Deeper Perception Made Practical

Personally, what I heal most often

First, aura bounce. After, cutting astral ties.

Recently we’ve been discussing the uses of energetic literacy in everyday life. Self-disclosure, especially in public isn’t my comfort zone. (Face Readers, read my lips.)

However, having gone into some detail about what this teacher actually does in her life, I feel duty bound to fill in a gap.

After all, I’ve summarized how I use face reading and aura reading in everyday life. You already know that as a skilled empath, I keep all my empath gifts turned OFF most of the time. Exceptions are the brief times during a day when I will do a technique for Skilled Empath Merge.

You can guess (correctly) that all the skills I use with clients are also used on myself, with the exception of moving out frozen blocks of energy through past-life regression therapy. For this (like anyone else) I need to become the client of another regression therapist skilled in this healing art. I have definitely done this on occasion.

Self-hypnosis is something I do every day of my life, since I believe in this part of my work. But the regression therapy part is like a meal that you cannot make at home.

On my own, as needed, I will cut a cord of attachment; do Thrill Your Soul aura reading research; pull out energetic holograms of people I have met and research their auras in detail; or facilitate a technique for which I haven’t found a proper name yet — using aura reading research to revisit sticky situations, understand what made the other person tick, and re-evaluate what I did with speech and actions, seeking improvement.

But can any of you Blog-Buddies guess which skill set I use most often? As in every day of my life. Many times. Many ways.

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection wins that popularity contest. By far. And it’s timely to mention some of the practical uses since I only teach this workshop once a year. Hey, I only teach ANY of my workshops once a year in America. There were nine different workshops, last time I counted. And which one is coming up next, on September 10-11? The Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop.

This workshop teaches a set of skills for moving out different types of astral debris that can really drain the fun out of life:

  • Stuck spirits (a.k.a. astral entities, entity attachments)
  • Negative thought forms
  • Astral ties (a.k.a psychic ties)
  • Psychic coercion

Here come the stories, Blog-Buddies.

Returning what to college?

School is starting now around the world, plus or minus a week or two. Recently my husband and I drove our son Matt back to college for his third year. We loaded up boxes and suitcases, rented a mini-van, stocked up on the usual favorite snacks, and off we went to the University of Virginia at Charlottesville.

As we settled in for the ride, I healed all four of the items noted above. Because any time that I rent a car — or stay in a hotel — I’m going to clean out the astral debris.

Most people don’t know what they’re renting. I do. At the astral level, rental cars and hotel rooms contain all the bad vibes, worries, angers, weird compulsions, etc. of every single previous driver/passenger/inhabitant.

Who will feel the impact the most? Highly Sensitive Persons, hello! And who among the Highly Sensitive Persons? The empaths!

Of course, I energetically detail that rented car. Wouldn’t leave home without it. Mitch and Matt are glad I do it.

And as we finished unloading at Matt’s college dorm, of course I went in there and cleaned the place up energetically. Doing the same healings noted above.

I wanted the place to feel like home. A good home. Where my son could have thought forms and other energies that would be appropriate to his soul. And his current level of consciousness.

Bring home which forms of astral debris?

Back at home in Sterling, the suburbs of Washington, D.C., what then? After I go shopping for major purchases, naturally I’ll do a thought form healing. “Major purchases” means anything from underwear on up.

Oops, Blog-Buddies, if it’s too much information that I actually buy underwear, forget you just read that part.

Today I plan to buy some new sheets, maybe check out some new clothes. Outer garments. Think about that instead. So much more tasteful. (Well, forget the sheets. Oops, also, personal. That’s the thing about personal life, isn’t it? Once one gets started blabbing away, it does tend to be personal.)

What on earth do people purchase when they bring home new clothes?

  • Only the negative thought forms of everybody who worked in the factory.
  • Negative thought forms from whoever warehoused the clothing, while stoned on weed or however coping with a deadly dull job.
  • Negative thought forms from whoever delivered the clothing while hating that job.
  • And negative thought forms  every single person who tried on the clothing and felt fat and ugly, etc.

The comical part, to me, is that I don’t believe in germs much, taking only the most basic reasonable precautions to keep away from physical yecch. Some folks are germaphobes by comparison. They worry about being near people who sneeze. Never would they intentionally touch a hand to that germ-ridden thing known as an escalator. Nor would they allow themselves to place a freshly cleansed hand on the banister of a staircase.

Most folks fall somewhere in-between germaphobes and me (a believer in the six-second-dropped-food-I’ll-eat-it rule).

None of us would normally buy a new pair of shoes if they looked physically filthy. Imagine, those fine New Balances, sparkling white running shoes only they’re covered with soot and stains, old dog poop perhaps. Whatever.

Yet energetically all items of apparel are covered with the equivalent.

Once I buy merchandise, astral grime is a problem I can quickly diagnose and solve. Astral goop is quickly cleaned off. Often I will use my power of command to facilitate the healing while driving home from the store.

Same with antiques, etc. Back in the day, I used to buy loads of high-end consignment clothes and toys from yard sales. My son, for instance, wore very few new clothes while growing up. A generous friend supplied hand-me-downs from her son a couple of years older, supplementing the other gently used items I used to purchase for my quickly growing child.

As for me, for decades I bought my dress clothes at consignment shops. We have some great ones in metro D.C.

Living within my means has always meant more to me than having the latest designer fashions. Those simple economies were just fine by me. Especially since I cleaned up all the energetic aspects of everything.

Just once does it, when bringing those new-oldish goodies back home.

Back home, what else needs cleaning?

Only the whole house and everything in it, especially my husband and me. I’ll take a few very efficient minutes each day to do all the astral dusting.

Since I maintain a home office, plenty of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection is needed to support all the skills that I use here professionally. Every skill noted at the start of this post puts me in contact with other people… and their astral grime. Specifically, I do mostly phone sessions of Energy Spirituality. I travel the globe that way.

Yesterday, it was England and Canada. Day before that it was China and India. In August, I have had sessions in South America and Australia, as well as other parts of Asia and Europe, plus loads of cool parts of America.

No matter where I meet with clients, or how I help them, at the end of a session I will cut psychic ties. During sessions I will also be on the lookout for major problems with those four kinds of problem noted above. Spiritual Cleansing and Protection skills are used often when I’m helping clients, especially new ones.

When clients come here for Energy Release Regression Therapy, afterwards I’ll move out all the negative thought forms. It’s almost unthinkable to me, how many of my colleagues don’t know about skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. Every consulting hypnotist, every regression therapist — if they don’t use the extra skill set of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, how energetically grimy that healing office is going to get.

The same goes with Reiki healers, Energy Medicine practitioners, Healing Touch graduates, E.F.T. practitioners, psychotherapists, shamanic healers, psychics, teachers of psychic development, channelers, mediums, massage therapists, etc.

Unless you learned it, you don’t know it

Sure, all the above-named specialties include some kind of training in keeping yourself energetically clear. It might be called clearing or grounding or protection or alphabet soup.

However effective such practices may be, they are taught as one small part of the skill set. Because when you go to learn Reiki, for instance, you are going to learn Reiki. (I give that example as someone who studied with three different Reiki masters, going up to and stopping right at the part about teaching others to  become Reiki masters. Because somehow I felt I had enough to teach without adding that part. 😉 )

Of course, you learn Reiki when studying Reiki, and the same with other practices.

However, that doesn’t replace the need for a dedicated skill set about Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. You have probably met countless practitioners, healers, readers, etc. who seem more exhausted every year. The skills are great, and the spirit is willing. Only the flesh is astrally grimed-up and continues that way, so that psychic can’t stop smoking, that healer can’t stop eating extra, etc.

None of that STUFF has to be become part of that psychic or healer, as an occupational hazard. Since the skill set for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection isn’t rocket science.

Breaking records the easy way

In my personal story, there is one obvious fact about the usefulness of the skill set I call “Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

Only twice in my life have I ever set a record.

Here’s the context. For many years, I taught for VOICE, the leading seminar company in Japan that sponsors healers and teachers and other New Age practitioners. VOICE would sponsor over 100 professionals every year. This August I would have gone back to Tokyo again, for the whole month, if there hadn’t been that earthquake and radiation problem. And do I ever aim to return in a couple of years after things have settled down! How I miss Japan and my clients and students and interpreters!

Anyway, a couple of times I set a record for doing the most sessions of anyone VOICE had ever sponsored. During a 28-year history.

Why did I manage to do so many more healing sessions, aura reading sessions, etc., than my colleagues? So many mega-talented people have worked for VOICE. I think, for instance, of my friend Nancy Clark, the medical intuitive who speaks at prestigious conferences worldwide. Nancy Clark has made it onto our Enlightenment Life List!

What has made the difference in my ability to attract clients and do so many sessions successfully? I’m sure it’s because of the sessions were done by someone with the skills to move out psychic coercion, clean up the thought forms, move out astral entities, etc. Less wear-and-tear on the healer plus the interpreter.

Do consider learning that super-practical skill set, described in this YouTube video. Do I go ahead and teach you everything via YouTube? Sure, I find many videos that claim to do that in six minutes, seven minutes.

To me, that’s sad. Either learn a quality skill set and really master it. Otherwise don’t waste your time. Meaning no disrespect to those influential YouTube healers like FaeryBliss, skills that involve consciousness need to be taught carefully, respectfully, completely.

That’s how I believe in teaching, anyway. Easiest to learn are the skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

You could learn the full skill set through sessions of phone mentoring, but it’s much more cost effective, powerful, and fun, to study with a group. It makes a great first workshop with me because it’s so easy and empowering to learn skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. Energetic literacy and self-authority grow by leaps and bounds.

Incidentally, you can learn more about the upcoming workshop for self-healing here. Otherwise, you’ll benefit from my using these skills personally… as my friend, as my neighbor, as my client or student.

I walk that talk, use those healings, to be as clear in life as I can be.

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  1. 1
    Grace S says:

    Yeah, to me this seems like real necessary and basic information.

    I’m very much looking forward to learning these techniques, instead of just being a curious bystander in sessions! 🙂

  2. 2

    Thanks, GRACE S. It sure will be fun to see you at that Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop. And guess who else is going to be there? GRACE W.

    We can have a meeting of the graces. 😉 Along with all the others in this wonderful group.

  3. 3
    Grace S says:

    What a HOOT! “Other Grace” I can’t wait to meet you! What a treat 🙂

    Another woman who is active on the blog too, no? Susanne (I believe) mentioned it a while back.

    You’ve got us flying in from all over the place, Rose! Maybe I won’t be shy for once! We all have this sense of familiarity from your nexus.

    I’m excited!

  4. 4
    Grace W says:

    Oooh, a GRACE vortex! How fun! 🙂 I look forward to meeting you, GRACE S. GRACE F, are you coming, too?

    I am so excited about this workshop, ROSE. Even more so after reading this great post.

    I’ve actually often wondered how you manage to be so productive doing this work and now I understand much better.

    I’m sure that learning these skills will help me loads. I’m also sure that picking up all that muck is a big reason I wind up feeling drained from teaching, never mind using public transportation, in spite of my best efforts at using the skills I have.

  5. 5
    Heather Crawford says:

    Rose, do you have any plans on writing another book on this subject matter?

    I’d really love to learn this skill set from you. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it out to VA for your workshop anytime soon.

  6. 6

    HEATHER, there is a book that I am publishing on this topic. The workshop would still make it a deeper experience by far, and move you forward by about six months at using the skills.

    If you can’t make it out to VA, you might consider doing some phone mentoring on this. Or saving up for NEXT year.

    Thanks for asking. One way or another, we’ll get you all fixed up with these super-practical skills!

  7. 7
    suzanne says:

    Yes, I am going, GRACE S.! I look forward to meeting you and GRACE W.! And hopefully other Blog-Buddies.

    And thanks, Rose. This post was really helpful.

  8. 8
    Jean says:

    Wonderful post, Rose.

    IMHO really important skills to have…..the ones I have learned so far have helped me greatly.

    Any news on when the new book will be available to purchase? (Yes – I am excited at this prospect 🙂 )

  9. 9
    Heather Crawford says:

    Good luck with the new book, Rose! And thank you for your unyielding and ever present support in all that you do.

    I’m saving every penny I can to come out and do a workshop. I learn best by a hands-on approach so I’m sure I would greatly benefit from the group setting (not to mention all of the accelerated learning by having you personally teaching us!)

  10. 10
    Grace S says:

    Hey, HEATHER. I wanted to encourage you to save up for a course. I’m like you, I need the interaction. Read all I want, only limited information sinks in.

    I’m living on a budget and just wanted to share some strategies.

    Last year I came out for Rose’s Aura Reading Workshop. We decided to make it a family trip and drive out –- saved some money that way (no car rental, no flights), got to spend time together, and brought out a cooler so we didn’t have to dump money into take out.

    My husband and son just tooled around all day and would pick me up for lunch, I loved it! We considered making it a camping trip, but thought the weather was too unreliable in the early springtime.

    This year, I’m using my husband’s frequent flyer miles. We’re actually going to set up a Frontier Airlines credit card to bulk up on the free miles (My brother flew his whole family to Paris for free, by putting the mortgage payment, and other normal monthly expenses, on the card and paying it in full monthly).

    I’m glad that the Workshop is being held at the hotel I’m staying at. (Thanks Rose, much appreciated!) Saves me a car rental or taxi charges. And I believe there is a grocery store near the hotel, that will help, unless it’s Aldi’s or Cosco. (Insert rolled eyes!)

    I had a plan of how to save for the hotel and course fee, based on my existing budget -– it was based on a promised raise and allocating that aside. We got an “incentive” instead of a raise; I was really upset because it was much less, but it obviously worked out for the best for my said goals.

    I know this info is pretty basic; I hope it doesn’t come across as insulting! I’m just trying to offer encouragement and strategies so you don’t feel that your hands are tied to saving change and/or credit cards.

  11. 11
    Grace S says:

    Almost forgot!

    SUZANNE, I’m VERY much looking forward to meeting you too, what a pleasure! I’ve got a huge smile on my face!

  12. 12
    Grace W says:

    Hey, me too…I’m excited to meet you, SUZANNE!

    As for saving money, I opened an American Express Delta Sky Miles card when I went to the Soul Thrill Workshop. Racked up 25,000 miles for opening it. I’ve charged a few things since and am paying for most of my flight with the miles.

    I bring as much food as I can to save money. I have ways of packing easy stuff to pop in the fridge in the hotel room. I’m almost certain it’s the same hotel as the Soul Thrill Workshop, which means there’s no food within walking distance, just some stuff in the hotel food area. But people were willing to drive to the nearby mall for meals.

    Speaking of the hotel, ROSE, I hope the lesson on clearing out hotel cooties will be early in the workshop! 🙂

  13. 13

    GRACE W., I like that last idea of yours. Of course, learning how to clean out hotel rooms is part of what you’all will learn in detail.

    Usually before starting the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop (or any other workshop), I use the full set of healings on the workshop space, the common areas of the hotel, myself and all the course participants whose souls would like the healing.

    But… I don’t usually include where people are staying, hotel rooms included. What a great idea. I will do this!

  14. 14
    Grace W says:

    Thanks, ROSE! Much appreciated….

    I am so looking forward to developing this skill set. I was reminded from your post that a major reason I never shop at thrift stores is because just walking in the door I can feel all the muck. Actually, in so many places, I can sense it. How cool to be able to clean it up….

  15. 15
    Truthseeker says:

    Would it be appropriate to adapt the method for hotel rooms or stores to a church or place of worship? Even if one only attends sometimes/infrequently?

  16. 16

    TRUTH SEEKER, doing that is actually built into the set of techniques. Why don’t you come to the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection and experience this skill set in a non-theoretical way. 🙂

    It would be fun to meet you.

  17. 17
    Jean says:

    SUZANNE – thanks for your words – yes they are out there and they do exist…

    So glad all of you are indeed out there…and awake.

    Your shared words help me to continue moving forward with a renewed sense of connection and community.

    Onward and upward!

  18. 18
    Heather Crawford says:

    Oh GRACE S, I just saw your comment to me!

    Thank you for all of the encouragement! I love hearing your saving strategies! Super helpful ideas. I really do appreciate you taking the time to tell how you are doing so. So much inspiration!

    It’s fairly easy to save, more a matter of priorities. I’m currently working myself out of debt! Yeah!

  19. 19
    Truthseeker says:

    It would be fun to go and I’d like to, but I haven’t saved up enough and I had to pay for an auto repair. Plus, I hope to catch up with some friends that weekend. So I’ll have to wait for next year. I’m looking forward to your new book about this stuff.

  20. 20
    Grace S. says:

    I want to write a follow-up about this Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop for people in the future who are curious about taking it…. DO IT 😉

    Speaking with a peer from the class via email, who has also taken other classes, this one is just amazing for the skills that you can use immediately, effortlessly, daily, and in a snap.

    It IS getting a power blast, scrubbing for grime you carry around unwittingly –- astral level grime, non-personal grime (vs. cords of attachment).

    The skills are: Cutting Astral Ties; Replacing Negative Thought Forms; Astral Entity Healing (as in dead dudes); Extra-Terrestrial Entity Healing; and Psychic Coercion Removal.

    I feel like I’ve been given such a breath of fresh air and able to be more of myself through the healings I participated in, plus being seriously empowered by this useful skill set.

    This astral debris has such a real and limiting effect on daily life. Once you experience the removal of it, it becomes so obvious and easy to recognize.

    But, as Rose says, “A reading is not a healing,” and I’ve already used the techniques on myself and two friends since the weekend. They’ve felt incredible relief.

    It’s been really rewarding, and is helping me get out of the closet about helping people. That alone is worth the price of admission….

    I wanted to end this on a funny. Sorry, it’s probably one of those annoying, “You had to be there” kinda things. And I quote, “Rose, what’s up with that, I have never had Qudoba taste so good in my life!!??”

  21. 21
    suzanne says:

    Hi Grace!

    I second that, GRACE S. It was an incredibly powerful and useful workshop. I, too, have been using those skills daily and feeling a whole lot clearer in body/mind/spirit. It really does feel like making a several-month leap in evolution.

    And it was so nice to meet you and GRACE W. and VALERIE there! And maybe even others–I didn’t catch who else at the workshop also comments on the blog.

    VALERIE, I didn’t receive an email with the group’s email addresses–did you get a chance to send it out yet?


  22. 22
    Grace W says:

    Hear, hear, Sister GRACE! I ditto your raves about the workshop. And will add a few more…

    What fabulous fun it was to connect with a bunch of Blog-Buddies in person! Now we have our handy-dandy energetic holograms so that our emails to each other will have more oomph.

    What fun to be able to swap stories about being an empath and to hang out with people who get it.

    And the skills….dazzling! Yesterday I had a ball in my salsa class dancing without carrying extra astral muck. Definitely felt lighter and freer.

    It was amazing to feel so clear and to remain clear even after getting up at the crack of dawn to fly back home across country and then the next day get back to work.

    I’m getting used to a new way of being. Now it’s more my body asking me to take a break after such a flurry of activity.

    What I know now is that prior to the workshop, it would be the astral muck that would slow me down and fog up my thinking. Now, even if I’m tired from the travel and jumping back into a hectic work schedule, I’m still clear and can easily sense much more of myself all the time.

    Many thanks, Rose and Mitch, for all the work that went into planning and teaching the workshop!

  23. 23
    suzanne says:

    One more thing I would like to say about taking the workshop: it has had some huge benefits that I did not expect.

    This morning I did 30 minutes of practicing techniques that I learned, choosing the ones that felt appropriate, as I have done every day since last weekend. And, as has happened each time, I have noticed huge differences in my Before- and After-Pictures of how I feel in body-emotions-mind.

    One of the best things for me personally about this workshop is that I have found that whole process, of paying attention internally and trusting the information I get, suddenly so much easier and more powerful.

    With my first workshop in energetic literacy, when I did techniques, it was always with a half-hearted attitude of “Well, I doubt this is really going to work but here goes nothing.”

    Then I second and triple did techniques because I doubted I had done them right.

    I think as a result of some of the sessions of energy spirituality that I’ve had in the interim between the two workshops, that whole attitude is gone. It also could be, because we got so much practice with techniques. It also could be because my system is just clearer as a result of the techniques!

    Anyway, it is very exciting for me. What a great thing, to have a practice you can do every day, to transform how you feel.

    Whether you slept well or badly, whether you have aches and pains, feel foggy and confused, or irritable… to be able to do a technique and suddenly feel alive, alert, more present, joyful, and powerful (able to tackle whatever the day brings.)

    I also had my first experience, through one of the techniques I used, of asking for guidance, receiving it, and trusting that guidance.

    So I want to say thank you, Rose, so much. And I encourage anyone who is on the fence about taking workshops with Rose to just do it (but maybe after some sessions of Aura Healing.) It will make a huge difference in your life.

    I also think that the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection is a great first workshop. And I think that if, at all possible, doing some sessions of aura healing before a workshop will help you get more out of them. Growth really is so cumulative…

  24. 24
    suzanne says:

    You’re welcome, JEAN!

  25. 25
    Sabine says:

    Reading the reviews makes me very excited about the book that is coming out on Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

    Can’t wait!

  26. 26
    Grace W says:

    I’ve been fascinated by more goodies I’ve become aware of since developing my skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

    I chose to attend the workshop knowing I’d need to fly to it across country and back for the weekend, right in the midst of the busiest, most hectic time at my job, just a week into a semester. One of the many challenges is magnetizing the classes and students I need for the whole semester, and it tends to be a rather fluid, fast-paced time. Usually stressful without a cross-country trip over a weekend.

    I cringed when I saw an assignment to a class in a new department I wasn’t even aware of – Video Gaming! As in, teaching people how to create the things.

    No disrespect intended toward any Blog-Buddies who might find the things enthralling, but I find them to be pretty dreadful. So I was sorting out whether I’d be able to keep it really superficial and go through the motions or whether I could afford to ditch the class. With everything I know now about the effect of images on the subconscious mind, I really did not want to be spending any time having to look at all the death and destruction images!

    The day after I returned from the workshop, feeling all clear and psyched, I got a call from my boss about another class I was asked to support, which I snatched up. Taking this class allowed me to ditch the video game one – big relief! I was ready to drop it anyway by the time I got back and trust that I’d find something else.

    I’ve been amazed at how much easier it is to sort out a complicated schedule with more class hours than I normally have and to make it through a couple of full weeks feeling clearer than I ever have, with energy on Friday after working all week. I consider this a miracle! I’ve been using the skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, and they sure do work.

    It’s definitely much easier to be myself….as in there simply being more of me that feels accessible. Feels easier to connect with people without the astral muck that was fogging up my aura.

    The other treat in all this is that the new class I picked up is with an instructor I knew just a little about, but intuitively knew I’d enjoy working with.

    He’s a broadcast journalist who was ready to quit after getting burned out from spending 10 years telling stories of “Death and destruction.” Right when he was ready to quit, he got laid off.

    He decided to follow his passion and start a website in which he’d use his storytelling skills to tell stories of regular folks who are doing things to help people in their communities. Using social media to inspire people to take action for good. The stories he’s produced and the effects they’ve had have been inspiring to read. Here’s the site, in case anyone’s interested in checking it out:

    I just love working with the guy. He’s so appreciative. And in the age of all the craziness that’s in the media, it’s wonderful to meet someone who’s willing to bring a different consciousness to the news and to see the creative ways he’s putting social media to use in a grounded way.

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