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What can alcohol, cocaine, and pot do to a person energetically?


So much for my orderly plans for the flow of posts at this blog! Soon we will get to Tenderness Part 3, as well as a couple of guest posts I’m waiting to put in, etc. Quite a long list!

Meanwhile, VALERIE asked a great question today. As long as I’m answering, this deserves its own post. So here we go.

She asked, at Comment 79, in our thread about how to stop smoking marijuana:

Aura Reading of Dr. Drew, a guest post by Jordan


Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Previous conversation here about Dr. Drew inspired Blog-Buddy Jordan to do some research with energetic literacy. Curious about what she found?

The photo I supply here is not the one Jordan used, but you can use it, Blog-Buddies, to do your own bits of aura reading, using whatever techniques of energetic literacy you favor. Here is the photo link, in case you want to open up a picture for reading him yourself. Or just go to the Dr. Drew website.

One Life Contract. Discover It!

One life contract

One Life Contract for this incarnation. How can you make the best use of the lifetime you’ve got now?

One Life Contract. Even if you don’t quite believe in YOLO (You only live once)!

One lifetime is still all you’ve got, related to the human life you’re in now. Learning about that life contract can soothe the yearning so many of us have.

Seeking to know our life purpose. So today’s article is dedicated to how you can learn about highly personal, sacred, Life Contract.

More Ways to Improve the Tenderness Factor


Let’s continue to explore ways that your life could have more of that tenderness. Because if you have been craving more sweetness in how people to treat you, there might be some more important put-ins that could end that horrible kind of pain where life seems unreasonably and unpredictably harsh.

Please start by reading the first part of our discussion about having more tenderness in life. We’re continuing a thread about the very understandable feeling that you are special and deserve more tenderness in how people treat you.

Disappointed by the lack of tenderness in your life?


Helping clients with Energy Spirituality, I come across terrible suffering on a regular basis. I do what I can to facilitate help.

Most clients come back for multiple sessions, which is how cumulative progress is made. Sometimes it takes several healing sessions for a person to get this very important Aha!:

Long-term emotional and spiritual healing cannot just involve taking out. It’s tremendously important to also put in more of what will really improve your quality of life.

Empath Empowerment, Sophisticated Quiz Answers



What fun, to share my cheer-bringing answers about what it really means to be an empath. My perspective, of course, comes from teaching thousands of people the system of Empath Empowerment(R).

And the biggest cheerfulness you may feel, underlying every answer in today’s post, is my personal relief. Do I ever know the difference it makes, going from talented-but-untrained to becoming a skilled empath!

James Franco’s Digital Appeal, Guest Post by Jordan

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Sometimes a really delicious theme will emerge from old threads about deeper perception. Yesterday JORDAN added to our aura reading perspective on the oh-so-famous James Franco. Her main comment has been moved to a guest post from the original Aura Reading of Franco. (This profile with energetic literacy was first posted last February.)

Since JORDAN first wrote about digital appeal, related comments that came from her and GRACE W. A new and fascinating thread, for sure!

Being an Empath, a Sophisticated Quiz for Sophisticated Readers


Welcome, Blog-Buddies of all kinds, empaths and non-empaths, skilled empaths and complete beginners.

In my continuing adventures teaching Empath Empowerment(R), I encounter so many fascinating beliefs about what it means, being an empath. Here is a brand new quiz to get you thinking in different ways about a familiar topic.

Answer TRUE or FALSE to the questions below. A follow-up post will give supply my perspective as someone who has helped thousands of people to become skilled empaths.

Aura Reading Enlightened Betty Ford

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Now that was a lifetime! Before Betty Ford’s incarnation ended at age 93, she had inspired the nation more than most presidents. People joked about the clumsiness of her husband, President Ford (a former athlete who wasn’t really clumsy at all). For generations, people would deate whether or not they thought Gerald Ford made a mistake in pardoning President Nixon. But First Lady Ford was almost universally admired, a true Republican hero who combined conservative values with common sense.

Curious how different Blog-Buddies look?

So how does Rose Rosetree look, eyes open?


Face reader JORDAN wrote something very head-slappingly superb today at the blog at Comment #46:

“Sometimes I just want to know what the heck all the Blog-Buddies look like!! ”

Good point, JORDAN. If I weren’t one of the least visual people on this earth (who isn’t physically blind), I might have thought of this point before! But no repining. Let the photo links begin to flow.