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What a week for the Facebook co-founder. First the surprise wedding. Reportedly it astonished the 100 guests at a little party that turned out to be much more.

Then the stock offering of Facebook.

Then the downward slide of his stock in its first few IPO days.

And then what, was Mark Zuckerberg offered a kingdom by a little green man from Mars with diamond hair?

Hey, we’ve got something better. A week of Mark Zuckerberg blog posts, starting with today’s face reading, continuing with an aura reading of him, then a relationship reading of him with his new wife (body language, face reading, and aura reading).

Here comes the first of our posts, even more fun than doing the aura reading of Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network.”

Written in honor of Blog-Buddy GRACE S., who has been especially interested lately in the energetic literacy skill set of reading faces.

Face Reading basics to get us started

First the photos. Mostly I will use the photograph from December 2010 that played across the cover of Time magazine.

In addition, I found a fine shot for some specialized purposes, courtesy of CNBC, the face reading for surprises picture. (An amazing photo of the amazing man, and a current picture at that.)

You’ll find an alternative, dependable Mark Zuckerberg physiogonomy link right here.

Note, Mr. Facebook does not usually have surreal coloring. Unlike the more famous photo made public via the lurid imagination of the Art Director for Time Magazine.

Face Reading is not about coloring — not my system, anyway. But, even so, those lipsticky touch-ups, etc., might distract anyone but the aforementioned little green man.

On this planet,  if you are interested in learning my system of Face Reading Secrets(R), the book for you is “Read People Deeper.” It combines body language and aura reading and face reading, one category at a time.

Currently, this is the only Rose Rosetree face reading book in print. In English.

Except for a small number of copies that I now make available, while supplies last, for those who attend my workshops, of “Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup: How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face.”

Other resources for physiognomists include our annual Face Reading Workshop will take place in about three weeks. Oh, it is such fun!

Finally, there still is the Face Reading Secrets(R) Mentoring Program, a correspondence course for those who don’t wish to take a plane. Currently students come from Australia and South America. Muy, muy convenient!

And now for the fun of reading the amazing Mr. Zuckerberg, one face reading item at a time. Woo-hoo!

Face Reading Data: Ultra-long canine teeth

  • See like a physiognomist

Usually a person’s front teeth are longest, something you’ll find routinely when reading faces. On people. From this planet.

However, you will occasionally see the rarity sported by Mark Zuckerberg.

The physiognomy code reads: Long canine tooth, four teeth (including the middle ones), and then another long canine tooth.

See it on the photo with the open mouth, of course, not the magazine cover.

  • Talent

Invincibility. A person need not seem aggressive to win, not with this deepest form of winner-ship.

Etched into Mark Zuckerberg’s soul is the ultra-competitive need to win, and win no matter what.

Hey, this attribute worked in professional life for President Ronald Reagan! Also with beloved, sensitive actor Jimmy Stewart… who also was reportedly very successful at dropping bombs during World War II.

  • Potential challenge

Scary. The owner of one or two ultra-long canine teeth can make rivals shake in their shoes.

Face Reading Data: Crooked smile angled to the right

  • See like a physiognomist

Reading faces, with experience you may start to notice when one mouth corner becomes higher than the other. With Mark Zuckerberg, that’s the right corner. And by quite a lot.

All face readers need to cross over to tell left from right. Do this with any photo or reading a person in real life… other than your own face in the mirror. I call it, “Go flippo.” Becomes automatic after a while, like what you do right before shaking hands with someone.

  • Talent

Impressing strangers. Seeming confident or charming or both.

Could come in useful with the ultra-youthful billionaire. Think about the amount of poise you could summon in public, having a more-or-less “normal” life, when you were just 28 years old! And maybe hadn’t had a rather critical biopic made about you. Not to mention the weirdness of becoming not just one of the wealthiest people on earth but  finding your way the youngest among those wealthiest.

As long as we’re making this into an abstract kind of math problem, then multiply the pressures times the total number of every single person on Facebook. Current member. Past member. Yoicks!

Of course, the pressure is probably bigger by now.

  • Potential challenge

Lack of verbal integrity. Perhaps problems with other integrity as well.

Which is why it’s going to be so much fun to do our other two explorations of Mark Zuckerberg to come, using different skills of energetic literacy.

Face Reading Data: Large inner ear circle

  • See like a physiognomist

Once again, our wacky candid photo will serve us better than the portrait-style Time Magazine cover.

Mark’s right ear shows a very large inner ear circle moving out from the ear hole. The border, or raised helix, between inner and outer ear circles tilts at an angle that makes it count as inner ear circle.

For Mark Zuckerberg, that inner circle’s real estate is larger by far than his outer ear circle.

  • Talent

Subjective reality is far, far more real to this man than objective reality.

We’re not talking financial assets but how his consciousness tends to be positioned. Inner life can mean:

  1. Ideas and techie-nerdy life
  2. Emotions
  3. Religion and spirituality

Gee, which of these do you think takes the cake for the tasty treat of Zuckerberg’s inner life?

Our further two excursions into energetic literacy will explore. Maybe the answer is #1, but maybe #2 and/or 3 are just as important to him.

Face reading wouldn’t reveal this kind of distinction. Which is why it’s so helpful to supplement the face reading skill set with aura reading and/or skilled empath merge.

  • Potential challenge

Oblivious to obvious things about obvious reality? Careless in dealing with objective reality?

Conventional wisdom brings us terms like “Absent-minded professor” to help folks understand how someone way brilliant could also sometimes act as thick as a brick.

To this face reader, a challenge like this isn’t necessarily about intelligence but how consciousness is positioned, showing most clearly by researching chakra databanks (STUFF included). Ear circle proportions alone don’t tell us if Mark Zuckerman faces these challenge or not, but raises the question.

If you knew him, or someone like him (probably minus all the wealth and fame 😉 ) you could check out the potential challenge by interacting with your face readee. What a person says and does help physiognomists to appreciate whether or not a challenge has been overcome.

Technical point: Some of you Blog-Buddies may not know this, but the paring of talent and potential challenge is ONE of the reasons my system of Face Reading Secrets(R) is way different from other physiognomy systems in the world today.

Again, aren’t we lucky? When it comes to evaluating Mark’s potential challenge or anyone else whose face we might read… bring on the energetic literacy.

Because we face readers can have other modes of energetic literacy that can be employed for researching potential challenges — whether for learning about folks in advance from their Facebook photos or because we have a snowball in Mars’ chance of ever meeting the famous Mark Z. in person.

Face Reading Data: Trendsetter Lips

  • See like a physiognomist

“Cupid’s Bows,” they are sometimes called. But I prefer the name “Trendsetter Lips.” For reasons that you’ll read about soon.

Now, just notice the twin triangles on Mark Zuckerberg’s upper lip. VERY clearly defined. And therefore (as any skilled face reader knows) VERY important about the person within!

  • Talent

Able to speak for a whole generation. On whispering terms with the Zeitgeist, as it were!

For examples of others with this specialized talent, check Google Images for Donald Trump, Shirley Maclaine. Or, since everything 1960-ish seems to be coming back again — tie-dyed clothing, marijuana culture, mini-skirts, and a major civil rights struggle in America (this time for LGBT persons to legally marry) — Joan Baez.

Non-famous folk can have this face reading data too, of course. With Trendsetter Lips you can speak on behalf of your family, your social group, or your favorite cause. Just as important in the spiritual scheme of things, if not quite as lucrative….

Gee, I wonder if that promising Mark Zuckerberg will ever find a platform for expressing something for a large group of people — such as the desire so prevalent in his cohort to stay electronically connected with each other?

  • Potential challenge

Not getting a life. Not a real life, a human one, that is any way near as vivid as the World Server function. What can compete with being the mouthpiece, pioneering, taking the world by a storm that never lets up but, rather, intensifies year by year?

For a progress report on how Mark Zuckerberg is doing, related to that big challenge, see our other energetic literacy posts profiling him.

Meanwhile, any comments here, Blog-Buddies?

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  1. 1
    Brenda says:

    I find long canine teeth very interesting. I have them myself (not as long as MZ, thankfully!) I’m not at all competitive or aggressive but I do have a tendency to be intense about things and I can be combative in some conversations.

    I look forward to the aura and relationship readings.

    Thanks for your posts! They are so fun!

  2. 2
    Jill says:

    This is a very interesting read, Rose. I, too, will be very interested in the aura and relationship reading of Mark.

    I learn something new from every face reading you do. I also am learning the way face reading dovetails well with the aura reading to get more depth in understanding what the facial characteristics really mean. This will be very helpful getting the face reading and the aura readings side by side. Thank you so much for this service to us all. It is so instructive.

  3. 3

    JILL, thanks so much. I too learn so much from doing each face reading.

    Applying skills is the fun part of having them, after all.

    And how astute of you to appreciate that the different skill sets fit together. They really do, both the healing skills for STUFF removal and the research skills for Deeper Perception.

  4. 4
    Grace S. says:

    Hey ROSE, thanks 🙂

    I completely agree with you when you say that your face reading system is different – none of the others identify strengths and potential challenges. Not only are those systems flat and one-dimensional, they lack compassion and insight. I have felt like there was nothing to learn from them and no way to grow as a person.

  5. 5
    Dana says:

    That is interesting about Zuckerberg’s longer canine teeth. I have that too, I think. I think I commented about it a long time ago; I’m not normally a competitive person, but when I used to do sports year round, I would get VERY competitive. Then in college I just stopped – no more competition. It was really cool. When I told my basketball coach, she was shocked and said, “But you’re one of the most competitive people I know!” I guess I needed to put that focused energy into other areas of my life.

    At work recently the P.E. teacher was going to organize a staff fundraiser basketball game and asked me to join. I said okay but that I was worried I might get a little carried away – since it was supposed to be “just for fun.” She said she couldn’t picture that.

    Also, about Zuckerber’s trendsetter lips, it seemed like Ben Franklin had those, when I was looking at a painting of him. That makes sense to me. Of course, it was only a painting…

  6. 6

    DANA, the gentle vegetarian and teacher has long canine teeth.

    Explains a lot. 🙂

    Sometimes a face will show “an anchor.” This is a really intense, power-related attribute in apparent contradiction to other face data.

    For you, this would be a great example. It’s part of the wholeness of you!

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Rose,

    As you know, I have long canine teeth (not as long as Mark Zuckerberg’s, however), trendsetter lips, and large inner ear circles.

    I will be interested to see what you find with aura reading, too.

    Other features I notice are the straight eyebrows, little eyelid padding, little to no cheek padding, short lips, and large chin area – all of which make sense to me, given who Mark Zuckerberg is and what he does for a living. His lower lip is not that much larger than his upper lip; by no means does Mr. Zuckerberg have blarney lips. The right eye is slightly down-angled; the left eye is almost even.

    All of this adds up to a person who is very intellectual, does not require support from others, prefers one-on-one relationships with intimate others, and is not deterred by obstacles or criticism. He is also very realistic in his assessment of others, both in his professional life and in his personal life. He may even be slightly better in his personal life. Even though he is the founder of Facebook, he is not a salesman – yes, Facebook went public, but this is not the kind of person who can (or is interested in) selling snow to Eskimos.

  8. 8

    ANONYMOUS, sorry you don’t have quite as much money as Zuckerberg, despite sharing some of his unusual attributes. 😉

    So astute, your reading of him. Thank you.

  9. 9
    Barbara says:

    This is so interesting and I REALLY like your book and I’m just 17.

    I have large inner circle but I’m going into a business career is that not a clever thing to do? or that doesn’t matter?

    ps. sorry If you didn’t understand something, Im not a native English speaker.

  10. 10

    Thank you, BARBARA. Welcome to the blog.

    And I think your English is just fine for here!

    Go into any career you choose. The gifts of your soul that show reveal your special excellence, that’s all.

    When you lead from your strengths, you make a profession your own. 🙂

  11. 11
    David says:

    I don’t usually write in at this blog but being that it has been awhile I would like to mention my wife’s comment upon viewing the site for the first time, “How does Rose have time to write all this?”

    I commented that she likes what she does.

  12. 12

    Thanks, DAVID. So true, I do like (even love) my work.

    One of my favorite things about it happens when a long-term client like you brings in a wife or husband or child or parent. To become a client or reader or student.

    One example, the recent workshop with an enthusiastic client from out of state who brought her sister. They did just great, and it was a delight to see them enjoying together.

    Another example, recently I have been doing a lot of phone sessions with children. It is such a delight to find whole families rapidly evolving together, one family member sharing helpful resources with others.

    If you do have a family member or friend, it is great to give one mention. Make one of my books a birthday gift, perhaps, or gently tell a suffering friend that maybe I can help with a personal session.

    One mention, one time, is the perfect way to introduce folks.

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