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Why did God make empaths?


The March issue of “Reading Life Deeper” focuses on this fabulous question posed by one of my recent students.

GLADYS asked me quietly, during a break near the end of my recent Empath Empowerment Workshop in New Mexico. She asked as if I knew the answer. Ha!

I just love when my “students” wake up the fancy “teacher” – and with something gentler than a cattle prod.

QUIZ about guidance and messages from spirit


GLADYS felt ashamed of her problem, though she was working on it. “My mind is too active. I can’t receive messages from spirit as I have been taught that I should.”

Well, there’s good news about this “bad” news. Some very good news indeed.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, Aura Reading the Oscar Nominated Role

Annette Bening Aura Reading

Marilyn Monroe — that’s hardly an easy part to play. Michelle Williams has done an extraordinary job of looking like Marilyn. Besides seeing some of the photos, and I have heard a sound clip of her doing a fascinating approximation/interpretation of Marilyn singing. But where will you find the aura reading research, going all the way down to chakra databanks?


Each year, I like to celebrate Oscar nominations by doing a special kind of aura reading. Stage Three Energetic Literacy makes it easy to research auras in detail, based on regular photographs. Choosing chakra databanks of greatest relevance, I will be comparing three different photos. Read along with me, Blog-Buddies, if you wish.

Aura Reading Whitney Houston, How She Dealt with Fame in Kali Yuga

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


On a day consecrated to love, let’s celebrate Whitney Houston. Let’s read her aura from the glory days of her career.

But let’s also bring ourselves a highly counter-culture Valentine’s Day gift — a revised perspective on love. Not everyone can become rich and famous. This is a statistical fact of life. Can we love ourselves anyway?

Survival skills for Cord Cutting and more, a Guest Post by Grace W.


Something else comes to mind about your comments, ROSE, about all the shifting and discomfort.

My experience has been of late that it is a SWELL time to get serious about developing and using Energy Spirituality skills. Along with being gentle with ourselves. I view these now as survival skills, not a “oh-I’ll-get-to-them-someday-when-I-have-time” kind of thing.

Why, if I am a World Server, do I feel crummy?



January was a hard month for some of you Blog-Buddies. Even if good things happened, too.

JOE had a tough month, for instance. He looked online, seeking explanation, consolation, whatever would bring him a feeling of support. Here’s what JOE found:

Eli Manning and Tom Brady, aura reading and face reading Superbowl stars

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


“Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.” Well, maybe that isn’t always true.

Because didn’t sports fans pay attention four years ago?

Or maybe the current lineup is my fault. I really, really don’t follow sports. I don’t even know the outcome to the famous Superbowl in 2008, when Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, played against Eli Manning, of the New York Giants.

Molecular Empath Contest, Nominating a creative public figure for an aura reading


Blog-Buddy DAVE started this contest flowing with his Comment #5 at a post about writer Virginia Woolf. And then GRACE W. added another comment about author Susan Cain, making the thought of a contest become so irresistable…

Let’s do this. With our first blog contest for 2012, you get to name a creative public figure of your choice. It could be a writer, a musician, an herbalist and teacher, any public figure at all whose work shows some notable innovation or creativity.

Guidance with Energetic Literacy

Pathways Magazine readers, my latest article has just been submitted. This latest edition of the “Energetic Literacy”column will be about guidance. This placeholder post will contain the full article after the print edition of Pathways goes out in March and the online version goes live, probably in April.

You’re free to interact on this theme at any time with your comments.