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How Enlightenment Develops


My former guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, accomplished some amazing service during his career. One of his greatest contributions, in my opinion, was how he delineated three stages of development related to Enlightenment, plus an initial state about transcendence. To my knowledge, MMY was the first teacher to do so, and I personally think his model was just genius.

Blog-Buddies, in today’s post I would like to carry this attempt further. I’ll describe a developmental model that I have put together, influenced by Maharishi but reflecting decades of experience as a teacher of Energy Spirituality, following decades when I taught his system of Transcendental Meditation.

Whatever model you construct, or adapt, for yourself… aren’t you ready to own such a model? It’s important, this aspect of self-actualization/self-realization/awakening. Perhaps it’s your present. And, certainly, wouldn’t you like it to be your future?

Maharishi’s work was my starting point. Names in the developmental model below are altered by me, as are descriptions of what each stage entails. I have added another step to the mix, the second one. Not quite Enlightenment but a significant milestone on the way… and I ought to know, because I passed this one when writing “Empowered by Empathy.” 😉

Any of you Blog-Buddies familiar with my work as a teacher of face reading/aura reading/skilled empath merge can find this interest in path to Enlightenment right from my first book published by Women’s Intuition Worldwide, “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

For 42 years and counting, I have been passionately interested in leading people all the way through this process. Along the way, I have had an idea (not necessarily originating with me, perhaps discussed by Maharishi and TMers) that the last four of these stages can develop concurrently — not sequentially, as Maharishi believed.

Here we go with this brand new model, first time published by me, pinkie first.

1. Enlightenment Begins with Transcendence

Mostly waking hours for a human are spent in regular waking state of consciousness.  That’s how it is for all people counted as “normal,” from babyhood on. However, spiritual evolution towards Enlightenment begins with brief experiences of the transcendent, e.g., Consciousness aware of consciousness, bliss, deep love for God as an experience.

An experience of transcending the usual, heading toward the forever tucked into everyday life.

Just last night I was watching the musical “Oklahoma.” For me, it’s a 10-hankie movie, like just about any musical. How I love when people move out of “everyday life” and start singing and dancing. And soon everyone is singing and dancing. By which point I am joyfully crying away.

When was the last time you heard lyrics to “The Surrey with the Fringe on Top“? “Don’t you wish it would go on forever….”

There it is, transcendence built right into the song. As it so often is, cutely hidden for any consciousness detective who wishes to get a clue.

Great start, transcendence! Sometimes people call this their “Awakening.”

Unfortunately, if they stop here, they stop short.

Life continues to be filled with sadness, fear, pain, joy, the whole wacky mixture of human evolutionary experience.

2. Awakened Consciousness

Sense of self is about consciousness having a human experience. Sense of identity becomes the person’s consciousness, not the body or the actions, etc.

Personally, I think it would be fair to call this stage of development “self-realization.” Just because the person goes, “Hello! Consciousness, that’s who I am. I knew that.”

It’s a big step on the path to Enlightenment, experiencing (not simply intellectually knowing) that your self is consciousness.

However, one’s experiences continue to be overwhelming, upsetting, confusing, unfair. There can be stupid mistakes, insecurity, depression, obvious releasing of STUFF, and plenty of STUFF that is not obvious but stuck, and limiting everyday life.

Annoyingly, that sense of self as consciousness does not mean the evolving person feels satisfied with his or her relationship to God. Not satisfied at all!

3. Basic, No-Frills, Enlightenment

Sense of self shifts yet again. Individual consciousness feels like, sounds like, looks like, inwardly counts as, God’s consciousness.

Bliss is the underlying component of all experience, and can be read at the level of chakra databanks. (Yet one more reason to develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy, the version of Gutenberg literacy about energy, aura reading.)

Your aura contains no STUFF, no significant fear, pain, sorrow, guilt, etc.

Negative experiences do not stick in the mind.

If you close your eyes and feel around, you can find rays of Enlightenment coming off the top of your head. A bit like the Statue of Liberty, only more spokes.

Some powers may become available, the ability to do astral-level work, tell the future, spontaneously have some experiences of consciousness that seem flashy to others. Some people develop these powers, while others do not.

It’s very individual. And also beside the point. The point is the experience of being Divine.

Seems to me, an appropriate name for this level of personal development is self-actualization. Because the potential of the self has gone full circle, from Divine to Divine. Plus the individuality is completely fulfilled.

4. Glorified Enlightenment

In addition to feeling permanently connected with the Divine, the love and experience of gloriousness intensify. People, animals, living things, inanimate objects — one experience at a time, every bit of life on earth is amazingly amazing.

Yet this is not a trippy drug experience. It is an ongoing state of consciousness where the chemicals are produced naturally. (The chemicals are called “soma” by the ancient Enlightened Vedic sages.)

Aura reading becomes available. Especially if one learns techniques for energetic literacy rather than psychic development.

And, yes, if you avail yourself of those techniques you can hasten Glorified Enlightenment, even before experiencing the previous stages.

5. Unified Enlightenment, a.k.a. Empath’s Enlightenment

This final developmental stage of Enlightenment is not available to everyone. Only to the 1 in 20 humans born as an empath. And empath, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean feeling other people’s feelings.

An empath has at least one significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be someone else. Your empath gift(s) could be physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, crystal, plant, animal, mechanical, molecular, or spiritual. (For juicy details, plus how to actually gain skill as an empath, see “Become the Most Important Person in the Room” and/or “Empowered by Empathy.”)

As a skilled empath, you can expand the reach of your consciousness — heap one portion of God on top another heaping portion of awareness of God.

When you wish, you can experience the glorious sense of God within you from within another person, in that other person’s terms.

Important clarification: You are not reading that person’s mind, or breaking spiritual laws of privacy, or trespassing in any way upon the other person’s power.

However, your consciousness is able to do what Rose Rosetree calls “Skilled Empath Merge.”

Go ahead, multiply the infinities. You can get started by developing the skill set of Empath Empowerment at any state of consciousness.

What is developing on your personal path to Enlightenment?

Blog-Buddies, I wonder if you would like to use the comment box below to share your experiences with any of these states of consciousness. Guest posts are welcome, as well.

Even before Enlightenment, we can hold out a hand to knowledge.

A guest post would be a long post that, seems to me, would be useful to post as its own article. Be bold, Blog-Buddies. Think about this vital topic and know that this blog is intended, in part, to be a safe community to support you on your path to Enlightenment.

We will be returning soon to blog posts about aura reading, empath merge, and face reading. I am, for instance, teaching my annual Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop in Sterling, Virginia in just 10 days from today

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  1. 1

    Aw, shucks, finding you that link to Hugh Jackman singing the transcendence song about cars, I had to stop and watch.

    Three hankies right there.

    Enlightened Hugh Jackman, of all singers.

    For those of you with skills of aura reading or skilled empath merge, here’s my favorite way to enjoy any joyful musical:

    While the star is singing, research his or her Soul Thrill Chakra Databank at the High Heart Chakra.

    Every performer, so thrilled, so joyful and grateful to be there.

    Bring many, many tissues, Blog-Buddies.

  2. 2
    Jean says:

    Wow – great model Rose. So glad you came up with this.

    Sure works for me as I can clearly recognize where I currently am along the road to enlightenment.

    And in doing so feeling empowered to…

    – celebrate where I am at this moment as I’m goin’ down the road
    – comfortably take a peak at what lies ahead – and
    – contemplate – then take – the next steps…..

    …..and hope that I am fortunate enough to continue on down this road in
    such a stylish conveyance as
    “The Surrey with the Fringe on Top.”

    I have loved this song – and this musical – since childhood. Hankies and all.
    Just watched the link twice 🙂

    Wonderful to understand – now that I have awareness of myself as an
    environmental empath who is gaining skills every day –
    -why the following lyrics from this song have always filled me with a sense of calm and safety….

    “….with isinglass curtains you can roll right down in case there’s a change in the wea – ther….”

    Thanks Rose – much appreciation 🙂

  3. 3
    Wrinkle In Time says:

    Thank you so much for this post Rose. So much food for thought. I’m looking forward to reading more. Maybe a book at some future time? That would be such a treat. 🙂

  4. 4
    Angie says:

    Hello Rose,

    Can this model also be put in parallel to the consciousness levels made by Steven Hawkins ? I find this one a very nice one, especially for people who have come from “far away places”… and who are working their way to the top as best as they can.
    Could be interesting ;)what do you think ?

    Thank you again for the lovely article, brilliant !
    Lots of love to you and the blog-buddies,

  5. 5
    Curious to Know More says:

    Fascinating. Thank you, Rose, your blog is a treaure.

  6. 6
    Elaine says:

    Thanks Rose. I just find this more and more fascinating. And thank you for the time you devote to this community and education.

  7. 7
    David says:

    re: Hawkins – Roses model is something much deeper than the “over 700” part of Hawkins scale. Hawkins scale is based on our emotional reactivity and the “state” that implies. After awakening, our stuff is cleaned out so we’re no longer reactive and it doesn’t really apply.

  8. 8
    David says:

    Hi Rose
    Thanks for the referral here. I’d agree with a pre-awakening stage, though not everyone notices it. Maharishi did mention a Self Consciousness state prior to Cosmic Consciousness (CC)(#3 above) in the commentary of the last verse of Chapter 6. Other teachers also describe one and in the kundalini tradition, there is a “makara” point that can bring a permanent witness state prior to awakening. Self Realization may seem a good term, but I’ve come to equate “Realization” with the subjective sense of “become” much as Maharishi used it. In this context, we recognize “I am Consciousness” but don’t fully become it. The sense of “me” remains. The full realization happens with awakening. (#3) Thus, ‘Self Realization’ suits awakening or CC better. Self actualization is a psychological term with a very different meaning.

    (On the Realization point, stage 4 differs in that the Realization is at the end (God Realization), post Unity, whereas in the other stages it’s at the beginning. One of the reasons refined perception can develop long before awakening.)

    In stage 3 above, the key event is connecting to the crown/divine/source. Your observation is this includes clear databanks though I’d have to explore your techniques on this to clarify the sattva/atman question I raised on the interview post. Will be checking the local bookstore first.

    Some traditions describe the next stages as accompanied by a kundalini descent – second stage heart opening with your Glorified, the gut with unity and the end of “inside” and “outside”. I’d disagree that only empaths can reach unified/unity but I would agree that some refinement is required for it to develop properly. I have met a few in a pretty flat unity. (renunciate style) As unity develops, the ability to be empathic and experience as another experiences develops in any case. We are all of one consciousness so its a simple matter of shifting the point of focus.

    There is a further stage that Maharishi began talking about later, the stage beyond stages, Brahman Consciousness. What the Vedas call the Great Awakening. This relates to the descent to the root. I would agree that this would be a step someone devotional or who enjoys the intimacy of Unity may be unwilling to take. It requires a surrender of Atman and all prior enlightenment.

    There is a huge range in how this whole process is experienced subjectively, some sounding apparently opposite to others. I am thus seeking to understand the underlying mechanics and process better, what is common, so we can understand this more deeply and universally. Your discussion of the databanks thus intrigues me as I’ve seen a few teachers who seem to be able to see what someones last barrier is and walk through through it into awakening.

    Thanks for your patience with my long comments. But you asked us to be bold. (laughs)

  9. 9

    Well, guess I’m going to have to call you “LAUGHING DAVID” now. 🙂

    Glad you’re intrigued about chakra databanks, being able to diagnose STUFF and having techniques to remove it.

    That is what I facilitate in healing sessions. It is not a teaching but an experience and a shift for the person.

  10. 10
    David says:

    (laughs) Yeah, I do a lot of that. 😉

    Certainly intriguing.

  11. 11
    David says:

    Just another little comment here. You said “the last four of these stages can develop concurrently”.

    I agree. There’s a huge range in sequence, especially of the refinement. With Rosetree training and such, you can get it early while some others will go quite aways with a very dry experience. But I will note that the shifts of #3 and #5, followed by the fullness of #4 in God Realization post Unity are very distinct shifts that only happen in sequence. So the sequence is still there but nowhere near as rigidly as its taught.

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