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Strangely Michele Bachmann is now considered a serious candidate for president of the United States. Apparently that is different from being a contender for my personal admiration. Politically I couldn’t disagree with her more. When I read auras, however, all that is flung by the wayside. Instead I use the very same techniques that you Blog-Buddies are invited to use.

In this case, I used the technique called “Plug-In by Touch” from “Read People Deeper,” starting on Page 28. (Like all my books, this how-to can be previewed and ordered from my main website,

Using any technique of energetic literacy, the process of reading auras is different from doing any aura reading technique learned as part of psychic development. I’ll be doing the former when reading certain chakra databanks in the here and now, including one gift of the soul for each chosen chakra databank.

Stay tuned for a wild ride. And if you want to ride along with me, doing aura reading research on your own, here are some links to help.

  • A larger, clearer photo of Michele Bachmann is one option.
  • A more dependable photobucket Michele Bachmann is smaller but servicable.
  • Open either link, copy it and enlarge to taste.
  • Then, remember to do a dedicated technique. If you study with me, you have many techniques of energetic literacy to choose from. The main oomph in New Age is to use techniques of psychic development; a psychic development technique to read auras could be used instead. Just don’t mix parts of a psychic development technique with bits of energetic literacy technique, which could be confusing.
  • Definitely use a dedicated technique if you’re going to read auras. Many of you readers are probably empaths. Well, avoid ooching in for an unskilled empath merge. This would put STUFF in your aura that would linger long after the experiment.

Making Contact with Reality chakra databank at the Root Chakra

  • Gift of the soul

Representative Bachmann is purposeful in how she makes contact with reality. Deeply dedicated to making a difference in her world, she is sincere and caring about life around her. Also she is hardwired as a true believer from birth, geared to notice reality based on her belief system.

  • Current chakra databank reading, STUFF included

10 inches. Passion and drama infuse even the tiniest glimpse of a tree, the pavement beneath her feet,  a shoe. Every detail of life matters to this Congresswoman from Minnesota. It is all about something.

Here I think of a client, Joe, whose motto used to be like this, “Gee, I wish I had more spiritual dedication. I know everything is supposed to happen for a reason, but sometimes I forget this and just pay attention to what happens in my human life as though it mattered.”

Eventually Joe healed this up. However many a New Ager has a lot in common with Michele Bachmann in terms of intent. Only her STUFF leads her to do a fabulous job at constantly interpreting her reality.

Any of you readers new to the blog need a definition of “STUFF” around now. As someone who facilitates healing at the level of the human energy field, or aura, I use this term to mean stored-up emotional or spiritual debris at the astral level. This level within an aura happens to correspond to the subconscious mind.

No detail seems small to Mrs. Bachmann. Everything she notices is part of a very, very important religious drama in which she plays an important and blessed role.

The degree of intensity is exceptional. This, in itself, helps explain the great passion of her followers. To identify with her beliefs and then feel her passionate commitment would make this politician a jewel in God’s crown. Bachmann would seem like the most authentic person in politics.

Yet note the smallish size of this chakra databank. (10 inches. Technical point, I’m reading her aura at the third layer, my usual preference.)

Not much perceiving of reality goes on. The Minnesota congresswoman called “an embarrassment” by Garrison Keillor needs for things to be tidy, neat, orderly. Noticing too much about her external environment would create an overload.

It’s not that this woman is a Highly Sensitive Person. (Far from it.) However, she has such passionate reactions that her lifestyle and choices protect her from noticing too much around her. Chakra databanks like this one do the same, automatically functioning in a very restrictive manner that protects her from with from overwhelm.

Presence in the Room in Career chakra databank at the Root Chakra

  • Gift of the soul

Deeply social, Bachmann has a gift for popularity. People in the room energize her. Agreement with her, from any random Joe or Gladys in the audience, thrills her soul. One small cheer — not even three — can energize her personality for hours. Even one supporter in a huge crowd of naysayers would fill Bachmann with righteous inspiration.

Blog-Buddy, did you ever go out on a summer evening and find a firefly? Does every single one that you find have a way of lighting up your spiritual connection, bringing you inspiration? Regular people, supporting her views, do that for Michele. They bring her hope and outweigh any negativity that might come from the rest of the group.

  • Current chakra databank reading, STUFF included

Fills the room, minus three inches. Humility is a very big part of Michele Bachmann’s charm.


Compared to most presidential candidates, she really does have a small personal ego. It’s all about service for her, bringing The Spiritual Message forward. (You don’t need to read much in the news to know that hers is an Evangelical message. Bachmann is both a Tea Party politician and deeply religious, as is her husband — recently in the news for his counseling services that include helping gay men to  pray away their sexual conflicts.)

Verbal Integrity in Public chakra databank at the Throat Chakra

  • Gift of the soul

Bachmann has a passionate desire to tell the truth. She cares deeply about being ethical and honest.

  • Current chakra databank reading, STUFF included

Here is a highly complex configuration, important for political observers to note but also relevant to anyone who is a great big idealist. (Sound like you, Blog-Buddy? Me too.) Well, with Michele two different patterns exist simultaneously.

The more obvious pattern is a big plus in this communication chakra databank about integrity. Size goes all the way out to the moon.

A Divine blessing colors the energy. Bachmann’s speech has the highest possible integrity, compounded with a God-given seal of approval for her courage and humility. Bachmann is entirely given over to speaking the truth, even a difficult truth that many people might make fun of, yet she doesn’t care. So great is her commitment to bring the world to her saviour’s feet.

Golly, she reminds me of the Rev. Stacey Pilgrim, a character in “The Roar of the Huntids.” That’s a novel for empaths: A satirical novel I set in 2020 about coming of age for an empath. Let me tell you, it’s a very weird feeling to invent an extreme character and then read the throat chakra of someone who really, truly embodies the same energies.

Anyway, the hidden pattern in this chakra databank extends only 9 inches. This is a complex, inner configuration because this part contrasts between that public, true believer  portions of Michele and another inconvenient component that won’t go away.

Which component would that be? Deep down, Michele is in touch with reality beyond her belief system. So this ghosted-out section of her chakra databank contains harsh energies of self-doubt, disbelief of what she’s saying and, mostly, denial.

Very likely, to the extent that these qualities intrude upon her conscious mind, Michele calls it “insecurity” or “being shy” or simply blames the political opposition for “making me feel uncomfortable.”

Power Integrity in Public chakra databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Gift of the soul

Identical to her gift for Verbal Integrity in Public.

  • Current chakra databank reading, STUFF included

Again, virtually identical to her mixed message, at the level of auric modeling — only this integrity chakra databank concerns power.

The databank is structurally identical, containing the very rare presence of a hidden section that is entirely different from the main configuration.

Power Integrity means following through on her promises. Bachmann feels very spiritually special, quite chosen, in her commitment to do whatever the Lord requires of her. She would do anything at all, make any sacrifice. Doing outrageous things, by worldly standards, wouldn’t trouble her in the least.

She feels herself as a kind of latter day Joan of Arc, prepared to do exactly as she is told.

Yet deep within, worries persist in contradiction to her firm beliefs. Within Michele, lively energies broadcast at the subconscious level. (This process happens with all auric modeling in every chakra databank for every human being, convenient or otherwise.)

Secret broadcast within Michele Bachmann: “Maybe all my beliefs aren’t correct.”

This fear is covered with a thick layer of denial. Because otherwise, really! Duh! How could Mrs. Bachmann continue on her dedicated mission if she allowed even one bit of doubt?

Incidentally, Joan of Arc isn’t available for aura reading with energetic literacy. No photo is available, you see. However, I’m pretty sure that the French saint had excellent mental health and was inspired in a rather different way from Ms. Bachmann.

Spiritual Integrity in Public chakra databank at the Third Eye Chakra

  • Gift of the soul

Steadfast and loyal spiritually, Michele knows the full meaning of spiritual commitment.

  • Current chakra databank reading, STUFF included

7 inches of strain and control. Bachman feels she must constantly strive to maintain spiritual discipline. She focuses really hard on her belief system. She does all that is humanly possible to keep herself on message.

The stakes are high for her. Not merely politics at the highest level — this life of hers is about her immortal soul and, maybe, the souls of others.

Is there much direct experience of the presence of God in this databank? Not really.

Clenching up inside, straining and struggling to be good, trying hard in any way… does not generally co-exist with a loving, light-filled experience of the Divine.

Spiritual connection shows up quite differently, in my experience as an aura reader (and also from doing Skilled Empath Merges) (okay, also in my personal spiritual life).

With connection to the Divine, there is always some kind of letting go into a higher frequency of Oneness. Something vibrationally higher than human. Qualities like:

  • Beauty
  • Peace
  • Joyful Co-Creation
  • Spiritual Truth
  • Yowa! There are so many gorgeous and glorious variations.

But what shows in this Bachmann chakra databank? None of these glorious variations on the theme of Divinity.

Instead, Bachmann is struggling to live with spiritual integrity but doesn’t have the relief of directly experiencing spiritual presence.

Look at the huge physical strain in Bachmann’s forehead and eyes. In my opinion, that’s related to the STUFF being carried in this and other Third Eye Chakra databanks. She tries so hard.

Connection to Spiritual Source Chakra Databank at the Third Eye Chakra

  • Gift of the soul

Devotion, giving God absolutely everything she has as a human being, what a gift that is! The Rep. from Minnesota has inborn courage to do whatever she feels that God wants. To me, this is a seriously beautiful spiritual gift.

  • Current chakra databank reading, STUFF included

2 inches. “God is harsh and demanding. Whaever she gives, it is never enough. Yet God always holds out the hope that, if Michele keeps working hard, she may become worthy.”

STUFF like this may be closely related to Bachmann’s belief system. But there would also be components related to her cords of attachment, psychic coercion, and other kinds of STUFF in her aura.

But let’s insert a reality check here, Blog-Buddies: Just because someone carries a particular kind of pain, or a belief system lodges deeply enough to impact chakra databanks, does that mean any of the content is true outside that person’s aura?

Of course not.

Sharing Power chakra databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Gift of the soul

Loyalty is the basis of choices around sharing. Depending on the situation, Bachmann might be more loyal to a principle or a person. For her, willingness to share power emphasizes the steadfastness of her commitments more than being particularly flexible.

Once again, we find a personality deeply organized around faith and commitment. A beautiful way to have a lifetime!

  • Current chakra databank reading, STUFF included

9 inches. Intensely protective, Michele is very careful about control. Whatever she believes must be enforced to the best of her ability.

Different points of view mean something special to this woman, given those current patterns of STUFF which keep this chakra databank so small.

Listening to other points of view? Actually considering them? No way! How dangerous would that be?

Really, anybody attempting to share power with Bachmann (anybody from an opposing point of view) represents a test. Pure and simple.

People are either with her or against her. Sharing is something she must not do.

It’s a matter of principle. Moreover, according to this chakra databank, this true believer feels ever-vigilant about people deceiving her. Another test sent her way often: Supporters who pretend to agree yet are not pure enough.

Currently she will not share power with outsiders. Then, depending on how much power she is given, Michele will share power only with the purest of the pure.


Bachmann’s combination of passion and fervor make for a very strong appeal to those who share her beliefs.

So strong is Bachmann’s dedication that she sends out very congruent auric modeling. There is no room for doubt within her. Even people who disagree with her politics may be swept away by the certitude.

You alert Blog-Buddies may be wondering about her three integrity-related chakra databanks. If there was such a big sense of godliness in communication and action-related chakra databanks, why was there such emptiness in her chakra databank about spiritual integrity? And what about the Connection to Spiritual Source chakra databank at her Third Eye Chakra? Why so puny?

Well, authentic connection to Spiritual Source comes in many forms. I have read gorgeous and huge spiritual connection in auras of people of many different religions, including one friend of mine who is an Evangelical Christian.

However, there’s a big difference between having staunch beliefs, replete with many a “supposed to,” versus having a spontaneous and beautiful renewing connection to Spiritual Source.

Having read many auras of Fundamentalists (of many faiths — Christians, Jews, Muslims), they have more in common with other Fundamentalist auras than with the auras of people who actually make personal contact with the Divine.

And the greater the tension between religious certainty and authentic spiritual connection… the greater the tension in that person’s aura.

It’s just STUFF. And STUFF can always, always, always be healed. If a person chooses to. Meanwhile, what a great life Michele Bachmann is having, truly living her dream.

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  1. 1
    Grace W says:

    Thanks for another fascinating reading, Rose!

    This reading helps me understand why this woman has a following. It’s been truly baffling, given much of the unusual things she’s said. But now I see what’s going on that certain people would be so wowed by her.

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    I wondered if you would comment about her weird eyes, and sure enough, you did.

    I haven’t read Michele Bachmann’s aura at all but she looks positively bonkers to me. I was really shocked when they started talking about how well she was doing in polling… do you remember the weird crap she was saying during the 2008 election?

    Politics really starts to make you think that large proportions of the population must be mentally ill!

    Re all that forehead/eye strain – she also has frequent and debilitating migraines.

  3. 3
    Curious to Know More says:

    Fascinating, Rose. I am amazed at how much complexity can be perceived in reading an aura!

    I felt the same way about your reading of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thank you.

  4. 4
    Grace W says:

    I saw that Newsweek cover of Michelle Bachmann that people are all in a tizzy over… those eyes really are bizarre!

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I’ve always thought there was something just seriously off with this woman, including her eyes (or should I say reflected through her eyes?), and this time she’s actually looking straight into the camera, rather than the hilarious looking off into the distance that she did with the TV cameras, which was equally bizarre. (It did give Kristin Wiig an opportunity for comedic brilliance, though.)

    Unless she was highly Photoshopped in the eye department, which I doubt, you’d think her followers might have a moment of clarity after seeing that photo! Sure creeped me out!

  5. 5
    Grace W says:

    I’m not quite sure where to land this comment, which has been simmering for a bit, so I’ll land it here, under the general category of interesting ways that people are living this particular life.

    I’ve loved on this blog how we’ve been able to see so many different ways that people are going about their lives. Some are inspiring, others mystifying to me, but it’s always helpful to see what’s behind the choices people make in living their lives.

    So I’d like to share a particular category of folks that I don’t believe have been represented and I’m wondering if anyone else shares my curiosity about them. I know that you don’t take requests, Rose, and I’ve already claimed my prize from the latest contest. Maybe when I get a chance I’ll give a reading a shot myself on one of these guys.

    With all the craziness that our politicians here in the U.S. have been showing in recent months, I’ve been touched by some of the stories of military folks.

    I’ve never been a big fan of us running off into war. At the same time, especially in light of the insanity and cowardice I see in Washington, I’ve found certain stories about the bravery of military people lately to be captivating. They leave me wondering “What makes them tick?”

    I think of the most recent Medal of Honor recipient, Leroy Petry. The guy had been shot through both thighs, but picked up a grenade to throw it away from his guys, though he knew it would probably blow off his hand, which it did.

    I also think of the Navy Seals. The combination of that extremely intense training along with keeping a very low profile and never talking about the work. I find that combination to be fascinating. I wonder about the spiritual connection, what that would be like.

    Anybody else find that interesting? Rose, I’m wondering if you ever have read someone like this.

    And like I said, I know you don’t take requests. I don’t think there’d necessarily be candidates for the Enlightenment list. I’ll see if I can find someone to read.

  6. 6

    Great comment and suggestion, GRACE. Thank you so much!

  7. 7
    Anita says:

    Hi Grace,

    I’ve often thought about that myself, so I am glad you put it out there.


  8. 8
    Grace W says:

    Anita, isn’t that interesting? I debated whether or not to write it, mainly because I know that Rose doesn’t take requests for readings. But I’ve become fascinated by the topic and wondered if anyone else was.

    More insights bubbled up today. I think it relates to the Warrior Archetype in general. Not as in just going out and killing people, but as in that energy that highlights duty, honor, loyalty, humility, courage, and bravery in the face of huge challenge.

    The debt ceiling fiasco brought up for me the juxtaposition of examples of character.

    On the one hand, there are the folks fighting these wars who’ve been on multiple deployments, many of whom I’ve seen interviewed want to go back after being injured.

    That Seal Team 6 getting bin Laden. And the Medal of Honor guy. Wow, what character!

    Juxtaposed with the politicians who seemed more willing to lob “grenades” *at* their own folks, in the form of fallout from default, such as those very warriors who’d give their life not getting their paychecks. I guess it’s the cowardice in all that political fighting that infuriated me the most.

    IMHO, I think that’s the nature of disgust so many folks have felt in relation to that situation. The cowardice. And Rose, now I agree with you that Obama has been a weak president. I just did not see courage and real leadership from him in these recent events.

    So it got me to thinking about cowardice in general. And probably out of a desire to see some true leadership and bravery as an antidote to the Washington stuff, or at least a shift in focus, these military folks have leapt out at me.

    And, actually, I was thinking how cool it is that so many people here on the blog have the courage to do the work to get STUFF removed. We talk about this all the time here, but when you think about it, it really does take a lot of courage to do that work. I just think that’s pretty cool.

  9. 9
    Grace S says:

    Hi, I can relate to GRACE W’s comment in 8.

    I too would like to encourage ROSE to explore this facet of being. I would love a reading about one of these low-key military heroes!!! They are very, very special people.

    Some people, myself formally included, have a very black and white view of military action. Mine was war = bad.

    And having a young son, I was very anxious about the introduction of gun play from his peers at daycare. When he was two, we asked him what he was shooting. After thinking about it, he said, “A love spray.”

    To tell you the truth, that didn’t make us feel any better.

    To make a long story short, we knew we couldn’t make it forbidden play for a variety of reasons (fear of creating a fetish or a rebellion into a military career; people do bad things, not guns, etc.). So now we tell him if he wants to do adult things, he has to follow adult rules: No aiming at people in particular.

    BUT, where I stand now, is that I’ve really learned something, and I want to quote the other Grace about:

    “I think it relates to the Warrior Archetype in general. Not as in just going out and killing people, but as in that energy that highlights duty, honor, loyalty, humility, courage, and bravery in the face of huge challenge.”

    I really have come full circle to turning my anxiety around to using it as a springboard for oral tales about the young hero – there’s a plethora of tales from around the world about funneling this energy productively. It addresses their deep feelings of powerlessness, and how they project their fears and anxieties on to the world.

    And as a funny aside, when he can tell I’m just getting sick of it (whether he’s a knight or hunting for sushi for dinner) he’ll change his play and tell me it’s a healing shooter who gives me an endless supply medicinal chocolates that I need to catch!

    Too funny! Clever little snot, he can always get a smirk out of me!

  10. 10

    Enormous courage, GRACE, for people to move out STUFF. I see this just about every day.

    Many people would rather complain, or inch their way slowly into self-improvement. The eagerness and courage for releasing STUFF is something I respect enormously about you, GRACE, and other Blog-Buddies as well.

  11. 11

    About requesting that I do aura readings, face readings, and empath merges, maybe it would be good to clarify how I feel about receiving these requests.

    A thoughtful, non-demanding suggestion is always appreciated. I LOVED what both you GRACEs wrote and how you wrote it.

    One component of sensitivity that I struggle with as a person (and blog manager) is how I respond when people put in comments here that are not up to my personal standards of politeness, consideration, respect.

    Even at the Enlightenment Life List, I have a reaction after reading each request. I know I’m being asked to take quite a bit of care and time to do a free aura reading of someone’s candidate. So I like it very much when there is a “please” or the equivalent.

    When there’s just a “How about xyz” and “Here’s the link.” I do feel put off. Depending on the language — and also my mood when reading on that particular day — I feel kind of used.

    In today’s Blackberry, Tweeing culture, this may be terribly out of step. As noted here, I struggle with this. Where is the appropriate standard? Am I wrong in taking things personally just because casual blog readers don’t happen to use my personal version of manners?

    Regarding comments like yours, you two GRACEs, that is just the opposite. I enjoy having ideas shared and discussed.

    It inspires me, knowing that you are thinking about using energetic literacy to delve into current events, important people in your life, etc.

    I don’t feel pressure to necessarily do such research at the blog, and I don’t feel such pressure expressed in your messages. That type of comment is entirely welcome.

  12. 12
    Grace S says:

    Yeah, sucks to be you. I don’t mean that as callously as it comes across in text (case in point).

    You really do A LOT, and I can’t blame you in the least for feeling irritated and used. You probably are. It’s complex, because you are offering rare free work, and it’s gotta be discouraging.

    Obviously, free equates to entitled for some people. But it wouldn’t kill folks to be polite; we’re a community for pete’s sake!

    Consider posting your above comment in the Life List page too, so folks cop a clue.

    As for commenting, for myself, it was a conscious and laborious decision to “put myself out there” in blog-land. Mainly, because I’m very shy and very private, plus I didn’t think my thoughts could be useful to others (past tense – I’ve come far 🙂 ).

    The other reason was, I full well knew it’s HARD work to commit the time to type well, much less speak and think clearly. In the past, I was just conversing with myself about these topics (The isolation encourages circular rambling), and it’s amazing how much work it takes to go beneath the surface of what I want to say.

    Anyway, this one goes out to my peers that are lazy commenters –

    “COMMON… TRY HARDER! You get what you put in in this world. Plus show some respect for crying out loud, she’s a sweet generous lady, doing this for free and out of love! She’s let you know it bugs her, so cut it out.”

    After getting that out of my system, if I were in your place, I’d stop responding to curt requests. But I know it isn’t as simple as that. My heart goes out to you on this tender topic.

  13. 13
    Primmie says:

    Oh Rose, sending you a hug for feeling sensitive.

    It’s good to know that you do. I’ll be careful to add “please” in if I make a request.

  14. 14
    Jody G. says:

    I understand too, Rose, in my own context.

    I sell vintage clothing online, and it takes lots of time for me to go out on hunting trips [maybe hours of time spent to find nothing that day], rummaging through often-times grotty unwashed clothing [like a nasty chakra databank?], checking for holes, etc., laundering, ironing, taking the photos, uploading pics, making sure colours and textures are represented well, writing acurate descriptive listings, managing website fees and account, answering customer queries, sending well-wrapped parcels pronto, etc.

    The potential customers at the other end of the Internet on their computer usually just see the final upload, not all the work that has gone in to it. It does make me feel used when some people want to haggle [or bludgeon] the very reasonable reserve price down. I get the impression that they think I am trying to steal from them, when to me it feels a bit like vice-versa.

    And really there are thrift shops where vintage clothing can be found if a person wants to spend a few hours of their own time there, or other online vintage sellers, or even new vintage replicas in regular mall type shops.

    When someone wants to trade with me and buy from my little stash of treasured items I really appreciate that, and I also appreciate when they don’t treat me like they resent that they are having to engage in a transaction with me. Like I am an impediment to them getting what they want [when in reality they likely wouldn’t have access to this one-of-a-kind item if I didn’t find and put it on the web].

    That suckso. I don’t like that snatch-and-grab vibe, but I am becoming more aware and stronger about not giving in to that kind of demand right from the start [usually the demands continue right through to the end of a transaction, so I am more likely to stop it in the bud now, I don’t have to trade with EVERYONE].

    And that has been a hard understanding to figure out and get real about, because I have a little budget so it has been really hard to say no to potential income. But at what cost do I say yes?

    As it turns out, I am earning a bit more now, with less hassle, higher turnover, and happier too. I have said yes to treating myself with higher standards, and for the most part the world has responded likewise. Which make things simpler.

  15. 15
    anonymous says:

    Hi Rose,

    I understand how you feel about requests for aura readings, face readings, and empath merges. As a physician, I am often asked about medical issues. I struggle to remain approachable yet also set appropriate limits. Because I am involved in an area of medicine that does not involve procedures (for example, surgeries, colonoscopies, etc.), some people somehow feel it’s OK for me to “be available” or “on” for them at their convenience. As if I’m a drive-through.

    While I don’t want to be unkind, there is a reason people schedule appointments at a doctor’s office. Where I work, physicians do not charge for phone calls – we answer them as a courtesy. Lawyers do charge for phone calls, usually by the minute. Some physicians do charge for phone calls and this is becoming more common.

    Some people take it for granted that phone calls are returned free where I work and abuse this privilege. The system was set up so that they could call to have medications refilled or reach us about pressing matters. Instead, some patients get angry when we don’t call back the instant they leave a message. Or they try to keep us on the phone for 20 or 30 minutes and become angry when we gently try to bring the call to a close.

    Of course, if we used their clinic visit time to return the phone call of another patient who urgently needed us, they would be quite upset. However, they usually don’t consider that the reason we can’t call back the instant they call us is because… we are seeing other patients.

    Another concern I have is that by constantly being available, it devalues my work. It’s not just exhausting and annoying. Like anyone who has a job, I, too, require time for rest and restoration, if only so that I can replenish and do my job better when I am at work.

    Like other people, I like to see my friends and family and also require time for household chores. What I am getting at is the fact that surgeons do not suture for free – and they are not available, on demand, at the airport or grocery store. If you need a physician for an emergency, you go to the local ER. You don’t just call your friend, the doctor, for advice or to come over and provide a medical service at your home. Unless you happen to subscribe to concierge medical service – but then those physicians aren’t coming over as friends or to provide favors, they are being paid extremely well to provide a professional service.

    Another experience I’ve had is being vented at about problems in the health care system, medical diagnoses that were overlooked in them or their family members in the past, negative experiences with prior physicians, or medical conditions that were somehow overlooked or misdiagnosed. The last time I checked, I did not have any input into the Clinton health care plan or the Obama health care plan.

    The degree of rage I have had directed my way about medical care has sometimes taken me aback. I alone, as one physician, have never been responsible for the ills of others or an entire system. In addition, not having access to a person’s prior medical records, I do not know what happened to anyone who is not under my personal care in the past.

    It’s also why I can offer very limited advice when others approach me now. With limited information, I can only provide a limited response. I choose not to provide responses that involve speculation because I think it’s irresponsible and provides a disservice (“What do you think she had?” or “Do you think he was prescribed the right medication?”)

    Interestingly, I have also had the experience that some of the very same people who approach me will add that they think they know more than me or that they could have gone to medical school but didn’t. I’m honestly not sure why they are even talking to me then.

    I am grateful people see me as approachable. I don’t mind returning my patients’ phone calls. However, I do not like being told what medications I should be prescribing (after all, this is why I attended medical school) or being told that medications don’t work or are overprescribed. I’m well aware that these are concerns the general public has – and patients can always choose not to take medications. If a phone call requires a lengthy discussion or is complicated, it probably means an appointment should be scheduled.

    In these moments, I feel like the patient is trying to “use” me and get a free medical visit over the phone. That doesn’t just devalue my work and expertise. That’s just bad medical care. It’s not standard practice yet for surgeries to be done robotically, with a surgeon controlling scalpels remotely and operating on someone at a distance. Why should physicians be providing medical advice over the phone, without seeing the patient? Why would patients want or expect this?

    If people want good surgical care, then surgeons and their staff should be appropriately compensated for their time and expertise. The same is true for primary care physicians. Part of the reason there is such a critical shortage of primary care physicians is because we are not valued for the time we put in and not well-compensated. Medical school students realize this and choose to go into more lucrative sub-specialty areas of medicine, which are generally procedure-oriented. Yet it is so important to have a good primary care physician, someone who has excellent medical knowledge, provides comprehensive medical care, and can appropriately refer a patient to the right specialist when one is needed.

    I, too, enjoy the conversations on this blog. Like you, Rose, I enjoy it for the mostly high caliber of thoughtful comments and input of the bloggers. Politeness, consideration, and respect are cornerstones of civilized and engaged conversation – they are not just side dressing or an afterthought. If there are no rules of engagement, people cannot engage effectively. So I don’t see this as just about sensitivity or manners. For people to truly feel open and safe, there have to be ground rules established for how to interact.

  16. 16

    Wow, am I ever enjoying this thread. To think I was timid in starting it off.

    Thank you, everyone, for your comments. Including Rep. Bachmann.

    Joke about that last part.

    You Blog-Buddies are the best!

  17. 17
    Grace W says:

    Rose, I started my blog reading with comment 16 and you had me for a split second there with the thank you to Rep. Bachmann! Knowing what I know now about her, I don’t think it’s likely she’d come anywhere near the blog. 🙂

    By the way, the journalist who’s written an article about Bachmann in “The New Yorker” (I believe; hope I got that right) was interviewed on the Public Radio Show “Fresh Air” last night. The reading made a perfect subtext. It was as if the interview was scripted to accompany your reading – especially the part about her beliefs and how protective she is about her own and not being influenced by others.

    Some of the books that have strongly influenced Michele Bachmann are quite a trip. Like the one on the religious reasons for slavery… how slaves and slave owners had a shared goal and interest, religion, and this somehow created some kind of wonderful bond (?!)

    Again… quite a trip!!

  18. 18
    Grace W says:

    As for the comment about your feelings about requests, I figured that’s how you’ve felt and it’s why I hesitated and had a few false starts on even sharing that initial comment.

    I’m glad that you understood my intention and didn’t read it as one of these diner-like, ‘Hey, energy lady, do this reading!’ 🙂 Because, as I think you know, I’d never want to do that!

    I have so much respect for your gifts and generosity and still am regularly amazed at the level of productivity you maintain on so many fronts. My fascination and curiosity keep getting fed and then grow in spurts, which is why I finally couldn’t contain myself. I’m glad you got the “Hey, look over here! Wouldn’t they be cool to explore?” vibe I was intending.

    GRACE S, your comment made me laugh! 🙂

    Sometimes it does feel as if people sort of flit in, toss out a comment, and then who knows where they go. I don’t really get that. I’m all for civility and courtesy, too. And a sense of folks taking the time to realize that Rose is real busy, that every reading takes time, and that, no the purpose of them isn’t some weird, voyeuristic high, a “Let’s see how screwed up that person is” kind of thing.

    I’d chime in on the other GRACE’s “Try harder” theme in the area of questions to Rose that are along the lines of doubting her work, questioning its usefulness, that kind of thing.

    I mean, sure, everyone has their own path in terms of learning about this stuff, and their own way of making sense out of the world and their beliefs and all that. And surely everyone has the right to just plain disagree with whatever. Is said. Respectfully.

    But, sheesh! When there are umpteen comments gushing about the practical, real, palpable, life-changing results of various aspects of the work, and still you get occasionally peppered, Rose, with with loads of questions that basically question fundamental aspects of the work. Sometimes I want to shout, “People! Give the lady a break! Just book a session and give it a try! Enough already! Courage! Save up, do whatever it takes…”

    That’s just me, of course. 🙂 I feel for you, Rose, in those cases. Don’t think I’d be that patient. I’m all for lines of questioning that are clearly about “Help me understand this, I’m confused.” But I get impatient with the, for lack of a better word, “Testing” variety.

    Again, that’s just me!

    Back when I got the reading on changing my name [These days called a “Name Alignment Aura Reading Research”] every fear and insecurity related to the possibility of actually doing it came up, and it took me a full year to get the nerve to do it.

    But I didn’t waste Rose’s time by questioning her work! I knew it was my own stuff to sort through. I knew changing her name had obviously been a success for her, met others who had the same experience, read all the cool celebrity name change posts… but still had all my own stuff to sort through. A lot of it.

    By the way, really glad I did, too!

  19. 19
    Primmie says:

    I think people often don’t know what is appropriate in business. The rules can vary so much from one work place to another.

    I worked for a time with men who found it absolutely appropriate to scream and yell at each other and threaten violence when they were angry. I heard sexist, homophobic and racist comments regularly when I worked there. I knew that wasn’t the only model for a workplace (thank goodness!) but those men didn’t.

    I think it’s really important to set boundaries with people from the start of a relationship. When I don’t, I suffer because then I hand over the responsibility to the other person to decide how business is done. If I’m clear, usually things run smoothly, but when I am vague about what is acceptable to me, then problems happen.

    Running my own business where I’m the expert means I take charge with clients. They need to respect my authority and knowledge when they talk to me. That hasn’t come naturally to me as a sensitive gentle person, but it’s how it has to be in the business world and I’ve learnt how to do it and continue to learn.

    I find being too polite is a problem actually! Sometimes politeness in the face of someone overstepping the mark really isn’t what’s needed.

    At my best, I don’t take people being rude personally. People are very different and they don’t automatically know how to behave in the way that I might see fit. At my worst, I get angry and set very curt boundaries and sometimes throw a bit of stinging rudeness in for good measure.

    I’d like to always set strong boundaries gracefully. I do think that how other people behave really doesn’t have much to do with me. Politeness is lovely, rudeness isn’t. But it’s all just people being people and that’s about them, not me. Usually I get upset with people’s behaviour when I’m feeling a bit fragile myself.

  20. 20
    Grace W says:

    Back to the particular suggestion about the Navy SEALS – I came across these photos and a question came to mind, ROSE.

    I’ve been thinking about doing a reading, but honestly feel a bit shy about this on the blog. Then another thought came to mind and I wonder what you think about this.

    Somehow it feels disrespectful and somehow intrusive to jump in and do a reading on these guys who have just died. Do you feel that way?

    I have mixed feelings. Curiosity, since they are obviously amazing people. Sadness about the huge loss of life. Respect for their discipline, talents and service, most of which seems to have been kept secret. And not wanting to do something inappropriate.

    So partly as a placeholder and in case others are interested, here’s the link:

  21. 21

    GRACE W., thank you for supplying the link and also for the thoughtful question.

    Ethics must be chosen by each individual. Here is my ethical perspective.

    If a service person comes forward in public to accept an award, that individual is being honored in public and it is appropriate to read that person’s aura in public.

    In the case of a person who is not coming forth as a public personality, it is respectful to NOT read that person’s aura in public, as on this blog. Posthumous honors do not constitute a choice to come forth in public. Using energetic literacy techniques in private, for your own insight, is always ethical.

    Of course, the intention in doing a technique of aura reading will matter a great deal. For instance, when recently doing an aura reading of Michele Bachmann, my intention was to learn more truth about her.

    I aimed to set aside my political biases as much as humanly possible. So I didn’t, for instance, have an intention, “Is she as nutty as she seemed in that Crazy Eyes cover of Newsweek?”

    Hopes this helps, GRACE. If not, let the dialogue continue.

  22. 22
    Grace W says:

    Yes, this is helpful in general, ROSE, and has just helped me crystallize what was rumbling around, unclear.

    It doesn’t feel appropriate to read any of those soldiers. Everything I’ve read indicates that humility and discretion are a big part of what the SEALS are about. So while it’s interesting to catch a glimpse of them through photos, since they are intentionally not in the public eye, it really does not feel appropriate to me to read them at all. Even if my intention is simply to learn more about them, what makes them tick.

    I’m a pretty private person myself and it feels right to just let them be, to respect that privacy.

    Maybe another time if it feels right, I’ll look up one of those former SEALS who’s written a book about their experience. That would feel more appropriate. Or the recent Medal of Honor winner.

    In any case, it’s such a tremendous loss that they all died in that crash.

    As for the Michelle Bachmann Newsweek cover, Jon Stewart’s take was priceless, in case you haven’t seen it. He called them on it, calling it a cheap shot. There’s more to it, but it’s hilarious.

  23. 23
    Dave says:

    Very interesting discussion so far on techniques for dealing with people in a work or business arena. I occassionally sell things online as well and I’ve really laughed at the kind of pathetic offers people have made for certain items.

    I was selling something for over 100 dollars and someone offered me ten dollars!! I had to laugh at this guy’s nerve. In a way it was fascinating how blatant a cheapskate he was. Like the fact that he took the shot and said the heck with it. But it seemed also like he didn’t have any sort of grounding in a real sense. I couldn’t really respect his perspective on things.

    I feel like people like that ultimately aren’t successful. In my experience, people who are upfront and honest with their dealings and expectations are much more successful in the long run than people who try to make the quick buck here and there. A straightforward and genuine business plan is more ethical and, in my experience, more profitable in the long run.

  24. 24
    Dave says:

    I agree with what PRIMMIE is saying, too. In my work I have to work with different people and Rose’s theories have helped tremendously.

    “The meek will inherit the earth when they stand up with power and authenticity.” (not a direct quote)

    In my job I am so much more efficient, and I think I am more effective with my clients, when I bang through things with an authoritative bent. Being goofy and silly and roundabout is fun in my personal life, but it’s so much easier to just take the torch and run with it, so to speak, leading the discussion in matters of business.

    After all, I am the one being paid. I am the expert after all. I’m not going to go on the street and start lecturing a woman eating lunch with her children. They didn’t pay for it, so I have no business doing that! But when someone pays good money for my services, they’re trusting me to do what I think best. This method makes me more effective, too.

    I think ROSE has written about having a certain obligation (self-imposed) to provide quality services. I am paying for her services, so it’s disrespectful and counter-productive to assume that I should lead the ship. In this case I WANT to be led. I am the sheep and you be shepherd ! Haha.

    Long story short, though I am sometimes shocked by the attitudes people use to approach life, I try not to let it offend me or derail me. I am doing my business, and a brusque but attentive attitude, with humor and kindness sprinkled where necessary, has been helpful to me. Setting clear expectations and not crumpling to the whims of others.

  25. 25
    Dave says:

    Seconding GRACE W.’s comment, I too have felt reticent to demand things from ROSE, to ask unsolicited questions. I know you do this all for free ROSE, and I appreciate it.

    It’s also difficult, this whole Internet thing, to convey tone and pick up on tone. The subtleties that give us context clues about how to proceed socially.

    I also think some us do not know the protocol and the standards of behavior for a blog. Some might not mean offense but convey it, etc.

    The Internet is quite new so perhaps we’re all toddlers just learning the social conventions. “No Theresa, you cannot stick your fingers in your brothers ears. He does not like that.” Therefore, I think this is a good dialogue and it’s nice to know you appreciate politeness and niceties!

  26. 26
    Dana says:

    John Stewart helped me lighten up about Michelle Bachmann’s popularity:

    I am alarmed that her aura reading shows her in complete denial that she might be wrong! It is interesting how there is that hidden pattern though about her having self-doubt deep down.

    I think that denial in general is interesting aurically. As an unskilled empath growing up I wonder how much of my confusion with people (aside from being an unskilled empath period) was in feeling what others were in denial about.

    I don’t even think anyone ever even explained what denial was. And unfortunately I didn’t figure it out for a long time.

  27. 27
    Grace W says:

    Wasn’t Jon Stewart’s bit on Michelle Bachmann priceless, DANA?

    About denial…I guess it explains her popularity. Or rather, I guess her popularity reflects a brushstroke of our culture. How could anyone be enamored of Michelle Bachmann and consider her anywhere close to being a serious candidate for president unless they were in denial about a whole lot of things themselves?

    Your comment about being confused about people growing up resonated with me, DANA. Took me a while to figure out why it was all so jarring.

    And as a refreshing antidote to the denial candidate, our Enlightenment Life List guy, Warren Buffett, had an op-ed piece in the NY Times that focused squarely on reality.

  28. 28
  29. 29
    Jody G. says:

    DANA, the sentence in your comment that Rose has so helpfully [and subtly 🙂 ] bolded stopped me in my tracks a bit.

    I have a lot of memory that I could rewrite more accurately [and kindly to me] if viewed from this point of view.

    Thank you 🙂

  30. 30
    Dana says:

    Thank you for the Buffett op-ed link, GRACE W. That was a really impressive piece, and certainly refreshing to read! What a great role model he is: enlightened, ethical, courageous, and wealthy.

    I spent some time recently with someone who probably would vote for Michele Bachmann. His views were as unyielding as hers, and he was proud of it! I had to use everything I’ve learned about dealing with difficult people, and tried to have minimal contact.

  31. 31
    Dana says:

    Thanks for your comment, JODY G.

    Even after I learned about being an empath, I still didn’t want to believe what some people were really like. That has been a very difficult lesson for me. I guess I had my own denial of sorts!

  32. 32
    Grace W says:

    DANA, your comment resonates with something that came to mind in relation to this thread and the psychopath conversation.

    I spent a very long time not really getting just how bad some people could be and found myself victimized. Of course, it didn’t help that my poor mother’s way of coping with my dastardly brother was to deny the extent of his behavior, sometimes blaming me for it and often insisting that he “had a good heart.”

    The truth was, he really had no heart at all. Took many years and a lot of healing to sort all of that out.

    I was realizing that this denial of what people can really be like is something that drove me nuts in New Age Litany-type communities. We had a lively discussion here about New Age Litany a while back. With all the emphasis on only being positive and thinking positive things, there isn’t a lot of room for the reality of how people can be.

  33. 33
    Dana says:

    GRACE W., that was extra confusing to me, too, when people would tell me that someone was “very nice,” but I was getting completely opposite vibes. The worst was, “Oh come on, she’s just a nice, old lady.” As if “nice” and “old lady” automatically had to go together.

    I was very into the New Age Litany-positive thinking deal in high school. This was not a good time for always rosy positive thinking. This was like carrying just a peace candle onto a battlefield. And then if I was shot, saying, “How rude! But I still like you. In fact, I am going to work really hard on loving you, too.”

    Some better advice for me would have been, “Stay away from people with guns,” (people who are mean to you).

  34. 34
    Bonnie says:

    Well, you could knock me over with a feather regarding your reading on her verbal integrity. has quite an extensive section on correcting some of her wilder claims.

    Is it possible she thinks she is proclaiming “God’s truth” and “man’s truth” is just not important?

  35. 35

    Precisely, BONNIE.

  36. 36
    Bonnie says:

    She worships the god of “Truthiness,” as “The Colbert Report” would say.

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