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Why do cords of attachment stay cut?


Of course I have cut all my cords of attachment to the characters in “Finding Nemo.” Joke. It’s the relationships with husband and son that have gained extra stabiity and sweetness, and why? It’s because I don’t lug around my one-time cords of attachment to them.

Cords of attachment aren’t like fingernails, often needing a trim.

Nor does each cord of attachment work like a lasso, waiting for some restless cowboy to fling it towards you during an idle moment.

There are good reasons, ample reasons, why Gladys’ cord of attachment to Joe will never return for the rest of her life. Nor will it or be replaced by a new, improved, more disgusting cord. Nor will any cord of attachment that has been properly cut ever grow back… perhaps like bedbugs after an unreliable fumigation.

This article helps you to understand a topic that may have seemed worrisome. Or perhaps you’re just curious. Why does a cord of attachment stay cut?

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  1. 1
    A Strong Tiny Cup Of Tea says:

    Can’t wait for this article! From the picture look like Dory, Marlin, and Nemo were so happy to be in the pictures with you guys 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. 2
    Dave says:

    Great picture Rose!

    I will be looking forward especially to this newsletter, as I’ve wondered about this topic: why do the cords stay cut? I am excited. Blessings!

  3. 3
    Jill says:

    I am also very curious about this one.

    I cut the Cord of Attachment to my present husband as soon as it looked like our relationship was going to be what it is today and I am so glad I did! But, I have wondered why that cord stays forever gone.

    Can’t wait for my newsletter!

  4. 4

    Thanks, all. Smart move with that husband, JILL. Many people assume that cutting a cord of attachment cuts or ends a relationship.

    Usually the person is mixing up cord of attachment with the beautiful spiritual tie that one receives around the same time.

    You knew, and know, better.

  5. 5
    Veronica Suarez says:

    Hi Rose,

    I’ve released minor negative cords of attachment, so thank you so much for that book. Very life changing. 🙂

    My question concerns the recent healing I did. I recently did the “Healing Outgrown Facades” in your recent book, Use Your Power of Command. Although the cords of attachment released a lot, the latter healing produced a profoud change in my aura: I have more energy, and I’m more aware. This new way of being has been very profound, and I’m still getting used to the new energy and awareness. I would like to learn more about “facade bodies.” Where can I find out more about this aspect of energy healing? I was thinking your book on Reading Auras or Reading People Deeper.

    Thank you for your help!

    Veronica Suarez

  6. 6

    VERONICA, great to hear from a new Blog-Buddy.

    Both types of healing are valuable:

    *Cutting cords of attachment with quality control (in other words, using a technique that really works).

    *Healing Outgrown Facades, which you can learn from “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection”

    * All the OTHER skill sets in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection”

    Consider that the increasing results you have received are CUMULATIVE.

    The more STUFF you remove permanently, the clearer you are for appreciating everything in your life.

  7. 7

    Before I go on to give a practical recommendation, which is what you were asking for in your sweet comment, after all, I can’t resist making a teaching point.

    You released “released minor negative cords of attachment”?

    ALL cords of attachment are negative. That is so important to understand by definition.

  8. 8

    Regarding learning more, of course, you can deepen your appreciation for what is in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

    You’re correct, VERONICA, that energetic literacy will help you to appreciate ALL the skill sets of Energy Spirituality.

    “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” would be a great next step.

    You might also go slowly and systematically through every healing technique in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

    Journaling about your results is a great way to give yourself a mini-class.

  9. 9

    Speaking of classes, VERONICA and other Blog-Buddies, the Cut Cords of Attachment Workshop (Level 1) is coming up this month, May 19-20.

    It only is taught once per year.

    It is taught right near the biggest airport in the Washington, D.C. region. And many participants find it convenient to drive or fly here, taking a shuttle to the hotel where we have special low rates, and finding it very, very easy to hang out for the weekend workshop in the company of our awesome, friendly, group of workshop participants.

    Information about the workshop is here:

    Finally, know that Coordinator Mitch will gladly answer your questions and help you to work out logistics for such a trip. Call him at 703-450-9514. We’re about service over here at Women’s Intuition Worldwide!

  10. 10
    Dave says:

    I’ve noticed PROFOUND changes since healing outgrown facade bodies. I had never done that healing before, and my popularity has never been greater since doing that healing.

  11. 11

    Look out world, DAVE’S HERE!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12
    Dave says:

    Lol 😉

  13. 13

    Comment 3, by AJ at a different post, is so very, very relevant to the theme of this post. Take a look:

  14. 14
    Tiny Tea says:

    Hi Rose,

    I have a question about how does spiritual tie works after the cord cutting session? After a few months after a session, if you still have these moments of intensely missing with love feeling for someone that is no longer in life to the point that you are crying. Is that normal? I know that it’s not because the cord cutting doesn’t work, because it DOES work, but I just want to wrap my brain around how to how to reconcile the struggle between being in love and ability to move on and how cord cutting comes into all of these. Thank you, Rose.

  15. 15

    TINY TEA, perhaps you were not aware of this fact of life energetically, but every relationship where you get a cord of attachment you also get a spiritual tie.

    These are separate structures.

    Cutting a cord of attachment does nothing to remove a spiritual tie.

    So what is there to reconcile here?

  16. 16

    On a related point, TINY TEA, Whatever happened in YOUR session that included cutting a cord of attachment, didn’t the facilitator explain to you about releasing?

    This happens during the bandage period, and what you’re describing here sure sounds like releasing to me.

    Whoever facilitated your session explained about releasing and how to handle it, right?

  17. 17

    Overall problem, TINY TEA, can be that you are still learning important basics about cutting cords of attachment.

    You might want to read through “Cut Cords of Attachment” for a systematic overview.

    To do this as a consumer, skip over all the techniques (which are clearly marked) and just go for the information.

    Hope all this helps.

    Because cutting cords of attachment is about healing at the level of astral energy and your subconscious mind, it can be confusing unless your conscious mind has a clear understanding about the basics of what is happening in the process of cord-cutting.

  18. 18
    Somebody Else says:

    Dear Rose,

    I can very much relate to Tiny Tea’s question. Perhaps others can relate also. For me, it has been almost a year since you facilitated cutting the cord of attachment, and the relationship is still tearing me apart (though not as much). Even with the new social skills you have been teaching me. I suppose it would depend on the situation, and I will ask specifically for myself in a session with you, but generally speaking, would you then recommend energy release regression therapy (you’re calling it something else, now?), and/or perhaps referral to a mental health professional? Something else?

    Thank you.

  19. 19

    SOMEBODY ELSE (a very important somebody to me, actually, since I know who you are under the alias), you have really deepened the converation on this thread.

    So thank you so much for this contribution.

    My best — and first — answer to the question originally posed by TINY TEA is education. You might be amazed at how horribly people can suffer because they read silly things on the Internet, such as (to me) the bogus topic of “re-cording.”

    Not being clear about the difference between cord of attachment and spiritual tie is quite common, I’m finding, these days.

  20. 20

    Continuing, SOMEBODY ELSE and TINY TEA, my best second answer to the question is to have additional sessions.

    I would delicately here suggest they be sessions of Energy Spirituality from a qualified practitioner. As it is quite possible to have a “Cord-Cutting Session” with many practitioners today who are not necessarily well trained, which could set of entire cascades of consequences for the client.

    But assuming the session was well facilitated, it STILL would not be a substitute for having follow-ups.

    Take JOE for an example. His first session, he is sure all his problems are about the relationship with GLADYS.

    Despite some improvement, problems persist because he also has some other problems, such as the horrible cords of attachment to his mother, father, ex-wife, and a particularly scary schoolteacher from back in the day.

    JOE might mislabel this distress and think he is feeling conflict about the healing he had regarding the cord of attachment to GLADYS.

    Talk about common things, whew!

  21. 21

    Back at hypothetical JOE, what I would recommend is a follow-up session with the intention of his choice that is relevant to how he aims to grow now.

    For instance, it might be, “To strengthen my sense of self.” (That means, “Whether in a love relationship or not.”)

    As a client, you do not need to be aware of all the problems that might be identified by a professional at Energy Spirituality. Not your job!

    The healer can help you grow one session at a time.

  22. 22

    Finally, SOMEBODY ELSE and TINY TEA, my best third answer to the question is that a professional at Energy Spirituality would be able to make one or more recommendations that would be extremely personal.

    Yes, sometimes I recommend that a client seek help from a mental health professional — either before doing further sessions with me or as a recommendation while continuing to do sessions with me.

    And for some clients, yes, I do recommend Energy Release Regression Therapy.

  23. 23

    Oopsie, cat out of bag. I am gradually changing the name, at the blog and elsewhere, from “Energy Release Regression Therapy” to “Soul Energy Awakening.”

    I’ll explain why when I get around to it.

    That will be AFTER I get my new book to press for August release, AFTER I get all my current editions of books into e-editions.

    But this being my merry day off, next job is to move the sprinklers in the garden. 🙂

  24. 24

    Why would I blog on the big ceremonial weekly day off?

    I am so grateful to all you Blog-Buddies for asking your questions. It is my delight to respond, to teach, to help.

    Like the James Taylor song, “That’s Why I’m Here.”

    I also receive so much as a human-type person, and am grateful for the feedback and support and calls to grow etc. Such as the concurrent thread we have going here around reviewing “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

    That would be here:

    With my human-evolutionary Comment 10….

  25. 25
    Somebody Else says:

    Thank you very much, Rose. Back to lurking, now… ;-D

  26. 26
    Tiny Tea says:

    Hi Rose,

    The question was directly about Joe # 1, I was gonna ask you this question, but we didn’t have enough time…to get the healing with Joe#2 done properly was much more important we thought….and I agreed.

    Comment # 20 absolutely answered my question. I think It could very well have been the case of mislabeling. Because I woke up this morning after having both of those cords cut ( one in march, and another on Tuesday). It has only been two days and I feel a MAJOR changed.

    I feel more energized!! AND for the first time in the long time, I get to enjoy that ‘quietness in my own home’ feeling—no more screaming voices in my head telling me what to do and how I didn’t do it good enough. Because the cord of attachment with Joe # 2 is now gone! THANKS A MILLIONS ROSE. I even saw him yesterday in court, I can speak to him calmly and logically, and when he is starting to acting ‘crazy’ I have the ability to disengage and walk away.

    So, Cut the cord with Joe # 2, fixed with conflicted feeling/ mislabeling of Joe # 1. I exercised ‘self authority’ today and decided to text Joe #1, and the conversation was lovely and fine, and no weird icky feeling any more. I also *chose* to keep it short and sweet. I get to pick and choose now, It’s nice to feel in control of my life! :))))

    Your system really works, Rose. I just need to be more patient and all the pieces fall into place 🙂 I also very excited about educating myself with your system, so I will buy a book and read it. I’m a big reader, I do well when I can connect the spirit and the conscious mind together. It’s important to have the balance of the mind and spirit 🙂

    Thanks Rose for everything 🙂

    Tiny Tea

  27. 27
    Tiny Tea says:

    I term of what I tried to “reconcile” was not so much about the cord items, because I do feel so much better, because I don’t have those cord items run through me any more. But, what i don’t understand is that why do I still missing him so much after months have past and still somewhat blaming myself for something 🙁

    Is that just a natural human’s grieving process or is it the releasing?

  28. 28

    Plenty of people would blame “a natural human’s grieving process” and live with that indefinitely.

    Plenty of people consider time their healer.

    Plenty of people say things like, “I will never be the same again.”

    I call this all “Sad.” Energy Spirituality sessions provide healing at the level of auras and the subconscious mind to permanently move out STUFF and put in what is appropriate given the current level of soul development.

    In that context, you might want to re-read Comment 20 above.

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