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Over at the Enlightenment Life List, ASHLEY S. raised some great questions in her Comment #426. Some answer follows over at that thread, but part of her question pulled together some of my latest understandings about this blog community, my work, and how so many of us are growing together. Here I would like to share my changing perspective on energetic literacy.

ASHLEY asked, “Rose, you have mentioned that there are some souls with a lot of ‘spiritual light’ and you’ve also said that some souls are very evolved. What does this mean?”

I suppose that terms like “a lot of spiritual light” and “very evolved” are ways I have tried to convey that there is a huge range of being awake inwardly, while still not quite yet having achieved spiritual Enlightenment.

Evaluating candidates for the Enlightenment Life List

What happens when I go in to research candidates for this list? It’s quite a scene. There are so many chakra databanks to sample. Usually I’m first getting a sense of so many great things going on with the candidate for that Enlightenment Life List.

Many of the people proposed are hugely developed as World Servers. There can be exceptional talent, charisma, brilliance of intellect, loads of goodies.

But after that (usual though not always present) initial dazzle, I check out chakra databanks about that person as a human.

In more detail than I would write publicly here, I often find many of the candidates have very big problems, such as hidden anger, integrity problems, sometimes hooking or hoodwinking the public.

It’s always unique. Always an adventure, let me tell you. 🙂

Of course, I have big hopes in doing these short, free aura readings for the Enlightenment Life List.

1. The Inspirational Gallery

First, I want to have a gallery of spiritually inspiring folks — kind of like celestial pin-up photos for the spiritual seeker.

To me, every single person on that Enlightenment Life List is truly inspiring. Imagine, even more than  inspiring than watching “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars.” Or “Frasier” (whose reruns I have been watching lately, unlike those two shows that I haven’t yet seen.)

Do any of you Blog-Buddies know anywhere else on the Internet with such a list?

It takes a bit of chutzpah from my side presenting such a thing as an Enlightenment Life List. Maybe you’ve noticed (or felt) that the very idea is so offensive to some people…. including some whose comments appear on that thread. Usually I don’t censor those “How dare you” sentiments or “What gives you the right to read somebody’s aura without permission.”

People have the right to any opinion here, so long as it is voiced respectfully.

Controversy aside, it’s worth it to me, providing that much needed inspiration. What, you think I’m going to wait until everybody else on the Internet approves of me? Or understands a thing yet about energetic literacy, etc.? Or how doing a “Skilled Empath Merge” can be way different from crying a lot because you are “feeling other people’s feelings”?

2. A Teaching Tool for Energetic Literacy

Further, ASHLEY, I hope that you and other Blog-Buddies with energetic literacy skills will follow up the live links provided for every single person on that list. Thus, you can do aura readings or Skilled Empath Merges or face readings on any of these Enlightenment pin-ups you like… and receive mega-inspiration as a result.

Also maybe some of you will choose to volunteer to do some guest posts, of any length. Bring on the inspiration, ASHLEY! Bring on those comments of any length, everybody!

Practical reminder: Blog-Buddies, you are always welcome to send a comment of any length without giving your name. Hey, you can even ask me in the first line to call you “Yorick” or any other name you prefer. I take very seriously your right to privacy here at Deeper Perception Made Practical.

Blog-Buddy Elaine has done the most guest posts so far. If you type her name into the search box on the upper left column, you’ll find a most inspiring progression of confidence and skill.

I make no secret of my desire for this blog to be MOSTLY guest posts. Think of it, if you would, as a kind of Huffington Post, full of articles (of a non-political nature) that are submitted by a variety of writers. Face readings! Aura readings! Skilled Empath Merges!

Why not? Energetic literacy skills are like the Gutenberg literacy skills of the last millennium. Only Deeper Perception is a basic survival skill/recreation/waking up for people who live NOW.

3. Energetic Literacy as Part of a Path to Enlightenment

My mission as a spiritual teacher is closely related to that Enlightenment Life List. Only in the last few months has this come into focus clearly for me. Yes, Deeper Perception is practical for improving communication, self-knowledge; for resolving questions of personal identity; as a basis for Energy Spirituality-type healing; for being a smart consumer.

But most important to me, as this blog has evolved, there is flow in the direction of awakening spiritual Enlightenment:

  • Both the teaching of energetic literacy, so that everyone can tell quite clearly what it really means, on the level of auras, to be Enlightened
  • And also Aura Healing and Transformation sessions, that help folks to permanently release STUFF and bring on higher states of consciousness.

I believe in the truest and most awake part of me that I one of the fortunate teachers at Earth School right now with a tremendously exciting job: Helping millions of souls to become Enlightened, and to do it as householders rather than renunciates.

Yes, become Enlightened by the millions!

Yes, become Enlightened, perhaps, between now and the end of 2012 — or whenever it winds up happening.

ASHLEY, I want to see names of all our Blog-Buddies on that Enlightenment Life List… if they want to be there. Your name and mine, names of so many amazing people whom I have personally met, names of all the people who have been commenting here. Names of lurkers. Names of people who have zero interest in Rose Rosetree in any way.

Do you have any idea of how evolved you are?

The level of consciousness at this blog impresses me, ASHLEY and lurkers and you other Blog-Buddies.

The quality of comments impresses me, too.

No, I haven’t read auras of most of you, especially (I’m guessing) the lurkers. But I sure have done loads of Skilled Empath Merges, aura readings, even many face readings. As in over a thousand session hours per year. That’s a lot of learning about people, you know?

Sometimes in sessions with clients these days, I’ll do an initial Skilled Empath Merge and comment, “Just today, I was researching XYZ for the Enlightenment Life List. I’ve got to tell you, YOU are way closer than XYZ.”

Some of my clients are progressing so jaw-droppingly, forehead-openingly fast. As STUFF is permanently healed, these awakening people seem to me to be really, really close to finally moving into Enlightenment.

My single favorite thing I have learned anywhere — as someone actively obsessed with Enlightenment since 1968 — comes from Jeffrey Chappell. At his book and, I believe, at this blog as well, he has described that Enlightenment doesn’t happen so much because of things that spiritual seekers do. It’s more that God chooses.

Interesting idea, isn’t it? God chooses who is ready to move into a permanent state of higher consciousness called “Enlightenment.” God offers the invitation.

Well, many of my clients and students seem to me to be awfully ripe for receiving that invitation. On a good day, I feel that way about myself sometimes, too. Although sometimes I’m releasing so much STUFF, the prospects don’t seem all that hot in the immediate future. 😉

And yet, how weird is this going to sound? In a way, personally, I don’t exactly care. This dance with God and Enlightenment is THE love story of my life. And I write that as one of the most happily married people I know, with a 21-year wedding anniversary coming up just a few days from now.

If there is anything I care about personally more than that adorable, nuanced love story with God, it is a delicately dawning sense of mission within me. If I can be one of the spiritual teachers of this generation with the privilege of helping to achieve such a big wave of spiritual Enlightenment, and to do it for people becoming Enlightened as householders, oh, wow!

ASHLEY, other Blog-Buddies who are Skilled Empaths, I invite you to join me at this slowly unfolding hope of a project. You may feel the slow-moving, joyful, curious sense of purpose. And a kind of devotion I know is shared by teachers and healers and friends of mine, not only people know personally on that Enlightenment Life List, but other healers and teachers and readers and clients and lovers of God.

So many of us, it seems to me these days, are waking up to this amazing, quiet, power-enhancing, humble project. Yes, I say to it.

Do it in YOUR way, of course. Do it any way you can. Use your truth, your self-authority. Maybe your energetic literacy can help you to make smarter choices, but maybe not.

My friend Jeffrey Chappell doesn’t bother with aura reading, for instance.

But, yes, that Enlightenment Life List is turning out to be a part of the path to Enlightenment for me and others.

4. More Clarity about Path to Enlightenment

One more bit of perspective, if you’re still reading here — a typical long, enthusiastic article from Rose Rosetree…..

Within the last month, I’ve been realizing in a new way what Deeper Perception is, related to that goal of bringing millions into a permanent state of Enlightenment.

Goaded delightfully by some of you Blog-Buddies, several posts have gone into articularing the difference between psychic development and what I offer. Not that psychic development is bad. Because I LOVE and RESPECT many people who are professional psychics.

But the spiritual development offered through my various trademarked systems, and other paths, is a very different way to proceed. Embarrassing though it has been for me to admit to myself, and articulate at this blog, I have come to think that spiritual development is a much more direct way to pursue Enlightenment.

Muddling my way through each day, usually I feel great. Sometimes I feel like not great at all. Never do I feel as though I know all the answers or teach the only techniques worth doing. It has been frustrating for me these recent weeks, as I have become aware of the need to understand and communicate the very real differences between spiritual development and psychic development, the context for developing energetic literacy, etc.

These understandings may have huge implications for you and me, Blog-Buddies. Definitely for the work that I do. Which is, in every sense I can live it, a work in progress.

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  1. 1
    Francesca says:

    Dear Rose,

    I am mostly an avid lurker and I enthusiastically read your blog at the end of the day when I get home from work.

    I must say that this post inspired me to respond because I could feel your enthusiasm and joy bursting at the seams and it was such an extraordinary delight to read.

    Thank you for your post and the pioneering work that you do.

  2. 2
    Amy O says:

    I feel that pull as well. I’m working on my psychology degree and my counselling diploma, to help people in my own way.

    Thank you for you blog and your work. I’m definitely an active advocate of yours as I’ve gained so much from your books and even that personal session in London.

  3. 3
    Jean says:

    Hello Rose,

    Great post.

    Really appreciate your summation of your own evolution… as it is currently unfolding.

    I am moved to quote you below.

    “…Although sometimes I’m releasing so much STUFF, the prospects don’t seem all that hot in the immediate future. 😉

    “And yet, how weird is this going to sound? In a way, personally, I don’t exactly care. This dance with God and Enlightenment is THE love story of my life.”

    To this Blog-Buddy, the above states so eloquently something I too am growing to feel ever more deeply within myself.

    Perhaps I am not alone in this feeling…?

    Thank you Rose – for being you.


  4. 4
    Grateful Lurker :) says:

    Hello dear Rose,

    I have to agree with Francesca — it is one of my great pleasures in life to read this blog.

    I first came to your website in search of practical help in dealing with being an empath (though I did not call it that at the time). I am rereading “Become the Most Important Person in the Room…” now (on your advice at my first amazing Aura Transformation session). It is incredibly helpful.

    But I kept coming back because of the Enlightenment Life list.

    These people intrigue me! I follow many of their links and have viewed many of their youtube videos. I have met Donna Eden, and can indeed believe she is Enlightened.

    I’ve read Jeffrey Chappell’s book over and over again. A teacher of his, Ethel Lombardi, was also a teacher of mine back in the day. She often talked about Enlightenment, but called it “coming home.” Wasn’t so interested in Enlightenment in those days. Now, different story.

    What I am trying to say in this roundabout way is: Thank you for taking on this holy project of the Enlightenment Life list.

    I am grateful for all of the work you do!

  5. 5
    Ashley S. says:

    Rose, this post is beautiful and it has moved me to tears.

    I have been feeling a pull as well. And it has been very gentle and unassuming. Nothing flashy, no big external signs or in-your-face coincidences. For me personally, it feels more like a gradual internal deep knowing.

    Yes, it feels that way for me too, Jean.

  6. 6
    Dave says:

    Thank you for all the work that you do Rose! It is inspiring, happiness inducing, and just downright interesting.

    I think this notion that you “want to have a gallery of spiritually inspiring folks — kind of like celestial pin-up photos for the spiritual seeker” is very cool. It is fun to observe the different ways of being Enlightened amoing “inductees” on your list. Some resonate with me more than others. You know, like some guys like blondes, some like redheads :).

    Thich Naht Han, for one, doesn’t really resonate with me. On the other hand, I have been slurping down videos of the Dalai Lama like recently, and trying to internalize his advocacy of compassion and kindness.

    It HAS made me a happier person in just the last week. I am balancing this notion with your ideas of Empath Empowerment. Being kind as much as I can, whilst remaining cognizant of my own human desires and needs.

    I admit too, that I watched some Youtube videos recently of another one of the inductees, Star Riparetti. She is awesomely cool. I was inspired so much by her message and her joyful energy that I purchased some of her flower essences for my mother (and by extension myself, hehe) for Mother’s Day. And they work quite outstandingly!

    No shady wool-over-the-eyes new-age mumbo jumbo going on there, according to my Self1Authority. After using them I almost immdediately feel my energy shift, becoming more focused and peaceful.

    And I’ve given some to my cats and dogs for fun as well (This is a recommended use. No animal cruelty going on here!) and it seems to affect them too, which I have found quite entertaining. I suspect I might be an animal empath, so my animals play a special part in my life. Seeing my cat snuggle up next to my dog in an uncharacteristic way was quite cool.

    I admit I am still a bit confused on the full “definition” of Enlightenment, if such a thing exists. It seems to me though, that each Enlightened person experiences it in his/her own unique way. I am also impressed with how Enlightened all of your nominees seem. I agree with all your picks I have researched so far, using my un-honed energetic literacy. Definitely an inspiring bunch.

    This is all very exciting! This is the religion I never had. I’m not trying to be cheesy or put your teaching on a pedestal, but I am truly inspired by your vision. Its quite cool that you envision, or hope for “millions of souls to become Enlightened, and to do it as householders rather than renunciates.

    “Yes, become Enlightened by the millions!”

    Yes, a very cool mission. Count me aboard!

  7. 7
    suzanne says:

    I love this blog, Rose, and your honesty in writing it. I do love the Enlightenment Life List, and I do want to be on it. I feel so lucky to have encountered a teacher like you. It makes me so happy to read the comments of people having their first sessions with you. I know what they are in for 🙂

    Your post reminded me of how, when I was little, I wanted to be a saint. I grew up Catholic and I read all those little books about the saints and their experiences.

    It is so interesting to me how much my concept of Enlightenment has evolved over my lifetime — starting from my childhood combination of Catholicism and being an unskilled empath taking on all the world’s pain…

    to this new way of lighting up from inside and watching it spill over to other people in my life.

    This blog is one of the greatest pleasures of my life too, thank you.

  8. 8
    Heather Crawford says:

    Thank you for all that you do, Rose, and for sharing your own evolution.

    It is beyond comforting to know that the teacher I have chosen to help me move forward spiritually is one of such integrity.

    You are an inspiration to me on a daily basis and I thank God that I was introduced to you. 🙂

  9. 9
    Ashley S. says:

    Rose, I don’t understand why you ever have a bad day. Maybe you forget all the incredible ways you have helped push forward humanity with all your Empath and Aura knowledge.

    This stuff might be called “New Age” today. Maybe it will be “philosophy” tomorrow. But one day this will be acknowledged as part of real, objective, physical, scientific reality. Though I’m not really sure the latter is all that important anymore.

    Not only have you done pioneering work here, but you actively work to help individuals evolve. So that we can go on and further that pioneering work and help others to evolve. We can someday stand on the giant shoulders of Rose Rosetree. (Though I hear you’re actually petite in real life, so no offense LOL)

  10. 10

    Aw, thank you, ASHLEY. I’m so touched by this.

    Actually I don’t have bad days that often.

    Recently I had one and complained to Mitch, my husband and great friend since 1975. We reminisced about how I used to have upset and releasing that was way, way worse. And it would last for months at a time. This one lasted just about a day.

  11. 11
    Charles says:

    Dear Rose,

    Reading this latest blog post, I’m glad to hear that you’re muddling through like the rest of us! I wanted to offer some of my thoughts on the recent conversations about psychic development because I greatly value your work, but I’m sometimes quite put off by the way you draw such hard lines between what you teach and what others teach. Boy has that been true lately!

    One big piece of this is the way you define psychic development. In my opinion, in attempting to distinguish your work from psychic development, you’ve defined the latter in a very narrow and inaccurate way.

    Psychic development isn’t just (or even primarily) about pulling facts out of thin air, making predictions, finding lost objects and such. In my experience, these kinds of psychic guessing games are not emphasized or encouraged much by psychic teachers nowadays, except in mediumship, which is really a different animal. Some professional psychic development courses even offer strategies for dealing with clients who are very attached to this kind of information — they teach students how to help their clients move away from the flashy, prove-it-to-me stuff.

    Spiritual self-authority vs. external validation is an important topic in any psychic development course. Some of the best (and oldest) psychic courses have wonderful techniques to help readers develop self-authority and free themselves from the need for external validation.

    Honestly, most of what I’ve learned in the psychic development field is identical to energetic literacy, as you define it. It’s about seeing people as they truly are, both their magnificent potential and their current state as growing, learning, evolving beings. For instance, in psychic development courses, I’ve learned to read auras for the same reasons you do, often using very similar multi-sensory techniques, though you’ve emphasized the multi-sensory nature of energy reading better and more thoroughly than anyone else I can think of.

    You’ve cautioned your students not to mix your energetic literacy techniques with psychic development, but I learned skills like Getting Big and Questioning decades ago in psychic courses that predate any of your books. They didn’t use those terms, obviously, but the techniques were the same. I learned to read chakras for specific topical information long before you started talking about chakra databanks — a brilliant new term you’ve coined that makes the concept easier than ever to understand.

    So psychic development, in my experience, isn’t what you think it is. Most of the psychic teachers I’ve encountered would agree with you about most (not all) of the specific points you make about what’s good for our spiritual progress and what isn’t. They too are encouraging students to choose spiritual development and genuine service.

    That said, I believe there are certainly some clear distinctions between your work and common practices in the field of psychic development. Your views on the difference between reading and healing, for instance, and the way you caution against putting too much faith in angels and spirit guides are different from what many (but not all) psychic teachers would have to say. Those are interesting and important conversations.

    Sadly, I fear that the way you’re misrepresenting psychic development will turn folks like me away from your blog, and maybe even your work in general. That would be so tragic because you have so much wisdom to offer!

    On behalf of those who identify with the word “psychic” as a positive, empowering, and deeply spiritual path, I want to say, please stop stereotyping us! We’re your allies and your fellow travelers on the spiritual path, not your adversaries. If your intention is to distinguish between intuitive practices that contribute to spiritual progress vs. those that (in your view) do not, that’s wonderful, valuable, and important! Please don’t stop doing that (not that I think you ever would). But please don’t create a strawman definition of psychic development and then put it at odds with spiritual development.

    Thanks for listening!

  12. 12

    CHARLES, thanks so much for sharing all of this. So sweetly said, too. Plus it was coming from YOU, so how could I not want to listen?

    So many good points.However, consider this possibility. Even within the field of psychic development, could there be teachers who have been teaching spiritual development instead all along? Yet in terms of consumer labels, what those professionals call their work, there has been one big mush called “psychic”?

    Maybe those teachers you speak of who value internal validation, who source information with Divine Beings rather than astral guides, etc….. are doing Energy Spirituality in their own ways. And, as you rightly state, long before I ever coined such terms.

    After all, how would YOU define “psychic readings”?

    Maybe work for those psychics you have referred to would become easier and more pleasant if they didn’t constantly have to keep telling people “No, this isn’t about making predictions” and “No, I won’t find your lost objects.”

    Because YOU, CHARLES, have been seeking out a certain kind of teacher of psychic development who is definitely in the minority today.

    And as I do my humble best to bring clarity and language to another set of nuances — as you noticed, finding concepts etc. is one of my favorite things (and I am very glad that you do like chakra databanks), maybe I will be helping those teachers and their students…

    just as I’m helping myself with my clients and students.

    Stay tuned as the language and concepts are clarified — not to create straw men but to separate out two very different ways of using deeper perception.

    Some people will always prefer psychic development, traditional psychic readings, etc.

    And some people have always prefered spiritual development, as I am working now to define it.

    Consumers of readings and sessions can always go back and forth, enjoying both specialties. Practitioners probably can’t. And, if honest with themselves, I suspect that they really don’t want to do both. Psychics and spiritual teachers do very different types of service here on earth.

    If you’re in touch now with “psychic development” teachers who might more appropriately be named “spiritual development” teachers, they just might be relieved to hear about this distinction being made. I would certainly welcome guest posts from them… and you.

  13. 13

    All you Blog-Buddies, CHARLES included, how would you define “Psychic development” and “Spiritual development”?

    While awaiting your definitions, as we can collectively take away the big mush around so many people calling things “psychic” that aren’t necessarily, I’m just going to add a little Google research:

    Psychic guidance: 5,320,000 hits
    Psychic guide: 15,200,000 hits
    Psychic channel: 8,340,000 hits
    Psychic future readings: 9,550,000 hits
    Psychic find lost things: 2,340,000 hits
    Psychic forecasts: 1,780,000 hits
    Psychic empath traits: 842,000 hits
    Psychic proof: 6,110,000 hits

  14. 14
    Ashley S. says:

    This is how I typically look at it. As you can see, I lump psychic development into a huge category.

    Psychic development: Using your “subtle senses” to perceive something, people, reality. And becoming cognizant of when you are using these senses. I suspect lots of people use their subtle senses without realizing it (empath merges). “Extra-sensory perception.” Sensing things people don’t “normally” sense.

    Spiritual development: Doing what it is you incarnated here to do.

    As I see it, this is ongoing for everyone, but you can speed it up by becoming cognizant of who you are and why you came here. Karmic trade offs. I can see now why some people believe psychic development can help speed up spiritual development. I think regression therapy can fall under this category.

    Well, I gave it my best shot.

  15. 15
    Ashley S. says:

    And here is how I look at your work, Rose, compared to others. You use what you call “Energy Spirituality” and what others may call “Psychic development” to enhance others’ and your own spiritual development.

    I think other psychics sometimes do this too. But I agree that finding lost objects or predicting a probabilistic future isn’t really a way to speed up spiritual development.

  16. 16

    ASHLEY, thanks for stepping up to this defining process.

    Any of you others want to go for a pair of definitions?

  17. 17
    Grace W says:

    Without going into strict definitions of the two right now, something popped up for me in terms of the contrast between the two, using energy spirituality as the paradigm for spiritual development.

    When I think of spiritual development, I think of making choices that allow/encourage/enable me to live the fullest expression of my soul.

    I think that with energy spirituality, a hugely important aspect of the work is the clearing out of the STUFF that clouds the connection to/experience of/understanding of/expression of one’s soul.

    When I started with psychic development, there really wasn’t a lot of emphasis on the STUFF part, as in how it can really distort the ‘hits’ one is getting. Or how if one is co-dependent, getting all wrapped up in developing skills to read other people and tell them about it can actually worsen that condition.

    If one is already challenged in the self-authority department, as I was, I think it can muddy the spiritual development to put too much focus on developing psychic abilities. There can also be too much emphasis on the future rather than the present.

    I think that there are psychics out there who actually are doing spiritual development, as Charles brought up. I do think I developed spiritually when I was more actively studying with Sonia Choquette. But I think there’s a whole lot of murkiness out there in the psychic development world, too.

  18. 18
    Amanda says:

    Hello everyone 🙂

    I see spiritual development as allowing yourself to be more present, it’s about being who you naturally are, whereas psychic development is more like a job – it’s something you do.

    Having said that, some psychic work such as shamanic soul retrieval can free up issues and make more presence available to the client, and some psychic workers are clearly exactly where they’re meant to be!

    The fuggy bit for me comes when people turn to the psychic as a reflection of an unwillingness to be present – wanting to know the future or talk to the dead can inhibit the natural process of grieving or sorting through the challenges someone is facing, and that can slow them down if it’s not understood.

    For me that’s the real sticking point, that it’s often merely a long way round and makes life complicated and takes up a lot of processing time and energy. (perhaps this is what the energy exchange is with the astral – that once in you use a lot of your energy feeding it.)

    Given the choice between taking your problems to a bunch of crystals, Pleiadians, rituals and efforts, and taking them to a trusted old friend who knows you from way back – or to a counsellor who can ask practical questions – well, to my mind there’s no question what’s likely to get you back on track sooner.

    Once you’re in it that choice gets fuggy, the whole thing becomes obsessive, a sense of self-importance and mission and being above human life can easily develop and for me that’s the best reason to steer clear that I know.

    I can see it’s a valid path for some people and presumably they have good protection and a good understanding of how to manage the astral and human, but it’s quite rare in my experience.

    Spiritual development, on the other hand, is about quietness and presence developing, a lovely hum of relaxation and quiet self-confidence. It changes the posture and settles you into your core and makes more not less energy available. Just being is enough. There’s presence and joy and a sense of expansion without any fear. Nothing flashy (aka scary) happens, there’s just increasing levels of comfort and an increasingly lovely underlying hum of joy that becomes more accessible.

    To my mind and from my experience, no contest.



  19. 19

    Thanks so much, everyone, for sharing your thoughts on this pretty new topic for me to be thinking about/writing about/feeling my way about. All your comments are so helpful to me as I keep on exploring.

    The last few days I have been on vacation, a rare treat that will continue for a couple more days.

    Bye for now.

  20. 20
    Dave says:

    I like the last thing you said, Amanda, about the quiet hum underneath it all. Very well phrased.

  21. 21
    Amanda says:

    Thanks, Dave 🙂


  22. 22
    Ashley S. says:

    So I did my first on purpose Skilled Empath Merge a few days ago. I chose a butterfly that needed rescuing from my porch. I chose to do it very briefly, less than a minute.

    It wasn’t till after I came back that I realized I had done anything at all. I became aware that I was not feeling my usual cacophony of emotion. I felt no emotion at all. I also felt very zoned out and out of it. It took a few minutes for me to come back.

    I did get some interesting impressions during the merge, but I also found it impossible to get my own thoughts to turn off.

  23. 23

    ASHLEY S., congratulations.

    I want all Blog-Buddies to rejoice with you, but also make clear that the experience you reported, such as taking a few minutes to come back to normal, is not generally what happens with any of my techniques for Skilled Empath Merge.

    I love when empaths and aura readers can have some personal coaching with me directly, as happened at the workshop last week. This can also be done during a 55-minute (or longer) session of personal mentoring.

    Many people learn techniques fine from books, my how-to books included. But sometimes people need a bit of extra coaching here or there.

    As I’m sure you’all can appreciate, this blog does not serve as a means for my doing personal coaching, in public, a distance away from each student. Many things can be taught that way, for sure, but not the subtle shifts in consciousness that are involved in aura reading or skills for empaths or 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment.

    Even the Face Reading Secrets(R) piece of energetic literacy is not something I can coach you Blog-Buddies at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” I would be blogging from morning to night, unable to do other parts of my work or earn a living. And ironically I wouldn’t be helping you’all that much.

    Besides, every one of the books at has taken many hours of my best work, polished over a period of time — up to 9 1/2 years for one of those titles, 6 1/2 years for another, etc. Each how-to is systematically designed to teach you. And teach you it can, for the price of $15 or (depending on the book) even 20 whole dollars.

    In general, if you do a technique from one of my books and the results aren’t quite what you’d like, though fascinating like ASHLEY’S, the simplest thing you can do on your own is to read over the technique explanation again and then go slowly step-by-step.

    If you are doing a skill of empath merge, it’s worth cycling through Become the Most Important Person in the Room an entire extra time. Empath merges are best done ONLY when you are already very well skilled at turning your gifts OFF and being wide awake inside as yourself.

    There are degrees of skill in this way. Cycling through the book again, one day at a time, can get you there much more fully.

  24. 24

    ASHLEY S., responding to what you wrote, there are three very general comments I can make about what you reported. So here comes one per, well, comment.

    Doing an empath merge “on purpose” does not necessarily mean that you did a dedicated technique.

    Some of you Blog-Buddies may think that a “technique” for empath merge is simply to sail away into the experience of someone else, or your favorite animal of the moment, and that is all you need do for an ultra-vivid experience where you will be energetically protected.

    Not really. I don’t think so, anyway. That is why I have developed many techniques, for instance, two full chapters in Empowered by Empathy.

  25. 25

    Next, ASHLEY S., I don’t think this would come up for you. But some of you who romp your way through the Internet and pop in at this blog from time to time, just sampling, may have missed an extremely important point about doing empath merges on purpose.

    Do not do any technique for Skilled Empath Merge until you have first learned how to turn your empath gifts OFF.

    Both my print books and audiobok can teach you how to do that — see Empowered by Empathy and Become the Most Important Person in the Room. (The latter is preferred as a first book for empaths.) (And a tollfree order number, working 24/7 even on this holiday weekend, is 800-345-6665.)

    Now, speaking of becoming a skilled empath, doing that through one system or another is not a mix-and-match situation, where you dub yourself “Skilled Empath” because of what you learned from Gladys and then go on to explore Rose Rosetree’s techniques for Skilled Empath Merge.

    Although I welcome the efforts of others to teach systems for empaths, or offer techniques, all systems are not alike. I have, for instance, recently encountered so many people who have been convinced that becoming a skilled empath means “shielding.” Not really. People who teach this are obviously not doing depth reading of auras belonging to the people they teach. Otherwise the teachers would stop this particular kind of teaching.

    Expect a blog post on that one soon….

    Meanwhile, for your own safety, only use empath merge techniques from one teacher and system at a time.

    What if that teacher doesn’t offer techniques for turning your empath gift(s) on really, really big? Too bad. Use whatever technique, if any, that teacher can come up with.

    It is safe to use my techniques for skilled empath merge, which bring about a very vivid and safe experience, only because — if you experience the full method being taught for turning empath gift(s) OFF — you will be properly prepared for that degree of intensity.

  26. 26

    When you do a technique of mine — or probably techniques from other teachers as well — be sure not to add cute little touches, or extra requirements, to help things along.

    ASHLEY S., I don’t know what technique for Skilled Empath Merge you were using. But I am quite sure that, if it was a technique developed by me, there was never, ever, any requirement that you add the technique called “Not having thoughts.” 😉

  27. 27
    Jeffrey says:

    Dear Rose:

    Thanks for this excellent blog post. I would like to comment on the “God chooses” and “God offers the invitation” points that you made.

    I did say that “The ocean comes to the drop, not the other way around,” which can be read as an equivalent to “God chooses” and as a way of saying that making efforts to become enlightened can only go so far.

    In a way, that’s a relief. If God chooses, then it’s not your fault if you’re not enlightened, even after doing everything you could to make that happen.

    In another way, it’s frustrating. If God chooses, then what control and influence do you have on the process?

    In another way, it creates doubtful comparisons. If God chooses, then why did He choose someone else instead of you when you know that you are just as deserving?

    What we need to know is that God chooses everyone for enlightenment. Nobody gets left out. Everyone’s enlightenment is inevitable over time.

    God chooses, but there is also a necessity for you to choose. It’s the choice to yield to enlightenment. God chooses you. The first choice is God’s. But you can choose to resist, or you can choose to yield. The second choice is yours.

    “God offers the invitation.”

    In what form will the invitation appear? You are at the center of your consciousness, your perceptions, and your energy field. From your perspective, everything outside of you points toward that center. It turns out that everything that is “outside of you” is the invitation. The enlightened experience is one of constantly accepting the invitation.

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