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365 Ways to a Stronger You — interact with the book

365 Ways to a Stronger You

Blog-Buddies, before it turns midnight I want to finish up some smashing of words. Specifically, I am smashing words up into an ebook, via a service called Smashbooks.

Seemed like fun to start with my simplest nonfiction book, format-wise. Plus this one has a better title, perhaps, in its ebook edition.

The perils of having a pure heart


Hope so. Hope you are willing to see the ugliness. Especially if you have a pure heart.

If not willing, you risk finding bogus ugliness in others and yourself.

Seeking beauty is a great lifestyle. But seeking ONLY beauty makes a lousy requirement for life, a wretched way of attempting to live one’s ideals.

Aura Reading Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Is the man really as calm as he seems? Might Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan be an empath, especially an animal empath? Ooh, I’m so curious!

Pssst, we’re going to do some aura reading research on a professional whisperer.

Searching for photos to use for this round of Stage Three Energetic Literacy, I was fascinated by the prevalence of pictures of Cesar with animals but not often Cesar with people. In my experience, some folks who do great with animals also get along beautifully with people… but not always.

Empath how-to now available as an authorized e-book

First authorized ebook by Rose Rosetree in 2012

Nook, the e-book service provided by Barnes and Noble, has just published an authorized edition of Become the Most Important Person in the Room.

You can preview the Nook edition of this empath how-to online and buy it… anywhere in the world.

Anger, a Guest Post by JILL


Anger, now there’s a popular topic! Energetic literacy reveals plenty of anger in chakra databanks. Even on the surface of life, anger shows.

Blog-Buddies, this Guest Post is by JILL from our Enlightenment Life List. She began with a response to JEAN’s recent comment at a post by JILL about Enlightenment.

Forget "negative people," what about all the strange people?


Life really is informative.  So many people of varying consciousness inhabiting the same planet. As we continue our thread about so-called “being negative” and “negative people,” maybe it’s time to include everyone’s dogs.

Sometimes I use TV to combine human education with an exercise break. (I tend to watch television while walking in place, not sitting on couch.) Recently I have been very taken with a reality show called “The Dog Whisperer.”

Avoiding negative people these days?


On his personal path to Enlightenment, JOE has been proud of himself lately. Because he can’t help noticing how, increasingly, he has found himself avoiding all negative people

“I just can’t stand to be with them any more,” he told me with an air of triumph.

Uh-oh. Is that really such a good thing, no longer being willing or able to tolerate negative people?

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi — Learn about what makes him tick

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi. Today’s Skilled Empath Merge can bring insight into this renowned martial artist and energy healer.

Have you wondered? What does it feel like, being a molecular empath? The totality of that I can’t tell you in so many words, neither my own experiences as a molecular empath nor anyone else’s. However, I can share with you the tasty treat of a Skilled Empath Merge, researching many chakra databanks of the revered Japanese sensei pictured above.

If you like, you could call Hatsumi Masaaki-san the winner of our recent contest about molecular empaths. Or you could call Adam McIntosh the winner, as this healer nominated Hatsumi, the world’s foremost teacher of Ninjutsu, as well as a television celebrity and artist.

Aura reading first, empath merge later

For today’s post, I won’t go into a lot of detail about energetic literacy, aura reading, chakra databanks, Skilled Empath Merge, or other technical aspects of doing aura reading research. You can find info. like that in the links in the previous sentence!

However, first I would like to give you some practical advice. I recommend that you never do a Skilled Empath Merge on anyone unless you (or someone whose aura reading skills you know and trust) has first done an aura reading.

Why? The experience of Skilled Empath Merge is so much more immediate, up close, and personal. You can do both Skilled Empath Merge and aura reading from photographs, so why not start with the less intense experience?

Just because a man is rich and famous, like Masaaki Hatsumi, doesn’t mean  that his aura is necessarily lovely.

Jill Erin Mabie on Enlightenment, a Guest Post

Jill Erin Mabie, both a Molecular Empath and in  Enlightenment

Jill Erin Mabie, newly added onto our Enlightenment Life List, has generously agreed to share her story. As a teacher and writer, I’m personally touched by her story. As the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), I’m grateful for what she has shared about how personal sessions were able to help her on her journey.

As an Enlightenment Coach, I am happy to have this guest post for a technical reason. My work usually involves helping clients to move into Householder Enlightenment. Jill is different. Her soul was aiming for the Surrender Model of Enlightenment. So that is where she has landed.

How Enlightenment Develops


My former guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, accomplished some amazing service during his career. One of his greatest contributions, in my opinion, was how he delineated three stages of development related to Enlightenment, plus an initial state about transcendence. To my knowledge, MMY was the first teacher to do so, and I personally think his model was just genius.

Blog-Buddies, in today’s post I would like to carry this attempt further. I’ll describe a developmental model that I have put together, influenced by Maharishi but reflecting decades of experience as a teacher of Energy Spirituality, following decades when I taught his system of Transcendental Meditation.

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