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Congratulations to our latest group of Skilled Empaths, graduates of the Empath Empowerment® Workshop. Every time I teach this workshop, it is a unique delight. And this group didn’t disappoint.

If you are new to learning about empaths, I wish you could have met this group — such a diverse collection of people. All they had in common:

  • Being human
  • Having at least one of the many possible gifts that qualify someone to be an empath
  • Participating delightfully in the workshop, as very good sports, even Brave Explorers
  • And all of them were really, really intelligent

However, I did notice something about this group of students. Also I noticed something similar with the folks who have taken other workshops in New Mexico and California that I offered over the last few weeks. It’s concerning enough to warrant a blog post, I thought. Because you might be intereacting with people who have this newish problem, or even have it yourself.

Learn what is happening, why it is happening, and how you can avoid having this happen to you.

Greater fear than ever before about psychic vampires, energy attack, etc

More people than I have noticed before apparently live in fear today, on red alert over alleged attacks on their energy. These days, for many, it isn’t like, “I dislike my mother-in-law, Gladys.” Which could be a perfectly valid subjective reaction.

It isn’t like, “My mother-in-law, Gladys, is rude to me.” Which could be perfectly valid as an assessment of her behavior in objective reality.

No, it is like, “My mother-in-law, Gladys, is draining my energy. She must be attacking me psychically.”

What makes the difference? Are there really loads of more people than ever before in human history, such a wicked gazillion of them now actively practicing witchcraft?

Hardly. The cause of distress is most likely one of the following problems described in this article. Each with a practical solution:

Vibe Reading vs. full Aura Reading

Millions of people have now moved into Stage One Energetic Literacy. They are excited new beginners about aura reading. There is so much interest and undoubtedly great talent.

However, so far there is precious little discernment. So newbies simply check out vibes of other people — as if that amounted to a depth aura reading. (It doesn’t.)

With consciousness moving into different vibrational frequencies easier than ever, there’s a lot of adjusting to do. It is becoming ever easier for people to learn to do aura reading. However, most people need teachers to learn any kind of reading, Gutenberg Literacy (as for reading this screen) or aura reading techniques.

Practical suggestion #1: If you have been vibing out people, deciding who is “good or bad” based on an overall assessment of somebody’s energy, cut that out. You could easily learn full Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Which would be accurate and can even be done with regular photographs.

Otherwise you are more likely to be misled. Confusion is not about whether you possess talent but results from the lack of full literacy.

You’re best off evaluating people with your human skills, like noticing what they say and do, then using your common sense.

Certainly the energetic literacy skills that I teach with the four trademarked systems — none of that is meant as a substitute for common sense.

Spiritual addiction rising to epidemic proportions

For millions of New Agers and other spiritual seekers, spiritual addiction is becoming a way of life… culturally sanctioned, equated with being cool, deeply confusing to honest people who are simply trying to move forward on a path to Enlightenment.

One of the symptoms of a spiritual addiction is noticing energies all the time. For instance:

  • Noticing other people’s energies.
  • Constantly monitoring your own energies.
  • Handling conflict by trying to fix up your own energies, such as becoming peaceful or Godly.
  • Being proud of yourself because you notice different energies in weather.
  • Considering yourself far along on your spiritual path because you feel energies in all trees, birds, animals, everyone you meet.?

Practical suggestion #2: Sound like you to you? Then stop believing that oversubjective, floaty experiences like these have anything to do with spiritual superiority or constitute a workable path to Enlightenment. Research into chakra databanks shows pretty conclusively how this isn’t true.

From a different perspective, couldn’t all five of the items just listed here sound like a mental health problem? Sure, if they were uncontrollable. But this is a voluntary thing, about lifestyle. Spiritual addiction is a lifestyle. (You can read a lot more about it by typing “Spiritual Addiction” into the search box on the top left at this blog.)

Being human, you have a choice about what you do with your consciousness. You are in control of your mind.

To  overcome a spiritual addiction, objective reality can be your friend. Including your watch. Cut down all your energy-related activities to 20 minutes a day. Other posts at this blog can inform you more about how to move out a Spiritual Addiction. Of course, I wrote a full-length book on this topic that can help a great deal, too, “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.

Breaking news

Between writing this far into today’s post and continuing now, I did a session with Joe. He hasn’t done a session with me for nearly two years.

  • Guess who has developed a spiritual addiction?
  • Guess who glumly agreed when I described human-life related chakra databanks that were barely functioning, stuck in patterns of indifference and contempt and boredom.
  • Guess who had a third eye chakra databank out trillions of miles, while human-style chakra databanks were all crippled (temporarily).
  • Guess whose reaction to the over-functioning spirituality databank was, “That’s good, right?”

Energy Hypochondria

“Energy hypochondria” means fears about energy. As in being oversensitive to energy, paying more attention to energy and vibes than to human life.

It need not be surprising that energy hypochondria is growing so prevalent. People are grasping at whatever random things they can find, amid the new vibrational freedom available to humans now.

No doubt you have heard that, all over the world, people are growing physically fatter and fatter, an obesity pandemic.

This non-Lancet-related researcher considers the main cause to be the vibrational liftings on earth. Eating is often a person’s easiest way to keep coping.

Many people today are getting to enjoy both coping mechanisms, the extra pounds and a highly demanding spiritual quest, undertaken with ever-intensifying desperation. Helpful or not, these coping mechanisms still feel terrible.

Practical suggestion #3: Stop! Calm down. It isn’t just you. Things really are crazy out there in the world. (Check out “Gray Slime” in the search box at this blog, for instance.)

Hey, why not just do the best you can? Please include plenty of human-type things in your lifestyle, not just seeking spiritual answers.

Incidentally, now now might not be the time to diet, because those “extra” pounds are helping you to stay grounded and adjusting here on earth to the ever-higher frequencies in our vibrational lifting.

Deepening energy hypochondria

It’s in pop culture more and more today, and oh so attractive to anyone with a spiritual addiction: Blame the so-called energy vampires.

Vampires, outside of the Twilight industry? Not really. Not in reality really.

Psychic attack every time you meet a person who doesn’t seem nice by your standards? Not in reality. Nope.

Not even when a wise, respected author like Martha Beck, often found these days collaborating with Oprah, finds it so necessary to advise people on toxic relationships and when other life coaches find it important to advise clients to solve their problems by getting rid of toxic people .

Does it strike you as, possibly, just a bit weird how these days, all the vibe-blaming? For many, everything has to be about the energy?

Why exactly? I fondly remember how folks used to say, “I don’t like my job”? Well not fondly exactly, but at least such language was a valid statement from a possibly well adjusted human being. When did the conversation become about “I quit my toxic job.”

When earth vibrations started speeding up. That’s when.

Practical suggestion #4: If you are tempted to blame your problems on energy, come back to human reality. Who said what? Who did what? And what can you say or do to improve things?

Running away from alleged vampires is going to limit your world, not fix it.

Just how popular is the energy victim meme?

In a previous post, I traced the rapid rise in Google hits around certain energy victim terms. Let’s revisit, shall we?

Psychic vampire

May 1, 2011: 1,990,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 6,810,000 hits

March 19, 2012: 7,150,000


May 1, 2011: 106,000,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 196,000,000 hits

March 19, 2012:  225,000,000

Toxic People

May 1, 2011: 147,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 10,100,000 hits

March 19, 2012: 11,200,000

Toxic Personalities

May 1, 2011: 2,280,000 hits

July 1, 2011: 12,400,000 hits

March 19, 2012:  2,720,000 and Toxic Personalities, Relationships has 8,880,000 hits

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  1. 1
    Rachel says:

    Amen to that, Rose!

    (from a recovering [recovered?] spiritual addict)

  2. 2
    Francesca says:

    Dear Rose,

    Thank you for such an amazing workshop for Empaths. I think it is the most important workshop I have ever taken. My only regret is that I did not take it sooner!

    Also, the workshop was filled with such a lovely group of participants! Loved meeting you all!

    Many thanks again!!!

  3. 3

    FRANCESCA, sweet! Thank you.

    It was a lovely group, I agree. That does tend to happen in these Energy Spirituality workshops. It is humbling to me to have such people come to study; inspiring to teach, for sure.

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