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What happens to Dolly Parton’s aura when she sings? In her autobiography, Dolly describes herself as a child holding up a pretend microphone so she could sing for her audience. No photos of that are available, to my knowledge, but I have found some fine photographs for doing aura reading research.

Sure, we can compare some chakra databanks when Dolly Parton is simply playing “celeb” versus how those same chakra databanks perform when she plays “performer.” I’ll disclose that I am a HUGE fan of this singer and sometimes songwriter. If you are, too, perhaps you will have some favorite YouTubes about Dolly that you can note in the COMMENTS section from today’s post.

Background on Aura Reading and Chakra Databanks

Let’s get practical background out of the way. You can find background on aura reading as a form of energetic literacy at these blog posts:

For photographs, to help you read along with me:

  • Here is a dependable version of the photograph, Dolly Parton as a celebrity
  • A larger, though less dependable link, shows the same photo of Dolly Parton
  • And here is a dependable version of another photograph of Dolly Parton performing
  • A larger, though less dependable link, shows the same photo of Dolly Parton performing

Incidentally, I will be commenting about a bit of face reading data in today’s post. For that reason alone it would be useful to open up one of the “Dolly Parton as a celebrity” links so you can enlarge it. Otherwise the photo quality won’t allow you to see this interesting face data.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Aura Reading Presence in the Room as a Performer, Root Chakra Databank

  • Dolly Parton, Celeb

8 inches. A great deal of scar tissue is present, suggesting that the apparent “dream career” with decades as a super-star has definitely not been easy. Dolly Parton has had to put herself back together time and again.

Born in 1946, Dolly Parton has been famous since the age of nine, if not earlier. She has packed a lot of living into those very public years. As a star, she has also had the “job requirement” of maintaining a certain physical image. Which has included cultural ideals of extreme thinness.

The biggest concern I have, reading this chakra databank, is that long-term starving herself to conform to what I call “The Anorexic Ideal” seems to be taking a toll on her overall energy level, causing ALL of her chakra databanks to perform with less vigor than otherwise.

It is likely that there are also some long-term health problems. Not being a medical intuitive, I have no idea what they are. And even if I did, in my ethical code, naming them here at the blog would cross a line.

Suffice it to say, Dolly Parton’s presence is joyful at the time of this photo. Yet she is deeply fatigued, with little energy available for enjoying her life when not in public.

  • Dolly Parton, Performing

Fills the room plus 4 inches. Imagine a rushing fire engine, siren blaring. That’s a hint of the electrical, loving, soulful power that rushes through Dolly Parton as she sings.

By this time in her life, the circuitry to carry that rush of energy is not doing so well. While singing, there are energetic misfires, which register within her as physical and emotional discomfort, maybe dissatisfaction with technical aspects of her performance.

Yet plenty comes through still, as Ms. Parton knows.

She also is aware, even while performing, that there will be a price to pay: Exhaustion, feeling depleted.

One great thing about Dolly Parton at this stage in her career — hey, this might sound funny but I mean it in all seriousness — is that she isn’t using substances to mask the problems. I don’t find alcohol or pot or other substances that are often used by people, famous or not, to self-medicate. That’s a great tribute to Ms. Parton’s strength as a person.

Aura Reading Self-Confidence as a Performer, Solar Plexus Chakra Databank

  • Dolly Parton, Celeb

18 inches. Confident at this time in her life? Dolly keeps herself going, doesn’t retire, knows intellectually that she has had an amazing career. Within her, at the time of this photograph, energetic literacy suggests profound fatigue.

I’m curious about what I’ll find out when I do the performing part of this research. Technical point: To maintain as much clarity as possible, my method is to research each chakra databanks from the first photo, then go on to research the full set from the second photo.

At this point I’m wondering if Parton keeps performing because her life is otherwise somewhat empty. Or does she have huge downloads of spiritual grace that flow through her, and she spends the rest of her time integrating that healing. Based on my experience aura reading other celebrities, it could go either way.

Either way, Dolly has clearly been having big problems It’s evident from this chakra databank and the previous one as well. STUFF is also evident from a face reading perspective. Note how both her eyes are now down-angled, especially the one on her left side, which corresponds to her personal life. Face Readers, you know the implications of this, right?

  • Dolly Parton, Performing

5 feet. The usual confidence just isn’t there. Inside it feels dull, lackluster, like showing fans a brave fragment of her former self.

Evidently some of the confidence in those five feet comes from objective reality and external validation, knowing that fans will still definitely pay. Internally Dolly doesn’t feel all the usual zing and flow. Yet isn’t that what professionals have to do sometimes? And she is fully professional enough to keep singing even when the performing doesn’t feel great to her.

Aura Reading Sex Appeal, Belly Chakra Databank

  • Dolly Parton, Celeb

In her autobiography, Parton revealed that she has had two main passions in life, God and sex. You don’t have to work hard to appreciate that Ms. Parton hasn’t been shy about appealing to sex.

Everyone has this chakra databank, even human beings with the tiniest fraction of Dolly Parton’s innate and enhanced and emphasized sex appeal. So, what shows in this chakra databank at the time of this photo?

1 foot. Interest, memories of being hugely sexy, a certain fatigue with the whole enterprise.

A hollowness of quality to sex appeal suggests that Dolly Parton finds it hard to age. Raw, drool-provoking sex appeal has been such a huge part of the woman’s identity. Yet now she’s 65 years old chronologically. Energetically she seems about 15 years older, due to that very public life, and the quality of recognition she has received, cosmetic surgeries and all.

Other people can find ways to experience sex appeal in terms of moving energy with people, inspiring them spiritually, or otherwise combining raw sexiness with other components of self. Such people may find it easier to age, include with this chakra databank.

No amount of cosmetic surgery can make Dolly Parton look like a young hottie. That isn’t her fault. But you wouldn’t know it to feel the despondency in this particular chakra databank.

  • Dolly Parton, Performing

1 foot. It’s not about the sex appeal for her now, when performing. Dolly Parton takes the stage as a World Server, fully aware of a big spiritual glow that blesses her audience.

Sure, she still dresses the usual part. But her life isn’t about sex any more, and neither is her performing. Not for her.

Aura Reading Emotional Growth, Heart Chakra Databank

  • Dolly Parton, Celeb

11 inches. Sweet. Stuck. In denial.

“Translate into English, Rose,” right?

Dolly wants to evolve emotionally. She cares so much about love, and is such a feeling-based person.

Yet she has been a celebrity for decades, which tends to twist and morph a person’s aura in problematic ways. For this particular celeb, she has needed to think of herself as pure-hearted, sweet, and growing emotionally as a person, even with a certain kind of wisdom that is shared emotionally with her fans.

So the pressure has been on her. And that pressure has resulted in a certain rigidity. She thinks of herself emotionally as growing etc. Yet it seems to this aura reader that Parton hasn’t relaxed emotionally, as a human being, in a very long time. She has lost touch with this aspect of being vulnerable and not ready for public attention.

It’s a very human form of being stuck that could change any day, especially if she were interested in healing old STUFF.

  • Dolly Parton, Performing

6 inches. No big emotional insights or surges or energy come when Ms. Parton sings now.

Mainly she stays numb and in denial, avoiding inner recognition of the degree to which she does not enjoy performing, not as she once did.

Aura Reading Emotional Connection to Fans, Heart Chakra Databank

For you students of energetic literacy who are technically minded, as you know, half of a person’s chakra databanks are standard-issue for humans. The rest relate to a person’s unique path to Enlightenment, lifestyle, etc.

Relating to her fans has been part of Dolly Parton’s life since she was young. No wonder she has many chakra databanks on this theme. I’ve chosen this one to contrast to the previously read Heart Chakra Databank.

  • Dolly Parton, Celeb

90 miles. Pure love. Willing sacrifice. Caring, as a world server.

Connecting to fans is a kind of spiritual mission for this performer. She doesn’t perform out of ego. She wants to keep helping others the best she can.


  • Dolly Parton, Performing

7 inches. Dolly has nothing left to give.

Over the years she gave. She gave more. Even more.

At this point in her career, Dolly is wise enough to know that people will take any celebrity and project onto her/him their hopes, fears, desires. For a long time, the drama of this educated her. No longer.

She’ll stand up and sing. The rest is up to her fans, how much emotional help they will gain from watching her performance.

Aura Reading Communication as a Performer, Throat Chakra Databank

  • Dolly Parton, Celeb

45 feet. Dolly is a little self-conscious about communicating in public. Which means almost all the time.

As a long-term superstar, Ms. Parton knows well how ultra-discreet she must be, living in this age of instant communication and tell-all biographies from casual acquaintances. In so many years before the public eye, has there ever been a scandal?

Partly, that’s due to character. But it’s also due to discretion. Until I read this chakra databank, I had no idea of the chronic circuitry for self-control and image management. This limits spontaneity.

Yet it comes under that category of willing sacrifice that this particular performer makes. A Mel Gibson is motivated by ego, as many or most celebrities may be. Then there’s Dolly Parton, and others, who care tremendously about suffering humanity.

So she sends out sweetness and light and holds back anything that might detract from such a gift to her eavesdroppers.

  • Dolly Parton, Performing

5 inches. Not feeling entirely authentic.

She will put her best into a song, use her skills. Beyond that, no special performance or communication can take place. There is no more to give.

Aura Reading Soul Expression, High Heart Chakra Databank

  • Dolly Parton, Celeb

14 inches. Hearbreak is in here, Blog-Buddies. Granted, it is a feat for any human being living today to have even 4 inches of Soul Thrill show, let alone 14.

Dolly Parton does know a lot about what makes her feel really alive. She has courage and verve and outrageousness, all of which show nicely in this chakra databank.

However, there is a quality of disillusionment, as if she has outgrown much of her life and prevous joys. Yet she has no clue at all about what else to do. So she’s stuck doing things that used to thrill her soul and “ought to” thrill her now, as well. But not nearly, not quite as much as before.

  • Dolly Parton, Performing

1 inch. Ms. Parton’s human soul has had enough already. She is tired of performing, the pressure, the reaching out, the vulnerabilities.

Only the slightest vestiges of soul thrill are stirred by the act of performing. However, being someone who still performs is part of what I just read in the previous photo. As long as having that identity still thrills her soul, it’s worth it to Dolly Parton to not retire from performing.

Aura Reading Connection to Spiritual Source, Third Eye Chakra Databank

  • Dolly Parton, Celeb

27 feet. This connection to God is strong and solid and utterly glorious.

If Dolly’s own connection to her physical body were this strong, I would have made none of the remarks I sadly had to do in the first chakra databank read in today’s profile.

Instead, this is a fabulous but same old-same old way of feeling connected to God. For life.

Unremarkable in its way, to her — doesn’t that make it all the more remarkable to people like us?

  • Dolly Parton, Performing

17 feet. The usual spiritual grace is available, but in a very watered-down version compared to what usually is available to her. Which has got to be a pretty frightening experience, if she pays conscious attention.

Nothing wicked is going on. She’s hurting nobody.

But the combination of decreased spiritual connection and nearly nil soul thrill (as read in the previous chakra databank) are the human equivalent of a red light at a traffic intersection.

Energetically, Dolly Parton is receiving invitations aplenty that it is time to move on in her life, to retire from performing and open a new chapter.

Her human ego, her sense of security, bolstered by legions of fans who still want the current experience of The Great Dolly Parton: All that says “No. Don’t pay attention. Everything’s fine.”

And thus, Ms. Parton is left in a difficult position. Until she finds a way to reinvent herself, life is harder for her — and different — from what it has been for decades.

Aura Reading Dolly Parton, Conclusion

A great thing about energetic literacy, for me, is that there are always surprises. Just as you don’t know what a screen of type says until you read it! Only the surprises are bigger when you do Stage Three Energetic Literacy, gaining the ability to move inside the chakra databanks of your choice.

A lot surprised me, doing this aura reading of Dolly Parton. She has a wonderfully graced spiritual connection. And all you Blog-Buddies who have recovered from a Spiritual Addiction, take note. This Connection to Spiritual Source chakra databank is in proportion with the rest Dolly Parton’s aura. Yes, the glorious spiritual connection is there, dependable as trees or sunlight or the sound of flowing water. But no, this isn’t her whole life. And given the recent disillusionment and dejection in her auric field, that’s a triumph of wisdom to equal the uncanny power of this woman’s voice.

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  1. 1
    Dana says:

    Wow, ROSE, what an interesting aura reading! Thank you!

    Dolly Parton has been a celebrity for so long; her aura really does provide a unique perspective on what that life can do to a person. (And given that she’s not into scandal.)

    I agree that it’s great to see that she hasn’t used substances to numb herself out. I wonder how she will finally make the decision to stop performing. It must be hard to have flow as a performer and then not have it anymore.

  2. 2
    suzanne says:

    Thanks for writing this blog, ROSE. I too love Dolly Parton.

    I haven’t listened much to her music but I’ve loved her ever since seeing her in “Steel Magnolias.”

    What a powerful emotional presence and spiritual connection she has. And I’ve also admired the courageous way she speaks up in public on various issues.

  3. 3
    Curious to Know More says:

    Fascinating! Thank you, Rose, this is so helpful for learning.

  4. 4
    Claudia says:

    Wow, ROSE, reading this makes me want to cry.

    I do hope she is able to make a transition to a more suitable life, rather than continuing to suffer like this.

  5. 5
    Anne says:

    Oh sweet Dolly….. heartbreaking.

    I’m a fan of this lovely soul; as a person I have found her impressive. Now I feel impressed in a whole different way.

    Thank you for this poignant reading, ROSE.

  6. 6
    Marce says:

    Por fa!!!

    Traduzcan al español para poder leer, muy interesante Leer Rostros, ahora estoy leyendo Leer Auras.

  7. 7
    Linda says:

    Am finding this in July 2013. It is something I have been wondering about for quite a while. It seemed she was almost running herself ragged until this year, in which she has been mainly at Dollywood/Nashville & not touring, although she has talked about a big tour in 2014, which is very worrisome. Could you let us know if she gets herself into a position that is even worse than the one you have described in 2011? No one wants to contemplate a world without Dolly – Please let us know if it appears as though we are in danger of losing her !!! And thanks for the analysis you made. I join you in hoping she will find a way to be creative that is actually fulfilling & not draining at this time in her life. Any updates for ANY reason would surely be appreciated ! Thank you for caring about this unique and lovely woman who has given so much love to us !!! May we all respect that she needs to give it to herself !!!!!!!!!!

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