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What can alcohol, cocaine, and pot do to a person energetically?


So much for my orderly plans for the flow of posts at this blog! Soon we will get to Tenderness Part 3, as well as a couple of guest posts I’m waiting to put in, etc. Quite a long list!

Meanwhile, VALERIE asked a great question today. As long as I’m answering, this deserves its own post. So here we go.

She asked, at Comment 79, in our thread about how to stop smoking marijuana:

“I’’m curious about what happens to a person energetically when he or she ingests alcohol.”

Energy effects of alcohol regarding safety

Great question! Let’s consider one energy problem at a time.

Many potheads, or first-time weed smokers, are told, “Marijuana is much safer than alcohol.”

It’’s common knowledge that research has shown brain cell damage from alcohol. On the level of deeper perception, there is a great deal of STUFF that goes into a person’s aura as well.

Research doesn’t have the equivalent of a Breathalyzer test for marijuana, not yet. But similarly there are physiological effects and, on the level of deeper perception, a great deal of STUFF that goes into a person’s aura.

All of this STUFF adds up to serious energetic problems, not just immediate problems but cumulative ones.

Energy problems can still be healed

Let’s make sure this enters our discussion early on. You clients have all heard me say, “STUFF in your aura can always, always, always be healed.” I say this because it’s true. So whatever your history has been with substances, Blog-Buddies, don’t be discouraged.

All effective forms of energy healing can permanently remove STUFF from a person’s auric field. Not only my fave, Energy Spirituality but also Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

Neuroplasticity in the brain suggests that someone who has recovered from dependency on marijuana or alcohol can develop plenty of new circuits that work well. So it’s always worthwhile to stop using the substances on a regular basis. Where there’s life there’s hope and healing!

Aura readers, beware

Anyway, to be answer more specifically regarding energy alone, I’’ll start using hypothetical “Gladys” as an example of someone who drinks alcohol regularly.

Her aura becomes fuzzy and distorted while drunk. So I wouldn’’t recommend reading her aura at such a time. Nor would I recommend that Gladys use any skills of energetic literacy at such a time. Anything she reads would be highly inaccurate.

On the surface level of life, there is distortion to perception. It’s well known how dangerous it is to drive a car while under the influence.

Less well known is that it is energetically dangerous to do any energetic literacy techniques, psychic techniques, mediumship, or channeling while under the influence.

Why? One is far more likely than otherwise to take on astral-level debris. All types of astral debris addressed by Spiritually Sparkling® Skills are risks, including stuck spirits, psychic coercion, terribly distorted negative thought forms.

Astral-level problems from any artificial high

Energy problems just begin with the side effects of any New Age-type activity or energetic healing or paranormal pursuits. Continuing…

When Gladys drinks alcohol, her consciousness becomes lively at an astral plane that corresponds to the vibration of the particular kind of liquor, when interacting with her own nervous system.

A beer high is different from a high on scotch or vodka.

Same things happens with pot, cocaine, heroin, etc. Cocaine is more addictive than pot because it takes the user to a higher astral plane.

Any substance that makes Gladys high is moving awareness to the appropriate level within astral life.

My perspective isn’t merely theoretical. I have done plenty of research with energetic literacy about what it is like being drunk, being an alcoholic or a pothead or a cocaine user, etc. This research has arisen because I will have a client like Gladys who has a cord of attachment to her boyfriend Joe. In analyzing the cord items (part of my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® so that the healing is permanent), guess what shows up?

There can be cord items encoded with the energy of being drunk or stoned. This acts like a trigger, moving through Gladys’s aura 24/7.

When a client like Gladys wants to stop drinking, it is very important for for her to cut cords of attachment to important old drinking buddies. This can drastically cut down on cravings.

Energetic sense of identity with alcohol and pot

Another problem with drinking, long term, is a shift to the person’s sense of identity.

The more Gladys returns to the bit of the astral where the substance takes her, the more she identifies with its associated types of perception and vibrations. She will feel detached from human-type perceptions and want to return to the higher-vibe astral-type high.

As addiction to any substance proceeds, Gladys will feel increasingly detached from what is merely human, including taking care of her body, having a job, upholding her usual ethics.

All of this can be completely reversed, of course. A first step is to stop taking the substance, which is where rehab programs can be so helpful, as can the peer support of Alcoholics Anonymous and similar 12-step programs.

Energy Spirituality has a huge role to play, potentially, for removing the STUFF associated with substance problems. I long for the day when we have enough graduates of my Mentoring Program so we can approach places like the Betty Ford Center and provide programs that include individual sessions with residents.

It is going to be such a help for people who struggle with substance dependency that is stuck energetically, encoded in STUFF within cords of attachment and frozen blocks that can be permanently removed with Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

If any of you Blog-Buddies are in the rehab field, or feel a calling to help this population, please consider studying with me in that Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality.

If any of you work with foundations or rehab programs, if you can set up studies, let me know how we can work together.

Meanwhile, I do work with clients individually in phone sessions, helping them to overcome the energy side effects of substances. Obviously I do not represent myself as a drug abuse counselor or other professional in the field; my work is an adjunct to the many professionals in this field.

One more kind of astral-level STUFF from alcohol and pot

An additional problem energetically from getting high relates to astral-level beings, a.k.a. ghosts or stuck spirits. Astral entities is another name for them.

Have you ever seen a strip of old-fashioned flypaper? The more flies who get stuck there, the more new flies are attracted. Yes, you could call this process “The Law of Attraction.” It happens on the level of auric modeling (a topic discussed in detail in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy).

That’s why flypaper is a pretty good symbol for what happens energetically when someone drinks alcohol regularly. If Gladys drinks a lot, she will start to attract a large number of astral beings into her aura, stuck there. This number will increase as she continues to drink.

Then the presence of entities from her customary high will pull on her consciousness, even if she tries to stop drinking. It’s a vicious cycle.

Removal of astral entities who are stuck in this manner is not difficult to do, however. It is one of the skills I will be teaching in my annual workshop on Spiritually Sparkling® Skills, September 10 and 11 here in Sterling, VA (close to Washington, D.C.’s larger airport, Dulles). Details are off the home page of the official Rose Rosetree website.

You might want to consider taking this workshop, provided that you are at a level of sobriety where you can attend the full weekend workshop without taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

In Japan, for instance, I had a participant, Josephine, who was in this category. She took three weekend workshops in a row, this one and then a two-part workshop for Empath Empowerment®. At graduation, Josephine proudly announced that she hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol in weeks. Of course, as noted, she was already well on her way to sobriety. None of my workshops or sessions is suitable for someone while under the influence of alcohol or nonprescription drugs.

Sample items from a cord of attachment

At the moment I don’t have handy a sample of a client’s records with a cord of attachment where the incident stuck in the cord had the client or the cordee when drunk. However, I do have my notes from a session where my client, GLADYS, was with a friend JOE. During their relationship, JOE supplied GLADYS with coke and appeared to be a very devoted friend; later actions proved otherwise.

Here are the cord items from the session with GLADYS. The first incident in the cord of attachment occurred after they both did a line of cocaine.

1. GLADYS: Feeling the special release and freedom from cocaine, like I am totally safe.

2. Expanding awareness where everything feels glorious.

3. JOE: I’m right there with you.

4. Isn’t it great, being in love and sharing this?

5. GLADYS: Finally, someone who really, really understands me.

6. Process-oriented cord item: Cocaine glow stuck in the cord.

7. GLADYS: I need you, JOE. And I know you need me.

A later incident, also stuck in the cord, after Gladys discovered the betrayal in JOE’s behavior.

8. GLADYS: Confused.

9. Foggy cocaine brain makes it hard to think, to process information. (Gladys isn’t high at the time but the substance is showing its cumulative effect.)

10. What happened with JOE is all from “the little world, with people dancing around like colorful little marionettes.”

11. JOE and I don’t take that [human-level] garbage seriously.

12. We enter the world of the wise, with bigger knowing and amazing senses.

13. Feeling a kind of bump in consciousness as the human reality and sense of betrayal sink in.

14. It’s a feeling like coming down the next morning after cocaine. Wondering if I am going crazy.

15. Feeling used by JOE.

16. It’s like I can’t trust anyone.

17. I don’t want to live.

18. Denial of this.

19. So very confused about who I am. Those other people I know, who are they really? Can they be trusted? What do I do now?

Feedback from the cocaine user about cord items

During the session with Gladys, we discussed these cord items. She was especially impressed with the parts highlighted above in red. It described exactly how it felt being high on cocaine, she said.

(Reading and languaging these items sure felt weird to me, as I have not experimented with cocaine in this lifetime, thank God. I was curious whether these words would make sense to her.)

Another important part of our conversation involved my sharing with her the texture/quality of Cord Item #17. It felt very clear to me that this suicidal impulse was a result of coming down from the cocaine high. Gladys was so relieved to hear me make this distinction. It resonated for her. Post-cocaine, she had been bothered by death thoughts that never had come up pre-cocaine. Knowing that she could permanently remove STUFF causing this frightening problem gave this courageous client even more hope.

And I leave it to you, as you read these cord items, to think about the logical consequences for Gladys of having these cord items gone for good. Don’t you think it may be somewhat easier for her now, breaking free, with less of an energetic pull towards that substance?

STUFF can always, always, always be healed. That’s the important thing to remember.

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  1. 1
    Fiona says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you for providing ongoing information for people about how damaging pot and alcohol can be to well-being.

    Blog-Buddies, I just got a cord of attachment cut by Rose between me and an ex-boyfriend who had long-term issues with alcohol and pot addiction. I am feeling so much better as a result of this. I am feeling more freedom, more like myself.

    The other thing that is happened to me is that I no longer feel longing for this person whom I have not talked to for about 14 years. Previous to getting this cord cut, I felt a longing for him every day even though the relationship had been over for about 16 years and it was very destructive to me.

    I had to work with a therapist to get out of the relationship and she told me that I might continue to long for this person for the rest of my life! Which actually probably would have been true if I didn’t have a cord of attachment to this person cut by Rose!

    I feel so much more peaceful and at ease in my own body and much more like myself. It is such a blessing to no longer long for this person, as it was so difficult to be involved with someone who was heavily into pot and alcohol. I tried so hard to get him help for his addictions and I wish I had known about cutting cords of attachment at that time.

    As an empath, I completely knew how bad it was for my auric field to be involved with someone abusing pot and alcohol. Even though he never smoked pot in my presence (He did sometimes have a drink or two when he was with me), I always knew when he was drinking or smoking pot because I would feel the shift in my energy field even if I was miles away from him.

    My own personal experience as an empath — so many years before I read Rose’s research — was that when he smoked pot it was far worse than when he drank. I was far more negatively impacted by the pot smoking.

  2. 2

    FIONA, thank you so much for courageously sharing this experience.

  3. 3
    Avid Reader says:

    This is fascinating. I would be so appreciative if you might talk more about some of the kinds of astral debris and entities (separate category?) that get into pot smokets and alcohol absuers’ auras.

    (I am really looking forward to reading your new book!!)

    On a possibly related issue, what about television addiction? What happens to the auras of people who park themselves, day after day after day, in front of TVs? I have always sensed that there is more to TV addiction than we’ve been told.

  4. 4
    Dave says:

    Thanks for this, Rose.

    I recently had a session with ROSE where we talked about drinking to some extent. The great thing about ROSE’s perspective is that although she most certainly performs “New Age” healings, her perspective is still grounded in the pragmatic.

    Like, if I want to cut down on my drinking, I can take pragmatic steps to do so.

    We discussed the obvious: Make steps to stop hanging around people obsessed with drinking! Energy Spirituality is great, but common sense and objective action is also effective. Free tools to make moves towards a better life.

  5. 5
    Truthseeker says:

    Even when miles away? How can that be? From the cord?

  6. 6
    Fiona says:

    Hi Truthseeker,

    My guess is this was the case due to a combination of mostly the cord of attachment and also my having a whole bunch of different empath gifts (which seemed way more like a curse at the time), as well as being a Highly Sensitive Person.

    Since I only just got this cord of attachment cut less than a week ago, I am still feeling out how it is affecting me and how I am different. Right now it is a miracle for me not to have a longing for this person for the first time since I met him 20 years ago.

    Another interesting thing–I went out to dinner with a close friend who had not seen for about two weeks before I got this cord cut. She asked me:

    “What have you done? You look about 14 years younger!”

    Somehow, this cord of attachment was really taking a toll on me. It seems like it was still taking up a lot of my energy to keep me from contacting him. All I can say is that it can be very confusing to long for someone when you know that to follow through on those feelings would be self-destructive.

  7. 7
    Valerie says:

    I believe that the aurA-level consequences of watching hours of TV every day would be a heavy brain fog, an unconscious hypnotism, or just plain comatose.

    I also think that constant electronic companionship and TV are absolutely related. They’re both an escape.

  8. 8

    TRUTHSEEKER, yes. A cord of attachment is an energy structure between you (or FIONA, in her example) and one other person, the “cordee.”

    Energy flows back and forth, 24/7, re-imprinting you every day of your life until that dying day… unless the cord of attachment is permanently removed.

    You can learn a lot about cords of attachment from this popular post:

    And the really systematic book about cords of attachment is Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.

  9. 9

    AVID READER, thanks. I am looking forward to your reading that new book too. I am looking forward to having it beautifully typeset and at the printer’s! (Understatement.)

    Back at your excellent question, oddly enough, I have never had a single client in a healing session with me ask me to investigate the effects of big TV watching. 😉

    Nor has a single Soul Thrill® Aura Research client ever had me use “Watch TV six hours a day” as a research item, checking out its impact for chakra databanks like “Making Money” at the Root Chakra or “Emotional Growth” at the Heart Chakra.

    Thus, we are left in the realms of conjecture. Opinions and ideas are definitely available, however, including YOURS. And let’s open up your timely question to all Blog-Buddies:

    What do you’all think about the aura-level consequences of watching hours of TV every day?

    And I’ll see you and raise you, Avid Reader, by adding this question:

    What do you’all think about the consequences of needing to stay constantly in touch with others via an electronic device, needing to text and instant message and send photos and, especially, text while driving?

    Okay, one more, because I’m an Avid Reader and Chronic Questioner myself:

    Do you think these two popular ways of relating to electronic companionship are similar or different?

  10. 10
    Elaine says:

    Valerie, I agree on the general effects of TV watching.

    Case in point, one of my boys always leaves the TV on for our two dogs when he leaves, for “company.” It’s usually cartoons.

    I told him to turn it off; he’ll reduce my border collie’s/aussie shepherds bright, agile brains to mush. 🙂

  11. 11
    Primmie says:

    Fiona, I am very touched by your story and am happy for you that you found Rose and cord cutting. I know how painful it can be to live with longing.

    I hope life is much better for you now that it is finished. What a success story! I wish cord cutting was more widely understood when people have long term obsessions.

  12. 12
    Valerie says:

    Rose, what happens to a person energetically when they are just AROUND people who are drinking or smoking pot?

  13. 13
    Fiona says:


    Thank you so much for your kind words and good wishes! I only wish I had done this sooner!

  14. 14
    suzanne says:

    This post is really interesting to me, as well as all of the responses. FIONA, I have experienced that kind of longing self-destructive relationship and how great it feels when the cord of attachment is cut to that person. It is amazing to have an obsession that has ruled your life just drop away. I’m so happy for you.

    This post also has helped me to understand why, in recent history, it was so distressing for me to talk on the phone with a friend who was smoking pot while on the phone. There was the knowledge I had, that he was hurting his aura, and memories I have of pothead friends.

    But there was something else too–a feeling that his energy was so shifted that I could not connect with him. I could not explain it to him in any way that made sense. I just felt horrible talking to him on the phone, and ended the conversation.

    I tried smoking pot many times in college. I was always upset by my own inability to enjoy it, I thought it was a personal failing 🙂

  15. 15
    suzanne says:

    I have also been wondering about the effects of watching too much media/television.

    Recently, I have found myself addicted to watching Korean dramas on the Internet. There is a series called “Boys over Flowers”–funny, highly romantic, and over-the-top dramatic. Each episode ends with a cliffhanger, and you don’t have to wait to watch the next one because it is on instant watch. I am normally pretty balanced in my activities but I LOST it watching this show. Something about it grabbed my emotions so deeply, I couldn’t stop watching it until I’d watched 25 episodes in less than a week.

    Partly it was falling in love with listening to the Korean language. Partly it was interest in the food/culture/ideas/beliefs. Partly, maybe mainly, it was watching the gorgeous, sensitive and subtle Korean actors/actresses and falling in love with them. Mainly, it was the romance. I HAD to know how it turned out.

    There is no doubt empath merges happened. I started to feel Korean. I was walking down the street, feeling like I was the lead actress Geum Jan Di. I started learning Korean on Internet software and reading about the history of Korea. The music from the series continually ran through my head. Although I’ve finished watching the series, I still feel kind of possessed, wondering about all of the characters.

    But this happens to me with music as well. When I like a singer/CD I play it over and over. That feels like possession too.

    There are a few things I notice. One–this seems to be how I learn about things in general, by immersion. It must be empath merging. I would love to know more about what kind of empath merging happens when you listen to a singer or fall in love with an actor/actress on the screen. How is it different from empath merging with people in your daily life?

    Maybe it isn’t. Maybe the key issue is, that when you turn up the volume on something else, you turn down the volume on yourself and your own life.

    But then again, all of these things I become passionate about ARE a part of my life.

    One thing that occurred to me as I was watching the series is that when you watch life in a film/tv drama, you get to vicariously experience so many things so fast. Sometimes human life is so very very slow moving! It’s so much more fun to just skip over all the tedious bits. Wow! Look how these characters do so many things in one day! An entire love affair, compressed into a few hours.

    Was I trying to escape (watching Kdramas)? Not necessarily. These days, I enjoy my human life a lot. Is it romance addiction–quite possibly. I am lacking an intimate relationship in my life. One effect of watching the drama was to make me realize how important it is to me to have an intimate relationship.

    For a long time in my life, I watched way too many movies. Foreign films in particular. There is no doubt I did it because I was shut down in my human life. I don’t blame the movies for that. I watched the movies because for me, my own personal human life sucked. Now that it doesn’t suck, I watch a lot less media in general. I still appreciate it just as much, and value what I learn from it/experience through it.

    Some people watch media in a very different, much more passive way from me–I find it inconceivable that people sit and watch reality tv, talk shows, cop shows, etc. For me all of that stuff is so boring. But I understand that people do it because they come home from work and are dead tired. Too tired to do anything else. This is what happens when you work a job you hate, and you don’t have any soul-thrilling activities in your life.

    Constant staying in touch with other people through texting, social media etc…this to me seems like a totally different phenomenom, unrelated.

    —From what I now understand about pot/alcohol addiction (through Rose’s posts) media addiction seems different. I seriously doubt that watching a movie puts me on the astral plane, or deposits stuff in my aura.

    At the same time–I notice the effects when I watch too many movies. My body hurts. I stay up too late. I mess up the balance in my life. I become less interested in exercise, meditation, etc. I become sidetracked as far as my goals go. Was learning Korean part of my goals for the year? No!

    I’m going to conclude that for me, the real problem with obsessive media watching is a problem related to being an empath. While I have learned really good skills for turning empath abilities off around other people, it seems like maybe I have them turned entirely ON when I watch media.

  16. 16

    VALERIE, about being around people who are smoking pot, that has been discussed recently answered that here:

    See Comments #80 and 82.

  17. 17

    As for hanging out with people who are drunk, VALERIE, it’s no big deal unless you do unskilled (or skilled) empath merges.

  18. 18

    SUZANNE, I’m going to respond to your Comment 16 with a caution. Yes, it does sound as though you may be doing some selective unskilled empath merges by watching that TV series.

    Why unskilled? Any empath merge that doesn’t include doing a full technique counts as an unskilled empath merge. And doing an empath merge (even if using a technique) for more than three minutes moves you into unskilled territory as well.

    While it is excellent that you are CHOOSING a relatively productive way of going back into old patterns of spending long periods of time doing unskilled empath merges. Still, I recommend you discontinue this.

    TV and movies put people into a trance, and I’m sure there are many complexities about it, depending on the type of experience, the consciousness of the watcher, the intent of the watcher, etc. As a consulting hypnotist, I’m aware there is far more to trance states than “You are getting sleepy.”

    Other factors with your TV holiday in Korea could have been involved, such as stimulating a past life, indulging the longing to revisit Korea; or simple curiousity about a rich and ancient culture.

    Beware doing this, however. Beware any experience that leaves you feeling “possessed.”

    SUZANNE, you have been making diligent progress over the years towards living with self-authority, living as yourself in the present, making rapid progress toward spiritual Enlightenment.

    Avoid moving backwards into the familiar, pleasant, apparent “freedom” of protracted escape from your life as yourself.

  19. 19

    One more comment, SUZANNE, since your generously detailed story was so thought provoking.

    What could you do as a skilled empath, to benefit from a great TV show and the thrill of (re?)visiting Korea?

    * You could watch the series for an hour or two per day, maximum.

    *After, or during, your time watching the show you could stand up and walk in place or otherwise exercise. (Personally, I find that exercising while watching TV is a great way to get in some exercise, plus it’s a constant reminder of my body, my life, my identity.)

    *You could add plenty of other things to your day, SUZANNE-type things. Alternating the hobby with other activities strengthens your sense of self.

    *If you want to explore Korean language, Korean food, etc., do it as yourself. Avoid doing this in a kind of trance state, or enjoying the feeling of not exactly being yourself, SUZANNE, as you explore.

    If you ever, ever, feel you are being swept away by a kind of tide, engaging obsessively in Korean culture (or any hobby or interest, really), stop.

    Stop immediately.

    This is the inner equivalent of a fire alarm. Leave the place. Leave the TV show aside for a while. Enter later, days later, and proceed with caution.

    Letting go, and being taken over by someone or something else, feels very good in a way. Personally, I think that TV and texting and Facebooking addictions are all about this.

    Sure, letting go feels like a big relief. Only it’s one step away from letting other people control you.

    Having millions of Americans in a kind of extreme electronic trance today makes the country vulnerable to crazy political actions. One way each of us Blog-Buddies can shine our light at this historical time, I believe, is for us to dare to live addiction free, clear as we can be, showing up as ourselves.

  20. 20

    Could be, SUZANNE, that part of your incentive to revisit unskilled empath merge is a little cycle I have noticed before when coaching people in Empath Empowerment®.

    The skilled empath, like Joe for instance, has been living as his own person for over a year. He has stepped into a way of functioning that is far more comfortable and enjoyable.

    He’s used to it.

    However, the thrill of contrast is gone.

    So Joe might report to me that “I’m so skilled now as an empath, I can easily go into empath merges for hours at a time and it doesn’t hurt me.”

    This is a bit like a recovered alcoholic who says, “Bloody Marys are my new health drink. They’re good for me, and really different from that thing I used to do with whisky.”

  21. 21
    Dave says:

    “Could be, SUZANNE, that part of your incentive to revisit unskilled empath merge is a little cycle I have noticed before when coaching people in Empath Empowerment(R).

    “The skilled empath, like Joe for instance, has been living as his own person for over a year. He has stepped into a way of functioning that is far more comfortable and enjoyable.

    “He’s used to it.

    “However, the thrill of contrast is gone.

    “So Joe might report to me that ‘I’m so skilled now as an empath, I can easily go into empath merges for hours at a time and it doesn’t hurt me.’

    “This is a bit like a recovered alcoholic who says, ‘Bloody Marys are my new health drink. They’re good for me, and really different from that thing I used to do with whisky.'”

    I can definitely relate to this ROSE as I’m moving towards being a skilled empath.

  22. 22
    Fiona says:


    Thank you for your good wishes and for your post.

    From past experience, I know how disconcerting it can be to talk on the phone with someone who is smoking pot. I would find it VERY difficult to feel connected. Sometimes I would feel like I was talking to a completely different person–a person whom I did not know.

    I think due to all the entity stuff.

  23. 23

    DAVE, thanks for chiming in here. Many of you Blog-Buddies have gone through recovery regarding marijuana, alcohol, love addiction.

    Have any of you noticed this type of bump in the road of recovery? Any wisdom to share about what kept you going, or what got you back onto that road?

  24. 24
    Dave says:

    Comparing being an unskilled empath with a person grappling with an addiction is a metaphor that is truthful and illuminating for me.

    As I’ve practiced becoming skilled as an empath, that is learning to focus on myself, the sensations in my body, the objective reality of myself as a person in the world, I have had an especially hard time learning to keep my “space dial” turned all the way down: visually, spatially, and energetically focusing on myself more prominently than my environment and others around me.

    Really, my desire to focus on others, to observe them, to ponder their life situations and feelings, and inevitably do unskilled merges with their energetic field is akin to an addictive compulsion.

    Something about my innate disposition as an unskilled empath disposes me to addictive need to shift awareness outwards. So as I’ve been learning to shift attention inward I’ve had to grapple with my habitual nature.

    I’ve felt irrational fear, frustration, sadness, and I’ve battled this irrational compulsion to make others the most important people in the room.

    Framing this as an addiction draws a useful comparison: “I’m doing this to better myself. The compulsion causes pain and is useless for my life. I will work through this and learn new behaviors to better myself.”

  25. 25
    suzanne says:


    I’m not sure I’d call it a bump in the road. More like a short vacation. While I am thoroughly aware of the benefits of keeping empath gifts turned off most of the time, I’m not personally convinced of the necessity of never doing unskilled empath merging. Frankly I do enjoy getting carried away by a show, the rare times that that happens. “Possessed” was maybe a strong word for it. Obsessed is more like it. That has nothing to do with empathy though…Sometimes my strong abilities at concentrating and focusing single-mindedly just work against me:-)

    That is an interesting possibility–that it could be a past life pull.

    I also came to the conclusion that when it comes to tv available on instant watch, setting 1/2 hour limits is good. Back in the old days, when you used to have to walk to the video store and could only buy however many videos you could afford, it was a lot harder to o.d. on media. Now, you can just keep hitting that “next” button all day long.

    The reason I see constant phoning/texting as a different kind of issue is because it does involve interacting with live people in real time. To me that phenomenom is more about co-dependence, people who have to know where other people are at all times and be connected. But I guess it’s an instant gratification thing as well, and it goes back to the theme of.

    Social media to me is no different from a community chalk board. It’s a convenient way to get a hold of people, when you have something useful to share.

    But I think that new technology issue comes in here–because it’s new, people go overboard with it. Then they relax and stop using it all the time.

  26. 26

    DAVE, what a courageous re-frame. I do encourage you to remember, however, that STUFF stuck at the level of your aura and subconscious mind is probably what drives that need to shift awareness outward.

    As you use skills like 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, don’t be surprised to find that what you have labeled as an “irrational compulsion” has vanished forever.

    Meanwhile, it is wise to explore those new behaviors with your conscious mind and curiosity about the new kinds of fun you can have (as surely you will).

  27. 27
    Dave says:

    “As you use skills like 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), don’t be surprised to find that what you have labeled as an “irrational compulsion” has vanished forever.”

    I look forward to it!!

  28. 28
    Truthseeker says:

    OK, I’m a chronic questioner, I get it. I have the book, what I need is to take the workshop.

  29. 29
    Truthseeker says:

    After all, both God and The Devil are in the details. ;]

  30. 30
    Grace W says:

    Something in your story, SUZANNE, and Rose’s comment about a past-life pull made me smile.

    Around eight years ago, I had my first reading with Sonia Choquette, a psychic who’s been mentioned in various threads here on the blog. With new clients, Sonia always covers a bit of past-life info in reading what one is here to teach or share in very broad terms (as in what gifts one brings in from past lives) and what one is here to learn (as in potentially challenging areas of growth).

    One of the past life themes she mentioned was that I’d had past lives as royalty. Giving up my own identity to be part of a royal family, living in beautiful surroundings. So I came in with talent for home design, floral design, an appreciation of beauty, that kind of thing. And my lessons in this lifetime would be about standing on my own two feet, taking back my voice, being independent.

    Well, there’s a lot to say along the lines of the life contract conversation, but what made me smile about Suzanne’s possible past-life pull to the Korean TV show is the way I found myself happily watching every last bit of news coverage of the royal wedding. Stayed up to watch it live and loved every minute of it. The pomp, the circumstance, the hats, the clothes, the Queen with her ever-present handbag, all of it.

    Back when I first heard this past-life theme, which really did resonate for me, I remembered how during the time I traveled and lived in France years ago (before I was conscious of any past-life connections and before I even knew what that was, or cared, for that matter), I made a point to visit loads of castles, which I absolutely loved.

    I’d stand in the halls and think about all the people who’d lived there. 🙂 Years later, it made sense. I could just feel it.

    That’s what’s just incredibly fun about learning a bit about past lives. Of course one doesn’t want to get lost in it, but I find it thoroughly fascinating to experience these kinds of connections. For me, it’s a very particular kind of knowing and familiarity that I recognize now when I’m in these situations.

    And actually, SUZANNE, I probably share some of that same past-life pull that you have, in that I spend a lot of time around Asians, including Koreans. I’m certain I’ve had past lives in Asia and feel quite comfortable around Asians. In certain ways, I feel more comfortable around them than I do around Americans.

    Here’s a thought that just popped into my mind…if it resonates with you and would be at all feasible, perhaps you could look into doing some volunteer ESL work with some Koreans in your community. There’s a sensibility I enjoy sharing with my Asian students. I wonder if maybe that’s what part of you is seeking through the TV show. I may be completely off base here, but thought I’d share what came to mind.

    Actually, I also just remembered how I *had* to keep studying French after high school, to the point where I majored in it in college. And then I *had* to go on a study abroad program to France while in college. That’s when I visited the castles. After graduating I just *had* to go back to France to become fluent.

    I really do believe that this was my soul wanting me to have these experiences. The pulls were always quite powerful and the synchronicities along the way were amazing. It was a very rich chapter in my life.

    What was wild, too, was learning after I crossed paths with Sonia that she’d had a very similar pull to go to France during college, too. The themes of our experiences were quite similar.

    I can tell you more tales once I get Google+ figured out. 🙂 I want to be sure I get the privacy stuff figured out before I launch myself into cyberspace.

  31. 31
    Primmie says:

    Rose, re your comment 24, I wish I had a clear and succinct answer for that! I’m not sure exactly how to get back into a good place after a bump in the road, and I’ve had a few.

    I think it comes down to finding that life starts to hurt again in the way it always does with active addiction, and finding the willingness to go through more withdrawal for the long gain of emotional freedom.

    Usually I hit a rough spot when life is very hard. That’s when I want to reach for the nearest thing that will numb me out.

    So if anyone has a blip of their own, I’d be asking “What don’t I want to face right now?”

    Once I get to the real feeling under the addictive impulse, my desire to act out lessens or just disappears completely.

  32. 32
    Sally says:

    Hi Rose,

    Can you please give more information about being “addicted to astral life” and “spiritual addiction”?

    Many thanks.

  33. 33
    Mary says:


    It is interesting to read what you say about the negative effects upon the aura of alcohol and pot.

    I think that you have previously said that the effects on the aura, including holes, of taking drugs are permanent. Are the effects of regularly drinking alcohol permanent?

    As other Blog-Buddies may know, since ancient times amethyst has been used to counter the effects of alcohol. The Romans even drank from amethyst goblets. I have also read that holes in the aura can be healed with hematite. Have you had any experience of using crystals to heal the damage to the aura caused by alcohol?


  34. 34
    suzanne says:

    Hi Grace,

    Thanks for your post. That is fascinating, about your past life experiences and current pulls. Thanks for sharing that. I would love to know more about my past lifes.

    I remember once standing in the house in Virginia of one of the signers of the Constitution. I can not remember which one…but I had that feeling standing in the room where he studied and worked having that feeling you are talking about. Excitement, familiarity, and such a pull it made me wonder if I had lived in a house just like that, had a similar life.

    I have felt pulled to do ESL volunteering of some kind, though I don’t have any experience. But I love learning about people from other cultures. It’s one of the main reasons I love Boston so much–there are so many people from other cultures here. I think it would be fun to host a conversation circle. I’m going to do research, I’ll bet there is a huge Korean population in Boston.

    Interestingly enough, until recently I had no interest in Asia. Almost an anti-interest. I didn’t know anything about Asia (aside from loving Buddhism and Asian food) and I had a stereotype that Asian people were all quiet, serious, stoic, unemotional, unromantic and awfully focused on material success. Deeper perception has opened my eyes in that regard. I’m kind of shocked that I could have ever had those impressions.

    I also studied French in both high school and college. I can understand that pull!

    I too mean to post on Google plus. I need to spend some time and learn more about it.

  35. 35
    Grace W says:

    I bet something interesting unfolds, SUZANNE, in relation to your conversation circle. You might check out libraries, or even post a notice there or on Craigs List to start your own. I’ll be curious to hear what happens.

    Asians just don’t always tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, from my experience. Lately I’ve been quite intrigued to learn more about life in China from my Chinese students. There are all kinds of emotions, just kept more hidden. And the connection thing is just lovely.

    I’ve found that the emphasis placed on prosperity in the Asians I’ve met has actually been inspiring for me as I’ve become much more focused on that myself.

    Most of my American teaching colleagues just whine about money and take no action to do anything about it. But one of my Chinese students helped me to arrange a private class in his workplace, saying, “We want it to be profitable for you.”

    Boy, was that a breath of fresh air and appreciated!

  36. 36
    Primmie says:

    Grace, your post reminded me of something Brooke Shields spoke about when she was researching her ancestors. Apparently she had always felt a strong affiliation for France and the French language. When she researched her family she found that an ancestor of hers had been born in the Palais du Louvre and her father was Henry IV. I found that fascinating.

    I don’t believe in past lives, but I think it’s amazing how strong the pull of the past can be. I’ve seen it in my own family. I have an aunt who was adopted. She was always crazy about horses even though no one else in the family was. She’s owned horses her whole life. They are her passion.

    A few years ago she looked for her biological mother. It was difficult as her mother absolutely did not want to be found. She was Irish and had had my aunt at a time when it was very shameful to have an illegitimate child. No one knew she had had a daughter. When my aunt did find her eventually, she turned out to be a horse trainer.

  37. 37
    Amy O says:


    Rose’s Newest Book has lots of information on spiritual addiction.

    My understanding is that spiritual addiction is, basically, using spirituality as the entire focus for your human life.

    People can be taking it to extremes by substituting prayer/meditation/talking to spirit guides for real human action like talking to someone and telling them you want them to do this/stop doing that, or working on improving your human life yourself with real tangible physical actions.

  38. 38
    Amy O says:

    I didn’t even mention the title!

    It’s “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy!”

  39. 39
    Primmie says:

    SUZANNE, I’ve been reading your comments here with interest. I’m a fantasy addict for sure, and by that I mean that thinking is my most powerful means of getting out of painful feelings.

    I could read to excess, think about an idea to excess, get lost in a film to excess. In a way it’s a real gift. The things that excite me can really absorb me, and in many ways I trust and love my own mind. But the downside is that the life of the mind can often be lived at the expense of a real life. That’s certainly been part of my own story.

    I try and find a balance with it now, sometimes with success, sometimes not. With my work it really helps me creatively to join mentally and emotionally with what I do. Trance and creativity are powerful companions.

    I wouldn’t want to lose that sense of effortless happiness I get when I create and play with my work. Romantic fantasy, however, is pretty much the death knell for real intimacy for me. It takes me away from real love and towards isolation and unreality. I can’t indulge in it because it’s addictive and destructive for me.

    I say that though as someone who has gone through a long process with it and nearly ruined my life because of love addiction. I also know that in the early stages of love addiction I did genuinely connect to things that were missing in my life. The needs were real, it’s just that I set about meeting them in a very self-destructive way. I can understand your wanting to merge with romance if you don’t have it in your life.

  40. 40
    Valerie says:

    Wow, SUZANNE and DAVE, your comments leave me in shock. I recently began to ask myself if I was using movies as an escape, to satisfy my “urge to merge.” Your comments bring to my attention that I have absolutely been doing this. But I figured since I’ve given up the drugs, the drinking, the pot, the pills, the merging with live people, that gosh, I’ve got to have SOMETHING to escape.

    Before reading your posts, I wasn’t even aware that I was still WANTING to escape.

    DAVE, I SO relate to the compulsive addiction of wanting to merge with other people. But until today, I wasn’t acknowledging it as an addiction.

    SUZANNE, now I understand why I think and dream about characters/actors. I thought it was ok to lose myself in the eyes of people in movies. Crap. I guess my subconscious figured out a way to cheat, and was hoping I wouldn’t figure it out 🙂 But I really had been wondering lately why I’ve been spending so much time watching movies.

    Thanks, guys. This was a huge aha for me.

  41. 41
    suzanne says:

    Wow-so many things I want to reply to. GRACE–yes I agree. And that is refreshing. I can’t think of any employer ever having said that to me! I’m glad Valerie, if my post was helpful to you. I have experienced that before–when you kick one compulsion only to find another in it’s place.

    I like your phrase, the “urge to merge.” That definitely describes it. DAVE, I can empathize with your resistance to keeping the space dial on one. PRIMMIE–thanks for your comment. I remember your previous comment on romance/fantasy addiction. I can relate to what you are saying. I made it through my childhood by reading a book a day, then it became 2/3 movies a night. And yes, unmet needs is what lays behind that.

    I personally shy from the concept of addiction, and the lack of choice it implies. My behavior was the best coping strategy I could come up with at the time, and it became a habit.

    I preferred living a life of the mind because I did not believe other areas of life could be fulfilling, and because I did not have awareness of the many levels of experience I was missing out on.

    Before I knew about deeper perception, I used to consider obsessive behavior as being natural, because I’m a Scorpio with many planets in the same house. In fact, I was kind of proud of it, seeing myself as passionate, driven, tragic hero.

    So you could call it addiction, but it was more like a choice made with incomplete/incorrect information and a lack of awareness.

    I’m guessing you had good reasons for making the choices you made as well. Not seeing that other alternatives were available…

    One of the things I’ve learned through cord cutting is that many character traits that I always considered essential parts of my nature, are not in fact, essentially me. It has taken a long time to dawn on me that in fact, my life could be a comedy or a happy romance, or an inspirational documentary as opposed to a tragedy.

    My life is much more balanced than it ever used to be. I work a job I love, am in school, have a fun social life, run, kayak, take dance classes, read, cook, meditate, pursue real life dating opportunities etc.

    Moderation is still very difficult for me, and given half a chance my mind will run away from the cart/buggy, like a wild horse.

    Ahh, in fact it’s running away with me right now. How long have I been writing this comment?!

  42. 42
    Primmie says:


    Your life sounds fun! I can understand your shying away from the concept of addiction if it seems like your behaviour was more of a habit.

    I lost the power of choice over my behaviour, which is why I do use the word “addiction.” Also, I really did “know” better at the time, intellectually at least. That was what was so awful about being obsessive and compulsive while feeling a huge internal fight against myself. I think that’s very different from having a bad habit and knowing you have to change it.

    I think one of the most frightening things I’ve ever experienced is pressing my self-destruct button, knowing I was doing it. I never really had the luxury of pretending my behaviour was okay because it so clearly wasn’t.

    Phew, I’m glad those days are gone. I think also because I am a process addict not a substance addict, I’m very aware of how my mind can get high without much external stimulation.

    For sure, like you, my life is a good one in so many ways and I am happier in myself than I’ve ever been. Being pregnant is wonderful for happiness! A lot of the time I’m just enjoying life and that’s a given, but even with the general contentment I have, I find that when something is tough in my life, my mind wants to cut out into fantasy.

    The areas of unmanageability in my life are tiny compared to what they were, but when they come up, my mind’s first port of call is still “Numb it!!” Just shows me I’ve got plenty more to explore and heal, which is why I’m here 🙂

  43. 43
    Amanda says:

    Hello all,

    I agree this s such an interestng thread and so appropriate. Suzanne, I do the same thing! I love reality tv shows and can find myself becoming people in them. A fabulous acting skill, I can really make my friends laugh with impressions of people, but the problem comes in turning them off – and that’s when I realise I don’t have the control I would like.

    I remember early on in my sessions with Rose she identified a deep resistance to choose and follow through with my human life, and I do think the two are related.

    I love what you say about the film your life could be. I think about that too on occasion and can find myself feeling very embarrassed at the idea I could ahve quite so much incredible choice!

    When I fall into unskilled empathy though I do recognise that it’s nowhere near like it was, that I have tools and that this is another opportunity to focus in on me and what I want. Settling down to some work REALLY helps 🙂


  44. 44
    Valerie says:

    I find all of your posts so interesting. I love hearing your differing views on similar experiences, and realize that the ways in which I choose to view myself are infinite.

    Something that has occurred to me is that I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who didn’t/doesn’t “escape” somehow on a regular basis (except of course my Rose Rosetree friends 🙂

    I find this very interesting because it’s not just empaths who have this issue. I think the majority of humans on the planet have it, except we have the gift of not only acknowledging it, but also healing it. And learning to live HAPPILY without WANTING to escape.

    It seems to me that this “need to escape” is being programmed into people at a very early age, not only by TV and media, but by their parents, who teach methods of escape even before kids are thinking for themselves. They’re taught that instead of feeling their emotions, or expressing them (at least I was) it’s better to repress and escape, or at least it’s more socially acceptable. I think this programming is in place so that people are prevented from realizing how powerful they are as individuals.

    As I’m writing this post, I’m realizing that through Rose’s work, we’re being given the ultimate gift – eyes that really see. Many people these days are so blind that they do not even know they are blind. I thought that my eyes were open before I met Rose, but the more I see, the more I realize the less I see!

  45. 45
    Grace S says:


    Your Comment 45 really resonates with me.

    I think this need to escape thing is one of the huge mandatory lessons here on Earth. And yeah, it’s programmed into us from Day One in a thousand ways.

    I tend to look forward with my thoughts, as in parenting. Having cords of attachment cut has stopped a lot of my lingering on the past.

    Last night I was talking with my son about dying from a drug addition. Not a random conversation, it happened to a favorite DJ of ours and it was all over the air. I just can’t lie to my son, but I don’t believe in scare tactics either, nor in sheltering him.

    I’m only going into this because drugs was how this blog post got started, and I know this is a pertinent topic for some lurkers, and I want my experience to be of some use to them.

    It was one of those pregnant pauses, and I told him how some drugs can ruin bodies.

    “Why do them?”

    “Because they feel good.”


    “Because some people live with a lot of pain, and they want to feel better.”

    He already knows why we’re estranged from his grandparents; they were abusive alcoholics. I inherited a penchant and motivation to escape. And I’ve REALLY struggled with how to do the whole “Keep my son off drugs” thing. Because I used to think drugs were ok, weed in particular, and drug experimentation is seen as a normal/expected part of our youth culture.

    I said something along the lines of, “I used to feel hurt all the time from my parents. I used to do a lot of drugs, but I don’t anymore.”

    And very strangely, he quit with the questions. He’s persistent, and I couldn’t read if he was pondering or satisfied, but he hasn’t brought it up since. I’m glad I broached the subject, it was tough to do, to put it mildly. But I can trust that if there is something that was unsettling to him, he’ll bring it up for sure.

    The whole thing of, “Learning to live HAPPILY without WANTING to escape.” Could that be true? Simple as that? Boring as that? (In reference to above comments, ha, ha!)

  46. 46
    suzanne says:

    Thanks, PRIMMIE. How awesome that you found a way to break your addiction. I think your baby is going to be really lucky to have a mom like you.

    And thanks, AMANDA — that is so true, about having tools and how times when you realize you have slipped into unskilled empathy are just opportunities to refocus.

    VALERIE, I think it is so true that we are all programmed into escaping and not being present. It is one of the things that excites me about possibly being a parent and having children one day– imagining how I might model/teach an entirely different way to my children.

  47. 47

    MARY, hi. I didn’t mean to skip your Comment 34.

    It required some extra thought.

    Remember, my expertise is in Energy Spirituality, not Energy Medicine. I don’t find or mend holes in auras, which is more a physical approach to healing. Instead my specialty is to locate emotional and spiritual debris (STUFF) and facilitate healing it.

    Problems with alcohol dependency on a physical level are well known. But since I don’t specialize in that, I have to say no. No, alcohol doesn’t put in big amounts of STUFF. A client might have a great deal of STUFF already, making alcohol an attractive way to self-medicate. But that’s different.

  48. 48

    Similarly, MARY, I do not do professional work as a crystal healer, which would fall under the category of Energy Medicine.

    Okay, there is one exception: Certain sessions of Energy Release Regression Therapy can include a crystal layout. But this is still for healing STUFF.

    The problem with healing holes or fixing up people’s auras, to me, is that the physical healing may need to be done over and over again to train the body.

    Some clients will always prefer this, because they don’t like emotional healing or learning about themselves. Or they are frightened of spiritual growth. There could be many reasons.

    Anyway, I enjoy having clients who do have uncommon courage to grow as people. I like helping them with that.

  49. 49
    Primmie says:

    SUZANNE, that’s very kind of you! I don’t know what kind of mother I’ll be, I hope I’ll be good at it.

    I’m having twins, which is wonderful for so many reasons. I think having twins will help me make sense for myself of how much parenting effects children; two children born together, how will they be? I’m so looking forward to meeting them 🙂

  50. 50
    Catherine says:

    This is a fascinating article. Don’t think I’ve seen anything this specific on the effects of various substances on the energy field any place else

    Catherine Foresight

  51. 51
    Johanna says:

    Dear Rose and friends,

    My brother’s girlfriend, just filed a restraining order on my brother for hitting her. They both have abused alcohol and drugs. The saddest part is that there are children involved and because of this, I’ve remained close to them. I know this has affected me, as I think I’m very empathic. How do I help without taking on they’re stuff and reliving it in my own life?? My nephew is very dear to me. What can I do to protect him while not intruding in his relationship with his mother? At the moment she is staying with a friend and has my nephew with her. I would appreciate any guidance. Thank You All!

  52. 52

    JOHANNA, that sounds like a tough situation. It is important to know that this blog is not about giving people advice in situations like this.

    Use your common sense to contact the appropriate people, please.

    Even in healing sessions, I do not work with people in crisis.

    Wishing you a better life, and soon.

    — Rose

  53. 53
    Dave says:

    I thought Rose + blog-buddies would be interested in this new survey released by the CDC.

    [Link No Longer Available]

    The survey found that for the first time more High Schoolers are smoking marijuana than cigarettes. 23% of High Schoolers reported having smoked marijuana recently. That’s a pretty freakin’ high number in my opinion, and certainly not without energetic consequences for the collective consciousness, I’d imagine.

  54. 54

    DAVE, this is indeed fascinating. And not surprising.

    Personally, I have never in this life know there to be as much social pressure as there is now to smoke dope.

    And “dope” is a good name for what this substance does, whether under the epithet “medical marijuana” or other reasons why people whose perception stays at the surface today consider pot to be safe or cool or better than cigarettes.

  55. 55

    What can you do if you are a parent or grandparent or friend, sadly observing while someone deposits deep blocks of STUFF aurically while following today’s trend to smoke pot?

    If the pot smoker has an open mind, offer the gift of an Aura Reading Report — such as the high quality service now offered by my Mentoring Program Apprentice Valerie St. John.

    The link is here:

    Or find a skilled aura reader for a session of Aura Reading Research.

    Problems will show, I can promise you, along with enough good news not to scare your experimenting significant other.

  56. 56

    Somewhere at the blog — perhaps you would know, DAVE — we had a comment by a Blog-Buddy who is a physician on the topic of pot.

    She cited the inability of the medical profession to have any test available now to determine if someone is stoned on marijuana. That’s right, no medical test exists comparable to the testing done to determine of someone is driving drunk.

    When medical testing isn’t refined enough to even tell if a person is currently stoned on weed, how on earth can we trust these “experts” who consider pot perfectly fine?

    I grew up in NY City during the “Mad Men” era. On subways, every car had a huge ad for cigarettes, front and back, plus plenty of other large and glamorous ads.

    You couldn’t watch much TV without seeing the Marlboro Man or other commercials for smoking. Because it was all so, supposedly, safe.

    Congratulate yourself if you manage to avoid this self-inflicted damage.

  57. 57
    Jill Erin says:


    I read an article on CNN news about the Mexican Drug Cartel activities in the US now and in it they say that the US holds 4% of the world population but consumes 2/3 of the worlds illegal drugs. That is a stunning fact with such huge implications of Karma and other energetic consequences.

    Personally, since divorcing my ex who was a pothead and losing all of our (his) druggy/alcoholic friends in that process (because I neither drank or did drugs) I find I simply do not end up in the company of anyone who is caught up in those habits and culture. There is a superior attitude like what Rose describes in the Cord Cutting session above, that seems to cause that devide.

    When you think about it, that divide is blurred between anyone buying illegal drugs and the activities of the underworld that grows/makes those illegal drugs and sells them. No matter how far away the “deal” is from the ones doing the decapitating and torturing, the consequences are handed over with exchange of money and drugs. That was what bothered me even more than the actual drug habit of my ex and the friends. I would try to talk to him about that, but, from within the drug fog it just didn’t make an impression on him. He would just use that as a rational for legalization. That attitude is one of not taking responsibility for ones actions and intentions. It’s everyone else’s fault that the criminality is in the drugs.

    I would congratulate and commend anyone who breaks a drug habit. the consequences are so much farther reaching that just the personal. It is an act of taking back your power and lifting the entire world up energetically.

  58. 58
    Toshiko Rehler says:

    What kind of research do you do to come to these conclusions? Thanks for sharing!

  59. 59

    TOSHIKO-san, I do research by reading auras of clients. I facilitate sessions of RES Energy HEALING.

    In addition, I facilitate sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® that move out frozen blocks of STUFF from experiences with recreational substances.

    Working with clients to help them… is my agenda. Using precision skills of energetic literacy is the difference between guessing, theorizing, and drawing on dependable data.

  60. 60
    Randolph Blach says:

    What kind of research do you do to come to these conclusions? Thanks for sharing!

  61. 61

    Well, RANDOLPH BLACH, if you read articles like the one before all these comments, or even the comment right before yours (#60), you will find the answer.

  62. 62
    Olivia says:

    Hi Rose. I don’t drink myself, but know people do. Do you think regular use of small amounts alcohol, two glasses of wine for dinner, will attract entities as well? About the aura I noticed on some of your pictures that you wear dark clothes, do you think this influences the aura? To me wearing dark is a way of protecting oneself, ones ego. OLIVIA

  63. 63

    OLIVIA, thank you for reaching out.

    Your second question is especially interesting to me as a teacher of aura healing and aura reading. Check back in a week or so for a blog post that you have inspired.

  64. 64

    As for the impact of drinking a couple of glasses of wine in moderation, I have never researched that.

    Why not? When clients come to me for RES Energy HEALING, they bring their problems. Over the years, they have bought many problems, but not that.

    Common sense suggests that drinking a bit of wine in moderation is not a problem for people.

  65. 65
    Olivia says:

    Rose, thanks for your replies. Wouldn’t you also say that how “well” you deal with alcohol or drugs even in just small, daily amounts also have to do with your physical constitution, general health and what kind of a soul you are? To me it seems that the tendency to attract entities is higher also with supressed emotions and denial. Looking forward to your post next week. I noticed many spiritual people on the internet wear dark clothes, interesting. Olivia

  66. 66

    OLIVIA, by all means keep thinking and commenting on this topic.

    However, let’s set the record straight right now about my wearing dark or black clothes.

    It’s true that my photo on the blog has me wearing a deep plum dress. That is atypical. Besides, I would hardly call it black.

    So before there any further conclusions are drawn, based on the (inaccurate) premise that I often wear dark colors, check out this assortment, please:

  67. 67
    Zelda says:

    Rose, that is quite a fascinating assortment of photos that pop up in your company! 🙂

    I imagine many of them are face reading-related, but still, quite interesting company you have there on Google images…..

  68. 68
    Olivia says:

    Dear Rose, just to make clear I never said you often wear dark or even clothes. I have no way of knowing that. Just wondered how you felt about colours of clothes and the aura. I have seen plenty of tarot readers and other clairvoyants wear dark clothes and find it interesting because to me it feels like light clothes help you shine on this earth

  69. 69
    Olivia says:

    I meant I have no way of knowing if you even wear BLACK clothes, sorry for the confusion. I suppose you will write about the impact on the aura of dark clothes next week. As for alcohol or drugs as far as I have experienced it, even small amounts of alcohol can trigger repressed emotions to the surface. I guess everyone knows that. I just wondered if the entities are attracted even when a person drinks small amounts of alcohol?

  70. 70

    OLIVIA, thank you for continuing to share your thoughts. And you’re right, I aim to get to that blog post next week.

    I’m not the least offended by your comments. I just am commenting in passing about things that you have assumed about me that aren’t quite true.

    And in that way, let me further clarify on your assumption in Comment 69, that it would be the least bit relevant to my experience what people in completely different fields wear. I am not a tarot reader or clairvoyant or psychic of any kind. Nor are my apprentices or the graduates of the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    It’s no more relevant to compare what I wear to a psychic… than to assume that I dress in a police officer’s uniform. (Noted with a smile.)

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