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Blog-Buddies, have you been toying with the idea of, some day, writing a guest post for this blog? Well, time to start playing!

About a week ago, torrential rains lashed the part of Northern Virginia where I live. One week ago, the main landline at my office (and home) stopped working. Internet access died, except for brief random periods.

The latest news from Verizon is that they will attempt to fix the service on September 26. Yum, virtual reincarnation for the telephone at Women’s Intuition Worldwide.

About new blog posts before 2-26

Those new energetic literacy articles and profiles are going to be up to you, Blog-Buddies. What a great chance to choose a photo and then write up a face reading, aura reading, or skilled empath merge.

Or choose any of the topics that have been written about in our vast bloggy archives. Share your experiences and opinions!

Submit your guest post as a comment here at the blog. Please be sure to include a one-click link that ends in “.jpg” because only such a link can be added onto the blog along with your sage words.

I’ll be getting to the library every day. Yet I can’t guarantee that a terminal will be free; therefore, I may not be able to get online to enable comments. One day this last week, for instance, I made the drive only to be entertained by “Full House.”

Gee, wish I had been playing poker instead. 😉

Comment away, meanwhile

Your contributions don’t have to be guest posts, of course. Regular comments are going to fascinate us all, too.

So please don’t think of this as a gloomy episode of Technoflubb out in Sterling, Virginia. Consider it your special new opportunity to shine.

The September issue of Reading Life Deeper

Our latest issue  just got promoted, folks. When we are able to make the newsletter formatted and live, well, that may be pretty deeply into September.

So that aura reading of Steve Jobs, etc., will become our September-October issue.

As always, you can sign up by going over to the Official Rose Rosetree Website. Scroll down and sign up for our free e-newsletter.

Usually it goes out regularly every month. of course.

Do you have a scheduled session with me?

Please call the following number for your session, until further notice:


Clients from overseas, you’ll be relieved to know the Country Code is the same as always. 😉

Dear clients, please note that the usual Audio Acrobat sound recordings will not be available for our personal sessions. So please bring your own notepaper.

And/or make arrangements from your side of the telephone to make a sound recording for yourself.

Incidentally, Mitch has been sending out emails to clients in advance with all this information. But I know that some of you lurk more attentively than you read his (usually) routine appointment confirmations.

Emailing  me (until further notice)

Thank you, gmail! Yes, I will be able to read emails every day, more or less, during this interesting time. Email me here only:


Thanks for your patience, everyone

Not everyone in Northern Virginia is having this particular communications experience. My Loudoun Regional Public Library, for instance. Yet one more reason to love this place.

Eventually Verizon will find time for Women’s Intuition Worldwide’s main phone line. For sure, I’ll come roaring and twinkling back with more  blog posts than usual for the first week or two of regular online functioning. Meanwhile, what happens with guest posts is a mystery.

Solve it well, Blog-Buddies.

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  1. 1
    Jody G. says:

    Wow, that’s quite a wait. I hope things are all sorted soon, and even better than before.

    In the meantime, Vive le Blog!

  2. 2
    suzanne says:

    Hi Rose,

    I don’t suppose you would consider buying an emergency cell phone and signing up for wireless?! Then again, maybe it’s a great opportunity for a holiday.

    I also found the molecular empath reading fascinating, especially the part about how some people can’t handle that energy.

    I’m remembering how a lot of people (myself included) could not stand to listen to Alanis Morrissette back in her bitter days. Just the sound of her voice was worse than nails on a chalkboard.

    I don’t have that reaction to her anymore, then again, I haven’t heard her in several years.

    I’ll be looking forward to the end of September when you are back on line — and to reading guest posts in between.



  3. 3

    SUZANNE, that’s a sweet idea. Actually, I already have a cell, which I have been using along with our existing landline. Only recording isn’t available, etc., as lamented here.

    Of course it would be tempting to buy an I-Phone or Droid but I just don’t want to go there. Spending 60 work hours per week is my upper limit, and in the rest of my human-type hours it would be too tempting to glue myself to one of these super-fun toys.

    We are probably going to be moving towards FiOS rather than DSL, as well, but only after doing proper research. Meanwhile, we still do have to wait for the basic line here to be fixed before we start changing a thing.

  4. 4
    suzanne says:

    Oh no! I didn’t see that part of your post after the invitation for guest posts. Wow–I hope Verizon is able to restore phone service sooner than expected. And so glad the Loudon library is there for you.

  5. 5
    Lizzie says:

    And what about Skype calls? Internet is more resistant than phone lines. I don’t know if Skype calls can be recorded.

  6. 6
    Lizzie says:

    And there are even calls from inside Google mail.

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