike — these aren’t stale chicken liver sandwiches but vibrant parts of your own human self.

Some people have self-authority as a growth area. I was one of those people for my entire life up to the age of 40. Up until then, I had pretty close to zero self-authority. Another five years were spent playing catch-up. By now, I have a strong sense of self-authority in my own life. I also care deeply about encouraging others to develop their own spiritual self-authority.

In that context, it matters a lot whether a person pursues psychic development or works, instead, to develop energetic literacy, as part of a spiritually-based system for moving toward Enlightenment. And please don’t fool yourself into thinking that these two paths are one and the same. Spiritual development and psychic development are totally different paths, leading a person in two very different directions, literally a world apart.

You cannot successfully study both spiritual development and psychic development at the same time. If you’re smart, you must choose.

Educating you about the nature of that choice — well, recently we’ve started doing a whole series of blog posts and discussions to help. My perspective is that of a spiritual teacher who presents energetic literacy techniques that can be used for their own sake, such as having a way better life, being a smarter consumer, etc. Energetic literacy techniques can further be used as a basis for spiritual healing techniques, such as cutting cords of attachment and Spiritually Sparkling® Skills.

Can all these same things be attempted through psychic development? Sure, only the results are as different as comparing apples and accordions.

Internal validation is used for spiritual development

“Internal validation” means that you decide for yourself what is true. What happens when you do a technique of aura reading, face reading, or skilled empath merge? (All three are methods I offer for developing full energetic literacy, as part of spiritual development.)

Right from the start, you are encouraged to give yourself the gift of trusting yourself. Students like Joe find that easy. But what about students like Gladys, who have struggled for years with lack of spiritual self-authority?

Sometimes, doing the first exercises, Gladys might doubt herself a lot. In the trademarked systems that I teach, there are remedies for this built right into each system. You’ll find them in how-to books like Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, Read People Deeper, and Become the Most Important Person in the Room [now updated for the Age of Awakening as Empath Empowerment in 30 Days].

Whatever system you study for spiritual development, the emphasis will be on your experience, your truth.

Consequently there is a cumulative development of spiritual self-authority.

Everyday energetic literacy brings depth to life, juice to relationships, oomph to your personal growth. I like to think of it as a gradual waking up.

Examples of using Stage 3 Energetic Literacy are:

  • Learning about a gift of my soul for creativity.
  • Understanding communication talents that Gladys has, whether she is consciously aware of them or not.
  • Improving my personal auric modeling so that I can make more money. (This is the point of my latest book, as you may know, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.)

External validation is used for psychic development

Well, it has to be, doesn’t it? Because psychic readings are fundamentally different from skills of energetic literacy. In psychic readings you might:

  • Figure out who is calling on the phone
  • Find a lost kitten
  • Predict which stock to buy
  • Research guidance on what you are supposed to do with the rest of your life

Doing any of these bits of psychic work, accuracy is a very big deal. So teachers of psychic development give you ways to test yourself as you go along.

Often, there will be a big emphasis on duplicating the findings of other people, whether it is others in your class or replicating the “perfect” work of your “perfect” teacher.

Think that last part is a joke? Not necessarily. Barbara Brennan, a well respected psychic and healer, does consider this the ideal way to teach. In an interview in Pathways Magazine, she proudly described how this is how she teaches at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. To the extent that the students duplicate her exact findings, they are correct.

That could build confidence of a certain sort, right?

The appeal of external validation

External validation doesn’t only appeal to people studying psychic development. It is a common antidote to insecurity.

“Tell me, Sweetheart, do you think I look fat?”

Back in junior high school, or earlier, or later,  many people seek safety in numbers. That works for some things, like dressing appropriately.

For developing spiritually, not so helpful at all.

Spiritual development, including the growth of full energetic literacy, is not about other people and whether you can conform to group culture. It’s you and God, co-creating and making discoveries together as part of your sacred human lifetime.

And maybe they might have escaped being swindled had they studied with the awesome psychic Laura Day, author of the highly entertaining How to Rule the World from Your Couch.

Of course, her clients might have had to ask the right question to get the right answer.

But with energetic literacy skills, the nature of Madoff would have been as plain as, well, day.

Check out that smile, for instance. What would physiognomy tell you about such a smile?

If everybody jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

Today, Mother’s Day, is the perfect day to honor smart parents everywhere by repeating a popular question, “If everybody jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?”

External validation isn’t necessarily the way you have been raised. But only you can decide if internal validation matters to you.

What, your self-authority tells you that internal validation does matter? Then you might want to consider wisely which type of path you’re pursuing right now. Spiritual development and psychic development aren’t the same at all. Both are good, just not for the same purposes.

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    Reader says:

    Thanks, Rose, this makes it all very clear. It’s an important distinction. Though I do read a lot on these subjects, your blog posts are the first to so clearly separate the two.

    P.S. In case it’s crossed your mind to write about them, I’d be very curious to learn more about the aura and face reading of Mr M. and Senator W.

  2. 2
    Reader says:

    Thanks, Rose, this makes it all very clear. It’s an important distinction. Though I read a lot on these subjects, our blog posts are the first I’ve seen anywehere that so clearly separate the two.

    P.S. In case it’s crossed your mind to write about them, I’d be very curious to learn more about the auras and faces of Mr M. and Senator W.

  3. 3
    Kate says:

    This is greatly helpful to me, Rose. It gives me clarity about the difficulty I’ve had in studying techniques that would actually be effective for me in real life ways.

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