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10 ways to overcome spiritual fears



Life on earth has become more complicated as vibrations rise here and energy awareness is growing. But fear not!

10 ways to protect yourself spiritually, psychically, energetically

These recommendations may help you to gain peace of mind.

1. It is always safe to talk with God, as to a friend.

You don’t need special training. Of course, you can talk to God.

Think it or say it out loud. Keep eyes open or closed. Listen for answers within yourself, or feel them. Maybe you will simply notice a presence that reassures you that you are not alone.

Sometimes we human do things that backfire. That wasn’t just talking with God. Well, what were those things and how did you learn them? (More comments related to this will follow.)

2. Recognize that DOING things with Divine or psychic-level help involves learning a skill set.

There is no simple, convenient shortcut. As in “I’m wondering if the key is…”

Use common sense, please. We may feel motivated to do more than talk to God. Some might be energetically helpful in the long run, others not so helpful.

What are those things? Healing? Channeling? Mediumship? What exactly?

3. “Praying for assistance” is an example of asking for something that requires a skill set.

Does that request for assistance mean praying for guidance? Praying for healing? Praying for help to remove the consequences of your human actions?

Are good intentions enough?

Well, hello! Would you go to a dentist who used a wing and a prayer and a drill? Skill sets!

4. Learning a few concepts does not mean learning a skill set, so use discernment in choosing a healer

All the people on my Enlightenment Life List have skills, and some of those are skills as spiritual leaders or energy healers; bright lights who either teach or heal or write. Check them out! Not that a person need be Enlightened to communicate useful skills or information.

Gary Zukav, profiled at this blog yesterday, is not at all close to spiritual Enlightenment, but look at all the people he has helped!

What I provide that may be a bit distinctive are certain skill sets. (As in four systems distinctive enough to be trademarked, which means registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Did you know, many people who claim to have trademarks or registered service marks on the Internet have no such thing legally. To find out, go to the USPTO website. Anyway, other distinctive systems are taught in some of my how-to books, including the one now in press.)

Today I will be looking over final proofs, from the printer, for my latest how-to book: Use your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

This learn-and-do book contains some skill sets that could prove reassuring.

Advance copies ought to be available sometime in December. Whenever this happens, I’ll announce at this blog, to be sure. Meanwhile, please:

5. Either use skills or go to somebody who has real skills.

Sometimes people wonder, “Can’t I spontaneously figure out a skill set? After all, I’m smart and my intentions are pure.”

Blog-Buddies, don’t make attempts at healing without skills into a test of whether God loves you and ultimately protects you. For heaven’s sake, how unfair a test is that?

What is the difference between the following statements?

  • Because God loves me, when I open my eyes after this prayer, I will have a shiny new bicycle.
  • Because God loves me, I can do anything taught in the name of spiritual or psychic development, and results will always be exactly as advertised.

Not much difference, is there?

You could consider it a mark of spiritual maturity to go from blind faith and need for instant help… to a willingness to become a smart consumer.

It also takes a certain spiritual maturity to be willing to learn in depth from a teacher.

6. Don’t throw away commonsense standards just because what you’re learning is about energy etc.

No website is going to provide quality skills about how to work with energy, heal with energy, pursue true spiritual development. Nor does any website exist that can help you to become truly competent at psychic development, channeling, or mediumship. That website would have to introduce you to taking a course or workshop, buying a book, etc.

Comment below if you find an exception, Blog-Buddies.

Turn to a book by an author you trust. Or study with a teacher you trust.

Red flag anyone who offers to give universal healing to everyone. Same for a group that offers loads of free readings or free services. Maybe this is generosity. However, it could be is the sign of someone who lacks standards for teaching or healing.

Apparent exception: Hay House has been offering a lot of free teleseminars; some of those teachers are very famous and respected. To me this represents an interesting business move. Subsequent “free” offerings use the most sophisticated means available today for marketing, easing that credit card out of your wallet before you can say “Oops!”

Besides that, these “free” offerings put pressure on less affluent, independent teachers who can’t afford to give away their services. Indies lack a big marketing staff and don’t have the clout of the world’s largest New Age publisher. As in so many other markets, the rich are using their money to get richer.

Back at the practical point:

If you choose to study with someone, learn properly. Don’t just get a few ideas off a website or blog, then figure you have “the key.” (So, supposedly, now you can safely go ahead and do improv.)

Do you know how to drive a car?  Then you probably studied with a teacher.

Complex skills require dedicated study, not merely a hunch. Nor is it enough to have excellent intentions.

An effective energy healing of any kind requres skill, not just a “summoning” or prayer. For instance, learning to cut cords of attachment — a form of aura-level surgery — merits at least as much study as learning how to drive a car.

7. Reconsider the need for instant confidence

Confidence may be overrated. Why would it really substitute for knowledge, discernment, or skill? Last I checked, on earth these take time to develop.

Starting in 1969, I made it my priority in life to grow spiritually until I reached the highest levels of Enlightenment. I studied in depth with the best teachers I could find. And I kept on studying with them until I had learned all I could from each one. We’re talking decades, not minutes.

Although not Enlightened yet, I have developed some skills. As a result, I got to bring forth some new techniques and refine some others. That isn’t because I sat down, with no real training, and appointed myself an expert. Instead, a series of depth apprenticeships from 1970-1985 allowed me to develop some technical knowledge about how consciousness works.

In the process, I learned some things about how to work systematically with energy. I had moved huge amounts of STUFF from my aura.

Just to give you a sense of my priorities in doing all this, I had my first (and only) child at 43. Most of my clothes came from consignment shops or super-discounted sales.

I bought my first furniture — in contrast to whatever was sold at Goodwill or brought in from a city street curb, etc. — at age 41. And I have to tell you, buying that IKEA furniture seemed like a big deal to me. (My husband and I still use a lot of that IKEA furniture, actually.)

Why such a late bloomer? Because my whole life emphasis was about pursuing my path to Enlightenment, healing and learning as I went. Plus paying the bills because, I can assure you, no trust fund financed this spiritual journey of mine.

If I developed some confidence and expertise along the way, I can assure you, that was because I paid for it, every bit.

8. Allow your own confidence to develop organically, as a result of learning

When it comes to energetic literacy, psychic development, spiritual growth, it can be easy to have instant confidence. All you need do is develop an attitude.

Only that’s not the kind of confidence that really works, however.

Sure, there can be lack of confidence in pursuit of energy healing, etc. Not feeling confident in this context could actually be a good thing!

  • I think of “Gladys,” who took one of my weekend workshops on how to cut cords of attachment and then started marketing herself as an expert.
  • I think of “Joe,” who took a couple of my workshops plus a Reiki workshop, then worked very hard for years to develop a business as a psychic and healer.
  • I think of “Maxi,” who took two weekend workshops, then claimed on his website that had studied with me for six years.

Talented people all! Yet it might have been helpful if they had a little less confidence and a little more willingness to gain skill. Two of the three had so much STUFF still stuck in their auras, I sure wish they had asked for some advice before hanging out their shingles. Because I would have recommended they get a bit more healing before turning pro.

No, a skilled healer doesn’t need to be perfectly Enlightened before helping others. (I’m living proof.) However, many people feel a desperate yearning to heal others in direct proportion to how much STUFF they are carrying at the level of auras and subconscious mind.

If you feel really bad and the only thing that helps you feel better is offering to heal others — maybe it’s time to get some healing yourself.

There’s no shame in that.

Janet Mentgen, the founder of Healing Touch, used to say, “If you don’t have enough clients coming to you, on your healing couch, then maybe it’s time for you to get on that healing couch yourself.” (Approximate paraphrase. Maybe there’s a Blog-Buddy who can supply the exact quote. I’m sure Janet said that much better.)

Healing Touch, incidentally, is a form of Energy Medicine with a complex skill set. You don’t just start groping for somebody’s aura because you are channeling a guide.

9. Reconsider the need for psychic-level help

Just yesterday at this blog we had an exchange between ANNA MARIAH and me. She wanted to read the future in order to sell a product more effectively.

Yet ANNA MARIAH is interested in energetic literacy, rather than the path of psychic development. So she knows how to do aura reading in real time, in person or from a photograph. (See Comments 608-615.)

To summarize, she asked about whether somehow she could tinker with her energetic literacy skills in order to read the future.

IMHO, you can’t do both. Both paths are noble paths. Either way, it’s smart to choose a teacher who has both skills that you want to learn and energetic credibility as a practitioner. No matter how great that teacher is, you will be learning as humans do, one skill set at a time.

Don’t think you can study with one teacher of each type and then switch back and forth between energetic literacy and psychic development. They work on completely different vibrational frequencies. 

You’ll only confuse yourself and slow down your growth. Kind of like having a couple of husbands or wives simultaneously. How happy is that household going to be?

Just using common sense, I reminded ANNA MARIAH that she could use before-and-after pictures, taken over an interval of months, in order to show long-term results from her product.

For just about any aura reading purpose where one might think, “I need psychic development,” there could be a common-sense equivalent. Or an energetic literacy equivalent.

In my upcoming book, I discuss at length “The Romance of the Astral.” That can motivate people to inappropriately choose psychic-level solutions for all human problems. I would love to teach you, Blog-Buddies, a load of energy healing skills in a safe and systematic manner.

That’s why I worked so hard to write and publish this upcoming book! Why I offer a weekend workshop in it as well, plus doing phone mentoring sessions about Spiritually Sparkling® Skills. For comments about this skill set, see a blog post about my personal spiritual cleansing priorities: Comments 10, 21, 22, 23, 26… so far.

10. Use consumer smarts to know what you are studying

Psychic development is one way to grow. Spiritual development is a different way to go.

Within each major direction, there are many confusions about who is really teaching what.

Aura reading is really the best way to that sort out what really is happening, who is being channeled, etc. (Again reminding you’all, aura reading can be developed either through skill sets of energetic literacy OR psychic development.)

My last book, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, is full of examples of people who make claims that do not pan out in reality, not at the level of auras. Check out the detailed energetic literacy profiles, for instance, of Esther Hicks and Rhonda Byrne, or Donald Trump.

That particular book might be a good next step for you, actually. if you’re concerned about moving forward most rapidly on your personal path. The how-to is meant to help you develop more discernment about energy practices. It also contains skills that can help to improve your quality of human life.

And isn’t human important, too? One of the best ways to overcome spiritual fears is to really commit to this human life and live it fully the best you can.

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  1. 1
    Grace S. says:

    FABULOUS post Rose, thank you 🙂

    You bring up such major points.

    I love this line, it fit me to a tee for a huge chunk of years (I’ve since outgrown it):

    “However, many people feel a desperate yearning to heal others in direct proportion to how much STUFF they are carrying at the level of auras and subconscious mind.

    If you feel really bad and the only thing that helps you feel better is offering to heal others — maybe it’s time to get some healing yourself.”

  2. 2
    "steve" says:

    I recently attended Rose’s Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop and I can tell you that all of this makes so much sense and I am not at all confused about how everything fits together in the Astral and Etheric according to ROSE.

    She presented everything in a very cohesive and extensive way that was very enlightening and not confusing. So if any one is worried about this stuff, her workshop is very effective at answering your questions.

    It’s funny, too, because I went to do an astral entity healing for a friend and I tried to explain all of the theory behind it and I realized it’s pretty extensive stuff and I can see how it can be confusing and fear inducing.

    He was asking me: “But what happens if I don’t want the spirits to leave??” and other questions that now seem silly to me after I’ve taken the workshop. Funnily enough, in many points in my life I’ve feared ghosts and spirits. But after the workshop Ive been releasing “ghosts” and sending them on to their next step without a lick of fear.

    In a wider sense I think there ARE some things you can effectively learn about on the Internet – gardening or auto repair – you can get the gist of what is out there and build a basic knowledge of the field. But if you start taking those theories and applying them by ripping up your daffodils or taking your engine apart, you’re taking a gamble, trusting strangers who may or may not know what they’re talking about. And when it’s your mind body spirit system, the stakes are arguably even higher.

    I was recently reading an Internet forum, where else!, about harnessing Kundalini energy through Taoist methods. On the site were a few testimonials about people having psychotic breakdowns because they were harnessing chi energy but didn’t really know what to do with it. They downloaded some e-books for free, picked pieces from here and there, and ended up paying a big mental health price. They just skimmed a book and thought they were good to go.

    With anything, it pays to do your research and trust what you find. I’ve been looking around at different DIY forums for auto repair and many people say opposing things.

    I decided to take my car into a shop, to talk to a REAL person, and it turns out they quoted me a quite immoral price. I then went and talked to a different mechanic who said something different than the website and the first guy!

    But I’m glad I’ve done my research because I would have been out hundreds of bucks if I had trusted the first mechanic and possibly out thousands had I trusted random people on the Internet and tried to do things myself. So with everything, it PAYS be a smart consumer.

    This can be well illustrated with my work thus far with ROSE. I was skeptical about some of the things she said when I first stumbled upon her blog. I had never heard about cords of attachment and hadn’t heard too much about past lives. It was all so different from my paradigm at the time.

    So, being a curious yet cautious consumer, I decided I’d invest 15 dollars in one of her books. The worst that could happen is I would be out 15 dollars. Not much to satisfy one’s curiousity. But, read it and realized “Hmmmm, I think this lady with a wacky name might really be into something…”

    I read more posts on the blog and was even more skeptical that she could do sessions meant to clear out energetic debris over the phone, even though her book had been very convincing and comprehensive.

    But I said “Maybe, just maybe, this phone session will work. I mean the book was as advertised.”

    Aaand it did. Very well in fact, that I spent the money to have a few more. And I experienced so much growth that I decided to go to a workshop.

    So, moral of the story, I trusted my own perceptions and didn’t just jump into anything and was also open to new things even if they seemed radical. Now Rose Rosetree could’ve been just like the first mechanic and been cheap cheapskate or dud dudstump… Luckily she has not been!

  3. 3
    "steve" says:

    Also ROSE, this was a great post! How noble of you take that much time out of your day to respond to Darna’s concerns.

  4. 4
    Curious, As Ever says:

    Thank you, ROSE. I love your blog!!!

  5. 5
    Dustin says:

    Ever since the beginning of my cognitive development,I have always felt that meditation was a very important part of my life in general. It sometimes amazes me how powerful such a technique can be. Every night when I go to bed, I listen to music for hours, capturIng my entire day inside my mind.

    I think deeply about every situation that held any amount in my importance and attention. I process what has happened that day, and when I find something that did not transpire the way I wanted it to, that is when I focus. The world turns into a blank canvas in my mind. I strive to paint a masterpiece.

    This is what I do to wind down. It can also be quite fun for me, since my imagination runs rampant on a daily basis. I hope for the best in those that I love, and I strive for the best in me. I have always told many people a very simple concept that I follow: “I speak not through my words, but by my actions”

    This is what I have always believed in. Genuine behavior goes a long way from my experiences so far.

    Rose, I have been following your blogs for a few days, and I am strengthened by your words. Such a magnanimous yet also quiet wind of confidence I feel within your words.

    Such color and life can only be produced with experience and temperance. I am proud to see such a passionate person display their teachings and gifts to the world. I am also proud to see what an amazing fort you have structured within you. I hope to learn more from you as well as everyone here. I also hope to contribute what I can.

  6. 6
    Truthseeker says:

    That was a great comment/ from “STEVE”, but these comments/questions from DARNA were/are lingering in the back of my head also. When she asks “how do you know that Archangels aren’t just another entity in disguise? “, well that was exactly what I believed for a really long time, cause that’s what I’ve been taught since i was a kid.

    She even admits here: “I’ve prayed for assistance from higher source with only the highest of intentions… and it has backfired in the ways which you describe in your posts.

    Who knows what you’re inviting in when intentions don’t matter and false identities can be given? Is it the act of naming a specific archangel what one needs to ensure you get what you ask for?”

    This is exactly the kind of negative, let down experience I was expected to believe happens to people that don’t do things the way I was brought up. Yet, that certain way hasn’t really worked for me for a long time either.

    But Rose, could you please elaborate on point #3, because let’s say someone’s in a situation where they’re not even sure what to ask/pray to God for/about (as I’ve been in), so they ask for something vague as “assistance” or “support”. How would that person know that it’s required for them to learn a skill set? If you get what I mean.

  7. 7
    Fiona says:

    Hi ROSE,

    I loved this post…so much wisdom packed into one entry.

    Loved the comment about if you are a healer and you have no one on your healing couch…maybe you should get some healing for yourself…

    And the comment about “If you have a lot of STUFF you may be desperate to help others” … well, that was me a few years back!!! And yet the healer I was working with never told me I should work on myself first — he just told me I should go out there and be a healer because I was so talented (which may be true) but I had way too much STUFF to be able to be successful.

    But I had no idea about this. Nor did the healer I studied with ever mention that this might be the case! Sigh….

    It is sooo important to help and heal oneself first… I am so glad there is someone like you out there telling people the truth, and truly caring about putting out authentic and valuable information so that people can actually heal and live better lives.

  8. 8
    Amanda says:

    This is such a good, sensible, eye-opening post, with so much to consider – wow!

    STEVE, I have a rather different take on your Kundalini-Taoist forum stories, having been one of them. (Not that I would ever put my experience up on a forum for people who don’t understand it to comment on). I can assure you I was not careless or assuming I was ‘good to go’, and had been meditating for many years beforehand.

    Occasionally in spiritual life there can be the releasing of some deep subconscious STUFF – it’s the point of it really – and though it doesn’t look pretty from the outside it is a courageous process for the person involved and as far as I am concerned, the equivalent of spiritual bootcamp after which nothing else can scare me. I learned the nature of suffering and the presence of the now at a very deep level.

    I don’t know anyone who is completely sane: we all have beliefs and corners that push back at reality and cause suffering for us: we have the choice to get upset or excited or whatever by seeing it exaggerated in others – or we can choose to accept there are gradations on the same bellcurve and keep our focus on working on our own issues.

    By all means choose to avoid others when they’re doing something you’re not keen on – but everyone is learning one way or another and respecting that is the healthiest approach I can find.

    I wanted to make this point which is important to me – as far as I’m concerned I am not a horror story or a dire warning for getting spiritual life ‘wrong’ (whatever that means) – or indeed dismissable as a ‘skimmer’.

    I’m a learner and always will be, and as such my dignity is as important as yours or anyone else ever mentioned in ROSE’s posts.

    I know that ROSE has this attitude at the profoundest level because if she didn’t we would NOT get on together! 😀


  9. 9

    Thanks, DUSTIN, and welcome to the blog. I hope you’ll contribute more, too.

    As for you, STEVE, thank you, too. I don’t know whether to blush or walk around trying out some new names like “Dud Dudstump.” 😉

  10. 10

    TRUTH SEEKER, sorry but I am not going to answer the hypothetical question in your last paragraph. I have given the best advice I could to real people in the post itself.

  11. 11

    AMANDA, I am so glad we do get on together. 🙂

  12. 12

    FIONA, thank you, too. I wonder how many Blog-Buddies have had similar experiences when training to become a healer.

  13. 13

    CURIOUS, AS EVER, I cherish your participation here. So glad I also know you in regular non-virtual life.

  14. 14
    Grace S. says:

    This morning I was thinking about this post from a different perspective.

    What ROSE has typed around was that if you learn skills to become more effective as a person, thriving in your physical life, the nature of your prayer will be different.

    As far as I’m concerned, what is commonly taught about prayer is that it’s a tango in coercion. Either you are asking for someone else to do x, y, z (i.e., what YOU think is good for them) or you are asking for specifics for yourself, like God is a shopkeeper.

    I don’t feel that I’m disclosing trade secrets by stating that ROSE (through the arduous route detailed in the article) came to the sane conclusion that the only way to phrase this kind of prayer is to ask for yourself, or the other person, to receive more divine-level (vs psychic/astral level) love, light, and power. The rest is NONE of your business, period.

    What ROSE is talking about is a really effective skill set to be “More you,” a thriving you, an effective person in ways that are real to you and impact your daily life in ways that let you get out of your own way.

    Review the links again to the Personal Cleansing and Protection workshop again – that’s what it’s all about, actually, it’s what all of Energy Spirituality is about.

    In a sense, from where I’m standing today, is that there would be no need to have those “prayer anxieties” if you were not doing one of the following: Outsourcing your life to the astral realm, or expecting a free/instant/easy spiritual education or healing skill set, or having a spiritual addition.

    Incidentally, in no way do I think or want to imply that I’m criticizing anyone who’s struggling through the aforementioned – been there, done that, guilty as charged!

    I am a work in progress myself – personally, I can’t wrap my head about they why’s of meditation. (I even shook my head and sighed as I typed that, been chewin’ on it so much.) I’ve got compassion and respect for all of us trying to navigate through New Age propaganda. (Again, an eternal thank you to you, ROSE, for bothering with us through your blog).

  15. 15
    Natanya says:

    You have studied with excellent teachers and worked on your spiritual development for decades but are not enlightened yet?

    Many of the people on this Enlightenment Life List probably have not done the kind of work on themselves that you have, how is that?

  16. 16
    Dustin says:

    While I was reading Comment #8 by FIONA, My thoughts drifted towards nostalgia. It sparked quite a few childhood memories of mine.

    My very first experience as a healer occurred at the age of 5 years old. My maternal grandmother, who I always called “Maw-Maw”, became very ill from a mild form of osteoporosis. Her bone density had been degrading for a number of years. She wound up in the hospital after injuring one of her legs from bumping into a piece of furniture. My mother brought me to visit her at the hospital she was taken to. I followed my mother into the room. I remember how troubled my mother’s soul felt when she gazed upon her with her crystal blue eyes. They began talking for a few minutes about a few things. I wasn’t intently listening. I was too busy running around in my own little adventure. I swear, I made it a habit to find fun in anything and everything.

    After some time had passed, my mother snapped me out of my free-spirited adventure. My dream-like state disappeared as my loving mother’s words brought me back to reality. She asked me to pray for Maw-Maw, in hopes of alleviating the constant stream of pain she had to endure. We linked each other by holding hands together while I began my prayer. We all closed our eyes, and I said whatever came to mind.

    “In Jesus’ Name, Amen”

    Our eyes opened. Only one thing changed at that moment for my mother and maw-maw. They both seemed slightly more calm. The pain was still there, but I was not worried about the efficacy of my prayers. I was obedient in these situations and always followed through for my Mother when I was asked to put my healing hands upon ailing family members. I went back to my fairy-tale as soon as I got the chance. Mom and I eventually said our goodbyes to her. We closed the door behind us and didn’t look back.

    The next day, my mother receives a call from Maw-Maw. she made a full recovery, and the pain vanished. In fact, all the bone pains she had of every degree were non-existent. They were so happy. I was glad only in the fact that they were better now. I never cared about what kind of elements I possessed within me or of my channels linking the divine during prayers. Throughout my entire childhood, I was asked of many family members during their time of great pain to be healed. My mother would always be by side, encouraging me to exercise my words in the quiet black sea that is shown when our eyes are closed shut.

    “C’mon Dustin, pray for your auntie’s hand.”

    I could never deny my mother nor lie to her. Such acts would hurt my soul. I listened, and I prayed. I prayed every night throughout my childhood. I would talk to God everyday, about anything I could think of. I never heard any feedback from Him, but boy, did I feel some very strong energies. Hah, I miss being a little toddler, piddle-paddling my bare feet in search for another adventure, another joy, another voyage.

    It really is amazing how pure and innocent children are. Yes, they can be quite the handful, especially when the majority of my family and I are born and raised in New Orleans. I always wonder what my life would be like if Hurricane Katrina did not occur and affect that city, as well as many others. I’m in love with my hometown. So much passion, so much color, so much livelihood.

    It is unfortunate that I had become flooded with thoughts of guilt and torment. How cruel of me to torture my mind, body, and soul. I fought through the storms that sliced my true sense of self very recently. And I am on a better path for an Empath than I was in the past few years. Every day is a new experience! I have not tackled the proper skills and technique of healing, yet. There are a few more things I need to learn in order for me to feel confident in tackling this. Baby steps Dustin, baby steps.

  17. 17

    Some came in more evolved than me, I suppose, NATANYA. What’s the point of complaining?

    There is no question that I continue to evolve, which is all that is in my control.

    If it matters, decades ago I felt WAAAAY more impatient, even obsessive, about gaining Enlightenment. With each decade of evolution, the pressure eases up. For the last decade, I have been enjoying a quality of life that — while not qualifying me yet for the Enlightenment Life List — is so enjoyable that I am in no particular hurry.

    It makes sense to me what my friend JEFFREY CHAPPELL has said about Enlightenment: God decides when to make it happen. God issues the invitation. With free will, a person says, “Yes, now.” or “Later” or whatever.

    I love participating in this love story. I know there is a happy ending. There is already a happy middle.

  18. 18
    Amanda says:

    NATANYA’s question made me think of Buddha, who came late to his spiritual enlightenment after many years of learning and practice.

    ROSE, I’m sure you’ll sit down under that bodhi tree one day! Just putting enlightenment down on the line as your goal in life makes you special in my eyes already.

    What I like best about your approach is the idea that it can come in the course of a householder life, a happy existence in the real world. I think the consciousness change that is enlightenment can come without that, but that is what it will then work towards. Viz Eckhart Tolle who had his realisation in the midst of deep depression, spent a long time on park benches with joy but little else, and is now leading a happy life.

    I value this distinction very much because I had never made it before I came across your ideas.


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