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Special Treatment for Molecular Empaths


One practical point about molecular empaths was not included in our last post. Just for fun, I’ll whisper it to you today.

This pssssst is of special interest for all of you clients who are molecular empaths. Not that there are loads of you, but some of you definitely are. When I have been in session with you, I have told you so. Well, what’s up with that?

Plus I want to share with all you empaths (and non-empaths) why normally I will not name the nature of any empath gifts that you might have.

Normally I do have a strict policy as a teacher of Empath Empowerment®. In the interest of my students, I do NOT do research about which gift(s) you have as an empath. (Although you might have me do aura reading research about somebody else’s empath gifts, or lack of them.)

Maybe you know why this policy is so important for helping you. But maybe you don’t know why I make this exception to my own rule. Because I definitely will volunteer the fact that you’re a molecular empath… if I notice it.

Why, why, why?

Unhelpful information for empaths

First off, let’s go for a general point that is useful for all you Blog-Buddies. Why it would it be significantly unhelpful for me (or anyone else) to name your gift(s) as an empath?

Knowing about your gift(s) as an empath is validating. So much about your life experience will make sense in a new way, once you understand.

  • “Yes, I have been an (unskilled) Intellectual Empath. And that’s why I have had that horrid problem when fighting with my spouse, where I seem to develop amnesia about my original point of view.”
  • “Yes, all along I have been an (unskilled) Environmental Empath. No wonder the recent rare sunspot activity made me feel jittery all day.”
  • “Well, duh! Of course, I’m an (unskilled) Animal Empath. That is why I can walk down the street, pass Fido on a leash, and feel horribly depressed for the next several hours.”

Validating? There’s more than validation if you learn this practical information. Naming your gift(s) as an empath does NOT make you a skilled empath. It’s just the beginning.

However, you will understand a great deal more about your present, your past, and how you have suffered. You also will have hope that all your empath-related problems can leave forever, because becoming a skilled empath can do that for you. This is the reason why people take a bit of time to learn the unique skill set of becoming skilled as an empath. It does change your life forever, protecting you, helping you to be more like yourself.

Empath Empowerment® can be an important step forward in your own personal path to Enlightenment. Hey, maybe having a sizeable chunk of the world’s empaths becoming skilled is a developmental step for human consciousness. Maybe all of humanity will receive a major boost forward in spiritual evolution when empaths claim their innate power and effectiveness in life.

Avoiding empath-disempowering misinterpretation

Validation is the positive version of why it is helpful to learn about your gift(s) as an empath. But let’s admit it together. There’s a problem side, too, about learning about empath gifts. Because if you don’t know accurately what the heck is going on with you, it’s all too easy to come up with weird, inaccurate interpretations that lead you nowhere. For instance:

  • “When fighting with my spouse, I seem to develop amnesia about my original point of view. That spouse is a psychic vampire who is trying to attack me.”
  • “Because I recently felt jittery all day, I had better go back to work with my psychotherapist and practice tightening my boundaries.”
  • “When I felt so depressed after my walk last night, it’s because I have been given a Gift of Prophecy. I am a psychic empath, with important messages to pick up and tell people.”

Well, oops! Not only are these interpretations extremely inaccurate. (How do I know for sure? I made these people up! Plus their examples!)

Interpretations like these lead to a waste of time or worse. Here’s why:

  • IMHO, and based on 42 years of serving clients in the New Age community, there are virtually no psychic vampires or energy vampires. There is no such thing as “psychic attack” in the lives of most human beings. Although blaming a psychic vampire can feel comforting, it is disempowering long term, a true dead end in personal empowerment.

Similarly, the labeling of people as a “toxic personality” or “narcissist” does little to improve quality of life long term. And labeling people has zero relevance to becoming empowered as an empath.

  • Boundary work is useful for many a seeker of improved quality of life. If you do boundary work with a psychotherapist and this helps you, who am I to argue? Certain social skills can be taught in that way. More power to you!

However, no amount of boundary work will make you a skilled empath. No amount of putting up walls, shields, invisible armor, etc. will ever make a significant difference on the level of your aura.

In fact, this particular practitioner of energetic literacy has found consistently that, ironically, big work with boundaries is counter-productive. When JOE works really hard to develop strong boundaries, what will he achieve? JOE will create an energetic structure around one or more of his chakras, a kind of energy wall (technically a big thought form).

Walls, or firm energetic boundaries, do not prevent taking on STUFF through unskilled empath merge. Neither do those energetic boundaries help an empath in any way, other than accomplishing a profoundly unhelpful, distracting, mislabeled task.

JOE, for instance, may feel different after working on his boundaries. But that feeling is about having a new artificiality to his personality and behavior, something that will keep out new friends or lovers and make it harder for him to have authentic intimacy in his relationships.

  • As for being a psychic empath, that is just a mislabeling of being an empath, or psychic, or both. Instead of calling herself a “psychic empath,” GLADYS might as well refer to herself as a “Swiss-chard-based-life form.” The practical benefit would be what exactly? (Except for helping GLADYS to feel important and special.)

How empaths can be empowered instead

Here is what I recommend. Find a teacher for empaths who has a track record of helping people, a teacher whose aura or philosophy or both appeals to you at your current level of development.

Of course, I would love to be that teacher of empaths for you. But just because I was the first such teacher, in terms of publishing the first book for empaths in English, that doesn’t mean I’m alone in the field. In fact, at this date I show up pretty badly on Google, because I don’t spend time promoting myself with search engine optimization around “empath” or any other of the systems of knowledge that I use and teach.

And so, of course, I cannot comment on what other teachers do.

If you DO study the system of Empath Empowerment® there are three parts.

  • First, you learn the appropriate names for whichever empath gift(s) you do have.
  • Second, you learn how to turn your empath gift(s) OFF most of the time.
  • Third, and optionally, you can learn how  to safely use a technique to turn your empath gift(s) ON for a brief period. You may know that I have developed several techniques for Skilled Empath Merge. You can find some in “Become the Most Important Person in the Room” [now updated for the Age of Awakening as Empath Empowerment in 30 Days].

Spiritual self-authority for empaths

Take, for example, the Empath Empowerment Workshops I will be teaching soon in Virginia (March 17-18, 2012) and New Mexico (Feb. 25-26, 2012). Teaching you, I will give you an opportunity to clearly understand the nature of each possible empath gift. Then, going within yourself, using your own self-authority, you will decide.

Same thing if you are becoming a skilled empath from one of my books. You will get to decide within yourself, using your own self-authority.

Why teach this way? Because you will use exactly the same spiritual self-authority to do parts two and three of Empath Empowerment®.

Being an empath, ultimately, means that you have resources in consciousness that can work well only with techniques that involve the gentle, effortless use of your consciousness.

Social skills won’t cut it.

Visualizing walls, shields, invisible armor, etc., will not modify how your aura expands at random times, doing unskilled empath merge with people willy nilly.

Not that it is difficult or painful to become a skilled empath, not a bit! 🙂

So why do I tell molecular empaths about their gift?

If we’re in session for anything but face reading or Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, I will do a brief Skilled Empath Merge to learn a lot about you really quickly.

This holds true whether your session emphasizes Energy Spirituality Aura READING or Energy Spirituality HEALING.

Why tell you? Because it is both extremely rare and exciting to meet another molecular empath. You know how small the number of folks is on our Enlightenment Life List.

Well, the number of molecular empaths is waaaay smaller. And it won’t hurt your self-authority one bit, since you have OTHER gifts as an empath. In my experience so far, every molecular empath I have identified has a whole bunch o’ empath gifts.

Will I tell you about those other empath gifts? Nope. So you’ll still get to strengthen your spiritual self-authority.

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  1. 1
    Curious, As Ever says:

    Rose, your blog is always so fascinating! I loved your book, Become the Most Important Person in the Room.

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    ROSE, your picture for this post made me laugh so much!

    And thank you for writing about this. It explains some reactions I’ve had in the past, and for the future will help me not to dwell on/puzzle over anything similar.

    I love what you say about boundaries creating problems in the energy field. Authenticity beats shielding any day.


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