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Gray Slime, Energy Hypochondria, and Victimhood


“Gray slime” is, of course, my term for the creeping fears of humanity. We live in interesting times. These are times that offer us fabulous opportunities for spiritual evolution.

  • Dealing with problems, will you choose to summon your human common sense, then evaluate situations realistically? Will you do your human part to solve the problems?
  • As for your spiritual life, and your goals as a world server, are you doing your comfortable best in that department as well?

Answer “YES!” and you’re doing great these days, even if sometimes your journey is bumpy. Answer “NO” and you’re probably pretty darned grumpy right now.

Hey, you’re allowed to feel grumpy even if your answer is “YES!”  Because these times are challenging for us all.

Especially since the people in your life who consistently say “NO” to life’s invitations can be dealing with a lot of astral-level grey slime. More is deposited in that person’s aura with each terrified or stubborn “NO.”

Then, in turn, having more gray slime inside will bring cascades of fear and victimhood. It’s a vicious cycle, for sure.

Well, are you ready to read some weirdly funny statistics? Relate them to increase in gray slime or explain them however you like.

Mounting energy hypochondria

This morning, editing away on a certain literary project, I thought I would check on certain statistics. Below you can read the contrasting number of hits on certain fear words.

To me, all the following terms are about energy hypochondria. This increasingly common problem happens when people move into Stage One Energetic Literacy. They know just enough about energy to start noticing vibes, but not enough to read auras accurately or in depth.

The energy newbie, like anyone else living now, worries about all kinds of human things. Only now the energy newbie has begun to develop sensitivity to astral-level debris like astral ties and negative thought forms. (One type of negative thought form is the gray slime that develops when people say “NO” to spiritual invitations to grow, take responsibility for human life, etc.)

Poor Joe and Gladys translate these worries into terms that help “explain” why they feel bad.

The Internet helps, too. Because, of course, the Net is like humanity’s subconscious mind. You can find everything there, true or false, genuinely helpful or enabling gray slime, etc.

The difference in Gooogle statistics below sure gave me a jolt. Check this out. Here’s what happened between May 1, when I last edited this literary project, and today, July 1, 2011.

Psychic attack

May 1, 2011:  6,900,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 13,600,000 hits

Psychic vampire

May 1, 2011: 1,990,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 6,810,000 hits


May 1, 2011: 910,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 3,780,000 hits


May 1, 2011: 106,000,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 196,000,000 hits

Toxic People

May 1, 2011: 147,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 10,100,000 hits

Toxic Personalities

May 1, 2011: 2,280,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 12,400,000 hits

Documenting the rise in energy hypochondria

Here’s a grand total of sorts.

Two months ago, I also Googled “Avoid” plus each of these six victimey terms. Then I added it up:

How many hits on May 1, 2011?

3,630,000 + 1,580,000 + 144,000 + 45,600,000 + 8,800,000 + 4,920,000. Total hits: 64,674,000. That’s right, well over 64 million!

Think that’s a big deal? Just now I googled the same six terms so convenient for energy hypochondria.

How many hits on July 1, 2011?

5,380,000 + 1,930,000 + 1,760,000 + 64,100,000 + 3,930,000 + 6,460,000. Total hits: 83,560,000.

So, Blog-Buddies, what do you make of that?

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  1. 1
    Primmie says:

    Lloyd de Mause has a theory that, before major conflict, a coutry’s media becomes saturated in paranoia.

    He charts it in terms of political cartoons, articles about abuse, violence, pandemic alerts etc. It’s interesting stuff.

    I don’t necessarily agree with his theories, but it is interesting to see how periodically a society will become more or less paranoid.

  2. 2
    Lara says:

    Interesting! I myself am feeling insufferably good these days.

    Even when I am sad or frustrated or lonely I am aware that under those feelings is a strong current of happiness or lightness (?) not sure exactly what it is. Like joy but not an emotion.

    Anyway it would also be interesting to see some Google stats for terms like enlightenment, miracles etc

  3. 3
    Lara says:

    Whoops I didn’t finish my sentence! Perhaps rather than creeping disaster there is a polarisation of consciousness within the human race as a natural part of the process of mass Enlightenment.

  4. 4

    Cool idea, LARA. Why don’t you type terms like this into Google search and share the results with us?

  5. 5

    PRIMMIE, that is absolutely fascinating.

  6. 6
    Primmie says:

    Rose, he’s a wonderfully interesting person. I love his work. He thinks collective childhood trauma creates periods of acting out (war) as a way to purge peoples’ collective anxiety. He thinks it’s cyclical and he charts it historically.

    I don’t agree with a lot of what he writes, but wow what a thinker he is.

  7. 7
    Truthseeker says:

    What did the 144,000 number correspond to? Avoid plus something?

  8. 8

    TRUTH SEEKER: Gee, I could have been clearer, couldn’t I.

    “Avoid narcissist”

  9. 9
    Amy says:

    Rose, I was just listening to a BBC radio program about the portrayal of therapy in film and television. One of the contributors was talking about psychological literacy, saying it would be useful if people could use terms such as ’emotional vampire’.! I was shocked! I can’t believe that concept is so prevalent.

  10. 10
    Rose says:

    Prevalent AND convenient, I’d say. Terms like emotional vampire, energy vampire, psychic vampire,and psychic attack are all too popular.

    At best, someone is starting to claim power as a separate, individuated human being. The therapist says something like, “Yes, Virginia, there are not-nice people.”

    I doubt that anyone new to this blog has found this a recent discovery.

    In psychological circles, I’m thrilled that “psychological literacy” is an emerging term. In New Age circles, many folks are at Stage One Energetic Literacy.

    From this sweet and important, but beginner’s, perspective, it is easy to start worrying about emotional vampires, energy vampires, psychic vampires or psychic attack.

    With Stage Three Energetic Literacy, such terms are almost never used. There is a big difference between not liking someone’s human behavior versus elevating the power of that person to “Big, powerful, scary, malevolent energy vampire.”

    Who is most at risk for worrying about psychic vampires, draining people, etc.? IMHO, based on working with plenty of clients and reading their auras right down to the chakra databanks, worriers tend to be beginners (as previously noted) or else:

    *Folks who like to blame their troubles on others.

    * Energy hypochondriacs.

    * People suffering from a spiritual addiction.

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