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Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, Aura Reading the Oscar Nominated Role

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe Aura Reading

Marilyn Monroe — that’s hardly an easy part to play. Michelle Williams has done an extraordinary job of looking like Marilyn. Besides seeing some of the photos, and I have heard a sound clip of her doing a fascinating approximation/interpretation of Marilyn singing. But where will you find the aura reading research, going all the way down to chakra databanks?


Each year, I like to celebrate Oscar nominations by doing a special kind of aura reading. Stage Three Energetic Literacy makes it easy to research auras in detail, based on regular photographs. Choosing chakra databanks of greatest relevance, I will be comparing three different photos. Read along with me, Blog-Buddies, if you wish.

I will do just one Oscar Nominee aura reading profile this year, comparing the actor in the role of “Self as Normal” with the Nominated Role. And, since this is a biopic, I will be including The Original Person of Interest.

To find previous blog posts with aura reading profiles comparing actors’ chakra databanks, just select the magnifying glass to search, and type “Oscar”. And perhaps this year more of you Blog-Buddies than ever will leap forward with your different Skilled Empath Merges, Face Readings, and Aura Readings of different Oscar nominees.

Aura reading those unretouched chakra databanks

So much about movies is manipulated. But auras don’t lie. They can’t lie. There is no technology yet to change people down to their chakra databanks.

It takes a rare actor, however, to change all the way down to that level. When this happens, it’s a triumph of consciousness within that actor’s craft.

To read photos along with me, use a technique like one of the photo reading techniques in “Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.”

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

For Michelle Williams, Actress, use this photo,  Michelle Williams’ chakra databanks and open the picture in a separate window.

For Michelle Williams as Marilyn, use this photo, Michelle as Marilyn’s chakra databanks , and open the picture in a separate window.

For Marilyn Monroe, Actress, use the same two photo links just provided.

Root Chakra Databank for Relationship to Objective Reality

  • Michelle Williams, Actress

9 inches. Really hungry, physically. Elsewhere at this blog I have commented (some would say “ranted”) about The Anorexic Ideal. Here’s yet one more example.

Unfortunately The Anorexic Ideal isn’t just a requirement today for leading actress wannabes who aren’t naturally skinny. It’s a harsh, terrible fact of life for professionals like Michelle Williams, so talented and ambitious, paying a terrible price one day at a time.

A musician or artist or writer with good technique can only develop cumulative skill. By contrast, a lifestyle of semi-starvation enforced at high stakes for a famous actress is a hideous struggle that only becomes more difficult over time. How old is Michelle Williams now, anyway? Do any of you Blog-Buddies know?

Hence my first experience of Michelle Williams’  aura, this screaming “Feed me.” If it weren’t so strident and shocking, , I assure you that I wouldn’t have risked sounding like a ranter. (And at my big, huge 119 pounds, a “pudgy” ranter at that.)

Anyway, I will find more at this chakra databank as I continue the aura reading research. Pride in hard work being rewarded. That is the central experience of this actress.

Those of you who have developed Stage Three Energetic Literacy are aware that every one of a person’s hundreds of chakra databanks includes a “gift of the soul.” This fingerprint-like gift is gorgeous and glorious. I’m not researching them in today’s article, except I will  comment on this first one, just to bring perspective.

Michelle Williams has a gift of her soul for relating to physical reality with curiosity, playfulness, and a loving connection to life. This is part of what she is projecting out through her eyes and expression when receiving a high honor in her career, a Golden Globe Award.

However, chakra databanks aren’t just about a gift. At any given moment, there are factors like size and quality — dependent on choices, lifestyle, habits, and STUFF — stored emotional and/or spiritual debris at the level of auras; of course, STUFF can always, always, always be healed. Today’s aura reading for each photo is about what is dominant at the time of the photo. I am certainly not implying that Michelle Williams cannot heal all of the STUFF etc. I sure hope that she will. What a dear heart she is, as well as talented!

This chakra databank, at the time of this photograph, is revealing for what ISN’T present as much as for what does show to this aura reader. Conspicuously lacking are:

A sense of herself as an individual, often a basis for noticing reality around her.

Interest in sensuous aspects of life, delight in physical life itself.

The physical wherewithal to engage in life with gusto. (Again, note the price paid for The Anorexic Ideal, including the size of this chakra databank — being read, like all chakra databanks in this article, at the third layer of the person’s aura.)

  • Marilyn Monroe, Actress

40 feet of fascination.

Yes, it is absolutely fascinating how complex, confused, and weirdly uninhibited this chakra databank shows up as Marilyn displays her connection to human reality. At the time of this photograph, Marilyn has suffered enormously.

Consequently she experiences so much anxiety, it’s a tribute to her soul’s resourcefulness that she can function at all, let alone act in a movie.

Colossal willpower and courage combine with a disconnection from reality. Marilyn plays a little game, with herself and the world both, that her life is all about sex. Perhaps you have heard about this? 😉

By playing this game, hard as she can, Marilyn sorta convinces herself that reality is all about sex — people’s bodies, her body, how people react to her body, etc. By triumphing over others at this game, she tames physical reality. Sort of.

This root chakra databank also reveals, characteristically, that Marilyn gives this game everything she has got.

  • Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

4 inches. Dreamy, romantic, sensual.

The theme I noted earlier with Michelle Williams being extremely uncomfortable in her (super-downsized) body is relegated to the background.

As an Aura Reading Film Critic, I would give Williams 1 Chakra Change Point. This is a different way of being, having nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe but perhaps well adapted to the story line of the movie, one I have not seen.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

  • Michelle Williams, Actress

3 inches. Not every actor is a big extravert. Michelle Williams is private, even modest, about her sexuality.

Personally, her comfort zone is to appeal to the public in other ways. And those of you who are face readers can check out the degree of philtrum definition. On a scale from 1-10, I would score her a 3. (For many philtrum characteristics, check out Read People Deeper. Just yesterday I was toting up the categories there related to sex and romance, redoing my info for the London Book Fair, and there are actually seven different chapters, replete with ways to learn about people through body language, face reading, and aura reading chakra databanks.)

In my system of Face Reading Secrets®, this particular face reading characteristic goes with a gift of the soul for finding other ways, first, to connect to others in quality relationships. Sex appeal is not an obvious quality.

Of course, both face reading and aura reading and Skilled Empath Merge reveal plenty of nuance about sex appeal. And it is especially important to understand, whichever form of energetic literacy you are using, that sex appeal is only one characteristic related to sexuality in anyone. Appeal = what is on display, which has zero relevance to characteristics about a person’s complex sexual identity and sexual responsiveness.

For this reason, the next chakra databank I’ll be reading for you is a contrasting Belly Chakra Databank related to sex. But let’s check out the other two photos to discern more on the most obvious chakra databank related to sex, pure sex appeal, the kind meant by the saying “Sex sells.”

  • Marilyn Monroe, Actress

Fills the room, plus a few (stiff) inches. It’s a bit reminiscent of a famous painting by Edvard Munch, “The Scream.”

Imagine that you feel so uncomfortable emotionally that you could easily sound a loud yell. Only you have enough control to make it sound as if you are singing, rather than calling for the police.

That’s comparable, seems to me.

Again, this shout-out-type sex appeal is a kind of workaround, an energetic practice that feels like a game within Marilyn’s conscious mind. The more she pushes the sexiness, the calmer she feels inside.

And it worked. Nobody locked her up as insane. As a form of sex appeal, this energetic workaround became an intensely felt art form that has convinced countless millions.

  • Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

1 foot of limp, wounded-bird type sex appeal.

Not the Marilyn Monroe vulnerable little girl yet super sexy big girl. Nope.

Still, it is a change from “chakra databank as usual” for the actress. Score Michelle Williams another chakra change point!

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Drive

  • Michelle Williams, Actress

90 miles. While receiving her award, Michelle feels great, including a real enthusiasm for sharing the love…

  • Marilyn Monroe, Actress

3 feet. Marilyn does enjoy sex. She even craves it.

However, the quality to this chakra databank combines the desire to be connected to, the need to be accepted, a craving to be recognized, and a curious detachment… as though she can’t entirely participate.

This STUFF is quite serious. If a client came to me with this fractured sense of self, I would tell her in the first session that I didn’t have the skills to deal with her problems. Energy Spirituality is for people who can function okay or well and want to move forward faster with personal evolution. Monroe has very serious mental health issues, along with all that talent and karma for that amazing career, biopics and all.

  • Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

4 inches. A very slender, hungry, hardworking person does not have a great deal of energy left for interest in sex. Not at the time of this photo.

I’m going to award half a chakra change point. There is clear contrast between Michelle Williams’ experience while receiving an award in our other photograph. However, this change has nothing to do with the character being portrayed so much as a way of being energetically that would be very personally familiar to the actress.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict

  • Michelle Williams, Actress

24 feet. A healthy, very adult way of handling conflict is one of the achievements of Michelle Williams’ personal evolution in this lifetime. It’s part of her appeal, through auric modeling, to her audience — especially the women.

Michelle doesn’t bully others. However, she’s no ready victim, either. Instead she’s smart, using her intellect to assess the problematic situation and explore solutions.

Fresh faced and non-threatening as she looks, Michelle Williams can provide quite an education to anyone who thinks of her as a cream puff.

  • Marilyn Monroe, Actress

3 inches. Actively, intentionally, using sexiness and little girl charm in order to win. Or, more often, just to survive emotionally.

  • Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

5 inches. Sad, self-defeated, and limp. Ouch, such a victimy way of life. The real Marilyn Monroe showed way more spunk as a victim!

Okay, this is a change for the actress… and in the direction of the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Score one more chakra change point for Michelle Williams.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

  • Michelle Williams, Actress

Complicated! The chakra databank extends for 12 feet, but the lively part only goes out 10 inches. Michelle has learned a great deal about emotional self-control.

She can compartmentalize. She can improvise.

During this very public moment, Michelle is delegating her emotional response to winning this new award… delegating the experience to herself in the future.

Staying in control of her feelings, in this very public setting, is the main experience for now. No nuance needed for this performance, just careful playing her role, acting appropriately. It’s remarkable, actually, how Michelle Williams is choosing a very un-Marilyn Monroe image for herself in this moment, downplaying any connection to emotions.

  • Marilyn Monroe, Actress

2 inches. To the extent that Marilyn experiences her own emotions, at the time of this photo, she is deliberately masking herself of anything other than sexiness, seductiveness, and little girl charm.

This is, of course, a performance moment. Perhaps some day I will research her photo when not actively performing, only such a photograph might be hard to find indeed.

  • Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

3 inches. Mopey, victimey emotions, dimly self-recognized.

Tiresome and one-note though this is, I would have to award this shift one more chakra change point.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

  • Michelle Williams, Actress

9 inches. I’m concerned. Although joy and delight are experienced, it’s a detached experience. I continue to notice the starving elephant in the room, the physical impact of how Ms. Williams’ system is weaker than one would expect from that sprightly appearance.

Physically and also emotionally, there is such emphasis on getting through the sort-of “ordeal” of being recognized, the center of attention.

This is a difficult time in Michelle Williams’ life. I sure hope the camera snapped her image (and aura) on a bad day.

  • Marilyn Monroe, Actress

Fills the room. A Divine connection, and flow of Divine compassion and love, radiates through Marilyn at the level of soul.

Performing as she does, playing the games she has figured out, having the chance to play those games about sexiness, moving energy in front of a camera — this is exactly what thrills Marilyn Monroe.

The transpersonal force of this energy flow helps people. In a quirky mysterious way, hard to comprehend for us aura readers even today, and taken on faith by Marilyn in chakra databanks such as this one — she doesn’t even care how or why.

Like a saint, eager to do anything for God, Marilyn plays her games:

  • Show the sexiness.
  • Show the little girl innocence.
  • Trust that the magic of performance will happen yet again.

Reading this chakra databank convinces me that the love Marilyn seeks most isn’t really about men or sex or fame or making up for childhood or any other human thing. “If you push this button, that special energy will come out and fill the room and you can finally, finally relax.”

That’s the Glorious Cosmic Game of performance for Marilyn Monroe. Somehow it works every time, and then her soul’s usually tormented, fragmented experience turns into a respite of bliss.

  • Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

1/8 inch. Michelle’s soul is not on board, not during this moment of performance anyway. It’s a snoozer for Michelle, playing this one-dimensional character of simple victimhood.

Is this character choice consistent throughout the movie? I have no way to tell, as this is just one photograph, or captured frame, from a movie that might have actually included character development.

However, the technical aspects of playing this part may enrapture the audience. And, if my previous experience as an Aura Reading Film Critic are any indication of what may happen this year, the Academy loves women who appear both sexy and victimey.

Still, I’m not going to award a chakra change point for this showing at the Soul Thrill Chakra Databank. To me, this isn’t a change so much as a numbing.

Throat Chakra Databank for Communication in Public

  • Michelle Williams, Actress

16 tight inches. Controlling herself, appearing professional — these are the over-riding concerns for Michelle Williams at this time.

Again, a sense of personal self is curiously absent; and she suffers from a need for physical strength.

A thorough professional, Michelle Williams is doing her job, working heroically hard. Has her heart been broken recently? What on earth has been going on in her life?

Maybe some of you Blog-Buddies know. The impact of whatever has happened is clearly causing distress, a very well masked kind of pain, and a troubling listlessness. At the time of this photograph, anyway.

  • Marilyn Monroe, Actress

3 inches. Blog-Buddies, the direction is unusual. Sure, when I read a chakra databank it projects outward. Yet the whole motion of Marilyn’s communication as a performer is to pull listeners in.

Highly unusual. This is Monroe’s communication as a performer, of course. In contrast to all the other chakra databanks I have read here, with pushing out a rather consistent message (except for her own actual interest in sex) — what a refreshing contrast!

It’s like the squirt of lemon juice into the well cooked lentils — or the salt in the stew — just the perfect unexpected contrast to make the expected appear more wonderful than ever.

  • Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

3 inches of pain. Oh, the tragedy. Oh, the luscious victimhood.

Yet one more bit of evidence that this Aura Reading Film Critic won’t fit in as an Oscar voter. Although I give a chakra change point, I am so not impressed. The real Marilyn Monroe, also the real Michelle Williams is so much more complex and vivid than this cinematic creation.

Perhaps the surface shimmers. Auric transformations, however hard won, shines forth only to convey a pathetic, dull version of victim as sex symbol.

Michelle Williams wins 4 1/2 chakra change points out of a possible total of 7 — not only more than I would win as an actress, I can assure you, but more than many winners have done before being awarded Oscar trophies for Best Actor or Best Actress.

This year, I haven’t been to see any of the nominated movies except for “The Artist” — absolutely amazing.

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  1. 1
    Amy says:

    If in a session with a client, and their aura screams ‘feed me’ as you put it, do you let them know?

  2. 2

    Usually I do, AMY.

    If I find any serious problems beyond my scope of work, including ones that would require the services of a mental health professional, it is only fair to make a referral.

    Sometimes I even tell new clients I cannot help them.

    Sometimes clients work with me and ALSO work with a therapist.

    Sometimes clients are referred to me by a mental health practitioner.

    No one healer does everything, right?

  3. 3
    Amy O says:

    Just wondering, as I’m always berated for being skinny and was also turned away from giving blood as I’m technically underweight! Although from what I think I’ve learned from your book, I wouldn’t need extra weight for grounding as I do a lot of grounding activities everyday.

  4. 4

    No worries, AMY O. It is one thing to be naturally slender and something else to semi-starve one’s body in the pursuit of The Anorexic Ideal.

    You didn’t like being berated. Well, fancy that!

    You may have no idea how hard many people push themselves because they have very different physiologies from yours. Some celebrities are naturally as thin as Michelle Williams and it just suits them to live that way.

    Cate Blanchett comes to mind, as I have read her aura in the past and, back in the day, she was just fine.

    Perhaps those who berated you were simply jealous. Please do not consider me among them, neither jealous nor intending to berate.

  5. 5
    Elaine says:

    Wow Rose, very informative reading and rather sad. I have to say it’s kind of a coincidence that this reading on Michelle Williams sounded familiar to me, then I remembered that I did a magic picture of Michelle Williams from “Become the Most Important person in the Room” a year ago.

    It seems she is stuck now as she was then. Having done lots of energy work with you, cutting cords, soul thrill, it makes me wish we could boost others to move forward and get some energetic literacy, read your books, do some cord cutting, etc.

  6. 6
    Curious as Ever says:

    Thank you, Rose, it is so enormously helpful to read these aura analyses on your blog. I have not seen this actress on screen so I am the first to admit there may be much, much more to her work than I perceive from her photo. But from the photo of her as Marilyn Monroe, however, I perceived a flatness (for lack of a better word), some energetic sense far, far from Marilyn Monroe’s strangely frothy energy. A few months ago, curious about MM’s energy, I re-watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Some Like It Hot and I was amazed by her energy. I honestly cannot think of any living comic actress with that much blazing starpower. Furthermore, the energy she projected was similar yet markedly different from one movie to the other. So I am learning… Again, thank you for showing how a detailed analysis can be done.

  7. 7
    Dana says:

    Yay, it’s Oscar season again! I love these comparison readings. There are many sad things in the reading, but it’s fascinating how Michelle was able to change her aura some in acting and how different her portrayal was from Marilyn! Marilyn’s reading answered many of my questions about her multi-generational appeal (especially given our current society’s continued (and greater?) obsession with sex appeal).

  8. 8
    Amy says:

    IMO I think the combination of Marilyn being sexy and innocent had an important role to play in reducing the demonisation of female sexuality. That the strong impression I’m getting, of her role to play.

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