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Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg, a Magnetize Money Profile

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Let’s continue our exploration of Mark Elliott Zuckerberg, reading his aura during a work situation. No microphone is needed for aura reading, just basic skills of energetic literacy.

If our face readings of him made you curious, so much the better. Face reading, aura reading, and skilled empath merge are complementary skill sets.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Nose Angling. Face Readers, lookee here!

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Mark Zuckerberg’s nose angling fascinates me. Nose angling — the horizontal shifts that face readers can notice from the bridge down to the tip.

But his unusual nose angling doesn’t stop there. What if you explore how Mark Z.’s nose angling has changed over time? Now there’s a highly meaningful assignment for aspiring physiognomists.

Face Reading Mark Zuckerberg


Best Celebrity Aura Readings


What a week for the Facebook co-founder. First the surprise wedding. Reportedly it astonished the 100 guests at a little party that turned out to be much more.

Then the stock offering of Facebook.

Then the downward slide of his stock in its first few IPO days.

How to become a skilled empath, first official ebook now available (again)

How to become a Skilled Empath

Here’s a triumphant, if poignant, reminder of how long things can take at funny Earth School. One month exactly after I launched my first official ebook of “Become The Most Important Person in the Room, ” here’s some breaking news:

Empath? Quiz Yourself Three Ways

Empath or not? Find out today.

Blog-Buddies, it has been so long since I posted a quiz for empaths. Yet this is the type of quiz so often requested.

Do you wonder, am I empathic socially, or feel empathy in social situtions, versus being someone with a lifelong gift as an empath? Great question.

Any of the Empath Quizzes provided below can help you figure that out. It’s a very big deal, being hardwired for life as an empath. Potentially this is great.

Aura Reading Contest, Celebrating Humor


Who makes you laugh? What fun, to do aura reading on someone who is a special fave of yours, whether a performer or writer.

Just yesterday I checked a novel out of the library, “Him Her Him Again The End of Him.”  What hooked me was this cover review by Steve Martin:

Reviewing books for empaths, guest post and food for thought


Blog-Buddies, in the age of Amazon, book reviewing has assumed new importance. An informative, fair review scores credibility with readers. Any review carries influence, both what it says and what it doesn’t acknowledge.

Yesterday I received notification of a review by an influential writer and empath, Birrell Walsh. With his permission, I quote his review of “Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment.”

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting. Tormenting yourself, like giving yourself an extra-bleeding heart? Is that really required to forgive?

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting. Could be, sometimes you’ll never be able to forgive until you cut a particular cord of attachment. To the one who wronged you!

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting. Controversial. Shareable.

I’ll warn you, Blog-Buddies. This will be one of my more controversial posts. If you don’t hate it, you may love it. In which case, please share it with friends who might find it helpful, too.

What prompted this article?

Autism Researcher Fred Volkmar

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Autism is hardly rare. Not today, and especially not among male children. Yale professor Fred Volkmar is a leader in autism research. He is also a molecular empath. Meet him first on this YouTube Video about autism, if you like.


Today’s post explores what makes him so special, courtesy of a Skilled Empath Merge. Created for you Blog-Buddies as an unusual tribute to Mother’s Day, tomorrow’s holiday, since 1 in 100 male American children is born on the autism spectrum. Like the son of a dear friend of mine, Tracy Monson, who actively works as an advocate for autistic kids. Or the daughter of another dear Blog-Buddy, Row Beatty, who is one fast grower.

A trust workaround on the path to Enlightenment


Regarding trust, I would like to suggest a little workaround that can be useful on one’s path to Enlightenment.

In my experience, we have a fair amount of choice about whether we live in the present or take little trips down memory lane or give ourselves urgent conference calls elsewhere… into energy or What Would Jesus Do or seeking guidance from angels (approaches I summarized at the start to our last Blog post on trust, mostly written by JILL).

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