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Skilled Empath Merge with Barbara Barry, Interior Designer

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


How could I pass up the opportunity to read the interior of this interior designer? GRACE W. did such a beautiful job when she requested this research with energetic literacy.

Having won a prize in our most recent contest about true tales of cutting cords of attachment, Blog-Buddy GRACE didn’t only supply photo links but explained her choice in the italicized words that follow.

A lesson from my garden


Summer would be hot in Sterling, Virginia even without the global warming. This morning I finally heeded cries from my garden, untangled the hose, and did a bit of watering.

My garden is in a funny phase right now, actually. And not just because of the precocious heat, normally what I would expect here in late August.

Garden plots can be found on all four sides of the modest home I share with my family. On every side, the garden’s vitality persists despite a kind of privileged neglect. Loved by someone who is quite ignorant of how to nurture living plants.

Aura Reading Tennis Great RAFA, a Guest Post from Jordan

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


I am a big tennis fan, and I loved when Rose did a reading of Roger Federer back in 2008.  But Roger has never been my absolute favorite player to watch  – it was always RAFA. Rafael Nadal is so strong and sure on the court, and so, so cute.

I can’t help it, I even love how he compulsively picks his shorts out of his butt. (Tennis fans know that he does the wedgie pick almost compulsively, followed by pushing his hair behind each of his ears.)

How could God let this happen to me?


Life is either bliss or lessons, sweet key lime pie or puckery lemons. At the time, we may not even consciously know what those lessons are.

That’s when we really feel clobbered. One of the deepest expressions of pain at such times is the question, “How could God let this happen to me?”

An example is the problem described by MYRNA at Comment 280 in our Q&A thread about cords of attachment:

"Fat" isn’t necessarily what you think



Summertime, summertime! The fun season of sodas and pretzels and beer. Also Energy Release Regression Therapy.

For some of my clients, anyway, summer vacation is when they make an unusual kind of pilgrimage to Sterling, Virginia. Where my sessions of past-life therapy, unlike all other types of session I offer, must be done in person. Gladys is visiting now, back for her third series of regressions.

Straight or Gay? What can energetic literacy tell you about sexual orientation?



Sure, you’re curious. Who wouldn’t be? Sex is one of life’s great mysteries. For the sake of your love life alone, wouldn’t it be useful to use energetic literacy to do some sexual detective work?

Especially wouldn’t it be highly useful to know for sure about any person’s sexual orientation?

Why Amazon Marketplace "new" books are a bad bargain


Okay, I’ll admit it. I am in an abusive relationship.

This love/hate/hurt relationship is with As a humble independent publisher, I need exposure at the world’s largest bookstore. Yet there are many troubling things about relationships that publishers like me have with Amazon. Some of this leaked out through a sequence of comments last night. PRIMMIE suggested I turn this into a post of its own. Good idea. Here comes an adaptation of what was discussed about Amazon. And them I’m going to move relevant comments to the comments section here.

Consumer alert about cutting cords of attachment

Advanced practitioners learning more about cutting cords of attachment

What if you’re looking online for a healing practitioner? Say that you find someone who says “I studied with Rose Rosetree” or “I use Rose Rosetree’s trademarked method, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).”

What does that mean exactly?

Aura reading of Ellen DeGeneres coming out as a lesbian

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


With our recent contest about cutting cords of attachment, SUZANNE was one of the winners. She requested a reading of Ellen DeGeneres, writing this:

I would be curious to see you read her aura right after she came out on “Ellen” in 1997, and then read a fairly recent picture. What was her aura like at that time? What are some of her gifts of soul? How has fame and the passing of time changed her?

Ellen’s coming out as a lesbian on national TV was so hugely inspiring to me, as it was for many lesbians. I am one of the many women who was encouraged to come out after watching that episode. I watched her on television and thought, “She is radiant.”

Watching her on the screen, I realized suddenly, “I can be a lesbian and a good person: There is no conflict between spirituality and sexual orientation.”

What is Virtual Reincarnation?


Some of you have already experienced Virtual Reincarnation.

Others have experienced it but, lacking the concept, never gave yourself credit.

Still others may be tempted to try really hard when you read today’s post, trying to squoosh or mash or otherwise wrangle a way to force your past experiences into this concept.

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