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Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi — Learn about what makes him tick

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi. Today’s Skilled Empath Merge can bring insight into this renowned martial artist and energy healer.

Have you wondered? What does it feel like, being a molecular empath? The totality of that I can’t tell you in so many words, neither my own experiences as a molecular empath nor anyone else’s. However, I can share with you the tasty treat of a Skilled Empath Merge, researching many chakra databanks of the revered Japanese sensei pictured above.

If you like, you could call Hatsumi Masaaki-san the winner of our recent contest about molecular empaths. Or you could call Adam McIntosh the winner, as this healer nominated Hatsumi, the world’s foremost teacher of Ninjutsu, as well as a television celebrity and artist.

Aura reading first, empath merge later

For today’s post, I won’t go into a lot of detail about energetic literacy, aura reading, chakra databanks, Skilled Empath Merge, or other technical aspects of doing aura reading research. You can find info. like that in the links in the previous sentence!

However, first I would like to give you some practical advice. I recommend that you never do a Skilled Empath Merge on anyone unless you (or someone whose aura reading skills you know and trust) has first done an aura reading.

Why? The experience of Skilled Empath Merge is so much more immediate, up close, and personal. You can do both Skilled Empath Merge and aura reading from photographs, so why not start with the less intense experience?

Just because a man is rich and famous, like Masaaki Hatsumi, doesn’t mean  that his aura is necessarily lovely.

Here I would like to put in a plug for the annual Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop, to be held one week from today, in Sterling, Virginia. I can’t promise results for any workshop, since that depends on YOU. It has been a fact, however, that for years this workshop has had a 100% success rate, with every graduate owning solid technique (and results) for Stage Three Energetic Literacy. That includes students from many parts of the U.S. plus Europe, some experienced aura readers but many newbies — all of them learning a form of literacy that will serve them for life, akin to learning regular Gutenberg literacy for reading this screen — only a way faster process. Not bad for one weekend workshop.

Practicing what I preach, I did aura reading on all the contest nominees rather than Skilled Empath Merge. So I know already that, although not spiritually Enlightened yet, Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei has a relishable consciousness that will be very enjoy to, well, wallow in. So here goes.

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Root Chakra Databank for Skilled Empath Merge: Relating to Physical Reality

Masaaki is an experienced man. Wrinkles notwithstanding, energetically, he is living in his prime.

“Experienced man” means sexually experienced and confident, experienced as a performer, being someone who loves the spotlight and can think of little else while doing a public event like the one captured in our photo here.

Masaaki also possesses a quality of consciousness, like a multi-faceted diamond, where he does enter into experiences of physical reality like (his kind of) a molecular empath.

It is easy as blinking one’s eyes for him to move into awareness of any physical action, as when teaching martial arts. Think of slowing down a movie one frame at a time.

Masaaki can enter within that frame of experience and know, all the way down to the molecules, how it feels being that particular person in that particular body doing that particular move.

Empath Gift Interlude

Blog-Buddies, you know that I wouldn’t tell YOU about your empath gifts. You know that would hinder your own development towards becoming a Skilled Empath, learning the full system of Empath Empowerment(R).

Yes, you know this. Right? 😉

Hatsumi-san is doing quite nicely without my help, however. So I’m glad to point out that his gift as a Molecular Empath merges beautifully with his other empath gifts. With this particular empath I notice the following gifts:

  • Molecular Empath
  • Physical Oneness
  • Environmental Empath Ability
  • Mechanical Empath
  • Intellectual Empath Ability (what I called “Intellectual Shape Shifting” in my first book for empaths, “Empowered by Empathy)
  • Spiritual Empath Ability

A lovely feature of how these gifts are constructed for this talented man — Masaaki experiences a natural synergy with all his empath gifts activating simultaneously. Soon as one is turned on, all the other gifts activate automatically.

Technical point, ’cause I can’t resist. So much empath-related conversation on the Internet today, including websites of people who attempt to teach empaths, defines empath as “someone who feels the emotions of other people.”

Glad that isn’t true. Because Masaaki Hatsumi wouldn’t count as an empath then, would he?

Root Chakra Databank for Skilled Empath Merge: Physical Intelligence

Half of a person’s chakra databanks are standard for all humans. The more intruiging half of a person’s chakra databanks reflect that particular soul’s specialties at that particular time in life.

Not every molecular empath has a great deal of physical intelligence. But this fellow sure does. Masaaki Hatsumi-san is like many popular TV personalities, actors, and performers. He’s loaded with physical intelligence.

In particular, I notice this Physical Intelligence Root Chakra Databank is a huge chakra databank for Masaaki Hatsumi. At will, he does the equivalent of shining a large spotlight upon every possible nuance of physical coordination.

Along with the talent, versatility, and creativity… by this stage in Hatsumi’s career, a considerable arrogance has crept it. STUFF around superiority has exaggerated the man’s competitive nature. Thus, it seems to me, “Modest Masaaki” wouldn’t be an appropriate name for the man. Strong pride has become enmeshed with his physical deftness.

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Skilled Empath Merge: Analysis of Martial Arts

A computer-like intelligence makes Masaaki absolutely brilliant at taking apart physical moves and dynamics between martial artists.

Hatsumi is also a techie — fascinated by which move causes which outcome.

When analyzing martial arts, the computer-like gift does not activate his empath gifts but functions more like an alternative operating system.

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Heart Chakra Databank for Skilled Empath Merge: Emotional Giving in Work Relationships

This tiny heart chakra databank is representative of many heart chakra databanks — with a combination of inattention and STUFF diminishing the emotional quality of life.

At least, that’s one perspective. Another is that Masaaki Hatsumi’s lifetime isn’t about the mushy gushy. Humans can’t do everything in one lifetime, so what’s the big deal?

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Throat Chakra Databank for Skilled Empath Merge: Communication on TV

Yet more super-sized talent is evident here. Obviously this is another personal and lifestyle-related chakra databank where Masaaki is such a winner. His shrewdness and competitive nature combine with a finely honed instinct for what people want to see him do on TV.

He plays to his audience superbly. It’s a huge chakra databank for Masaaki Hatsumi at the time of this photograph.

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

High Heart Chakra Databank for Skilled Empath Merge: Soul Thrill

At the time of this photo, the bad news is the absence of soul thrill.

Sure, Hatsumi-san has it made.

However, he is carried forward on the momentum of past success. Doing what currently brings joy? That isn’t happening, not for now.


Such a talented man! Yet talent and success do not guarantee happiness, and this glimpse of molecular empath Masaaki Hatsumi could be a cautionary tale for any born empath.

When you develop empath skills, it becomes easier to depend upon internal validation as part of your growth path and internal feedback system. One way to summarize my experience of Masaaki, as researched here, is that he reminds me of the title of Tanika Palm’s book, “Prisoners of Fame.”

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  1. 1
    Adam McIntosh says:

    THANK YOU ROSE!!! That was an amazing read!

    I’m going to post a more detailed reply soon (on the road at the moment) but just wanted to take a sec to acknowledge this brilliant post!

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Adam,

    Congratulations on winning the molecular empath contest!

    Of course, your winning is really a win for us all, what with this terrific reading.

    I am definitely curious to see your more detailed reply.

  3. 3
    Jill says:

    A fascinating read, Rose!

    I went to U-Tube to watch the man in action and I was struck with how he was very good technically but just seemed “dead”. I didn’t take the time to do a read of him because I only did that to see what you were talking about here. When I came back and finished your reading of him it was an aha moment of picking up on the lack of soul thrill. Sort of like other celebrities you have read, like Dolly Parton.

  4. 4
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Have a bit of time to kill on the bus today (coming home from an excellent seminar on Japanese Moxibustion) so I wanted to share a few thoughts about Rose’s amazing reading of Hatsumi Sensei.

    First of all, it’s interesting that he evokes the phrase “prisoner of fame” to you, Rose! Hatsumi Sensei is an absolute rock star in the world of traditional Japanese martial arts. He is seriously revered by huge numbers of martial artists, especially within the school. And it is a heavy responsibility that he has carried on his way to this place of reverence: Sensei was the only man properly trained to hold and pass on the teachings of 9 complete schools of Ninjutsu (which were passed to him by the last living combat-veteran ninja, Takamatsu Sensei). Hatsumi Sensei has had to singlehandedly resuscitate a massive volume of nearly-dead teachings.

    Just speculating here, but it could be this sense of divine responsibility that keeps him in the top job even though the fun has gone.

    Regarding that physical intelligence – Hatsumi Sensei has written of reaching a level of movement skill where one becomes expert in the use of all weapons, even ones that you have never held before. Sensei wrote an article about going to a firing range with some police, and shooting impeccable, tight groupings consistently, despite little experience with handguns. Sensei said that it was “because he knew how to use his body” 🙂

    The way you describe his ability to analyze martial arts moves makes sense to me. Sensei’s ability to break movements down and explain their essence is truly amazing. When demonstrating a technique, he will regularly demonstrate multiple times, slightly differently each time (“henka” or “variation) to show the many, many hidden facets found in every technique. He rarely ever moves the same way twice. Yet, when he wants to, he can replicate amazing movement – there is one instance on record of him repeating a demonstration of making someone’s punch bounce back into the puncher’s own face!

    I think it would be a struggle for anyone to have that kind of skill and humility as well!

    Again, thank you for that exciting reading, Rose!

  5. 5
    karen says:

    I absolutely love this.Thankyou so much for what you do. Maybe I’ve just missed this because I haven’t read enough yet,but to make me more clear,does an unskilled empath attatch cords very easily to people?

  6. 6

    Thank you, KAREN. Welcome to this blog and our community of Blog-Buddies.

    The answer to your question, most simply is “No.” People do not “attach” cords of attachment. Nobody does. Period.

    It’s great you’re curious about cutting cords of attachment. You might start learning more of the basics from some of the most popular posts at this blog.

    Or spring for the whole $18.95 and receive a very systematic education, whether as a consumer or for self-healing, from “Cut Cords of Attachment.”

    You can preview this (and get a copy, if you like) from my website: and you can click on covers of that and my two books for empaths, etc.

  7. 7
    karen says:

    Thankyou I have been reading more. I am so interested ,I think you’re so cool and Ive decided I will definitely buy Cut Cords of Attatchment .(in 6 days!!)Thankyou very much x

  8. 8

    You’re so welcome, KAREN. 🙂

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