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Karma + Yuckiness Index + Cords of Attachment, all part of your path to Enlightenment


Let’s move over a comment sequence from last post, Why Do We Get Cords of Attachment, the VERY Best Part. Because Blog-Buddy Sabine asked a fascinating question that opens up connections between cutting cords of attachment, karma, pursuing Enlightenment and something I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned before, the Yuckiness Index.

Sabine’s question about karma, cord cutting, and Enlightenment

I am wondering what would happen if you cut all your main cords in one lifetime.

If you would be left with no karma in your relationships, would you come back again?

Or would past-life karma keep you stuck on the wheel of karma? Kind of blows my mind to think about that.

Well done, Sabine. Talk about fascinating!


Let’s be clear. I didn’’t mean to imply that ALL of a person’’s karma is moved out by cutting cords of attachment. A person can carry plenty of STUFF (stored emotional and/or spiritual garbage at the level of auras and the subconscious mind) that isn’’t in cords of attachment, even after all one’s major and minor cords of attachment are released.

Speaking of major and minor cord of attachment removal, normally you would move out the major ones afterwards, right? If you are do-it-yourselfing, that’s only prudent. While another approach is to ask a professional in Energy Spirituality to facilitate healing sessions for you, in which case, by all means, you would start with your major cords of attachment.

Even after all the major cords of attachment are cut, and all the minor ones are cut, too, guess what? There still will be STUFF.

And, yes, STUFF could be called “unresolved, overwhelming karma.” The STUFF in cords of attachment is really important to remove for quality of life. And, personally, I believe there are important implications for spiritual evolution on your path to Enlightenment.

Just today I am facilitating two sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. Why are these clients bothering to come out here to Sterling, VA, when they could do phone sessions with me to receive RES Energy HEALING (using the MANY skill sets of Energy Spirituality)?

GLADYS and JOE both have big frozen blocks of energy, deep STUFF, they’’re coming here to remove.

This STUFF might be from other lifetimes, not just this one.

Which types of STUFF need to be removed on the path to Enlightenment?

So, while your mind is playing with the karmic implications of removing STUFF, remember that there are several kinds. Besides frozen blocks of energy, large and small, from different lifetimes, there are:

  • Cords of attachment, as we’ve been discussing
  • Psychic coercion, negative thought forms, and all the other types of healing involved in the skill set of Spiritually Sparkling® Skills
  • Lifestyle patterns of STUFF, causing spiritual addiction, energy hypochondria, etc. (This is the highest priority of STUFF to heal, when present, and  is usually addressed in just one session of Energy Spirituality.)
  • Lifestyle problems, out of synch with a person’s soul. (This very, very healable STUFF is addressed in Energy Spirituality by doing Soul Thrill® Aura Research)
  • Occasionally it is also appropriate to facilitate a spirit removal. A negative energy pattern like this would definitely count for STUFF and is my top priority for healing when I encounter it in a client.

Did you notice? This list of STUFF does not include psychic attack, STUFF due to toxic people, narcissists, energy vampires, psychic vampires, or other random problems with people sucking out your life force energy.

Why? In the opinion of this healer, these are not types of STUFF. They are categories used for blaming. And the person whose path of healing involves blaming others for STUFF is on a rather indirect road to healing. It isn’t possible to control other people on one’s path to Enlightenment.

Good news, right?

In general, SABINE, I think you are really are onto something about considering the relationship of moving out STUFF, cutting cords of attachment, and one’s path to Enlightenment.

Exploring the relationship of STUFF to Enlightenment

There IS a relationship between permanently moving out STUFF and moving forward on one’’s path to Enlightenment.

Having less STUFF in your aura and subconscious mind, one is less apt to pick up intense new STUFF. Kind of like the saying that “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

In this case, one wants to become “poorer” in one’s collection of STUFF, since it impacts both your aura and your subconscious mind. 😉

When it comes to path to Enlightenment, these are as numerous as could be. Your path, Blog-Buddy, might be altogether different from mine.

For decades, I was involved in Transcendental Meditation as my path to Enlightenment. I was promised originally by my guru that, in 5-8 years, all my STUFF would be removed and I would be Enlightened. (The word “STUFF” wasn’t used, but instead an equivalent term was employed.)

Hmmm, that promise was made in January 1969. When I left the TM Movement completely in 1991, I had done far more than the recommended “20 minutes of TM in the AM and PM.” (Due to having done every advanced technique and program I possibly could, rigorously and faithfully following every single instruction given me.)

Yet I still wasn’t Enlightened. Far from it.

The most frustrating thing, in retrospect, was that with a meditation-type path to Enlightenment, this seeker had no control over which STUFF was going to leave or when.

I was instructed to trust that God would figure out what I needed. Or my nervous system would work the priorities out. I didn’t need to form any specific intentions but had to simply let go, surrendering to the cosmic process. In retrospect, frankly, this is one of the stupidest and most passive things I could ever have done with my life.

Whatever path to Enlightenment you favor, might I recommend that you avoid this passive kind of thinking? It really slows down quality of life and keeps a person from mobilizing the many ways that life can support your desires en route to Enlightenment.

Moving toward Enlightenment isn’t just a matter of STUFF removal. As a human being, it will be YOUR path to Enlightenment, with your choices of how you want to fill up and develop humanly.

Is it more trust of people, better ability to make money, more sharing of power in personal relationships? You’re really allowed to set the agenda, IMHO. Which is why, with any session I do with Energy Spirituality or Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, I will ask you what your intention or goal is for growth as a person.

Moving out STUFF is only half of the healings I facilitate. The other half is filling up with something appropriate, personal, positive, and human.

The Yuckiness Index

To appreciate the evolutionary component of cutting cords of attachment, consider what I call the “Yuckiness Index.” This is a way to gauge how awful a cord of attachment is, with scores from 1 – 10.

I developed this Yuckiness Index to help me do sessions with clients. With my client JOE, I want to be sure to cut major cords of attachment until we have done 15 sessions or so that include cord cutting. After then, it might be appropriate to cut a less major, or even a minor, cord of attachment.

What happens when I am at the research step in the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®? First I’’ll ascertain if JOE does have a cord of attachment to Mr. X. Then I’’ll check if there is permission at this time to move out that cord. (Both these questions and the technique for appropriate research are detailed in the how-to book “Cut Cords of Attachment.”)

Then I will rate where that cord of attachment lies on the Yuckiness Index. If it isn’’t at least an 8 out of 10, I’’ll ask my client to recommend a different candidate for cord cutting.

SABINE, you might wonder, what makes a cord of attachment a 10 rather than a 6?

Here’’s the answer.

In JOE’’s relationship with the cordee, Mr. X, there is bound to be some incident that is upsetting to JOE. Why upsetting? Because JOE already carries quite a bit of STUFF. It’s like what psychologists call “Your buttons.”

If Mr. X pushes JOE’s buttons — or STUFF already stuck in JOE’s subconscious mind — about being bossy, guess what? That bossiness-related incident could become what is stuck in the cord.

Why? That bossiness-related incident is a 9 on the Yuckiness Index for JOE.  Whereas the previous incident stuck in his cord of attachment just involved taking Joe’s candy when he was a baby, and that incident didn’t have so much internally carried STUFF for JOE. That earlier incident in his cord of attachment maybe was only a 3.

That’s how the contents in a cord of attachment change, always in the direction of a higher number on the Yuckiness Index. Always related to the STUFF the person carries at the time of the incident, astral-level STUFF that corresponds to pain, fear, etc. on the level of the subconscious mind.

Wonderfully diminishing returns

Every time JOE cuts a cord of attachment, subsequently he will have less STUFF going through him, 24/7. This means fewer buttons to push.

So moving out cords of attachment, or other techniques for permanent STUFF removal, will cut down on the buttons to push. (Same goes for ANY technique, meditation, or prayer that really, effectively moves out STUFF permanently.)

Thus, as JOE continues to have new relationship incidents, he is less apt to have a big internal reaction. Leading to cords of attachment that never score higher than 1 on the Yuckiness Index.

Also, incidents that might cause frozen blocks to stick in the mind-body-system don’t stay that sticky. He becomes less and less likely to have big frozen blocks of energy get stuck in his aura. Yet more purity!

Over time, JOE doesn’t have buttons to push. He has a frictionless flow.

JOE doesn’t have emptiness with all the STUFF removal but joy, flexibility, resourcefulness, and a stronger connection to the Divine… in his terms. Is that the same thing as Enlightenment? No. But this is a way of coming way close.

JOE can enjoy his life in the present, become effective in his chosen relationships, let go of things that he cannot change, etc. The karma he creates is better. And sticky karma from the past (reflected in STUFF at the level of auras) has more and more been healed. With little or no STUFF, JOE goes through his life without attracting or replaying difficulties related to old random bits of stuck karma.

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  1. 1
    Jody G. says:

    Rose, does STUFF affect Soul Thrill rating?

    For example, if a person initially had good soul thrill with their new spouse, then because of yucky cords of attachment to the spouse, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and psychic coercion from family members regarding the relationship, etc., would that diminish the soul thrill of having a relationship with that person? And if all that STUFF was moved out, could the soul thrill return?

    Or even something a bit more simple like a hobby. Could having a yucky cord of attachment, say to a high school art teacher, diminish the soul thrill rating of a creative activity like painting, that might otherwise have good soul thrill?

    Just wondering.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. 2
    Jody G. says:

    Is that why depression can happen, where there seems to be no sense of soul thrill, because of all the STUFF in the way? But once some STUFF is moved out, soul thrill can be felt more clearly?

  3. 3
    Sabine says:

    How very cool to check back and see a blog post on what I was wondering. Thank you! 😀

    I always learn a lot from this blog and from your books.

  4. 4

    JODY G., I would love to answer both your excellent questions.

    But might I ask a favor?

    I’ve been working here, either blogging, helping clients, etc., for the last nine hours. I would really love to take a walk before the sun sets. It has been a glorious fall day here, at least as observed from my window.

    Would you please explain some of the terms you have mentioned in your questions. Blog-Buddies might find it helpful to know:

    What is Soul Thrill® Aura Research?

    What does it mean, having a strong showing in the High Heart Chakra Databank called “Soul Thrill”?

    Sorting that out might be a great exercise for you, and a nice time-helper for me.

    So please do, if you can. Thanks.

    I do aim to respond to your questions either way within 24 hours.

  5. 5
    Jody G. says:

    Hope you enjoyed a lovely walk Rose. 🙂

    To my understanding and experience from Aura Transformation sessions with Rose Rosetree, and reading articles here at her Blog…

    Soul Thrill Research is using Energetic Literacy to look at the effect certain choices have on a person’s chakra databanks. For example, I might want to look at the effect that accepting a sideways work promotion would have on a couple of my communication chakra databanks, my High Heart chakra databank, some of my personal power chakra databanks, etc. That feedback can help me decide if accepting the promotion is going to be taking me in a direction I want to go according to my own personal preferences for growth and happiness.

    Having a strong showing in the High Heart Chakra Databank called “Soul Thrill” means that a person is living their daily life with a good amount of soul expression.

    ROSE has found that one hour a day of Soul Thrill activity plumps up the Soul Thrill databank quite nicely. 🙂 We each have many many Soul Thrill activities to choose from to include in our lifestyle choices.

  6. 6

    JODY, thank you for Comment 5. Well done! And yes, I had a lovely walk, including a beautiful sunset.

    Now, responding to your first question in Comment 1:

    “… if a person initially had good soul thrill with their new spouse, then because of yucky cords of attachment to the spouse, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and psychic coercion from family members regarding the relationship, etc., would that diminish the soul thrill of having a relationship with that person?”


  7. 7

    Then your second question astute question about STUFF and KARMA and SOUL THRILL in Comment 1, JODY:

    “And if all that STUFF was moved out, could the soul thrill return?”

    Definitely. This relates to the experience of all the Enlightened people I know: Every experience is deep down delightful.

  8. 8

    Finally, JODY, you asked, “But once some STUFF is moved out, soul thrill can be felt more clearly?”

    Definitely! Joyfully! Here-and-now-ily!

  9. 9

    Responding to the questions in JODY’s Comment #2:

    “Is that why depression can happen, where there seems to be no sense of soul thrill, because of all the STUFF in the way?”

    Yes, I think so. Plus STUFF causes depression in other ways, physically and emotionally.

  10. 10
    Karibuni says:

    I just went through a session of cutting a code of attachment from an ex which last about 11 minutes. Not even sure if I did it well or not but now I am combating a certain weakness as if I just lost tonnes of energy and need to sleep. What is going on?

  11. 11
    Jody G. says:

    Oooh, fascinating!

    It is interesting, I feel much more generous in my approach to myself and others when I view human experience through the lens of Energetic Literacy, rather than, say, psychology.

    But maybe there has not been enough mainstream positive psychology yet; there sure are a heck of a lot of pathology psychological references available. A showing of Kali Yuga in the West perhaps.

    Thank you for clearing up these wonderings for me, Rose, something of a sunrise in addition to your sunset. 🙂

  12. 12

    KARIBUNI, welcome to the blog. I’m guessing you are Japanese and have been using the Japanese edition of “Cut Cords of Attachment.”

    Of course, I cannot comment on work that you have done on yourself. It isn’t the purpose of this blog for me to stop, read somebody’s aura, and fix the various problems that individual may have in life.

    If you or anyone wants to have a phone session with me, then I can help you as much as possible during the session time. Which is the only responsible way to help (if you think about it) as well as a way that would be fair to me as a healing professional.

    One point of advice is clear from what you wrote, however. You have chosen a very major cord of attachment to facilitate cutting. Did you do as I requested in that book, first cutting six of your most minor cords of attachment?

    In the future, please follow the instructions I worked very hard to give you. Do not jump around and do things differently, then expect me to comment on the problems created by this. Sound reasonable?

  13. 13
    Karibuni says:

    Hi, ROSE.

    Thanks for writing back. I actually sent you an email on another web address to ask about a possible session and how much that might cost. I do not think I have got a response to that as yet. Might be I used the wrong address.

    I have not read the book (yet). The remoteness of the place I am living and the impossibility of getting post mail from the US makes it difficult to get a copy of your book so I can read through. I did read the first chapter available on the Internet. If it was possible to get the book on Kindle, it would be my best option but I see that that option is not available on Amazon.

    Yes, that is a major cord I am trying to cut. It is causing me the most grief right now and I seem unable to untangle myself from the enormity of it all.

    Your response does sound reasonable.

  14. 14
    Karibuni says:

    My apologies, ROSE. I did get a response from your assistant.

  15. 15

    See, KARIBUNI? We really do respond to all inquiries. However, MITCH (my assistant for appointments, etc.) works hard to keep up with inquiries and sometimes it takes him a day or two.

    We care a lot about service here at Women’s Intuition Worldwide. We do our best to make sure that new clients have a realistic idea of what does, and does not, happen in sessions.

    I’m glad you’re interested in doing sessions with me, when you can. Details are in abundance at

    Look for the links about SESSIONS and read away!

  16. 16

    KARIBUNI, you raised an important point about ordering my books, including “Cut Cords of Attachment.”

    They can be shipped, at a reasonable cost, anywhere in the world. So I’m not sure you have understood that just because these books would not be mailed through the post office in your country, that mailing internationally is impossible.

    Of course can ship books to you. However, it is probably a much better deal to order directly through my website (

    We have a fulfillment company that handles these orders. You will be quoted a price including shipping when you do the secure online ordering, and if you don’t like the price you can cancel.

    What makes this a superior way to order, KARIBUNI, is that real people, with caring and ethics, are responsible. You will receive speedy service, whereas one of our Blog-Buddies once had to wait six months for a book to reach her from

    If there should ever be a problem, you can email me and I will forward your inquiry to the fulfillment people. They will get right on it to resolve the problem.

  17. 17

    About Kindle and other ebook formats, sure, many of you are requesting this.

    Not living in a cave, I am actually aware of the pressure.

    It is not a priority for me at this time to do the complicated reformatting of books required by Amazon. It is not a priority for me to learn all the other tech requirements for Nook and other ebooks.

    Not having five heads and 10 arms, etc., I have to choose. Right now, I am still making changes toward the publication of my next book, and I’m sure most of you Blog-Buddies prefer that I publish it, rather than spending that time converting my titles to Kindle.

    Why not just hire somebody? Because maybe you think it’s “so easy”? Actually the going rate for Kindle ebook conversion is $500 per title.

    That conversion is easy for a bigger publishing house to do in house, because there can be dedicated staff.

    That’s relatively easy for a smaller publishing to do in house because most self-publishers have more time on their hands, not averaging one new title per year as I have for the last many years.

    When you’re motivated to buy any of my books, you won’t wait for ebooks. Instead you will budget for the international shipping, maybe $14 to send 1 or 2 books by International Priority to Asia. (I called the 800-345-6665 and checked on that. The tollfree number works in America and Canada only, but online ordering is secure internationally.)

  18. 18
    Grace S. says:

    Blog-Buddies, GRACE S. has just asked a great series of questions. I will be turning this into a guest post, complete with responses, soon!

    Thanks so much, GRACE, for sharing fascinating ideas yet again.

    This comment is a placeholder until I can refer all of you to that post.

  19. 19

    Done, GRACE S. See today’s post about “Cutting cords of attachment to a GREAT relationship”:

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