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How to tell if someone else is an empath

Yes, Aaron Copland was an empath.

So, Blog-Buddies, you want to be able to tell if another person is an empath. I can’t blame you for being curious.

Today I’ll share my top-secret methods that I’ve never divulged before to anyone. My sole request is that you read today’s post all the way through. (You’ll see why by the end.)

Let’s be light-hearted and refer to all possible empaths as “Joe.” That should make for better than reading than calling all your research candidates “This person who may or may not be an empath.”

Empath identification method #1

As noted in yesterday’s post, the best method by far is to invite Joe to find out for himself whether or not he is an empath.

“Internal validation” is the name for that. That comes in handy because becoming skilled as an empath depends entirely on internal validation. Why not switch this on early?

So how can your friend Joe find out for himself whether or not he is an empath?

  • Could be as simple as sending Joe a link to the Empath Quiz at this blog.
  • A better strategy would be to spring for the $15 and give Joe his very own copy of Empath Empowerment in 30 Days. Because this doesn’t just give detailed information about empath gifts. It contains a complete method for becoming a skilled empath. It even has jokes. (Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) also benefit from that book; they just skip the last three chapters of the 30-day plan.)
  • What, Joe doesn’t really like to read anything longer than a Tweet? The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy is the perfect gift.

What do all these resources have in common? Information comes in a context, and comes from someone who has developed a complete system for becoming skilled.

Each year more books for empaths are published; more bloggers offer an article or two that aims to tie up all loose ends quickly into a pretty little bow. My system is more nuanced than that.

Online, loads of free information is available from those who equate empath with “victim” or who mush together being an empath with being completely different things, such as “psychic empath” and “intuitive empath.” This creates such a mess, I am going to devote our next blog post to this sad but interesting topic.

Anyway, if you wind up being a referral resource for Joe, draw upon your knowledge of what’s available for helping empaths. Whoever is going to be a compatible teacher for Joe, that referral from you would be the best source for cluing him in.  Why?

If Joe is curious enough to check about being an empath, odds are that he is one. Empaths are hardly rare in the world’s general population, 1 in 20 people. In Japan, 1 in 5.

Therefore, Joe would be wise to get quality information, from the get-go, through a reputable teacher who can guide him all the way to becoming a skilled empath,

Empath identification method #2

Okay, sometimes Joe isn’t your friend. He’s just a droolingly fit guy whom you might like to date.

And you just want to know, okay. At this stage you want to know without having to ask.

To investigate on your own, you will need Stage 3 skills of energetic literacy. Although it is possible to do a skilled empath merge, I would strongly recommend using an aura reading technique instead.

Either way, you can research one chakra or chakra databank at a time, choosing precisely what you wish to investigate. Either way, you can research the person from a photo. Which might be more convenient than exploring that person’s who-you-be while in person!

Why multi-task deeper perception while, supposedly, you are carrying on a conversation, doing the lab experiment in class, or dropping hints about a first date?

Photo reading aside, why do I urge you to do aura reading rather than skilled empath merge?

Empath merges are a more personal, direct experience of being the person you investigate.

Even when very skilled, you will feel the direct impact of the knowledge.

Empath gifts do not necessarily involve having an emotion or physical sensation that is personal. (Contrary to many popular misunderstandings about what it means to be an empath in the first place.) Therefore, doing a skilled empath merge may not cause you to feel emotions or sensations inside you as though they were your own.


Can you tell that is a big but? 😉

the intensity of experience for an empath merge is qualitatively different from simply doing a technique of aura reading.

My best analogy is that aura reading is like watching a movie on the big screen at a theater. By comparison, doing skilled empath merge is like watching a 3-D movie in that theater.

Say that you’re profiling Joe because you want to know one thing, and one thing only. With aura reading, you go in and read that information, pure and simple. Should you substitute a skilled empath merge, you will experience Joe’s full who-you-be. There, inside Joe’s own consciousness, you will pull out the specific bits of information related to your empath investigation. Except, ouchers, that might not be fun for you at all.

  • Granted, Joe may be very, very dateable — absolutely the cutest guy in your entire country. Joe could be a fine boss, a sterling employee, an intruiging new father-in-law, or a mysterious new neighbor next door. Sounds good so far.
  • Checking out if Joe is an empath, sure. You have the right to find out.
  • But what if Joe is also really, really troubled? For example, take a look at my recent “Is he an empath?” investigation for a psychiatrist. Why do an empath merge in 3-D when you could merely do aura reading and get a clear answer?

So, you’re ready to use an aura reading technique to learn if Joe is an empath

I would recommend that you use one of the photo reading techniques from Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Aura Reading.

Substitute any technique you prefer for doing aura research with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Yes, I’m more than hinting here. The following technique is definitely not for beginners.

The following addition to your trusty literacy technique will tell you about one empath gift at a time. You will find out YES or NO in each case. And, of course, with full  energetic literacy you may discover many fascinating nuances about Joe’s particular version of having one empath gift or another. Or not having…

Prepare, aim your consciousness and investigate, that simple

Once you have done your preparation process and are starting to read Joe, move into the appropriate chakra and investigate the presence or absence of the empath gift(s) mentioned below. Note overall texture in that chakra; then do “Questioning” if you know how.

At the Root Chakra, look for:

  • Environmental Empath Ability
  • Animal Empath Ability
  • Physical Oneness
  • Physical Intuition
  • Mechanical Empath Ability
  • Plant Empath Ability
  • Crystal Empath Ability

At the Solar Plexus Chakra, look for:

  • Intellectual Empath Ability

At the Heart Chakra, look for:

  • Emotional Oneness
  • Emotional Intuition

At the Third Eye Chakra, look for:

  • Spiritual Empath Ability
  • Molecular Empath Ability

And that’s that.

Be kind to yourself, doing this research

Blog-Buddies, this isn’t the easiest aura reading research to do. You may need to do a lot of practice readings before you start to catch these exquisite nuances. But are they ever interesting, once you develop the knack.

Besides plenty of general experience at reading auras, what else can help?

Do photo readings of many many people who do have these gifts. Fortunately, this very blog supplies you with plenty of resources. For instance, check out Who Is An Empath?

Or type the word “Empath” into our search box.

Empath identification method to avoid

Well, thank you for reading still, as I requested. Information here is intended to save you some grief, applying to just about any of you Blog-Buddies who are curious about identify empaths.

It is very tempting to think certain types of behavior mean that a person is an empath. Expression, tone of voice, posture, style of interaction.

Oops, none of this is reliable.

If you depend on these clues, you’ll be fooled. So don’t go there.

Deeper perception, that’s what this blog is about. Deeper perception is needed to identify empaths, not surface perception.

Either investigate with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy or ask me to investigate on your behalf during a phone session. (No photo is needed if you have ever been in a room with Joe or spoken with him on the phone, since that has created an energetic hologram stored within your aura. Otherwise, prepare for your session by bringing one or more one-click links.)

Otherwise simply stop thinking about whether or not Joe happens to be an empath.

Remember, you can date or marry or work for or nurture or live next door to Joe — although maybe not manage to do all of these things at once — and guess what? It doesn’t have to matter one bit whether or not Joe is an empath.

Empath does not equal “good person.” Or “superior person.” Or “person with whom I can be most compatible romantically.”

The less STUFF you carry in your own aura, the easier it will be for you to believe this.

After you have identified an empath, what then?

Once you find out, be prudent. Don’t feel compelled to make a big announcement to Joe. He may not be terribly interested. He might be offended. He might dislike you from that moment on because the very topic seems icky to him. (And despite all those manly muscles! Yes, I appreciate how frustrating that could be. Not everyone has the spiritual courage to feel comfortable with anything related to deeper perception.)

Spare your feelings as well as Joe’s. Might I suggest that you test the waters? You could start by including the term “empath” in a conversation. If Joe hears that word without visibly flinching, then you could move forward one gentle statement at a time. If Joe says “No, let’s not discuss this,” you have had your chance. Consider the topic off limits from this time forward unless he should bring it up.

Now, let’s say for the sake of fun that Joe is very interested. In fact he really appreciates your telling him that you think he might be an empath. Please, please, note the following points:

  1. Do not give Joe the impression that knowing the names of your gifts equals being skilled as an empath.
  2. Do not give Joe the impression that he can solve problems as an empath by using standard psychological techniques for boundaries.
  3. Do not give Joe the impression that the cure for any woes as an empath is to shield himself, carry a large cross, or wear a garlic necklace.
  4. Do not encourage Joe to pursue what I call “Energy hypochondria,” e.g., Worrying about toxic people, energy vampires, psychic vampires.
  5. Do not encourage Joe to think that being an empath, or developing skill as an empath, has anything at all to do with psychic development. (That is something entirely separate. For instance, this teacher of empath skills has zero interest in pursuing psychic development, and my students learn Empath Empowerment just fine.)
  6. Do not encourage Joe to think that being an empath means being a very talented healer who cures people of their ills simply by being present, endlessly available as a kind of pain pincushion.
  7. Instead, share with him the truest, most sensible things you know about empath development, whether that comes from my system of Empath Empowerment® or any other source that you believe can help him.

Becoming a skilled empath could help transform Joe’s life. Learning that skill set could be a milestone on his personal path to Enlightenment.

What began for you as simple curiosity could wind up helping Joe immeasurably. On behalf of the world’s pioneering community of skilled empaths, thank you.

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  1. 1
    Bridget says:

    I checked American Idol’s Simon Cowell for empath gifts. Using this picture I was unable to find any…

  2. 2

    BRIDGET, how hilarious.

    And this was a surprise to you?

    Three cheers for doing the research with energetic literacy. Also thanks for providing my biggest laugh so far today.

  3. 3
    Blarney says:

    Judith Orloff M.D. considers herself an intuitive empath. Why is this incorrect? I read two of her books and they were very helpful (especially as a health care worker).

  4. 4

    BLARNEY, welcome to the blog. This is your first comment here, right?

    Your question is excellent. I will be writing a detailed post on this subject next, so check back on Friday.

    And however you react to that post, or this one, please know that the most important thing is your own self-authority. It’s vital to keep all the good help you received from Dr. Orloff! Thank you for being open minded enough to consider some information that might complement it.

  5. 5
    Truthseeker says:

    A great, informative post, Rose. I like that you basically say that having these various abilities, in itself, is nothing to get puffed up about.

    It’s not like this is an uncommon gift, anymore than having a certain haircolor is, and it’s not as if we personally chose to have the gifts we ended up with…

    And on that note, what’s the deal with Japan’s higher rate? Is that a generational issue? (I would say karma, but I don’t understand that teaching yet) Couldn’t there be other countries with a higher/different rate?

    Now all I’m wondering is how to check for myself if someone is Enlightened….

  6. 6
    Truthseeker says:

    P.S. I don’t mean to downplay the needs that are characteristic of empaths, which you’ve spent a lot of time working to address in a quality way.

    Indeed, before coming across your info. I’m not sure I was aware there was such a thing as an empath.

    For myself, I’ve been able to dispel some confusion, although there is still a lot left.

  7. 7

    Thanks, TRUTH SEEKER, for both of your comments.

    Re Comment 6, yes, the ironic thing about being an empath is that so few people know what it is yet, although it is so very common. And can be so wonderful.

    As I’ll be discussing in tomorrow’s new post, even some teachers of empaths don’t impress me with their clarity about what it means to be an empath.

    A clue, in my opinion, is having a teacher refer to “intuitive empath” or “psychic empath.” Such teachers may be wonderful at teaching psychic development, just not knowledgeable at all about what it means to be a skilled empath. BLARNEY, regarding your previous comment, this is the context in which I would invite you to place famous Dr. Orloff.

    When people combine empath with other words, they may not have taken much time to think about what “empath” means in the first place, in contrast to a better known term like “psychic” or “intuitive.”

    Kind of like calling yourself a “dentist computer programmer.” That would mean what?

    So be sure to check in with the blog tomorrow for this latest (and, sigh!, controversial) perspective on what it means to be an empath.

  8. 8

    TRUTH SEEKER, why does Japan have that amazing rate of empaths in the general population? It just does.

    Could other countries have the same thing? Sure.

    I haven’t taught all over the world. Even with phone clients, whom I have now helped on every single continent without a polar ice cap, I haven’t had clients in all countries. Nor have I stopped to do that research from photos.

    Nor am I inclined to speculate why souls incarnate in which ways in particular nations. I’ll leave that to others. Maybe you. 😉

    TRUTH SEEKER, I see my job as helping individual people learn energetic literacy and heal STUFF. Keepin’ me busy for a while!

  9. 9
    Grace W says:

    Regarding the question about why there are so many empaths in Japan, I see one potential connection from my studies of Classical Chinese Feng Shui.

    In a fascinating class that I took with a master from Singapore (not an American-style weekend wonder, but a guy steeped in years of study and practical experience), he taught us about the connection between the landforms of a given region and the influence on the people in that area and their lives. At its core, this is really what feng shui is about, since the chi we’re working with in a living space comes from the surrounding landforms and water.

    It’s a rich, complex, and fascinating topic to study; he did mention that the influence of the mountains, and the particular type of mountains found in Japan, is the high value placed on relationship and connection. By extension, could this result in more empaths? Perhaps. Makes sense to me as a possibility.

  10. 10

    Why isn’t “psychic empath” on this list of 12 empath gifts?

    And why isn’t “intuitive empath” there either?

    See this related article:

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