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"Psychic Empath," an important term to define


We born empaths are great! We have natural talent and huge potential to help others. Three cheers for the 1 in 20 people worldwide (even more in Japan) who were born with at least one gift as an empath!!!

Today I thought I would go into a bit of detail about an empath-related problem that’s fairly common these days. Initially it may not seem like a problem at all, more like “good reason to feel proud of yourself.” Or, in marketing yourself, “an extra way to attract new clients.”

You’ve heard of this problem, when not called a problem. This problem happens when somebody uses a title like “Psychic empath” or “Intuitive empath.”

Yes, I’m going to hold my breath and jump into deep waters of controversy.

Here, as always, what matters most for you readers is using your own self-authority. Take the bits of today’s post that you agree with and swat off the rest like flies at your holiday picnic.

What’s wrong with combining PSYCHIC + EMPATH?

Being a psychic is an ancient, honorable, and important profession. But someone who would go by the name “psychic empath” or “intuitive empath” is a skilled empath, necessarily. The “psychic empath” may not even be clear about what it means in the first place, being an empath.

Think I’m kidding? A quick Google search today shows 256,000 results for “psychic empath.” More than a quarter million references to what, exactly? In this name there is no clue whatsoever that psychic development is a particular skill set, entirely different from empath development.

Personally I have met many professional psychics, some as my clients or students, some as friends. I have read auras of even more psychics. Many of them are empaths. But I can assure you that very, very few of these psychics possess skill as an empath. Instead there has been psychic development, not empath development. Neither has there been development of energetic literacy.

Psychic development involves connecting with a guide in order to gain information. Especially emphasized in most forms of psychic development are these skills: Predicting the future, learning about people and situations that are far away, and learning about “meant to be” from a higher perspective. Often clairvoyance is emphasized. Usually the method of instruction emphasizes external validation — being proven “correct” by events or other psychics.

Also worth noting: Often psychics are encouraged to perpetually be “on,” constantly picking up information. This can be equated with “being gifted.”

In psychic development, having a close relationship with one or more guides is encouraged. Think of the mega-talented Sylvia Browne, for instance. She’s possibly the best known psychic in the world today. If you read any of the highly entertaining books by Sylvia Browne, you’ll learn plenty about her guide Francine. Clearly she is the most significant person, long term, in the highly interesting life of Sylvia Browne.

I hope to contribute to the field of mind-body-spirit by helping people to understand that energetic literacy is explored most effectively when recognized as being entirely separate from, and different from, psychic development.

Energetic literacy means using deeper perception as a human being, emphasizing your personal gifts. These are fine-tuned through connecting to God, then using one or more dedicated techniques for researching information.

Like regular Gutenberg literacy, energetic literacy isn’t a way of life. It is something you do for a while; then you stop doing it. Neither kind of literacy is meant to become your core identity as a person, as in “My name is Gladys and I can read novels whenever I want. Just so you know, I’m so talented, I can even read War and Peace.”

Here are a few more essentials about Energetic Literacy:

  • Energetic literacy puts you squarely in the present, reading information about the here and now.
  • Internal validation is involved, not external validation.
  • Free will matters. Nothing you read concerns your grand purpose or any other kind of “meant to be.” Again, this is just like Gutenberg literacy. You may be inspired by something you read, but that’s your choice as a smart human being, using your sacred self-authority.
  • Energetic literacy is not about developing a special relationship with an astral-level guide or angel. You are first and foremost yourself, using reading skills. That’s all.
  • Unlike psychic development, the development of energetic literacy does not involve flash, or The Romance of the Astral, or wildly surprising insights that impress people.
  • Energetic literacy merely means reading the complete range of the human energy field — reading by means of whatever gifts God gave you, using whichever techniques will get you there. Instruction emphasizes techniques, the aura-level equivalent of studying “phonics” or “whole sentence reading.” By contrast, psychic development often emphasizes a person’s particular gifts, so you will find clairvoyance often linked to the word psychic.

Which techniques activate energetic literacy? Face reading will get you there. So will aura reading. And so will doing skilled empath merges. With Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you are able to effortlessly read chakra databanks with precision and clarity.

By contrast, psychics — and presumably psychic empaths — aren’t valued because of having that full range of skill for profiling people. Psychics uncover the hidden types of information mentioned before, about purpose and motivation and what is supposed to be happening in your future if you don’t mess things up now.

Presumably a psychic empath or intuitive empath is just a flashier type of psychic, someone who feels things while downloading the psychic-type information.

Examples of confusion from mixing up “psychic” and “empath”

Since I’m aiming to bring clarity to this topic, here come some specifics. I’m going to comment on a sample of Internet sharing about being a psychic empath. Below are some paragraphs and ideas from the #1 Google-rated website today about being a psychic empath. Read along with me, if you like, at “Spiritual Dove™ Healing & Initiations for Enlightenment”. [At the time of this edit in 2019, the original article is no longer live.]

Example 1 from Spiritual Dove

“You may have heard the names of a variety of Psychic Abilities.  What is Empathy ?   It is the psychic ability to not only read energy, but to literally feel its effects within your own body, and other’s, in other words ‘To energetically empathize with another’. ”

What’s the problem?

Being an empath is not a psychic ability. (See the definition of “Psychic development” earlier in this article.)

Instead, being an empath means that you have at least one lifelong gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. To quiz yourself about whether or not you are an empath, use our Empath Quiz link.

Empath ability can be used for energetic literacy, but that is only the third — and optional part — of becoming skilled as an empath. Training empaths, at least with my system of Empath Empowerment® involves these three stages:

  • First, learning about your empath gift(s).
  • Second, learning how to keep this switched OFF most of the time.
  • The third, optional, part of empath skill development is learning how to use one or more techniques to turn your gift(s) ON. With skill, this is done for a short, focused, period of time only. Gift(s) are turned ON for a purpose, not as a perpetual way of “being gifted.” The pupose is to gather quality information.

Also important: For a skilled empath, the purpose of doing an empath merge is never to heal. Why? Gathering information, or doing a reading of any kind, is not a healing. Healing requires a skill set for healing.

Example 2 from Spiritual Dove

“[Being an empath is]  the psychic ability to not only read energy….”

What’s the problem?

Well, for starters, the vast majority of empaths in the world don’t read energy at all. They haven’t begun to develop even Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.

How about people who do “read energy“? That term means they have probably not come very far at developing energetic literacy. Reading energy is Stage 1 Energetic Literacy, akin to being able to read a picture in a picture book.

Sure, a “psychic empath” who reads energy will use much of the same language as a person with full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, such as aura and chakra. Generalizations with Stage 1 or Stage 2 Energetic Literacy are very common in psychic work.

By contrast, a skilled empath who chooses that optional third phase of development, full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, can do the equivalent of reading all the words on this screen. Not just doing the aura reading equivalent of “reading” a few pictures.

For examples of that universally available human ability, becoming fully literate all the way to Stage 3, check out the wonderful Guest Posts here at this blog courtesy of ELAINE and other Blog-Buddies. They aren’t necessarily psychics, no more than grade school kids who make it through “My Weekly Reader.”

Either type of reading is just a skill, not a lifestyle involving completely different skill sets. Plenty of you Blog-Buddies have learned techniques for skilled empath merge. ELAINE is an empath who doesn’t just “read energy.” Beyond that, she researches details at will, moving in and out of completely separate chakra databanks.

Example 3 from Spiritual Dove

“In short [being a psychic empath means], when someone has an experience to which they have a physical or emotional reaction… “

What’s the problem?

There are many gifts available for empaths. Only two out of the large set of possible empath gifts involves having a personal experience that feels as though it is happening to you. See a list of all 12 most common empath gifts here. Out of 12, one empath gift is Physical Oneness. One other is Emotional Oneness. Hello!

Many, maybe most, empaths possess neither gift. Yet they still are empaths.

This lack of basic knowledge about what being an empath means…  is, sadly, common.

Not knowing the difference between being an empath and “feeling things” might be a pretty serious problem in a teacher of empaths, seems to me.

Confusion is especially likely when empath development is not pursued as a dedicated skill set but has, instead, been mushed in with something completely different, such as being sensitive or intuitive or studying psychic development.

Example 4 from Spiritual Dove

“In short [being a psychic empath means], when someone has an experience to which they have a physical or emotional reaction, and you instantly ‘Get it’.”

What’s the problem?

Having quick intuitive hits, where you instantly “Get it,” is an important part of psychic development. (Again, check out the previous definitions of psychic development and energetic literacy for more perspective on the idea that, supposedly, “Talent means constantly being on call.”)

Skilled empaths don’t do this at all. Skilled empaths don’t pick up experiences, period. Why?

Skilled empaths have their gift(s) turned OFF most of the time. When a skilled empath does a technique on purpose, that represents exactly the opposite to reacting in random ways to random life events.

What is described by Psychic Dove as “a talent” sounds more to me like something I would call “a problem.” Having a deeply personal reaction in your body or feelings and then “getting it” — that is what any unskilled empath does constantly, picking up STUFF from others…

Including, obviously, countless millions of people who are born empaths and have no knowledge or interest in ever studying psychic development. And they are not psychic, necessarily. They are simply empaths, talented but unskilled empaths.


Consider yourself alerted to some of the problems that arise when teachers use fuzzy terms like “psychic empath” and “intuitive empath.” Instead, why not just learn about being an empath? It’s simpler and will get you farther at developing lifelong skills.

The urge to master all skills quickly is very understandable. Hey, I’m not the most patient person in the world. But you won’t get faster results from learning “Psychic Empath” skills or “Intuitive Empath” skills. You’ll get worser results.

Instead do yourself a favor. If you’re in a tearing hurry, do nothing. Later, when you value this form of personal empowerment, develop appropriate skills. Be willing to take the time and effort required to properly learn what you really need.

Where to begin?

Be honest with yourself about what you really want or need.

Whatever calls you, pursue it. Just spend a little time first sorting out what that term means to you so far. In reality, might that term mean different things to experts who offer to teach you?

  • When I named my publishing company “Women’s Intuition Worldwide” I meant “Deeper perception available to all, and with expertise beyond the phrase ‘women’s intuition.'” Later I would name what I do “Teaching energetic literacy.”
  • What does “intuitive” mean to you? Maybe you’re really interested in being a Highly Sensitive Person?
  • What does “psychic” mean to you? Does it really have to mean “psychic development”?
  • Do you like the idea of being an energy healer, with mystical overtones? Being a psychic doesn’t necessarily mean being a healer at all. Knowledge does not heal STUFF in an aura.

Figure out what you really want. Then study with somebody who teaches that.

On a different topic entirely, if you want to learn about becoming a skilled empath, do yourself a favor. Study with somebody who has fully mastered that important skill set. A well developed skill set for empaths ought to apply to people who have any 1 of the 12 widely found gifts. Having any one of these 12 gifts qualifies a person to say, “Yes, I was born an empath.”

Whatever you choose to study for now, go for it! Just don’t think that you can find all of that potentially life-changing knowledge, brought to you quickly in just a few screens, courtesy of a teacher of psychic empaths.

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  1. 1
    Suzanne says:

    Very clear blog post, Rose. Thanks for writing this.

  2. 2
    Nicci says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for your latest blog posts. I’m finding your perspective about the difference between psychic development and empath development really useful and fascinating.

    I loved how to tell if someone is an empath. I’ve been wondering that for a while.

    Spiritual discernment is so important. Thank you for sharing

  3. 3
    Skye says:

    Thank you. This excellent clarity on a topic that often has not-so-clear ideas attached to it. I appreciate everything you are offering here.

  4. 4
    Christine says:

    Well all those links to the different sites are dead now.. lol

    I have read everything on the internet about empaths and HSP and still have no answers as to what an empath is?

    If an empath is not physic or intuitive then what is an empath? If I can feel someones emotions or pain thru long distance.. if that isn’t psychic or intuitive then what is it?

    Trying to find the answer is just giving me a headache! I kind of wish I never found out that I am an empath..

  5. 5

    Good news for you, Christine. Empath Empowerment® — systematic training for empaths — is very much alive.

    You can start today with Empath Empowerment in 30 Days a simple how-to book that can turn you into a skilled empath really easily.

  6. 6

    As for general information — which is not the same thing as taking 10 minutes a day for a month, gaining the benefit of a course designed just for people like you — check out this link:

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