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What is Enlightenment? The 10 most important things.


Announcement, Blog-Buddies. Rose Rosetree does not know everything about Enlightenment.

Oops, you already knew that. You may also know, from reading this blog for a while, that the main topics have been — and will continue to be — energetic literacy (That’s “Deeper Perception” in everyday language) and also Energy Spirituality (a bunch o’ skill sets that I use to permanently remove STUFF, freeing up soul expression).

Most of the posts here are on subjects that you can search, with categories listed on the left column, like empath empowerment; aura reading research; face reading.

Yet, over the years, ygad!, years! of tending this blog like a very loved garden, a theme has developed. Enlightenment.

Recently I have been thinking about the relationship between permanent healing of STUFF, waking up deeper perception, and moving faster on one’s personal path to Enlightenment.

Then, Blog-Buddies, there was a bit of a surprise last week when I discovered that, to my perception, one of our Blog-Buddies, JULIE (a.k.a. “BLAKE”) had shifted into that perfectly natural — although currently rare — state of consciousness called spiritual Enlightenment, or self-actualization, or self-realization.

I was planning to devote the next several posts to doing aura readings and skilled empath merges of some winners of our latest contest. But with this latest, biggest drama so far at this blog, no no!

JULIE, the most recent addition to our Enlightenment Life List — and my first client and student to go on that list — has graciously agreed to an e-interview with systematic questions of an educational nature. Meanwhile, there has been great exuberance elsewhere at this blog with her wonderful answers to questions from you Blog-Buddies.

Given empassioned conversation that propeled the JULIE conversation to our #9 Most Popular Post (See it, renamed, on that rightmost column), hello! I thought it might be useful for this spiritual teacher to provide my latest understanding about what it means, in personal terms, to be spiritually Enlightened.

First, some background on this reporter’s state of consciousness

I am not yet Enlightened. I’m drawing closer. How it feels to me is like back in the day when we kids were trading in baby teeth for the grown-up kind.

Remember how sometimes one of those baby teeth would get looser and looser. It would be hanging like a gummy thread.

That’s how I feel about my present level of not-yet-Enlightened.

The big difference is that the little girl with the baby tooth felt very annoyed and impatient. She jiggled the thing constantly and couldn’t wait to make the change come.

By contrast, this adult has a definite preference but is in no rush at all. Especially because, as I have learned from our Blog-Buddy Mr. Enlightenment, a.k.a. Jeffrey Chappell, the invitation to Enlightenment comes from God, not the person of evolving consciousness.

(Unfortunately Jeffrey Chappell is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but he was at the time of this blog post.)

What can I offer, if not the perspective of someone who has that state of consciousness? What gives me the standing to teach about Enlightenment when I do not have it yet? Read on.

What formed my perspective on Enlightenment

From 1969 to 1991, I practiced Transcendental Meditation, and was actively studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I taught meditation, as pretty much my whole life, along with doing meditation myself, from 1970 to 1986. Adding up all the courses I took with this guru, I spent at least a full year of my life literally at his feet.

  • I asked questions at the microphone which he answered for the assembled audience.
  • I wrote him poems, read them in meetings at his request, and even made him cry once.
  • I handed my guru innumerable flowers and spent hours standing outside his door waiting for a personal audience.
  • The last of my many initiations and advanced techniques was received personally from him.
  • He personally instructed me in how to select mantras for my initiates, sitting across a card table from me in Mallorca, Spain, and hand-writing notes from me in blue ink.
  • Whatever the occasion, I listened with rapt attention from every fiber of my being. No wonder that even this rather confused and neurotic follower, back in the day, still managed to learn a great deal from him about states of consciousness.

Later came to believe that TM was a cult, so I exited as thoroughly from 1991-1992. Yet there is no question in my mind that Maharishi was a genius as a spiritual teacher.

His background in physics in this lifetime, not to mention attainments long before that fascinating incarnation, gave him an amazingly systematic approach to spirituality. Some of his achievements as a teacher include:

  • Being responsible for the instruction millions of students, more than any meditation teacher through history. Not just the celebs like The Beatles, back in the day, but Oprah Winfrey quite recently. And so many of us little people.
  • Teaching in a systematic way, so that decades after I learned TM, it is still taught with remarkable integrity.
  • He pioneered a principle of effortless in the use of consciousness, still rarely understood in the world today and absolutely vital for speedy spiritual growth.
  • This Hindu monk provided comprehensive ways of understanding states of consciousness, including how Enlightenment could be developed systematicially.
  • Maharishi even delineated developmental sequences within Enlightenment.
  • He combined traditional stories from the Vedas with clear examples of a practical nature.
  • In every discourse, he taught at multiple levels (a knack I picked up from him to some extent, and use at this blog, in every book, at every workshop).

There are many fields of life I am yet not good at, including ironing clothes properly, understanding machines, being interested in pets, most of math. In fact, the best description about my skills at these many areas of life would be “pathetic.”

One ability I do have, however, is the equivalent of perfect pitch about human emotions. And I also have lifelong internal circuitry for being a kind of engineer about techniques related to consciousness, plus how to sniff out effort, and how to teach about consciousness in a way that brings results.

After moving into the group of Enlightened folks, I do intend to serve as an Enlightenment Coach. And to help folks understand Householder Enlightenment, which I believe is way different (both conceptually and practically) from Enlightenment for Renunciates.

Energetic Literacy helps one to sniff out Enlightenment

Doing any technique of Stage Three Energetic Literacy, you can tell who is self-realized or simply happy, who is self-actualized or a big fake, who is Enlightened or an also-ran.

  • A technical discussion of how to research people, at the level of chakra databanks, has already been the topic of a how-to post about aura reading and Enlightenment. Like any knowledge, the information in this post will expand right along with your developing level of consciousness.
  • If you have done enough aura reading to be reasonably sure that a Skilled Empath Merge would be smart, you have the option of using that skill set as well — provided you were born as an empath and you have learned Empath Empowerment®) skills — as taught by me or whatever would give you equivalent protection and clarity.
  • Do you want to practice your own energetic literacy skills at checking out Enlightened people? Good news! You can go over to my Enlightenment Life List, learn some technical points about Enlightenment there, and then practice reading anyone who made The List where there is a photo link.
  • For contrast, you can check out links to nominees who were not considered to be ready for the Enlightenment Life List.

More that has formed my perspective about Enlightenment

Over the years, I have had the privilege of knowing many of the people on the Enlightenment Life List.

Their names are marked with a happy little *asterisk* and…

Some I have met only briefly, while others are dear friends.

Some have been jacket reviewers or advanced reviewers for my books:

  • Michael Tamura and Larry Garrett and Jeffrey Chappell for Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. (Unfortunately Jeffery Chappell and Larry Garrett are no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but they were at the time of this blog post.)
  • Donna Eden, interviewed and quoted in Cut Cords of Attachment. (And Donna quoted me in Energy Medicine.)(Unfortunately Donna Eden is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but she was at the time of this blog post.)

From the perspective of interacting with these people, along with all the rest, here is my current list of….

The 10 most important things about Enlightenment

1. You walk with God, while living on earth as human.

2. Your sense of identity has shifted over — whether slowly or with some drama — to being God. This is an experience of consciousness, not a theory. It shows through clearly at the level of your chakra databanks.

3. Human desires are fulfilled. You become the full-time, calm servant of God. Your desires are now God’s desires.

4. You can also ask questions, argue with God, be spunky, as needed. Every Enlightened person I know has independence of thought, clear self-authority.

5. Enlightenment is a shift in consciousness only, so the self-realization shows in your aura but not anything external. Other people won’t notice unless they have energetic literacy or the equivalent.

6. You can still feel angry, frightened, sad… as a human. You can still express emotions like these appropriately.

7. You are perceptive in human ways. However, you do NOT necessarily read auras. (You don’t know Gutenberg literacy either, unless you learned that skill set.)

8. You find everyone deep down delightful. However, you do NOT necessarily know how to heal people. (Healing is a separate skill set, taught by humans who have real skills to offer.)

9. You DO have spontaneous right action. In your waking hours, you’re engaged in action. If you close your eyes or do a technique for inner experience, that will be powerful. But that’s for the technique time. Otherwise, regular human life becomes increasingly glorious as you develop within Enlightenment.

10. A joyful equanimity prevails. This is not “neutral” or “detached.” Bliss makes such an impact, it’s always present. Accordingly, your personality has no edge. You don’t get angry about things for no reason, nor defensive, nor worry about whether or not people like you. Instead, you are just naturally yourself.

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  1. 1
    AJ says:

    After reading this post, I feel like I’m closer to enlightenment than I thought! In your top 10 list, I feel like I’m really close with a lot of them.

    I’ve always wanted to learn some of the techniques taught by Maharishi, but I got a really bad feeling around the TM folks. I felt like they were pressuring me, so I backed out of dropping $3,000 to learn how to meditate (which is what it used to cost). It was almost like a sales pitch and it didn’t feel right so I didn’t do it.

    Rose, can I book a session with you to learn deeper coinsciousness type work? I realize it’s not necessarily Energy Spirituality, but I’d love to learn some techniques that you learned from him that you like or find helpful. I do use your “Consciousness Meet up” exercise and I like it a lot. One of my problems with aura reading is that the information that I get seems to come from my own point of reference, like signs and symbols from my past experiences. Is there a way we can work on that together in our next session?

  2. 2
    Liv says:

    Fascinating post, Rose. Thank you for this; while I’m sure your other readers will appreciate it on various more advanced levels, for this newbie, it was a great introduction to the concept.

    Top reason I know I’m far from enlightened: The first question my brain formed after reading this post was, “Once having achieved enlightenment, can you then become UN-enlightened?!? Because I know if I ever do achieve enlightenment, I’ll find some way to screw it up!!” 🙂


  3. 3

    AJ, I don’t teach TM any more. It’s about integrity on two levels.

    First, like any of Maharishi’s initiators, I took a vow on the altar of Guru Dev, Maharishi’s master, not to teach differently from how I was taught. Basic integrity, really.

    I know you’re a person of integrity yourself, AJ. But many people have not learned important basics about spiritual integrity or intellectual property, or both.

    Be aware of the implications about anyone who would “teach techniques that you learned” from Maharishi’s trademarked system, as in The Transcendental Meditation Program(R).

    That teacher lacks integrity. One does not take bits from someone else’s system and just offer it, not to save $3,000 and not for any other justification.

    Back in the day when I taught TM, people often asked me to just “Give them a mantra” or “Do a quick instruction, no need to go into the full course.”

    When people pay the tuition to learn TM, they pay for thorough instruction by rigorously trained teachers. It includes complimentary instruction, not just for the first four days, but for a lifetime.

    Back when I taught, for instance, I would hold a weekly meeting that was rigorously planned to help teach people about new facets of consciousness.

    No admission fee, ever. No compensation for the teacher’s time. No limits to how long I would hang out, answering any question from anyone who was a TM initiate.

    Although I do not teach within that organization any longer, resigning in 1986, I would never cheapen that teaching in such a way.

    And I’m not going into these details to put a guilt trip on you for asking. It is a sad lack of integrity in the spiritual marketplace that blurs understanding. Providing ideas for you to consider is the point.

    I consider my role now, as then, to be first and foremost a spiritual teacher.

  4. 4

    Second, I don’t personally recommend that anyone do Transcendental Meditation for more than a week or so.

    It is a very powerful technique that propels people into spiritual addiction. Especially with the high spiritual vibrations right now, it is easy for new TM initiates to move within months into a severe spiritual addiction.

    I’m not talking theory here but experience as a healer and aura reader.

    Furthermore, TM is the most powerful meditation technique I have ever tried personally or researched the effects of.

    Still, it is taught through a cult, and so people with deep involvement are at risk for cult mind control.

    Also many lies are built into the teaching of Transcendental Meditation. For example, mantras used are called “sounds whose effects are known.”

    The big elephant (or Ganesha) in the room is that all the TM mantras are names of Hindu gods.

    When I learned about this deception, among others, in 1991, it shook my world.

    So study TM if you like, but don’t take it casually.

  5. 5

    That said, yes, I definitely have sessions where I can develop a custom designed spiritual practice for you. It will NOT be TM. 😉

    Also, I often include in a regular session of Energy Spirituality some assistance for all around wellbeing when my client is doing a practice that throws his or her aura out of whack.

    The combination of Stage Three Energetic Literacy and my personal experience etc. makes it easy for me to identify such problems and provide solutions.

    For such a session, AJ, you would bring an intention like, “Improve my experience of spiritual consciousness.”

  6. 6

    LIV, that’s an excellent question, actually. People do move in and out of Enlightenment, stabilizing it.

    When I research candidates for the Enlightenment Life List, I have no way of knowing if later the person moves in or out.

    However, the long-term goal is stabilized Enlightenment, a permanent way of life.

  7. 7
    AJ says:

    Thanks for the detailed response, Rose!

    I didn’t realize my words would be interpreted into asking you to teach me bits and pieces of someone’s intellectual property. I honestly didn’t mean that at all. I don’t want to learn TM, nor do I have an interest in a meditation practice. I really dislike meditation and it’s hard for me to get into. I’ve tried lots of methods over the years and nothing ever stuck for more than a few days.

    I didn’t know any of the backstory you provided, like taking a vow on the alter and that you weren’t allowed to teach differently that what you were taught. That makes a lot of sense though.

    Thanks for your story and I’ll write down my intentions for our next session 🙂


  8. 8

    AJ, you read my comments in the spirit intended. So glad you understood.

    One more teaching point for the blog community as well as you, if I might.

    If you ever learned a spiritually oriented technique and had trouble with it, found it hard to get into, now hear this:

    Either you didn’t have a good teacher for you, the technique didn’t fit your current level of consciousness, or you didn’t have enough problem-solving time with that teacher.

    That goes double if your experience includes qualities like “dislike.”

    Please know, AJ and others, it is NOT because you can’t meditate or do whatever that spiritual practice is meant to accomplish.

    There are many, many unskilled meditation teachers in this world.

    There are many practices called “meditation” that are not only difficult to do but have dreadful side effects, as gauged by aura reading research about chakra databanks. Maybe you got off easy, AJ.

  9. 9
    Charles says:

    Rose said: “That teacher lacks integrity. One does not take bits from someone else’s system and just offer it, not to save $3,000 and not for any other justification.”

    I couldn’t disagree more. (See how I am?) In my opinion, taking what you’ve learned and incorporating it into your own practice and/or teaching is not only appropriate but necessary and important.

    Certainly, you don’t claim to be practicing or teaching the same thing. That wouldn’t be accurate.

    But if all anyone ever did was rote repetition, practices would never evolve. We all take what we’ve found to be the best of what we’ve learned and do our own thing with it, as genuinely and discerningly as we can. That’s authenticity and self-authority, not lack of integrity.

    Isn’t that what you’ve done, Rose? You didn’t create all of the Energy Spirituality concepts and skills you practice and teach out of whole cloth, right?

  10. 10

    Interesting, thought-provoking observations, CHARLES. Here are some thoughts of mine in that dialogue.

    Easiest firsts: YES, with some of the Energy Spirituality concepts, they were direct downloads. Empowered by Empathy was 3 1/2 months of download, subsequently edited over a period of three years.

    Most of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R) was likewise direct download. Some very common techniques in the aura book were not acknowledged: Sources of looking at auras technique, aura bounce, and questioning. However, even these techniques were put together in some ways that were different from the very common versions.

    Otherwise I have been scrupulous as possible in acknowledging sources and influences. When putting together systems, or writing books, or teaching, I have made it a point to acknowledge my sources because, to me, that is part of integrity. You will find that in books like “Cut Cords of Attachment” and “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

  11. 11

    There can be an integrity way, lovely with self-authority, about combining one’s different parts of path into one’s personal path.

    Let’s use the example of GRACE W. She has been a superb student of my method of cutting cords of attachment, of the aura reading system, of Thrill Your Soul Research.

    She also uses other techniques, about which she has made the occasional reference here at this blog.

    Magnificent synthesis, brimming with self-authority.

  12. 12

    By contrast, CHARLES, here is an example of someone making her own synthesis, using self-authority (she would say), but I would say WAAAY out of integrity.

    GLADYS read my how-to “Cut Cords of Attachment.” She did some phone mentoring with me to supplement the knowledge.

    Then she mentioned to me that she was advising her clients by teaching them a technique she devised for improving on one of the steps in my trademarked system.

    This was, GLADYS said, to prevent problems they expressed to her.

    I reminded GLADYS that she had never been authorized to teach my system. It would have been a mark of integrity to send people who wished to learn that system directly to the source.

    It was, actually, quite presumptuous of her to do problem solving of the method that I developed and rigorously tested.

    Further, it was way out of line, I felt, because she is a practicing psychic. She teaches psychic development. And undoubtedly the technique she gave her students was a technique at psychic frequencies.

    So, in addition to taking what I taught for herself to use directly for herself and clients; plus putting herself forward as teaching something she wasn’t qualified or well prepared to teach; besides confusing and misleading her students, by tinkering without much knowledge in a field that she has recently come to explore, oops….

    GLADYS set up her clients to take on further astral debris by mixing psychic development techniques and spiritual co-creation frequencies.

    CHARLES, I often spend time in sessions using my highest level skills to co-create cleanup for people who experiment like this on themselves, despite being warned not to do so.

    Most pathetic, to me, is unravelling damage done to students and clients by teachers who have made experiments out of integrity.

  13. 13

    One way to sort this out, I would suggest, is to experiment away in the privacy of your own aura. But think twice, or many more times, before taking one’s improvised synthesis and presenting it to other people as a tested methodology or healing system.

    It is possible to have both self-authority and respect for the integrity of a teaching.

  14. 14
    AJ says:

    May I ask, what does it mean to download? I’m sure you don’t mean channeled information?

    As a creative person, I feel like I know what you mean though. I’ve come up with designs before that were so brilliant, but they were not something I would normally do on my own, it was almost like they were inspired by God. I do my best work when I’m alone and working for 20 hours straight on something, which is very different than what the experts say to do to spark creativity. Sometimes, I don’t know where the ideas come from, but people love them. Is that how a download works for you?

  15. 15
    AJ says:

    As a side note, I realize this is not the place to ask you 100 questions every week, we can do so during a session. You don’t need to explain a download to me, I realize you have a billion other things on your plate. For some reason, I feel bad about asking such a simple technical question I can find the answer to on the Internet. 🙁

  16. 16
    Charles says:

    It sounds like an area where we’re just going to have to disagree. Oh well, different people can certainly come to different conclusions about integrity, and both can have principles that are carefully considered. (Like Gladys, who is a very gifted teacher with loads of integrity in my opinion. Yes, I’m pretty sure I know exactly who she is.)

  17. 17
    Charles says:

    On a different note, one of the things I loved about Aura Reading Through All Your Senses was your clarity about the subjective nature of subtle perception. Okay, I’m going to be a little bit provocative here, so I apologize in advance!

    One of my favorite quotes from that book: “You too can develop a system of aura reading that works perfectly. Just don’t make the mistake of calling it The One Perfect System For Everyone.”

    Rose. when you criticize other people’s methods and frames of reference, it sounds like, sixteen years later, you’re making that very mistake. Aren’t you just saying “my subtle perception is more accurate than another healer’s subtle perception?” And might they not say the same about you?

    Who knows, maybe Mary, the clairvoyant healer down the block, is doing cleanup sessions with your clients after you’ve messed them up energetically, from her point of view. Hey, maybe the two of you could get together later and debate how many angels can dance on the head of pin!

    Okay, now I’m just being a smart aleck, but I am curious what you think about this issue. I’m sure it’s something you’ve pondered at least as much as I have.

  18. 18

    CHARLES, this isn’t our first round of “agree to disagree,” and that is fine with me.

    “You too can develop a system of aura reading that works perfectly. Just don’t make the mistake of calling it The One Perfect System For Everyone.”

    There I was talking about creating your personal Inner Dictionary of the information you receive from aura reading.

    Using techniques that work to give you quality information so that you can interpret what you find from auras — that is a superb example of spiritual self-authority.

    Taking a technique, messing around with it when you do not have the standing in consciousness or experience to know what you really are creating — that isn’t an intelligent use of self-authority but foolish.

  19. 19

    Further, I don’t sit around, CHARLES, and discuss how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. You have never had a session with me, far as I know, but many people have. I regularly hear from these clients that their lives are transformed. My sessions are fully booked, often months in advance. Enough said.

    Discussion topics from you on this thread have begun to cross the line from educational for our blog community to insulting. CHARLES, I will not engage in future attempts from you, at this blog, to educate me in humility.

  20. 20
    AJ says:

    Thanks, Rose, for your insight on TM.

    I spent part of the day doing research and I found A LOT of people claiming
    that it’s a cult. There are many harmful side effects, documented by
    independent studies, indicating that TM brings a risk of becoming addicted
    to meditation and that the organization uses mind control techniques to
    influence their followers.

    It’s not what you’ll see on Oprah, but there are several studies that are
    well documented that say it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be:

  21. 21
    Charles says:

    Fair enough, Rose. After all, it is your blog, for heaven’s sake!

    I’m sorry if I upset you. That really wasn’t my intention, although I guess I knew it was a possible outcome. Humility? That one’s not really very high on my list of values (as you can probably tell), much less something I aspire to teach.

    I ask provocative questions because I value your obvious intelligence and experience, and I’m genuinely interested in hearing your perspective, whether I agree or not. I suppose the kinds of questions I’m interested in at this point can be pretty edgy. I’ve answered most of the non-edgy ones to my own satisfaction, or given them up as irrelevant.

    Anyway, you’re consistently beyond generous with your time and attention to this blog. You certainly have no obligation to entertain my questions, and I’ll respect your request.

  22. 22

    If old friends can’t have a tussle, CHARLES, who can? 🙂

  23. 23

    AJ, thank you for sharing that. I know a very small number of people who have become Enlightened through TM, out of millions of initiates. (Hey, I put them on that Enlightenment Life List.)

    Would love it if OPRAH became one, although she may have farther to go than most.

    However, I also know many people whose lives have suffered a great deal of damage, far as I can tell, because of their involvement in TM.

  24. 24
    AJ says:

    I really admire the civility on this blog. Rose, you have some very educated and intelligent followers!

  25. 25

    AJ, regarding your Comment 14,”Download” means I co-created with the Divine. As in “Inspiration” and “Rose very grateful.”

  26. 26
    AJ says:

    I have to say, I can’t help but love OPRAH! I do think the world is a better place because of her. Perhaps in this lifetimes, she was meant to make a dent in the universe like Steve Jobs did. While she isn’t enlightened, I wonder how many of her viewers have become enlightened because of her? Gotta be good karma!

  27. 27

    AJ, thanks again. Educated, intelligent, talented, curious, and honestly seeking a better quality of life — I love so many of you Blog-Buddies, enjoy getting to know the rest.

    Only nobody here is invited to be a “follower.”

    Let’s save that for Twitter.

    (Yet one reason why I have zero interest in Twitter.)

  28. 28
    "Hillary" says:

    The end of Comment 19 made me wonder about a bit of gratuitious advice I received recently.

    I have a client, “Gladys.” I like her very much. Only she did something that upset me, even though I’m sure she meant well.

    She sent me an email, telling me that her perception revealed a problem I had. She told me the problem came into my life when I was about seven years old. And then she kindly suggested that I seek out help to get a healing.

    Any comment?

  29. 29

    Gratuitous advice is usually well meant. I think it is important for all aura readers and skilled empaths, even face readers, to be aware that any kind of unsolicited advice can be upsetting to the recipient.

    Whether the matter is right on the surface of life, or the problems are hidden in deeper perception, the polite way to proceed is the same.

    Inquire first, e.g., “I have an idea of a way to improve you, are you interested?”

    Or, perhaps, “There is a deep-seated problem you may not have know you have, but good news! I am here to tell you all about it.”

    Okay, these ones are meant as jokes. You might say, “If you consider it appropriate, I have had an insight about you that I would like to share. Would that be okay with you?”

    Another consideration is the type of relationship you have with the other person. Gladys was your client, not your healer. So unsolicted advice, even if well meant, could be considered especially inappropriate.

    At this blog, there has been previous discussion as well that a reading is not a healing. If you are not in a healing session with the recipient of your advice; if you do not have the skill set to facilitate professional quality healing; it is pretty unhelpful to tell someone else there is a problem that requires healing.

  30. 30
    AJ says:

    I have an interesting question for all of you.

    You know when they say “tone is lost in email”? Often times, I get emails from people and I think “Can you believe what he just said to me?”, when he could have been completely innocent. I think we all do that with email because we don’t see body language, facial expressions, and hear the person’s tone.

    Can you read the aura off of an email? Wouldn’t that be a useful use of Energetic Literacy?

  31. 31

    That is an interesting question. For energetic literacy, you cannot read an email.

    Psychic techniques, like psychometry, might be employed.

    Remember, this website is about energetic literacy techniques,not psychic development. What you are asking, AJ, is the equivalent of asking a teacher of regular reading:

    “If there is no print on the page that I can see, can you still read it?”

    You read real people, in person or from photos, with Energetic Literacy skills. I assure you, that’s plenty.

  32. 32
    AJ says:

    I was just wondering. I thought maybe thoughts, emotions, and feelings could be attached similarly in an email is it would be in a photo.

    If you’re on the phone with someone, can you read an aura without a picture?

  33. 33

    AJ, you can answer a lot of questions for yourself by reading through one of my books, even if you skip the techniques.

    For instance, “Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras”

    or “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses”

    I worked hard, systematically teaching techniques you can use with plenty of information.

  34. 34
    Wrinkle In Time says:


    Is it possible for an atheist or an agnostic to become enlightened/self-realized? If my identity ever switches to God there is going to be some major drama 😉

  35. 35
    Jordan says:

    Wrinkle In Time, funny!!!

    This quote might help you:

    “I am quite spiritual. I believed in the fairies when I was a child. I still do sort of believe in the fairies. And the leprechauns. But I don’t believe in God,” – Helen Mirren, Enlightened “atheist”, to Esquire magazine in August 2011.

  36. 36
    Jill says:

    Wrinkle In Time,

    I can’t resist. Actually, I think you are better positioned for enlightenment from the perspective of an atheist or agnostic because you have intellectually shed yourself of most preconceived notions of what being Devine is AND you have taken the all important step of accepting responsibility for your life instead of blaming or looking to something outside of yourself for a definition of who you really are. Make no mistake about it, though, you ARE Devine. It is embracing your Divinity with complete self authority that brings you to Enlightenment. Another way of saying it is: By accepting your complete Self Authority, you find you are Devine and you rest in Enlightenment.

    Only an ego identification with God would cause major drama.

    Welcome to the road to Enlightenment! You are on it!

  37. 37
    Jill says:

    Wrinkle In Time,

    Along this same line of thought, I had my Cord of Attachment to God and to Jesus cut by Rose and it was one of the most liberating things I did. I was, in essence, cutting all those cords to what I had thought and been taught to think God and Jesus are.

  38. 38
    Valerie says:

    How beautiful that is Jill. I never thought about that before.

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Not at all surprised about Jill’s enlightened status. The insights I have gained from this thread and others on the blog are the following:

    First, I know that I am not enlightened yet but getting closer day by day. My sense from Julie and Jill (loving the alliteration) is that when you know, you know. When you’re ready, you’re ready. There are still things I need to learn on my path in order to become spiritually enlightened. When the time is right, I will become enlightened. And I will probably know it. That time is not today!

    In the meantime, I am enjoying my life and growing every day.

    I agree with both Julie and Jill that the combination of pursuing activities and people that thrill one’s soul, as well as removing clutter from one’s aura, are key. It’s about showing up as who one really is, in a divine sense.

    I think enlightenment is a goal to pursue, but not a task to check off one’s to do list. More like a journey – the way that planting a garden is a journey. It takes time for a garden to take root and flourish. Every garden is different, an entire ecosystem of its own. The journey to enlightenment is like that. Common threads, but unique to each individual.

    I look forward to hearing about more Blog Buddies becoming enlightened!

  40. 40
    Wrinkle In Time says:


    Your reasoning is really beautiful and makes a lot of sense. Thank you! Personally, I am an agnostic and I love to ponder the existence and meaning of God. Unfortunately I am pretty traumatized with the word “god” due to my upbringing. I think this is where the “drama” would come into play.

    Funny you mention the fairies. With my kids being in a “fairy phase” I find myself almost encouraging that belief. I think we would be better off in a world with them! Thank you for that quote.

  41. 41
    Adam Smith says:

    Hi Donna – It’s a unusual line you take: loyalty to Maharishi’s method of teaching alongside an aversion to the TM Movement. Like many organizations, TM tends to attract ‘followers’ who do not lead noticeably dynamic outward lives.

    Yet there are also plenty of charismatic, successful people whom it transpires have been doing TM for decades and kept under the radar. THIS, for me, is what karma yoga is all about.

    My own TM practice came properly into its own after exactly 24 years. I had a kind of epiphany and realised a little of the sublimity of what Maharishi has done. His teaching is structured to enable anyone to reach higher states of consciousness while leading a busy, fulfilled outer life.

    I don’t consider myself to belong to a cult. I don’t have much to do with the wider TM Movement and have never needed anyone to tell me to meditate.

    I hope to become a TM teacher soon, and will always emphasize the self-reliance aspect of meditation to anyone who learns.

    Best wishes,

  42. 42
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Adam, I’m confused – are you responding to Donna Eden?

  43. 43
    Adam Smith says:

    My mistake, I’m responding to Rose’s original article.

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