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Personally, what I heal most often

First, aura bounce. After, cutting astral ties.

Recently we’ve been discussing the uses of energetic literacy in everyday life. Self-disclosure, especially in public isn’t my comfort zone. (Face Readers, read my lips.)

However, having gone into some detail about what this teacher actually does in her life, I feel duty bound to fill in a gap.

When do I use face reading?

Rose Rosetree, reading faces

Both GRACE W. and DAVE have been asking, in the most respectful way, about when I use face reading. Go to this Quiz Yourself post for empaths and see their Comments 78, 81, 86, and 87.

Well, at the top of today’s post is a photo taken earlier this month when I went to the big ballpark in Washington, D.C. And, you guessed it, I had been hired to read faces. (If you use that link just provided, you can see many details of my face these days, plus waaaay more fascinating Mr. Potato Head.

Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths and HSPs, ANSWERS 16-20


Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths and HSPs, ANSWERS 8-15 are on the way.

We’re continuing our answers to our Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths . So you might want take that first, then follow up with answers.

Aura Reading Rudolph Valentino

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Remember legendary silent film actor Rudolph Valentino?Remember Elaine’s request that I read him?

Elaine was a winner of one of our contests here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” and this skilled empath has done some marvellous guest posts for the blog. Any curiosity of Elaine’s makes me curious too, I respect her that much.

Revolting Media Aftershock from the Earthquake


Ooh, breaking news, from the terror-inflaming media about Washington’s one-minute earthquake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, dateline August 24 from Sterling, Virginia. I’m reporting this the day after the less than ONE MINUTE earthquake we had in Sterling, Metro D.C., and other parts of the East Coast.

Face reading one of your heroes? Enter our contest.


It’s contest time again, with face reading as the prize. To enter, here are the steps:

Enter our Face Reading Your Hero Contest

Our tiny earthquake



Yes, that really was an earthquake. Felt throughout much of the East Coast of America, including here in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.. A Blog-Buddy emailed that she even felt it in central Ohio.

Consider it a “fire drill” for “Empath Gifts OFF.” When that random alarm, or shaking, goes off… hello! What was just happening with your consciousness?

HSPs Versus Empaths. What's the Diff?


HSPs Versus Empaths. Can you tell the difference?

HSPs. Empaths. Do you wonder which is which?

Could be, you could use more clarity about the difference between being a Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP) versus being an empath. Well, today’s set of quiz answers may wind up helping a great deal.

When I set out to provide Answers 8-15 to our Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths, hello! The topic of HSPs became an elephant in the room.

Never one to ignore such invitations, I’m going to describe that elephant, not just the rest of the room.

Understanding psychopaths, perpetrator lifetimes, sociopaths, etc.

Rose Rosetree researching a world-class sweetheart

Ah, Blog-Buddies, you do inspire me to blog when you’all bring up fascinating threads related to Deeper Perception Made Practical!

In this case, I’m responding to JODY G.’s plaintive reactions to our conversation about Perpetrator Lifetimes, especially her Comment 13. Yes, I sure want to get to the other answers to our quiz about empaths being the opposite of psychopaths — two follow-up blog posts coming soon.

Perpetrator Lifetimes

It’s hard to understand psychopaths without understanding a less well known term, “perpetrator lifetimes.”

Sure enough, perpetrator lifetimes came up in an astute comment by GRACE W. to yesterday’s post. She was responding to an equally astute set of questions posted by Blog-Buddy JODY G. (Check out Comments 2 and 3 at the post, one in a series about empaths being the opposite of psychopaths.

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