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New Age consumers, choose the best and leave the rest


A recent theme in my healing sessions has been cutting cords of attachment to previous New Age healers. Many different clients have had me remove cords of attachment to different healers; clients on different continents and healers of every description.

Often this sort of help has been requested by my long-term clients. These folks have had benefit from Energy Spirituality and they now are ready to clean out old STUFF related to previous experiences with healers that were either fulfilling or not fulfilling. Cleaning out STUFF and putting in more soulful qualities, as human beings on a path to Enlightenment — that is the definition of Energy Spirituality. And the put-in part includes assessing your current path, what helps and what hinders and what is mostly a habit.

These clients have come to trust me enough to ask me to research (and then remove) cords of attachment to various healers and teachers. Having done so much of this type of cord cutting recently, I thought I would wade into some controversial waters. (Who, me?) No, I am not aiming to badmouth anyone. I feel zero temptation to name some well known healers whose behavior has not been up to par. I have no axe to grind here about one type of healing versus another. No lightworkers are in competition; all are needed.

Yet, as a consumer, you may find choosing New Age practitioners to be tricky. So strap on your spiritual self-authority and let’s investigate some problems that you can easily avoid.

Not only is there a good, well trained, competent healer for everyone. The healer you need most may change over time.

New Age consumer advice based on what?

Consumer tips in this article come from a 42-year healer (i.e., active since 1970, not 42 years old). My professional skills include aura reading all the way out to Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Theories are easy to create, but I am not basing today’s recommendations merely on theory.

Specific experiences with clients leading up to my writing today’s article include:

  • Reading chakra databanks in my client, present and past (by pulling out energetic holograms for researching chakra databanks).
  • Reading chakra databanks in healers and spiritual teachers, channelers, mediums, psychics, and others who have helped my clients. (Research done by pulling out energetic holograms for researching chakra databanks).
  • Cutting cords of attachment for clients, cords of attachment between my client and the healer, teacher, psychic, etc.
  • Identifying and helping clients to overcome Spiritual Addiction. Using Soul Thrill® Aura Research to investigate consequences of healing work, research that avoids making choices in the direction of an existing imbalance.

Smart New Age consumers use common sense

No need to choose your healer based just on hunches or on synchronicity. Intuitive forms of guidance are not the first, or only, criteria to use. Not when you happen to be human!

Please, use your common sense.

What does the healer claim to do? What training does that healer have? Does the system used by the healer make sense?

GLADYS’ experience isn’t unusual: She felt bad. She wanted healing. She wanted it to be a mind-body-spirit kind of healing. She felt good vibes from JOSEPHINE, the healer.

It wasn’t until she was in the initiation room that she understood what was happening — the invocation of a large animal that was supposed to join with her and give her special powers.

Unconfortable though she felt, GLADYS didn’t feel that it would be socially okay to leave.

Of course, all this was healed afterwards in a session of Energy Spirituality. But GLADYS is a brainy woman. If she had persistently asked what the heck JOSEPHINE actually did, GLADYS would have needed less cleanup afterwards.


Please pay special attention to promises of an initiation. Very often, something significant is downloaded into you during an initiation.

Receiving an initiation does not necessarily help you evolve faster spiritually. Be a smart New Age consumer. What is expected to happen, exactly?

Receiving an initiation does not necessarily heal STUFF.

The more extravagant the claims made for your initiation, the more you would be wise to investigate what is happening here.

Many cords of attachment that I have facilitated cutting for clients’ healers involved downloads that happened during initiations.

What NOT to ask as a consumer

It isn’t asking too much to get a detailed general explanation of what a healer or teacher does. That is different from calling or emailing a healer, telling your life story, and asking the healer, “Can you help me? How and why?”

This healer receives inquiries like this on, pretty much, a daily basis. Requesting this is NOT appropriate for a client, new or old. Sessions are for this sort of in-depth conversation. Personal sessions are by appointment and by agreement; the healer’s time and expertise are paid for, not presumed to be freebies.

Why would a responsible healer take an hour to thoughtfully read through such an email, thoughtfully consider (by reading what? the client’s aura? through an email?) and arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan, then do an elaborate explanation? Professional healers do not provide volunteer services just because people ask them to.

Personally, I do a fair amount of volunteering. But I am the one who decides, not people who complain to me that their lives are hard or that they are desperate.

Here’s the irony, New Agers

Asking for a detailed response isn’t being a smart consumer, not really.

On the positive side, asking for this kind of detail from a new healer is a great way to separate the beginners and hobbyists and phonies from professionals. Because professionals are too busy really helping people. We don’t have time to spend hours crafting responses to such inquiries.

Personally, my practice includes a full-time scheduler who sorts through inquiries and answers questions appropriately so that I am free to do sessions. Mitch spends a great deal of time every week, helping to educate new clients so they are not expecting something that I cannot deliver. He will do a short response. And he is not the healer in this practice but a customer service-oriented person… because it’s like when selling books through my company, I have it set up with the maximum customer service that is appropriate. I believe in being able to speak with a live human being.

Still, there are limits to what is appropriate.

As a consumer, you may not find many healers or teachers who provide a lot of service for those who make inquiries. However, it is always appropriate for you to go to the healer’s website, or read the healer’s book, and learn in advance about what that person does. Then use your common sense to evaluate. Speaking of which…

Avoid mushy mind-body-spirit

Unsophisticated or unskilled practitioners mush together intuitive, psychic, energy, and healing.

Which skill sets can be used to help you?

Beware the healer or teacher who says things like, “It’s all about the energy” or “Because of my psychic powers, I can heal you.”

Once I had a student, G., who told me about what happened that she went to a popular teacher of psychic development, Mr. Joe. Once enrolled, G. wasn’t taught much about psychic development. Instead, the emphasis was on finding dangerous dark souls and how to heal them.

The healing techniques learned weren’t especially impressive, and why would they have been? How appropriate is it to advertise that one teaches aura reading as a form of psychic development — or to teach other psychic-related skills — and then deliver something completely different because, “It’s all about the energy.”

A reading is not a healing. Consumers need to understand this if they want to permanently remove STUFF from their auras.

Consumer loyalty in New Age

After a successful workshop or healing session, do you notice any results? That’s the point, isn’t it?

Another consumer-smart thing is to notice how you feel about yourself. If you feel good about yourself, that’s helpful. By contrast, it’s not such a good sign if you feel something more like, “The great and mighty Wizard of Oz has granted me an audience, so I feel so honored.”

Choose a specialty, not a mush

Beginners can be drawn to mind-body-spirit, inspired by mystical ideals or fantasies. But consumers know better, whether consumers or not. Emotional healing, physical healing, spiritual healing — these are not all one big mush.

Seeking services from a mind-body-spirit practitioner, calm down and ask yourself which of these three specialties matters most to you. Choose ONE or, at most, TWO.

Holistic healing is splendid, but that doesn’t mean that healers are generally skilled at all three specialties.

It’s clear enough with practitioners like me. I specialize in emotional and spiritual healing. I do not hang out a shingle as a physical healer.

Beware the physical healer who has a sideline of doing emotional healing, such as cutting cords of attachment. Because cutting cords is not a physical or mechanical type of healing. Professional skill requires real finesse at emotional healing.

In my experience, these are very different types of healers. Some of us notice bodies, physical aspects of life, find it really interesting. Others of us are way interested in emotions.

Maybe Leonardo da Vinci could have done both types of healing brilliantly — in his spare time — but very few humans can.

Avoid mushy New Age healer combining

So, let’s say you get it. You are working with a healer who can help you to address physical problems. Work with that practitioner to give that modality of healing a chance. When your physical condition has stabilized, then it is appropriate to go to someone for emotional healing.

Be very sparing and careful when combining services of different healers.

If emotional healing is being pursued, do not go to another emotional healer at the same time. If you have a physical problem, go to a medical professional, be that an acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc. Do not then go to a second New Age healer who is a physical practitioner, then a third.

More New Age can give you less.

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  1. 1
    Rachel says:

    Rose, some very wise advice here!

    “Another consumer-smart thing is to notice how you feel about yourself. If you feel good about yourself, that’s helpful.”

    With the astrologer I told you about recently, while I’m sure she was competent and had integrity, I always came away feeling rather inadequate…

    Having only cut the cord with her a few days ago, I guess I am reeling a bit (hence my recent question about making my own decisions rather than listening to experts). I’m sure I gave her way too much power in terms of deciding what was right for me.

    For all that, it seems important to feel compassion for prior choices that were, with hindsight, hasty and ill-considered. Wisdom always comes later, right?

    Anyway, apologies for my emotional see-saws… I am on a bit of a roller-coaster at the moment..!

  2. 2

    Here’s something interesting. I outlined today’s blog post due to conversations I had with clients over the past weekend.

    But two of my sessions today, the first and fourth, both included clients having difficulties because of work they did with someone whose promotion included the term “enlightened” or “enlightenment” right in the website.

    While the purveyor of those services was far from Enlightened yet.

    All the more important, seems to me, to use the commonsense discernment I advocated in today’s post. Beginners can be sweetly enthusiastic, but those who take advantage of them are not necessarily respectful.

    Initiations are, in particular, to be approached with caution. That includes “diksha” bestowal or other energy healings or substances that, supposedly, have miraculous healing powers.

  3. 3

    RACHEL, it is tremendously important to have compassion for previous choices.

    The past is always a stage of lesser spiritual development, and nobody here at Earth School needs to feel too proud to learn here. That’s the point!

  4. 4
    Truthseeker says:

    Rose, have you ever had to cut a cord of attachment to a client/s? (I presume you have)

  5. 5

    TRUTH SEEKER, you are one curious person, and you are free to ask any question at this blog that seems relevant to a blog post.

    However, I do not consider it especially appropriate for you to inquire into my personal process as a healer, and I certainly decline to answer any question like this.

    Personally, I’m not even sure what the connection would be between the topic of this blog post and your question to me. But please, let’s not go there. 😉

  6. 6
    "Terry" says:

    What about adding on positive thinking?

    I have too much stress in my life, so I find it helpful to imagine myself feeling better. I do it all day long, actually.

  7. 7

    Clarifying, if you have a session with me for aura healing, we will either permanently remove STUFF (e.g., cutting a cord of attachment) or put in what is now appropriate for you, given the fresh beginning in your aura (e.g., Upgrading social skills by researching energetic holograms).

    Permanent removal of STUFF. Consciously evaluating your choices for speech and action in objective reality. Okay, that is one approach known as Energy Spirituality.

    By contrast, you are using a technique where you split off from objective and subjective reality. You pretend. (And knowing you as I do, I’m sure you do a brilliant job of pretending.)

    Think about it.

    An incident has just come up in real life. That incident involves conflict. What you call “stress”!

    Stress? You make that sound like a germ. Something that has nothing to do with you, except for your need to avoid it.

    Conflict or frustration here at Earth School? What a fine opportunity that represents to notice what goes on in objective reality and do some problem solving.

    But noooooooooooooooo. Instead, with all respect, you are sugarcoating your life, changing nothing except your mood. While indirectly you are throwing into denial your uncomfortable emotions.

  8. 8

    Of course you want to feel good, TERRY. When we do sessions, that’s the point.

    Also, you will naturally and spontaneously feel better when you learn skill sets from my various books and use them on your own to move out STUFF or to read people more accurately.

    Aura-level consequences are to improve your auric modeling. Your own chakra databanks function better. Naturally. Without your trying to pretty them up.

    By contrast, I have read many, many auras of people who attempted to visualize their way into happiness. Or even a higher state of consciousness.

    You may know, I wrote a whole book related to debunking this kind of brave experiment: “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.” If you read about the research and concepts in that how-to, you will learn in detail why the beautiful promises of imagining, Law of Attraction, The Secret, etc., do not bring about the results promised but something altogether different.

  9. 9

    One reason to develop your own Stage Three Energetic Literacy is so that you can research the consequences of different techniques that you use.

    Don’t just base choices on what, theoretically, sounds good to you.

    Research the aura of the technique teacher or healer. Do that BEFORE you try what that person advocates.

    Further, research some of your own chakra databanks before and after doing the technique or session. Is there improvement or something else?

  10. 10

    But how can you do such research about consequences if you mix ‘n match? Many of you Blog-Buddies do a little psychic development, a little empath empowerment, some meditation, using affirmations, visualizing, doing yoga, channeling, prayer, you name it.

    Unless you research the consequences of each choice separately (one way is to do “Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research”), you’re not going to find it too easy telling apart the consequences of one path vs. another.

    It is much, much smarter to do one method in depth and put aside the rest. Find out what that one practice can do for you.

    Experiment with something else next.

    Over the years you can put together a lifestyle with ONE practice for your physical health and ONE practice for your emotional growth and ONE practice for spiritual evolution.

    And maybe you won’t even need all three. Because you will be doing so well!

  11. 11

    It is so important, TERRY, to understand that positive thinking, as you describe it, is a technique.

    When you wish to make your life better, every technique, healing method, spiritual practice, etc. counts.

    Make sure they are compatible with each other.

    For example, if you are having sessions of RES Energy HEALING with me, please do not mix in the very incompatible technique of visualization or positive thinking.

    You will not get more as a result. You will get less.

    If you’re ever in session with me and you want suggestions for extra homework, just ask.

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