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Energetic Literacy, Weight, and How You Eat — Pathways Magazine Column



Such perfect timing, Blog Buddies. Just in time for making New Year’s Resolutions.

Plus, soon I’ll be giving my annual workshop on Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage. This is an opportunity to move into Stage Three Energetic Literacy for researching choices for weight loss. (Note, this aura reading workshop is about ANY goals you might make, not only ones related to your weight.)

Plus, our most recent blog comment today comes from RYAN, Comment 8, where he bemoaned pressures from The Vanity Culture for guys. Here’s help!

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Plus today I just picked up the quarterly issue of Pathways Magazine. Which reminded me, hello! To finally post this article. 🙂

You can read this latest “Energetic Literacy” column online at the Pathways Magazine website. If you live in the metro Washington, D.C. area, free issues are readily available.

Energetic Literacy, Weight, and How You Eat(c)

Copyright (c) by Rose Rosetree 2011.

Energetic literacy can help you to reach and maintain your ideal weight. Before we start delving into your aura, let’’s start with three commonsense rules.

Rule #1: Avoid trying again, only harder.

Once upon a time, there may be a way of eating that you really loved. Hey, your teenage body loved it, too. Only your current body is not really the same body at all, and not just because now it is heavier.

Once upon a time, there may also have been a way you purposely lost (or gained) weight. That solution worked great.

Sure, once upon a time, when you were 20 years younger! First time on a diet, every ugly pound came off easily. (Only later it came back easily, too.)

Subsequent diets were exactly the same. Okay, not necessarily the particular diet of choice but the concept of “”Being on a diet”.” And, okay, with each subsequent diet every pound came off a little less easily.

And okay, okay, every pound came back a little more easily.

Yo-yo dieting is the most common example of “Repeat, only try harder. Then vainly hope to succeed.” Honestly, has America learned nothing from “The Oprah Winfrey Show”?

Rule #2. Never give up on yourself.

This weight/size/food game isn’’t over until you say it’s over. Got that?

You may have had horrible, heart-wrenching struggles related to the size of your body, food allergies, etc. But remember, where there’’s life, there’’s hope. There is also, definitely, opportunity galore for spiritual evolution and emotional healing.

Rule #3. Use energetic literacy to help yourself deal with food.

Energetic literacy means reading energy. To be practical, energetic literacy requires that you read a person’’s aura in depth and detail. Everyone –- and I do mean everyone -– can learn to do this.

The degree of skill you have gained with energetic literacy will impact what you can do for yourself directly, in the context of food choices.

Are you ready, right now, to use the research techniques in this article, great! What if you’’re not ready yet, because developing full energetic literacy hasn’t been a priority for you? There are professionals who can help you. (Hint: Pathways Magazine is full of them.)

Here’’s one big, fat reason why energetic literacy matters so much for a mind-body-spirit approach to diet and weight management. STUFF can get stuck in your system.

(“STUFF” is my name for emotional and/or spiritual garbage at the level of auras.The level where STUFF clumps up and affects us is what psychologists call “your subconscious mind.”)

If subconscious drives keep sabotaging your diet-and-exercise regimen, that can cause such misery. But energetic literacy techniques of healing can make a huge difference. Because permanent removal of STUFF is the whole point of the mighty MBS trio: Energy Spirituality, Energy Psychology, and Energy Medicine.

Cutting cords of attachment is one of the core techniques of Energy Spirituality. Yes, it can be learned from a book, provided that the book supplies a quality method for doing a rigorous job.

Permanent removal of STUFF impacting your weight is important. Maybe you could be helped most by a healing technique that isn’’t mind-body-spirit. Maybe psychotherapy is your best path, meditation or prayer, etc. If you get permanent results, you’ll know. ONE great thing about moving out STUFF related to food is that long-term results can be measured in pounds.

For perspective, remember Rule #1: Avoid trying again, only harder. That practical rule applies to STUFF-removal therapy, not only to losing or gaining weight. After that same old-same old approach stops working, keep the healing you got but move on.

With weight loss or weight gain or any other problem in life, you’’re allowed to do a cost-benefits analysis. If one healing resource doesn’’t work for you any more, don’’t just keep doing more of it. Life is too short; scales are too accurate.

Also please remember Rule #2. Never give up on yourself. So you can keep on trying new approaches until you find one that works. Including the one I’’m going to give you right now. 

Work Around STUFF by Making Better Choices

Even if your aura and subconscious mind still carry loads of STUFF, you may be able to manage weight better just by making choices that are way, way better informed.

Some choices are ultra important if you aim to lose or gain weight. Here are some:

  1. Which type of eating are you going to pursue?
  2. Which type of exercise are you going to pursue?
  3. Which nutritional supplements are you going to take?

Until you find workable choices in all three categories, it’s unlikely that you will succeed at reaching the body size you desire.

Hey, there’’s always The Guinea Pig Method. For this, no energetic literacy is required. You just try and fail, try and fail, until you stumble upon something that works. Or you stumble into your grave. Whichever comes first.

Researching choices at the level of auras is useful when choosing which type of eating suits you, plus which vitamins to take. Research with energetic literacy is also really useful for choosing types of exercise. The Guinea Pig Method is frustrating enough; when a poor choice also includes a three-year non-negotiable contract for gym membership, that counts as really frustrating.

Making choices with energetic literacy

Let’s say you’’re convinced it would be smart to use aura reading to make better choices around food. Here’’s how to do quality research.

Step. 1. You will select one of the methods that follows. (Most of you Pathways readers know at least one of these methods. If not, learn one. Or ask a healing professional or friend to do the research for you.)

Step. 2. Write down a comprehensive list of choices, the longer and more specific your list the better.

Step 3. Do a baseline reading of yourself before researching a single choice.

Step 4. Research one choice at a time. (More on that to follow.)

How detailed will your baseline reading and research be? That will depend on how far you have come in your skills for energetic literacy, with three stages as described later in this article. But just to give you an overview, here is what I mean by baseline reading accomplished by means of a particular skill level at energetic literacy.

With Stage ONE Energetic Literacy…

Your baseline reading will be quick and simple. Do you test out strong or weak?

This kind of “Yes” or “No” answer can be very useful. Even though you won’t get huge nuance this way, at least you will receive important, practical feedback directly from your energy field.

And your baseline will prepare you to research every single choice on your list.

With Stage TWO Energetic Literacy…

Your baseline reading will be more detailed. Check out every major chakra, from the root chakra on up to your crown chakra.

How well is the energy flowing? That matters.

Okay, after you write down those baseline findings, you’’re ready to receive answers to some tricky questions about what appeals to you and why, what works for you overall. Or doesn’’t.

With Stage THREE Energetic Literacy…

Your baseline reading will be about as detailed as with Stage TWO Energetic Literacy. Only instead of getting feedback from entire chakras, as a whole, you can emphasize the chakra databanks most relevant to your current priorities in life.

Every major chakra contains 50 chakra databanks, or tubes of energy that vary in size and quality. Each chakra databank concerns one particular aspect of life.  Very researchable!

Choose 5-10 chakra databanks that interest you. Because every choice you research will impact every single one of your hundreds of chakra databanks; this energy-style feedback could prove very important for making well informed choices.

For instance, your baseline research might include:

  • Physical Strength Chakra Databank at the Root Chakra. (How will a choice change the quality and amount of strength in your body?)
  • Emotional Self-Awareness Chakra Databank at the Heart Chakra. (Does a choice help you to be emotionally honest with yourself? Will emotions be strengthened or stuck in denial or what?)
  • Soul Thrill Chakra Databank at the High Heart Chakra. (Deep human preferences are part of one’’s personal path to enlightenment. Why not consider this aspect of making life choices?)
  • Flow of Sexual Energy Chakra Databank at the Belly Chakra. (Perfect weight but no sex life –- who needs that?)
  • Spiritual Growth Chakra Databank at the Heart Chakra. (Just because a choice sounds “spiritual” in theory doesn’t mean that it would necessarily help you to evolve. Your mind-body-spirit system contains interesting truths about what will be truly productive.)

Once you have worked out your baseline, given your current levels of energetic literacy, here’’s how to research choices that impact how you eat and what you weigh.

How to Eat Better, Thanks to Stage ONE Energetic Literacy

Stage ONE Energetic Literacy is the beginner level of reading energy. It means noticing energy in yourself and others.

A popular technique for Stage ONE Energetic Literacy is muscle testing. You may have had a chiropractor do this for you. If you’’re lucky enough to have a fine health food store near you, there may be a salesperson who will muscle test you for free.

How to research: As you hold one supplement up at a time, certain vitamins (and certain brands of those vitamins) really will make your auric field and body significantly stronger. The same goes for other choices as well.

For each research item, write the name of your choice on a piece of paper. (For example, “Walking on a treadmill” and “Walking outdoors in my neighborhood.”) Then hold that piece of paper up to your body and research away.

How to Eat Better Thanks to Stage TWO Energetic Literacy

Stage TWO Energetic Literacy is a more advanced level of reading energy. It means being able to seek and receive information about individual chakras.

A popular technique for Stage TWO Energetic Literacy is pendling (using a pendulum). Again, if you haven’’t learned yet, you may have a friend who can teach you.

Another way to learn Stage TWO Energetic Literacy is studying a technique of Energy Medicine. Your instructor may be able to coach you to notice when a chakra tests out relatively weak or strong.

Plus you’’ll have the benefit of learning that technique of Energy Medicine, which you can use for the rest of your life to be healthier, however much you weigh!

How to research: After you have written down the results from your baseline reading, say each choice out loud three times.

For instance, you might say aloud three times, “Take spirulina.”

If this tested out well for all or most of your chakras, time to get more specific. Say aloud three times, “Take Brand X spirulina.”

Later, say aloud three times “Take Brand Y spirulina.”

Because you are getting results from different chakras, you may find some very practical nuances. Say that you have been working for months on improving the energy flow in your Belly Chakra (a.k.a., Lower Abdominal Chakra). And Brand X spirulina is especially good there, as well as being helpful overall.

Quite a significant finding, don’’t you think?

How to Eat Better Thanks to Stage THREE Energetic Literacy

Stage THREE Energetic Literacy means being able to read auras from regular photographs and also from people. The level of detail you can read, here and now, includes any chakra databank you would care to research.

Learning how to do this is, frankly, no more difficult to attain than learning Gutenberg literacy — the kind that allows you to read this page. I have written books and teach classes on this, and I’’m hardly the only aura reading teacher around! Find a teacher who suits you and develop the life skill.

Say that you have done a baseline this way, putting together a set of chakra databanks that matters to you. To research, say each choice out loud three times (as described with the technique for Stage TWO Energetic Literacy).

How to research: At each chakra databank your findings will include both size and quality. So you can learn important information about how you respond to each choice being explored.

After you write down your results for each choice, compare the set to your baseline. Pay attention to the nuances; they can be very informative. Here’’s what you might find when researching with Stage THREE Energetic Literacy:

  • Physical Strength Chakra Databank at the Root Chakra. Shifts from 2 inches of spaciness to 12 feet of engaged vitality.
  • Emotional Self-Awareness Chakra Databank at the Heart Chakra. Shifts from 27 feet of intense emotionality to 5 feet of more realistic emotional engagement with surroundings.
  • Soul Thrill Chakra Databank at the High Heart Chakra. From 1/8 inch of neglect of the soul (in favor of other perspectives on life) to a shockingly robust 25 feet of vitality.
  • Flow of Sexual Energy Chakra Databank at the Belly Chakra. From 2 inches of “Ho-hum who cares?” to 12 feet of “Hello, body.”
  • Spiritual Growth Chakra Databank at the Heart Chakra. From 90 miles of intensely pressured spiritual focus to 5 feet of relaxed acceptance of human life.

After your research, what then?

Write down your choices. Prioritize them. Commit to trying each choice one at a time.

To follow up, make one lifestyle change at a time. The Guinea Pig Method still counts for something.

After you live with a change for a few weeks, assess if that change is right for you. Only when that first change is going well would it be smart to add an additional change.

When you use energetic literacy to research weight and how you eat, expect surprises. But that’’s why this article has suggested three rules, not one. If you refuse to give up on yourself, most likely you can reach your goals around weight.

It’’s a very big deal, making changes in order to reduce or gain weight. Helping people, I have learned that choosing this goal is a “Good news, bad news” opportunity for personal development.

Bad news: Improving weight and nutrition, long term, is one of the hardest goals for most folks to pursue. In my experience with clients, nothing is more difficult. Weight change is on a par with ending an addiction to alcohol or marijuana. Yes, that goal can totally be met. It’’s just not a small goal.

Good news: So much other STUFF may be involved along the way,– therefore, such an ambitious goal is a great motivation for healing. The desire to get the weight under control can keep a person going, healing one hidden pattern of STUFF at a time. By the time you reach that weight goal, you may have healed a whole lot of other problems as well. Yum!


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  1. 1
    Jim says:

    It seems that everything has to be put right in order to get healthy weight and proper energy.

    You are right to say that it isn’t enough to do the exercises that worked years ago or to eat the diet that worked years ago.

    Lots more exercise—and hairier, nastier exercises—are now needed.

    Diet has to be more precise and less—well, less extravagant—a lot less extravagant.

    Even that isn’t enough. More subtle physical aspects have to be considered, like those in Chinese medicine. Without those right—the rest isn’t right, either.

    Most unfortunately, emotional tune-up seems also to be required to get enough results. It would be so much better if simply running 100 miles fast would set things right, but the solutions aren’t so simple.

    It is not unreasonable to suppose that physical problems should have purely physical solutions. Sadly, that isn’t true. It’s such a good idea, though—it really ought to be true.

  2. 2

    JIM, thank goodness you have never put your wry sense of humor on a diet.

    I love every inch and pound of you.

  3. 3
    Elaine says:

    Great post, ROSE. I plan to employ Stage 3 Energetic Literacy in healing the meniscus in my knee.

    I am working with an acupuncturist and a nutritionist, but also using my own self-authority in utilizing these sources.

    At this point I decided I will not have the “non-invasive” invasive surgery that the ortho doctor recommended. In using my self-authority at this point it just goes against everything I feel inside is right for me. So thanks for all this good info!

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