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Why did God make empaths?


The March issue of “Reading Life Deeper” focuses on this fabulous question posed by one of my recent students.

GLADYS asked me quietly, during a break near the end of my recent Empath Empowerment Workshop in New Mexico. She asked as if I knew the answer. Ha!

I just love when my “students” wake up the fancy “teacher” – and with something gentler than a cattle prod.

So here is a placeholder post for all of you Blog-Buddies, old and new.

  • Comment on my attempt at an answer.
  • React to my writing, “And, wow, are those unskilled empaths ever annoying!
  • Answer that big question in a different way from mine.
  • Or share anything else you like with our ever-growing, truly splendid, online community at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

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Now let’s hear from you, wise Blog-Buddies.

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  1. 1

    Maybe this is a new feature that is eventually going to be standard equipment for all Earth School stuents… we’re beta testing?

  2. 2
    Rose says:

    What a fascinating idea? LOL.

  3. 3
    Amy O says:

    Hmm, do unskilled empaths find other unskilled empaths annoying?
    Interesting for sure! I have been putting it off, but I can see some truth in the annoyance factor -especially the no privacy thing. I’ve been told I go way to deep in conversations from the outset! Becoming skilled in going to be my priority, you heard it here first, I will report back after 30 days! LOL

  4. 4
    Rose says:

    AMY O, do unskilled empaths find each other annoying?

    Probably depends on the relationship! More important, isn’t it great that any and every empath — annoying or not — can become a Skilled Empath!

  5. 5
    Rose says:

    AMY O, maybe some other Blog-Buddies would like to join you.

    I do think of March as Empath Empowerment Month.

    And not just because I will be offering Empath Empowerment Workshop Level 1, plus the brand new, super-advanced Empath Empowerment Workshop Level 2. (Details are at

    Maybe some of you other Blog-Buddies might enjoy officially going through my 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment, the how-to “Become THE Most Important Person in the Room.” You and AMY can share your wins right at this blog post, one comment at a time.

    If you don’t have a copy yet, in the U.S. or Canada you can call tollfree to order: 800-345-6665. It’s a $15 book and, yes, I worked hard to make it as short and streamlined and user-friendly as could be, while still delivering a quality method.

    Anyway, the fun part of that book is that you can cycle through it many times, each time becoming a more skilled empath.

    For those who aren’t familiar with this effortless self-help program for empaths, you read one short chapter each day, then do the homework (no more than 10 minutes per day).

    Levels of sophistication are built into the book, and the system of Empath Empowerment(R), so you can build skill in a progressive fashion. You can sample the first chapter for free — same goes for all my books at

    Any of you other Blog-Buddies interested in making March your own Empath Empowerment Month? It won’t get you a guest spot on “America’s Biggest Losers” but, hey, there might be other rewards. 😉

  6. 6
    Lexi says:

    It’s been a few years since I went to the workshops or read the book, and I clearly need a refresher. I find myself pretty annoyed sometimes because I get “little movie downloads” of people’s lives out of the blue in public places. Although sometimes this is amusing, usually it is draining and things I would rather not know. The worst is when I’m trying to be a good friend to someone by lending an ear and instead find myself experiencing their troubles as if they were mine, in which case I am of no help to them. March will be my empath refresher month!

  7. 7
    Allyn says:

    Wow!! I am really clicking with these emails ur sending out Rose. Thank you for sharing the annoying points of things that I do at times. I have purchased the 30 day plan book and am working my way to being the most important person in the room. I agree with Adam about the type of schools, or at least skills to be added to the regular curriculum. Thank you Gladys for asking the question, for the commentors and to Rose. Sparkelz …. Allyn

  8. 8
    Rose says:

    LEXI, so good to hear from you.

    Since publishing “Empowered by Empathy,” I did create “Become the Most Important Person in the Room,” which might help you a lot during these 30 days and beyond.

    It is also useful to revisig “Empowered by Empathy,” as you will experience the information and techniques more clearly. This is definitely a more advanced book.

    What did I know, back in the day? It was the more advanced level that spoke to me first.

    So glad you are dipping into this skill set again, LEXI.

  9. 9
    Rose says:

    ALLYN, thank you for your attitude of gratitude, your enthusiasm and, especially, the sparkles. 🙂

  10. 10
    Jordan says:

    Yes, unskilled empaths can definitely be annoying!

    One way that you didn’t mention is something I experienced with a friend who was (and is, I’m sure) and unskilled intellectual empath.

    I loved her to death, but I actually preferred not to be alone with her. Despite the fact that she is one of the most talkative and outgoing people I have ever known, our conversations would sometimes lag- she was so on my wavelength, and my wavelength isn’t the most talkative. I can carry on conversations just fine with most people, especially as I’ve healed a lot of shyness and social anxiety by now, but a conversation between two of me? It ends up with lots of nice silences! I prefer talking to people who have their own thing going on, not mine!

  11. 11
    Jean says:

    Yes indeedio….I now see more clearly that I have been annoying to others- and to myself – with my multitudinous unskilled empath merges.

    The things just happen so darn fast…oops!….ah well….

    Time for me to roll up the sleeves and work on improving my skilled empath skills…March obviously being the cool month to do so.

    I have designed an imaginary button that I will wear that says

    “March is Empath Empowerment Month!
    Ask me how to become a Skilled Empath.”

    Wearing this imaginary button will hopefully remind me to ask myself how today – in objective reality – I can best continue my work on becoming a skilled empath.

    Thanks Rose for shining light on the skilled/unskilled empath issue in your usual eloquent, effective and conscientious fashion.

    And thank you Adam for your comment….I think you may be on to something here….

  12. 12
    Wrinkle In Time says:

    Yes, the Beta version. Love the analogy. 🙂 That would account for annoying qualities too, but don’t forget that beta version is usually an improvement too once the wrinkles are ironed out, i.e. bugs fixed, i.e. stuff removed.

  13. 13
    racmac says:

    hi Rose

    Im midway through one of your books and apart from learning loads (i need to read it twice) I realise what a dreadful unskilled empath know-it-all i am. So I’m trying my hardest to hold back, ground and cleanse and find me time. its very tiring to remember daily but the alternative isn’t worth thinking about.

    much appreciation

  14. 14

    RACMAC, welcome to the blog.

    Please be gentle with yourself as you explore the skills of Empath Empowerment.

    I especially recommend “Become the Most Important Person in the Room,” with the easy, breezy one-quick-chapter-per-day.

    It sounds as though you are going through my other how-to for empaths, “Empowered by Empathy.” That is a better second book to use.

    Ironically, I wrote it first. Kind of like Merlin, said to grow younger with the years. 😉

    Anyway, whatever you do, please be proud of yourself as you develop the effortless skills of being empowered as an empath.

    For all humans (self included), life can be viewed as a series of humiliations, perhaps as installments in a sad and loathsome parade of shame. But, really, another perspective is that this all counts as evolving. And that we came to Earth School for that very purpose!

  15. 15
    Dave says:


    I can also wholeheartedly recommend Rose’s newest book about spiritual cleansing and protection. There is a lot of stuff floating around in people’s auras, especially those of unskilled empaths, that has nothing to do with being an empath.

    The skills in that book make it MUCH easier to function as a sane human being, in my experience, and make the transition to a skilled empath that much easier. No substitute for what you’re doing, just amazingly effective, complimentary to empath empowerment, and useful. I’m glad I’m not living without them anymore.

    The healing of old auric facades in one of the last chaptera is transformational. I did it for the first time a week ago and countless people I’ve met since then have been trying to become friends with me, have been asking for my number, and generally responding well to me at work and my social life. One word: amazing. It’s sort of a present day miracle, like the fish and loaves of bread story from the bible, minus the food.

  16. 16
    racmac says:

    Thank you both for replying to me. I am definitely loving the “Become the Most Important Person in the Room” book and I’m slowly going through it. I will look forward to the last chapter too Dave of Rose’s other book.

    I would like to tell you a little bit about me, just in the hope you can help me in my ongoing spiritual quest. Sorry for the long post (cuppa tea might be helpful)

    Firstly, many people talk about being an empath as being a sort of curse but I kind of don’t like that (from my perspective anyway). When I was growing up (I came from christian background) my nanna was an incredibly spiritual person who died when I was only 7 but she had 100’s come to her funeral who each had a special story about how she touched their life through her prophetic and sensitive gift. I have always felt close to her and felt that she imparted something to me before she died (a bit dramatic I know but she spent hours talking and praying with me). Growing up, I was always had a gift to heal or impart that made me feel unique and special which helped me buff against what was a difficult time at home.

    Becoming an adult though I struggled with the mounting problematic issues surrounding the Church and have since left the church, for now. I feel that God is guiding me to a place where I am not confined by man-made regulations but wishes me to seek what I am supposed to be without the confines of a traditional religion which is mostly set in stone.

    On leaving though, I have realised that the confines did give some protection because I prayed daily and channeled my gifts productively whereas now I am floating alone and need guidelines, which your book is now giving me. So again, thank you.

    I feel your books are another stepping stone in a path that I’m supposed to be on and I feel guided.

    I truly believe God has a plan for us to be individual and to celebrate the god within us, not led like sheep by ‘those in charge’. Freedom to me has been about finding our path to be more like him/her; expressive, loving, compassionate, supportive, peaceful, ever maturing and powerful, which is, in my humble opinion what we were always mean’t to be.

    Hope this doesn’t offend anyone (talking religion an all). It’s just my take on things.



  17. 17
    Rachel says:


    In your experience, does being an empath (unskilled) make it harder for people to make decisions?

    Or is that due to STUFF?

    Or is it not that simple?


  18. 18

    “Not that simple” is the winning answer, RACHEL.

    One exception is if you have the particular empath gift called “Intellectual Empath” or “Intellectual Shape Shifter.”

    As an unskilled empath with this gift, it CAN correlate with difficulty making decisions.

    BTW, your brainy question does cause me to request that you take a look at today’s post and add your perspective. Because you know you are soooooo among what we, in America, call “gifted and talented.”

  19. 19
    Rachel says:

    Hi Rose,

    I have FINALLY got around to working my way through “Become the Most Important Person in the Room.” I’m at the Bingo section.

    Playing bingo in this way has been somewhat illuminating… I find that when I stop to see where my consciousness is directed in any given moment, I am often either worrying or fantasizing (*cough*… no comment…!). But I have not been sure how to categorize those two activities according to your system.

    Would you say that worry is a combination of feelings and intellectual activity?

    And fantasizing, is it Spirit and emotion?

    Don’t want to get too hung up on this, but I keep getting stymied cos I can’t quite complete the exercises.


  20. 20

    RACHEL, what wonderful news that you are actually doing the exercises in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

    Two answers. First one is for any of you who are reading who do NOT know what RACHEL is referring to. Please just skip this entire little Q&A.

    Go read the book, rather than trying to work your way back from the question to figure out what the technique is. Am I right or am I right that some of you Blog-Buddies, especially lurkers, went straight for that.

    What am I going to do with you but love you?

  21. 21

    As for Answer #2, for you and any others with difficulties doing ANY of the exercises in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room,”
    let that part of the exercise go.

    The main thing to remember is BE SLOPPY.

    Really. Don’t try.

    Imagine, being like a Barbie doll or Ken doll — or whatever your favorite image is for a shallow, lazy, unmotivated sort of person.

    Act like that, as it were. Let go completely any idea of perfection and repeat after me:

    “This is an exercise to shift my consciousness. To change old patterns that didn’t serve me. Ease and flow and grace are the point. Whatever gets in the way of that, I’m too busy being adorable.”

    Or whatever will help you to be sloppy.

  22. 22

    P.S. It may also help to remember, “This is one exercise that I am doing in a sloppy manner, because that will work best.

    “This is NOT brain surgery.”

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