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"Fat" isn’t necessarily what you think



Summertime, summertime! The fun season of sodas and pretzels and beer. Also Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

For some of my clients, anyway, summer vacation is when they make an unusual kind of pilgrimage to Sterling, Virginia. Where my sessions of past-life regression, unlike all other types of session I offer, must be done in person. Gladys is visiting now, back for her third series of regressions.

This brave explorer is a long-term client who lives quite a distance away. Over the years, Gladys has done many phone sessions of RES Energy HEALING. For certain kinds of depth healing, however, Gladys appreciates this other facet of STUFF removal. At least she hasn’t had to fly across an ocean to get here!

For certain kinds of STUFF, like deposits from smoking marijuana or deep patterns of fear, it’s really useful to remove frozen blocks of energy from past traumas. One session out of this latest bunch contained a memory set that was so surprising, so poignant, I asked her permission to share the highlights with you. Skip ahead to the next heading of this article, unless you want to read a little background first.

Typically, for this type of session, many frozen blocks of energy are released from experiences in a client’s present life. But sometimes the subconscious mind and Higher Self wake up a different kind of experience, supporting the client’s intention for a healing around a particular theme. What name shall I give this former incarnation of Gladys? Let’s go for a big, interesting name — Veronica.

Read Veronica’s story, if you dare. Because maybe, just maybe, some of you Blog-Buddies know a person who has worried about being fat.

Background on Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® is available at my website, of course. The link just supplied here can get you started about this important and little-known variation on hypnosis and past-life regression. Although I worked in this field for many years doing crystal regressions, my work took a quantum leap forward after I discovered the most important pioneer in this field of regression therapy, Dr. Coletta Long. I am so grateful to her.

For professional hypnotists (and one must be gather this credential before receiving the specialized training for past-life regression), the outstanding figure is Dr. Milton Erickson. I do hope that some day Dr. Long is similarly acknowledged, because she hasn’t just done more regressions than anyone else alive. Her innovations and theory base are major discoveries. Dr. Long still trains practitioners, incidentally. So if you ever have the desire to do a session with her, or study with her, catch Coletta while you can though this link. (Her email is in the top right corner.)

It is a privilege to do this type of healing work. I consider Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® to be a form of Energy Psychology. It accesses the mind-body-spirit system through the emotions, permanently moving away energetic blockages, a.k.a. “STUFF.”

Brace yourself. This is a tale about being really, really fat.

“Veronica” was bracing herself. Lying on a table in a hospital, she had to take care not to fall off.

This wasn’t body surfing on the perfect wave but lying on a table designed for someone who didn’t weigh 450 pounds.

Name any part of this woman’s body and, probably, it was bloated beyond normal, way beyond “pretty darned fat.” Sure there were a few exceptions: Veronica’s knees and elbows were slim, and some of her head was too. Otherwise, Veronica’s body was an extreme case study in fat.

Hard fat, in front of her stomach, like a man’s beer belly. Floppy, soft fat making her arms like puddles of flesh, only solid. Piles of loose skin above and below various cascading bulges of fat.

What was Veronica wearing? A kind of medical underwear, a female loincloth.

Uncovered but warm, basting in her own corpulence, Veronica lay.  She was bracing herself to keep from falling off the way-too-small table. Several nurses were around; so was and “Dr. Joe,” a physician in training.

Poking and prodding her, sure? Ignoring her most of the time? Nothing new for Veronica, that one.

Even when touching her directly, the highly trained medical personnel made no pretense of relating to a human being.

Veronica was used to being treated like an object. In a detached kind of way, she observed how this latest group of people would treat her.

Dr. Joe came over. He was interested in looking under her breasts. First he would have to lift one of them up. of course. Tentatively his hand moved over to find a location where he could start lifting, because Veronica’s pale, floppy flesh was hardly easy to move.

Of course Dr. Joe said nothing like “May I?” Still, his eyes met hers with an embarrassed sort of look, as if requesting permission.

Bam! In went another frozen block, adding to Veronica’s big fat collection of STUFF on the level of her aura. “Feeling like a jerk. Acting tough. That’s me.”

The dainty body within

Along with the usual indignities of having such a huge, uncomfortable body, Veronica kept a secret deep inside.

Sure, her body felt hot, melty, gross. Predictably, Veronica was filled with extreme self-loathing along with the visible fat. Yet, as she lay on her back, hour after hour, too large to move much, Veronica had a completely different sense of herself within.

Not real, this sense of self. She knew it. Yet this was precious to her. And consoling.

Within herself, Veronica was a pretty, dainty, little lady.

That was who she really was, that simple. That sweet.

Leaving her other kind of body behind

Soon I directed my client to move forward within this memory set to the last minutes of Veronica’s lifetime.

The big, fat medical specimen was still lying on a too-flimsy hospital bed. Swallowing was difficult. Breathing was really hard, too.

Doctors had scraped fat off different parts of her body, examining it as part of their research. Scars were in the process of healing, although some of these surgically inflicted wounds had become so infected that healing was very, very slow.

Choking, Veronica struggled alone through her very last breath.

Soon she was aware of herself in a body of light. This is common, after a “death” here at Earth School.

As my long-term client for Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, Gladys was used to this kind of experience, making a transition from a human fleshy body to the more familiar, angelic, vibration. This is the kind of body we wear during a life between lives.

Only this time her light body took a long time to get used to. Veronica was so deeply identified with that weirdly and wildly fleshy body. Her cherished construct, feeling like the dainty little lady, dropped of right away. By contrast, the habit of that overwhelming physicality took quite a while to disappate, even measured in angel time units of sweet eternity.

Eventually Veronica cleaned up nicely, of course. If you think the Betty Ford Clinic is great, wait until you experience what happens in Celestial Rehab! And it’s free!

Later in this session for Gladys, I would be sure to clean up all the frozen blocks remaining from the Veronica lifetime. Before doing this, however, I guided her to a soul-level review of that lifetime.

What did Veronica accomplish in that lifetime?

Was it merely karmic payback or a soul’s choice for big, fat learning?

Both are common underlying factors in a human lifetime. Why don’t we know this while living the life? Hey, it’s a school here.

Sorry. I don’t mean to sound glib or dismissive. Long-term Earth School is fabulous, even prestigious. Each life can move a person forward so fast on a path to Enlightenment — even a hideous lifetime like the one Veronica finished.

Nonetheless, while we’re identified with a difficult lifetime, sure, life can suck. Every bit of that suffering is terribly real.

Later we understand better what was being accomplished at that school without proper labels, funny Earth School.

Now that Veronica was in a position to know, I guided her toward finding the answer.

Dignity was one of the things she learned about. Another was joy, because any prisoner locked in a cell gains appreciation for freedom after release, and Veronica’s cell had been spectacularly grotesque. Hence there would be major contrast.

A deep understanding of pain had been a gift to this soul. Though the lifetime was ended, Veronica’s gift would be worn eternally.

Another plus for Veronica was how she had broken an old pattern, threading through many lifetimes prior to this one. In the past, Veronica wouldn’t stick around to fix problems. She would run away.

Well, not in that body, she couldn’t. She learned how to stay and face things. Unpleasant things. Yet even “the worst” could not destroy her soul, as she had feared.

Did Veronica accomplish anything for others, besides “advancing science” in the particular culture and time where she lived?

Appreciating courtesy of her life review, guess what? That human-level medical sacrifice, with all the proddings and scrapings, might have helped others, but that was trivial compared to the real….

Healing, healing, healing

How this woman wound up healing others! With all the physical freakiness, Veronica shifted spiritually to an internal position of non-judgment. No, she was no practicing Buddhist in that lifetime. She didn’t take a single growth seminar. Instead, living at Earth School taught her. Veronica had to develop non-judgment, in a slow and cumulative way.

Because of the very developed level of consciousness Gladys brought to this lifetime as Veronica, there was also a deep and loving kind of compassion.

So the way life worked energetically for this beyond-ugly woman was this:

As The Grotesquely Fat Lady, Veronica became a symbol, or object, to others. She  didn’t  look cute, with firm flesh, like the woman pictured at the top of this post. Veronica’s skin was pale, even looking a little blue in places. Nothing about that flab was attractive. And she wasn’t propped up cutely, nibbling chocolate covered strawberries in a provocative manner. Nothing cute or glam whatsoever.

Seeing her, most people would project their deepest fears and self-loathing onto her. Medical personnel, like Dr. Joe, also brought in their human revulsions, emotional suffering, and exhaustion. Because, wherever Veronica’s life took place, doctors weren’t supposed to have feelings. (Gee, in how many places and times in history could that insane custom be true?)

Doctors and nurses encountered by Veronica weren’t allowed to have feelings, any more than she was supposed to have feelings.

What happened energetically to all the medical staff in attendance on her, whether pushing and prodding or taking care of Veronica’s survival needs? Energetically, Veronica had been a kind of living shrine. People would lay down their burdens of fear and pain. She would absorb it.

No, she didn’t know that she absorbed it. At the time, she was aware of little beyond struggling to feel like a dainty little lady, hiding her rage at how she was medicalized and objectified, living with chronic shame. All that gave Veronica plenty to notice.

Yet she healed. At the time of her life review, Veronica finally understood that.

Conclusion, for now

In a society where so many people struggle with weight issues, the “biggest crime” most Americans can commit is “being fat.

Look, I don’t feel that way. And probably you don’t either, unless you have a big, visible weight problem. In which case you have to deal with horrible loathing from strangers and also, maybe, yourself.

Veronica’s lifetime was unusual, not just her truly huge size but also that healing service she performed spiritually.

Do all people with physical deformities or highly visible problems do the same thing? How would I know? All I do is help one person at a time, one session at a time. Sometimes with a regression, sometimes using techniques like cutting cords of attachment. Or sometimes I use skills of energetic literacy for research, doing aura reading etc. to learn more about a person’s who-you-be.

Generalizing is the easy job of amateur healers. Any seasoned professional dwells humbly in nuance.

However I do know this truth. Life on earth, for each of us, can be so much more than we ever dreamed.

And we never know how many people we have helped, nor how magnificent we really are spiritual. We don’t really get it, because Earth School is designed that way on purpose. We don’t find out fully until the Divinely given review that comes after a lifetime.

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  1. 1
    Grace S. says:

    Was Veronica an Empath? Is that part of what was going on with being a “living shrine”?

    This post reminds me of a story from Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy that I really loved.

    Gladys was severely overweight and had an equally as large spiritual addiction. Her chakras looked like a lolly pop: with a huge spiritual sense, and highly underused sense of being human. And her comment was, “How big do I have to get for people to notice me!!??”

    Due to Auric Modeling (or Thin Slicing, as Malcolm Gladwell puts it), people couldn’t relate to her because she couldn’t relate to being human.

    It’s a very interesting concept, and has caused me to rethink “What is spirituality?” \During a phone session, you had called me on the carpet about teetering on the edge of a spiritual addiction. And I thought that I was finally hitting my stride!

    Even my husband thought I seemed especially lovely those days, but essentially it was just another way of getting high. You gave me some firm coaching on limiting my life to one hour of “woo-woo” a day.

    Though the other interesting thing was that in about a week, my face actually changed and I started to get that third eye vertical crease, the “Mark of Devotion” as you term it. I thought that was hilarious because all these years I thought I was being “Oh so spiritual,” and it wasn’t until I began to question it and really chew on it did my wrinkles change to reflect it.

    Incidentally, that’s my favorite facial feature spot on people.

  2. 2
    Heather Crawford says:

    This is quite possibly my very favorite post from you, Rose! I’d love to read more from clients who are willing to share their Regression experiences.

    I really loved reading about what Veronica took away from that life in her review. How even out of seemingly the “worst” of life, so much love and good abound. And that you were able to help guide her through to see those things.

    I’ve wanted to do the Energy Release Regression Therapy with you for some time and I’ve promised myself that I will save my nickels and dimes in order to do so. I can’t imagine how immensely healing those type of sessions are and I can’t wait to find out, some day!:)Well worth every penny.

  3. 3
    Gladys/Veronica says:

    I’m glad you wrote this!

    I’d like to add a few things.

    The first is that I felt that my biggest achieved gift of that lifetime was the enormous hunk of compassion I gained for people who are somehow very unattractive or unappealing.

    I didn’t understand it at all before I was Veronica; I didn’t get how radically differently different types of people are treated, and that being unattractive can cause people to treat you like an object, rather than another human being.

    As Veronica, I often thought it would be easier to be a table or chair, and wished I was. Of course, as a research subject in a lab, this dehumanizing effect was compounded during my life as Veronica, but I know that it’s the same for anyone who is very fat or ugly. It was easy for average looking people to believe that I was something completely different from them.

    This lifetime as Veronica reminds me very much of another lifetime I had, as a little robot-like creature, a “droid.” In both lifetimes, I felt pretty much like a loser. But both had extremely enlightening and surprising life reviews. I found out I was doing something hugely healing even though, throughout my whole life, I felt pretty crappy and insignificant.

    During my life as this sweet little droid creature, I had signed up to, basically, collect tons of negative energy floating around, process it through my body/system, and spurt it out as beautiful lovely bubbly energy to be used by people, rather than that negative stuff.

    This meant more happy memories, more happy times for others. It’s no big surprise that this process made me feel like crap, and to top it off, I had no idea I was doing it. I was just going about living my life in the forest, trying to get a certain droid girl to notice me, all while doing an enormous service to my planet.

    In my life as Veronica, I had no idea of the service I was providing. I didn’t think my lack of judgment was anything spectacular or striking, and really, no one else did either – at least not consciously.

    I wasn’t angry at that young doctor. I just saw his uncertainty and his fatigue, and thought that he wasn’t really fooling anyone, least of all me. I accepted what he felt and didn’t think it was weird or strange that he felt that way. (“But aren’t you a doctor? Hey, you’re supposed to be strong, and self-assured, etc.”)

    That seems sort of the essence of non-judgment, total acceptance and not questioning why. I witnessed (and lived) how healing this stance can be, and really it’s by doing nothing at all, just noticing and being. (Hmmm, sounds like many of Rose’s techniques, eh?). It was pretty remarkable. (Annnnd twenty light bulbs go off in my head….!!)

    The whole dynamic between Veronica and the lab staff was quite striking. It was funny in that it so controlled everyone’s behaviors around the lab, yet no one knew – it remained subconscious. Doctors and staff would make their rounds and find themselves in my room as if it was a matter of duty.

    No one seemed to acknowledge that my research was somewhat stalled, I wasn’t that needed or valuable in those terms, or that everyone always made way more stops in my room than were ever necessary. But whenever they felt bad, they came to me to be dump. And I was a very effective trash dump/healer! So many things are happening on Earth because of dynamics lying jjjjuust beneath the surface. This is also remarkable!!

    One thing I draw from this is that even if your life feels insignificant, it’s probably not. Even if you live your whole life without achieving much – you didn’t make millions, you didn’t write those 10 books, you weren’t on TV, you didn’t get to have any kids, you couldn’t even lose a few pounds – you might be doing something REALLY great without even knowing it.

  4. 4
    Gladys/Veronica says:

    Non-judgment is leaving me reeling right now. The feeling is something I have largely practiced in my life, and now I am very thankful that I have been super-re-imprinted with what it means and what it is like to hold this position. This is very important, and means a lot for me.

    Thank you Rose, for what you do!!

    And thank you, Veronica, for being so fat!!

  5. 5
    Primmie says:

    I can only relate to this symbolically as I don’t have any belief in an after-life or a before-life, but symbolically it’s wonderful!

    I really like this and how it makes meaning out of being objectified.

  6. 6
    Grace S. says:

    Thanks for the insights Gladys/Veronica! It’s appreciated.

    A.and thanks for the great post, Rose!

  7. 7
    Oliviana says:

    I can relate to this whole topic of being objectified, but from a different perspective. In Rose’s The Power of Face Reading she compassionately writes about how people who are at the other end of the ugly/pretty spectrum, who get shirked in their own way.

    In NO way am I trying to say that beautiful people have it just as bad; they don’t, not in any way shape or form. But they do live in their own state of projected weirdness from other people – no one tries to get to know you for who you are. It’s an endless flow of people either trying to use you or acting entitled to disappointment when you don’t live up to their projected expectations.

    In my case, I was raised in a community of immigrants, where people were repulsed by my thinness. My culture valued body curves, round/wide/padded face etc. — a hearty, stocky frame. It wasn’t until I started assimilating with American culture that people found me attractive. So I never took it for granted that our bodies meant nothing; it’s random muscle tissue based in context.

    But I have felt trapped, and not privileged, by being conventionally pretty. I spent years trying to hide myself so that I would fit in better, or buck conventions to try to escape.

    I had a friend who was overweight and would try to hide behind that, too. It does give you public invisibility.

    Heck, people just dismiss my mom as the cleaning lady; you don’t get much more invisible than that in some circles. We spend so much time judging one another and making assumptions, it’s a hard habit to break.

    Veronica was a version of that Catholic saint where people leave all those crutches at, a patron saint of healing. She was almost The Saint of Hope in a way, even though the vehicle was disgust (which I’m coming to see, or trying to see, without judgment — disgust as a valued route to a therapeutic place. It’s own state of grace – Wow that still sounds so twisted, though).

    She’s still giving us valuable lessons, and not just to her future self. Cool post.

  8. 8
    INFPstarflower says:

    Thank you so much Gladys/Veronica and Rose for sharing this.

    I, too, am saving up for Energy Release Regression Therapy (and the plane tickets). Wish I lived closer! I am VERY interested in this, and in learning as much about it as I possibly can. I would LOVE to hear more regression therapy experiences!

  9. 9
    Heather Crawford says:


    Thank you SO much for sharing your prospective and additional lifetimes. I really enjoyed reading the rest of your experiences.

    Your words about achieving in this life were truly inspiring to me.

  10. 10
    Jordan says:

    I’ve been thinking there needs to be a book like “Wrinkles are God’s Makeup” and “The Power of Face Reading” for bodies. These books do so much for helping us to accept and embrace our non-average body parts. There is are some wrinkles I will be disappointed NOT to have when I’m older, and I wouldn’t trade the arch (or the padding) in my nose for anything.

    So what about body proportions, hair, moles in different places, flat feet or high arches, wobbly arms… I know that there are little bits and pieces written on this topic, but nothing satisfying. So I think I’ll start my own little table, and maybe someone will become more inspired than I am in the meantime and write us all a book of body gifts and acceptance.

  11. 11
    Oliviana says:

    To bring some further depth to this disgust topic, I just came across an old post of Rose’s, “Prise of Disgust,” as in making peace with reality:

    “All of us are evolving here…. with each passing year, that [older] person can teach you a bit more about the restorative powers of disgust.

  12. 12
    Gladys/Veronica says:

    Aw, thanks for all the thanks, guys! I love talking about all of my past-life regression experiences, so it’s my pleasure. I can’t recommend the experience highly enough.

  13. 13
    suzanne says:

    Wow, really great post and great story, VERONICA. For a long time now I have had the conviction that no matter how tragic/messed up/awful somebody’s life seems to other people, that that person could be learning a lot during that lifetime.

    I think of my father who is alcoholic/mentally ill and royally messed up. And yet, I have more than once had the intuition around him that, in some way I can’t easily describe, he has grown a lot spiritually/emotionally in this lifetime.

    This adds another element to that idea… that maybe people in situations that bring on fear/disgust/loathing from others are not only learning but teaching or even healing.

    I know I will look at very overweight people differently after reading this post.

    OLIVIANA, I have also noticed what you are talking about with how it can be just as isolating to be very beautiful/pretty as to be the opposite — that everyone projects their hopes/dreams/jealousy/etc. and makes all kind of assumptions about beautiful people.

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