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Once upon a time it was shocking. Rene Magritte made a painting of a pipe and captioned it, right on the canvas, “This is not a pipe.”

Was it or wasn’t it? You decided for yourself.

We still can, only the stakes have been raised beyond the surreal. Is Fox Cable News “Fair and balanced” or just the opposite? Can faces of beloved celebrities — most female celebrities over age 30 seen in America, actually — can those faces be trusted as quite human? Or has cosmetic surgery taken them to a whole new level, more like part- human, part-robot?

Such surreal topics were not in my mind at the mall. Not at first. Merely shopping, I went to the big mall nearest my home, Dulles Town Center. There I was greeted, repeatedly, by Demi Moore.

Large images of Demi greeted me numerous times. Demi Moore was, though the twin “miracles” of photography and advertising, greeting me with oversized invitations to visit the new, improved Ann Taylor clothing store.

Only that wasn’t the message I took. Which was “That is not Demi Moore.”

Even, “That is not, exactly, a person.” In today’s post, I’ll do some energetic literacy research to investigate what has happend to that long-ago person, Demi Moore, a woman who physically looks “so much younger” at 49 than she did 21 years ago.

For details about the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), you might check out the book by that name. For the photo reading (aura reading) technique that I will use, see “Read People Deeper,” which offers you several techniques for practical Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

One photo I’ll use for reading Demi Moore’s aura comes from an article with her jubilant announcement that the Ann Taylor brand had chosen her to become their new “face.” This is a sparkling photograph of the surgically ever-improved celebrity. It’s really more convincing than ever if you open up this nice big photograph in the prevous link.

Here I have used the photobucket-dependable link version of Demi. 

Another photo of Demi Moore comes from the era of “Ghost,” a movie whose success made her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. Here’s a Demi-link to a larger version than the dependable Photobucket version shown here.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Here’s the funny part. If you were to meet these two women, you might think they were sisters. Why not? Chronologically, one is about 27, the other 22 years older — old enough to be her own mother. But really, crazily, cosmetic surgically:

  • Which one looks older?
  • Which one looks more vibrant, physically? (Aurically may be an entirely different story, one I’ll soon explore.)
  • Is that one with the better, shinier hair supposed to be a real-life person?

Just for fun, when reading auras, I’ll throw in a still from the Ann Taylor Campaign.  As with any photograph, it’s fine for reading auras.

 Anyone who believes that you need a Kirlian photograph for aura reading is, alas, stuck in The Myth About Auras.

A complete set of all your chakra databanks, all the information from any person’s aura, shows just fine in a regular picture. You need no special lighting, either. Instead, to read an aura in depth and detail, all you need is Stage Three Energetic Literacy — not really a bigger deal than regular Gutenberg literacy, which you are using right now to read this screen.

What was the actress trying to convey in that ad? And how well did she succeed, past the surface? Auras never lie, so let’s investigate.

Aren’t you curious about Moore’s auric message in that set of fancy photographs? I am. Not really famous for being a superb actress, how well did Demi Moore place herself in the role of an Ann Taylor Woman? Did Demi’s glamour message reach any deeper than the superficial pose required of posing for glamour shots?

To me, the usual Vogue subtext is: “Yes, I’m too rich and too thin. It can be done. This combination makes me very unhappy, but I don’t mind because at least I am superior to the likes of YOU.”

Well , on the level of physical preparation, Demi Moore has done her job. Clearly she has attained and maintained The Anorexic Ideal. Her face has been surgically “scrubbed clean” of age or character or any other type of human imperfection.

On the surface level of body language, expression, the requisite vacant eyes of high fashion photography — clearly Demi has nailed her role. How about inwardly, though? Only her chakra databanks show the truth for sure.

Okay, here we go, one chakra databank at a time, let’s compare:

  • Demi Moore at 27.
  • Demi Moore at 49.
  • Demi Moore relating to us in her new ad campaign.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra: The Reality She Lives In.

  • Demi Moore at 27.

90 miles. Incredibly excited about her life. Being in front of cameras right now makes her feel so important and exciting, so glamorous. A charisma turns on while she’s photographed, and the young actress lives for that.

Oh yes, she is playing a woman who feels very unhappy right now. So Demi is “acting” by arranging her physical appearance into a convincing facsimile.

Cute. She’s still a better actress than Rose Rosetree could ever be in this lifetime. 😉

  • Demi Moore at 49.

A sense of power surges through Demi Moore at this time. She is, after all, announcing a “big deal,” a big advertising deal that is giving her career a real boost.

So much of Demi Moore’s identity and life are about her public life now, that celebrity. Whatever makes that fame stronger makes her blood redder and turns the sky bluer. Everything comes more alive with this rush of new power and influence.

Not to mention, this deeply competitive person is “showing everyone” now. Celebration time!

  • Demi Moore relating to us in her new ad campaign.

4 inches. Everying is about how she looks. Demi is trying extra hard to look beautiful.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra: Spending Money

  • Demi Moore at 27.

40 feet. Money does seem to be assured now, but Demi feels insecure still about having this much money. She has expected it. She has worked for it. Only it doesn’t quite feel comfortable. (The very texture of this chakra databank is wobbly and insecure, whispy.)

  • Demi Moore at 49.

20 feet. Extra money to come from this deal doesn’t matter. Money is…  nearly…  quite… a boring topic. Demi Moore knows that there will always be plenty of money for her.

  • Demi Moore relating to us in her new ad campaign.

1/8 of an inch. Demi couldn’t care less about money, spending money, saving money, having money. She’s living a fantasy wherein she, Demi Moore, has everything that a woman could possibly want.

Comment from Rose: Besides, what is Demi Moore going to buy with money, anyway? Food that would taste good?

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra: Relating to Her Physical Body

  • Demi Moore at 27.

25 feet. Very sensual, Demi has a kind of project going on. She is doing all she can to transform herself into one of the sexiest women ever, her kind of super-star.

Yes, a lot of Demi’s personal identity is now invested in looking as good as she possibly can, staying thin, and using her considerable determination to transform herself into a woman who is famous all over the world for being sexy.

  • Demi Moore at 49.

9 inches. Demi’s body is her secret Olymic sport. How can she motivate herself today? How can she keep not eating? How can she exercise? All day long, care of the body is a subtext for all that she does. So many choices! So many feelings!

The distance (disassociation) Demi has about her physical body, in contrast to the inner Demi, is quite typical for a long-time actress. Only this particular actress takes the issues more seriously than most because the physical demands of her lifestyle are joined with her way of being prized in public (and prized for that she has been for many years, including her famously catching and keeping that young husband Ashton.)

Had they split up by the time of this photograph? That I don’t know.

Hey, I use energetic literacy. I’m not a psychic. (Two different approaches to aura reading, as you know, Blog-Buddies.)

Energetic literacy tells me that, by now, Demi Moore’s inner life is, mostly, given over to being a sex symbol. Nothing about Demi Moore’s life matters as much as her career. And nothing matters more for her career than looking right, always looking right.

She must prove to the world that her appearance will not age. If anything, she will only look better, year after year.

  • Demi Moore relating to us in her new ad campaign.

4 inches. There is a numbness about financial life, buying, enjoying, having… anything in life…. other than her single-minded pursuit of what Rose Rosetree calls “The Anorexic Ideal.”

Which appears to be linked to Demi feels is expected of her as a star. She is doing “her job.”

Regarding this chakra databank, like the previous one, I am amused to note a complete absence of concern about helping the women who shop the Ann Taylor brand, either inspiring them or helping the company.

Except that the better Demi looks, and the harder she concentrates on projecting slim and irresistable sexiness, the more everything in life will improve. Her job is to look right, right?

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra: Emotional Growth

  • Demi Moore at 27.

12 inches. Demi pays a lot of attention to her emotions these days, because she is going through a lot of changes in life. Besides, noticing emotions is her job as a famous actress.

  • Demi  Moore at 49.

7 inches. The main topics that engage Demi emotionally are who she is, how significant others see her, how the public sees her.

All these topics return, via a chronic circular logic (what I sometimes call an “energetic sub-routine”) to how she looks.

  • Demi Moore relating to us in her new ad campaign.

2 inches. Tremendous emotional pain is lodged in Demi’s feelings at the time of this photo. Much of this is stuck in denial; some operates courtesy of an energetic sub-routine. The sadness she feels can become extra motivation toward her staying “slim” and making sure she is competitively attractive.

However, in this chakra databank I do catch Demi Moore is doing a sort of acting. It seems to me, she takes some of the sadness authentically being felt and pushes it towards being beautiful in a way that “will make others feel sorry, as you have your unreachable physical perfection.”

Aura Reading Databank at the High Heart Chakra: Expressing Her Soul

  • Demi Moore at 27.

97 feet. A golden blessing from the Divine wakes up Demi from the inside. Being a celebrity is a spiritual calling for her. She can feel it. She surrenders to this feeling and trusts it.

Even if she doesn’t quite understand how this magic happens in front of a camera, she knows that special feeling is one true thing about her life; how it is utterly worth devoting her life to this.

And, for Demi, it isn’t about the fame really, or the money, or anything else so much as this special feeling she has as a person when performing. At moments like this, when the glow fills her up. Inwardly, Ms. Moore feels right and whole, a complete person.

  • Demi Moore at 49.

4 inches. In this moment, celebrating a big new victory, Demi Moore’s soul rejoices more than usual these days.

Mostly she feels a kind of numbness, that life really isn’t what she thought it could be. Success has turned hollow, even though she has done her part so diligently — and she keeps on doing her part — which consistes of looking so very trim and youthful and classy and sexy.

  • Demi Moore relating to us in her new ad campaign.

4 inches. Demi ought to be excited about portraying beauty, officially serving as a model and symbol of looking gorgeous. She has all the lighting and makeup, all machinery of high glamour helping her out.

She “should” be feeling excited, except that mostly she doesn’t.

It “shouldn’t” be feeling hollow, this apotheosis of physical culture — and where it has led her — except that it does.

What can we do about The Anorexic Ideal and pressures to get cosmetic surgery?

Blog-Buddies, as you have read along with me, I hope that my intent has been clear. I am not trying to villify beautiful Demi Moore, who is trying her best and then some.


Essentially, my summary of how Demi Moore has changed is that — unlike her physical beauty — Demi Moore is NOT inwardly just how she was when making “Ghost,” arguably at the height of her career. In fact, here is a photo added on January 27, 2012, from the Daily Mail. Look at those arms, and when the camera adds 10 pounds!

No, inwardly Demi Moore is a sadder woman, despite the exciting new job of bringing new women to Ann Taylor stores.

Not necessarily a wiser woman now. But a more inwardly trapped woman.

This experiment she has been pursuing, Ms. Moore has played it magnificently: With characteristic determination and wholehearted enthusiasm, with a competitive edge and great self-sacrifice, the familiar female celebrity sacrifice related to food, sacrificing an inward connection to her physical body, etc., her secret price paid for pursuing The Anorexic Ideal.

If I name Demi Moore in conjunction with The Anorexic Ideal, this linkage of a big star to anorexia is not totally unheard of. Not even linking anorexia to Demi Moore.

Even by Hollywood standards, Ms. Moore has made an impression in that regard. For instance, googling “Demi Moore Anorexia” today, I found well over 7 million hits.

Those of you Blog-Buddies who have followed certain themes at this blog will note, perhaps, similarities between Demi’s avid pursuit of The Anorexic Ideal and spiritual addiction and addiction to marijuana or alcohol and pursing Law of Attraction orThe Secret. Again and again, the circular logic and habits and energetic sub-routines support a beautiful ideal.

Aura reading, especially comparing different chakra databanks, is one way to get out of the circular thinking of these vicious cycles.

A reading is not a healing. An aura reading does not heal an aura but provides feedback. If you type any of the previous terms in bold into our search box, you can read about giving support to people who are getting over problems like these.

Popular insistence that female celebrities stay face lifted and surgically perfected and routinely Botoxed and properly starved — that is where people like you and I can do what we can to make changes. We can put our feet down, our perfectly healthy human feet, body parts un-corseted and feet that have lived un-bound.

Imagine, people like us who have never once surgically changed ourselves to look better.

Fake faces for actresses are now evidently the standard

Today’s post has been brewing within me for weeks. When I saw Demi Moore, that was just what made the cup of root beer (or whatever it is) overflow.

Just last Sunday, via my usual newspaper, I was treated to photos of Carrie Fisher and Diane Keaton. Here are some comparison samples of each woman. See if you can guess which is from now, versus which is from long, long ago.

One version of Diane Keaton, born in 1946.

And another version of Diane Keaton, not able to change the fact that she was born in 1946.

One version of Carrie Fisher, born in 1956.

Another version of Carrie Fisher, still born in 1956. OOPS, mistake from Rose. This is an entirely different person, as noted in Comment 3 below.

So on December 13, I am adding a photo of the real Carrie Fisher, who was born in 1956. And the link at her name can show you a larger version.

Technical point: You are probably used to seeing how short her nose looks in classing Star Wars shots like this one. But she may well have had cosmetic surgery done by then.  Regardless, the camera angle in the off-shoulder blouse photo has her face angled down, while the angle in this famous post has her head tilted slightly up.

Especially if you use the links provided for these two photographs, so the photos are larger and easier to see in detail, it is awfully hard to tell which woman is 60+ and which is 20+. If you’re good with math skills, you’ll appreciate that these women really do look young enough to be their own granddaughters.

I happen to be fond of both of them. And I’m very glad that Carrie Fisher has found psychological relief through electroshock therapy.

However, I care considerably more about having real-life women find peace and dignity without erasing their faces or their memories.

What can we do to shift consciousness away from these soul-deadening versions of “beauty”?

Blog-Buddies, I leave it to you to write follow-up posts about how Carrie Fisher has changed, comparing these two photographs. Or to write about lovely Diane Keaton, famous for her self-honesty and deprecatory humor, and the toll it has taken on her, living up to the standards of our Age of Vanity.

Make no mistake, that is when we live. Many historians may call this an Age of Terror. And they might not be wrong.

But which has affected you, personally, more? Do share your thoughts in the COMMENTS section below? Personally, yes, I have suffered more from living in the Age of Vanity.

As for what we can do about it? Personally, I teach energetic literacy. When people like us can tell more about what goes on internally, wouldn’t that be a help?

What ideas do you Blog-Buddies have? What have you already done? What might all of us do?

Concluding on a note of inspiration from Carole King

Thank you, today’s newspaper, for also providng a short article about singer and songwriter Carole King. At 69, she has written a memoir as well. “I wrote every word of it,” she said, referring to “A Natural Woman.”


You haven’t seen the memoir yet because it will not be published until April 2012. However, you can see her face. Thank you, Carole King, for having a forehead that can actually move.

During the interview in today’s Parade Magazine she said, “James [Taylors’] and my music was the soundtrack of so many people’s lives… and that astonishes me every time. People tend to think of James and me as authentically who we are. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to us.”

Some of you know Carole King from our Enlightenment Life List as well.

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  1. 1
    Curious, As Ever says:

    Fascinating! Your comment about the Vogue photos as a genre made me chuckle. So true.

  2. 2
    Dana says:

    I am so glad that you wrote about Demi Moore, Rose! As I have been seeing her more in more in the media lately, I have become increasingly confused. Writers will ask, “How has Demi Moore managed to stay looking so young?”

    And I wait for the punch line of “plastic surgery,” but it never comes. Instead the response is: “She wears sunscreen and exercises regularly!” So then I keep reading because I think there must be some mention later of plastic surgery. Nope.

    And thank you for ending the reading with the picture of Carole King. I needed that after seeing the other pictures! Beautiful!

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Rose, I don’t intend for you to publish this comment, because I just want to point out that the women standing up in the second picture of Carrie Fischer is not Carrie Fischer, but someone else called Shira Lee Shalit.

  4. 4

    So sweet of ANONYMOUS to point this out. As if it were the first time I made a mistake!

    I’ll fix the current photo at the post after this next client!

  5. 5

    Done! Photo credit for the Carrie Fisher pictures goes to a great website for seeing her more clearly:

    Other photo credits for this post can be found related to using the large picture links provided. Except for the advertising ad with Ms. Moore, which is easily accessed in multiple locations through Google Images.

  6. 6
    Grace S. says:

    ROSE, this article brings up something that I’ve experienced recently.

    I was a model for a professional photo shoot recently. And holy cow! I can understand how Demi comes across this way in the readings from the ad (not to defend her and her life).

    It takes 3 hours to prep/make up and then the stinkin’ shoot is 4+ hours long… yeah, you sure are just a potted plant by that point in time, and sore and hungry.

    The photos are “beautiful,” in that very limited definition.

    I thought about you and aura reading, that if someone read me from these photos, they sure wouldn’t find a deep (or beautiful!) person in some of those chakra databanks! The irony.

    In no way shape or form do I think I’d come across like anorexic Demi – and in my case, I need to be more invested in physical reality, so this felt balancing in its own way… although nothing I crave or really ever want to do again.

    It really struck me how one does get a limited view, a very situation-specific vantage, into how that person ticks, depending on the occasion of the photo. It also comes to mind how you keep mentioning, “Enlightened at the time of this photo” (or not).

  7. 7
    Ryan says:

    Women are hardly alone in feeling pressure in the Age of Vanity. Men increasingly feel pressure also. Perhaps not as much as women, but the pressure on men is noticeable and increasing.

    Men do feel pressure to have low body fat like women do (among other types of pressure), and I have read that men are increasingly developing traditional eating disorders like anorexia.

    Not only do men feel pressure to be lean, but they can also feel pressure to be muscular! The idealized male body includes chiseled pecs, “washboard”/”six-pack” abs, bulging arms, and “tree trunk” legs, and a nice ass is appreciated on women and men.

    Somebody once wrote that high school males seem to be more into things like weight lifting and are more buff than they used to be, and I agree.

    In fact, a special class of men exists that can match and even outdo the Demi Moore types as far as their relationship with their bodies: The bodybuilder

    (Yes, women are bodybuilders also, but most bodybuilders are male.)

    Many bodybuilders go through all kinds of horrifying extremes of bizarre, restricted diets that make even the most fanatical vegetarians and vegans look sane (I am all for vegetarianism and veganism), arrays of expensive dietary supplements of questionable safety and effectiveness that remind you of senior citizens who take so many prescription medications that they have mini-pharmacies in their homes, training schedules that rival those of Olympic athletes whether such bodybuilders actually compete or not, and chemical enhancements such as steroids, insulin, and growth hormones.

    Plenty of men say things like “I don’t ever feel like I am big [muscular] enough.” The word bigorexia, which refers to when a person believes they are not muscular enough, is becoming increasingly known. I don’t think I have yet heard of a woman with bigorexia.

    I cannot think of any male celebrities right now who exemplify these kinds of problems, but look around a site like and you can find plenty of men with the kinds of problems that women have in relation to their bodies.

  8. 8
    Dave says:

    Good insight, RYAN, and I agree.

  9. 9

    A Blog-Buddy tonight called to my attention that Demi Moore has recently been in the news for anorexia, substance abuse, etc.

    This is a fairly typical example:

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Here is another example from a different source:,,20566147,00.html

  11. 11

    Perceptive article, ANONYMOUS. Thanks for sending it and, with it a reminder, that (in my language) The Anorexic Ideal hurts everyone who believes in it.

    As you know, one of my goals in teaching energetic literacy is helping people to read auras down to chakra databanks that show — well in advance of rehab. — the price paid for self-starvation.

    Gifts of the soul in auras are ALWAYS beautiful. The rest of a chakra databank can turn quite disgusting for as long as the problem persists.

    I have NEVER read the aura of someone who forces herself to be anorexic with full beauty at the level of chakra databanks. Quite the opposite.

  12. 12
    Amy says:

    Hi Rose,

    I just noticed that you wrote that Carrie Fisher was born in 1856, gave me a good chuckle 🙂

  13. 13

    Oopsie, AMY. Will fix. Thanks.

    She has packed a lot into this lifetime, but not THAT much.

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