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Mark Zuckerberg Aura Reading.

Mark who? Oh, you know. The Facebook founder is unbelievably rich. He’s famous. Basically, the man seems to have it all. But let’s use some deeper perception to learn more about this young guy with the uncanny streak of success.

Today we’ll continue our exploration of Mark Elliott Zuckerberg, reading his aura during a work situation. Reading his aura from a photo. Specifically, reading parts of his aura called “chakra databanks.” He’s got hundreds of these. (Just like you and me.) And many of them pertain to work.

If our previous face readings of him made you curious, so much the better.

Face reading, aura reading, and skilled empath merge are complementary skill sets.

For background on Stage Three Energetic Literacy, which depends on reading chakra databanks, the link in this sentence will help you.

For background on Mark Zuckerberg, there’s always Facebook. Or maybe a few other Internet resources, including the source for the following photo, FabMagazineOnline. Click here for a dependable aura reader’s photo link.

For this article, I am using a full torso shot, very recent, to make it easier for you Blog-Buddies to research Root Chakra Databanks. Click here to open the aura reading photo in a separate window. (A smaller but dependable version for reading auras is here.) Photo credit goes to the Daily Mail.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Now, let’s start investigating some revealing chakra databanks. I’m going to do a Magnetize Money Profile of this ultra-successful entrepreneur.

1.  Root Chakra Databank: Earning Money

Out to deep space. Mr. Facebook has a solid connection to wealth with an unusual twist.

Mark Zuckerberg is a more evolved guy than you might think from watching him wear his signature fashion statement, the hoodie. Evidently he wasn’t easily persuaded to incarnate at our silly Earth School. Part of the agreement for him is that he would have mega-money, no sweat.

Otherwise, reading the here-and-now component, earning money is hardwired to intelligence for Mark. He is set up energetically to have ideas that bring him wealth. Not manual labor, not endless hours practicing the violin. You get the idea.

In fact, you probably figured this out about him before this aura reading. But sometimes an aura reading simply confirms what shows up in surface reality. Blame the multi-level, enticing complexity of life, with each human being having as many levels as a matryoshka doll.

2. Root Chakra Databank: Saving Money

Out to the moon. A deep indifference plus, equally strong, the demand for extreme financial security.

Having money helps to anchor Mark Zuckerberg in human reality.

You know, Blog-Buddies, many unusual beings are living on earth today in human guise.

It is a time of huge transition on earth, with our consciousness able to slip-slide into different vibrational frequencies every single day.

If you are managing to hold on for this wild ride with some semblance of sanity, you are doing GREAT!

During this amazing time, highly unusual beings who might not otherwise to come to this world have volunteered for the chance to play… and to help. Just this morning, I was thinking fondly of a friend of mine who is not very human, compared to standard issue folks like me and perhaps you.

I was remembering a story she told me about how she was sitting in a group of people and just popped out of this dimension completely, seeming to physically disappear for a few minutes. As other group members told her lately.

Gladys wasn’t surprised at all, as she often moves in consciousness to different dimensions. For Gladys, telling this story, especially when I gasped with delight, made her chuckle.

Back at Mark, a key to appreciating his aura is that he does a good imitation of being a human. But he is so clearly different, and this isn’t like being a more-or-less smoothly adapted human, like someone with a big twist to the incarnation, such as a person with Asperger’s syndrome or Intellectual Disability.

As we’ll continue to see, unfolding information one bit at a time, this is a very different deal. Mark Zuckerberg is high functioning as delightfully strange and aurically quite alien.

3. Root Chakra Databank: Personality at Work

7 inches. Mark Zuckerberg can communicate well, focus deeply, yet the reason this chakra databank is so teensy is that he has a big energetic subroutine going on.

For those of you not yet familiar with that term, an “energetic subroutine” is like outsourcing a job to an employee in a faraway land. There is a habitual or (in this case, also) structural pattern of turning the function of one chakra databank over to an entirely different chakra databank. Kind of like not using your left hand for a task but having your right ear do it instead.

Usually energetic subroutines aren’t great news. But for Mark Zuckerberg…

Mark Z. outsources to a Crown Chakra Databank about Inspiration from Other Dimensions.

He is so plugged in there, while working. To Mark, “at work” means creating something, solving a technical problem, stretching his understanding. “At work”has nothing whatsoever to do with getting along with other people, having conversations, doing the social components of life in real-life social networks.

Incidentally no, most of us do not possess this chakra databank. Fear not, you have ones that even the great Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t possess.

Everyone has about 10% of their chakra databanks as custom designed.

Related to your current lifestyle, how you are progressing on your path to Enlightenment, etc.

4. Root Chakra Databank: Personality PROJECTED at Work

Fills the room. Boyish. Playful. Insouciant, not taking anything or anyone very seriously.

5. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank: Self-Confidence at Work

18 feet of detachment. A “Who cares?” attitude is evident.

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t strongly identified with his personality, his relationships, his success.

Ideas, numbers, abstract patterns are so much more real to him than anything human. This creates an underlying confidence which makes human self-confidence seem like very small stuff — not difficult, not especially relevant to what is really important.

6. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank: Handling Conflict at Work

20 feet. Not terribly refined, nor interested in becoming refined, Mark just settles conflicts his way.

He hates the whole notion. Arguing seems stupid.

Besides, Mark Zuckerberg is so used to being the brightest guy in the room, he figures that his ideas win.

I wouldn’t expect a collaborative management style from this guy — just the opposite.

7. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Intelligence at Work

7 inches. About what one would expect from an intelligent man from outer space.

Mark Zuckerberg has learned to read faces and body language. Sometimes he remembers to do so.

8. Throat Chakra Databank: Communication at Work

9 inches. Don’t expect charisma here, folks.

When the topic is technical, Mark enjoys talking to those who can, more-or-less, understand him.

When the topic isn’t technical, it seems pretty stupid. To him. Even if the communication topic for work is necessary (which makes the communication a chore).

9. Third Eye Chakra Databank: Awareness of Your Human Life

Out to deep space. Mark Zuckerberg does find his human life fascinating, but not in an especially human way.

Primary sense of self is beyond human, an identity dressed up as human not being the same thing at all.

This incarnation is fascinating Mr. Zuckerberg. He is, however, not interested in his human life in the way that is more common for those of us who evolve here, where we identify with this human life as the main deal going on.

To him, at the time of this photograph, this human life is a small but amusing deal.

10. Third Eye Chakra Databank: Connection to Spiritual Source

Out into deep space. Solid. Gorgeous.

Evidently the clear and vivid connection to God is also a condition this soul negotiated as a requirement for incarnating on Earth School.

A silly place, yet it does reputedly have the best food of any world in all the Universe…

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  1. 1
    Anne says:

    Wow Rose! Interesting.
    It reminds me of certain ‘walk ins’ I’ve read about.

  2. 2
    Rachel says:

    Interesting reading, Rose.

    I am on Facebook, though I am not a huge fan of it myself. What I don’t get is how Mark Zuckerberg can have such a strong connection to Spiritual Source and yet oversee a site that has caused so much controversy in terms of privacy agreements and restrictions and attempts to dominate and control.

    I guess ‘integrity’ is a separate issue?

  3. 3
    Sabine B says:

    What a fascinating character he is. I too thought of walk in’s as I read.

  4. 4
    An avid reader says:

    Thank you, Rose! This was so fascinating!

  5. 5
    Curious to Know More says:

    Curious to know more!!!!

    This is absolutely fascinating, thank you, Rose.

  6. 6

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments so far.

    RACHEL, I agree that integrity of a big company, and ethical standards, don’t necessarily relate to a person’s having a gorgeous connection to spiritual source.

    Like “The Donald” Trump, whose amazing Third Eye Chakra databank about Connection to Spiritual Source is glorious.

  7. 7

    Over at Mark Zuckerberg, RACHEL, if you survey the whole range of chakra databanks read there, plenty of information suggests his not being very connected to being human.

    Or connected to human emotions.

    Or deeply concerned with humans, so much as being enticed by new information and ideas at a highly abstract level.

    Could it be, the bumpy part for you here is that, given the sort of connection YOU have to Spiritual Source, these other attributes appear unthinkable, incompatible, even impossible?

    Auras are replete with contradictions. Nobody else is like you. Losing this illusions can be a big step on one’s path to Enlightenment.

  8. 8

    ANN and SABINE (in Comments 1 and 3), thank you for providing a bit of an educational opportunity.

    Let me ask both of you, have you read the auras of walk-ins? Or have you simply read stories about them?

    I have had some professional experience of the former. To me, being a walk-in reveals nothing, nothing about the quality of a person’s aura. It’s about as much guarantee of high vibrations as saying, “I’m from Boston.”

    Much as I like Boston.

  9. 9

    A walk-in is simply a person who has made an unusual agreement for incarnating. The original soul inhabiting Joe’s body departs as if the lifetime is over. Meanwhile, by arrangement, a different soul picks up Joe’s incarnation where it left off.

    Sometimes this is advantageous. For instance, if you are Joe’s walk-in, you don’t have to go through the usual tedious years of learning to walk and talk and use an ATM.

    Statistically the number of walk-ins is small.

    One more reason to develop energetic literacy, far as I’m concerned! In New Age, and beyond it, there can be so much hype where a bit of the truth — in this case, that walk-ins exist — is mixed in with all sorts of exotic speculation.

    About a year ago, my newsletter featured a detailed reading of Tina Fey. She is also very unusual, when you drill down to the level of chakra databanks. Like Zuckerberg (in my opinion) she is not a walk-in.

  10. 10
    Grace S. says:

    “Auras [& face reading] are replete with contradictions. Nobody else is like you.”

    That’s one of the most worthwhile life-skills kind of thing that I’m learning from you these days Rose.

    It’s as equally humbling as enchanting enchanting. A motivating challenge.

    So much un-learning of assumptions is involved for me. I like it. To unravel these contradictions makes people make MORE sense to me (instead of inducing anxiety and perplexion within me).

  11. 11
    Isa says:

    I think this interest in walk-in’s is part of what you term the “romance of the astral,” I used to be reallyyy into those stories too.

    Back in the day, a Reiki practitioner with psychic skills coupled with no common sense or understanding of client ethics, blurted out in a full waiting room, “Isa, you’ve got a lot of alien in you, wow!” And she flitted away with an air of smug self-satisfaction.

    My jaw was on the floor. I was left deeply embarrassed, confused, angry and scared out of my wits with all my imagination could conjure. All with a bunch of strangers gawking at me in her wake.

    I bring this up, yeah because I’m still pissed, but also because it obviously stayed with me as something to think about. What does it mean to be “alien,” part alien, whatever. Would I get confirmation, would it matter, is there something wrong with me?

    Again, a major breach of healer ethics, not to mention trust (she lost me as client) to leave me hanging. There is something seriously wrong with mentioning things you can’t address. I know Rose has written about this extensively, and I agree.

    I deeply identify with being human. My human life in this incarnation is all that I’m invested in. It doesn’t make MY life any different where “I’m” “from.” It’s non-information became my conclusion.

    It reminds me of what you wrote about being a Molecular Empath, that it feels normal, and that’s all there is to it.

    And of course your reading on Mark brings this all back to me. One of my first thoughts was, “I wonder if he’ll ever read this?”

  12. 12
    Sabine B says:

    Rose – thanks for the clarification about the walk-in’s. I believe I was mistakenly blending that term with “star seed” (the concept Isla mentions about aliens/coming from another place.) I have read a lot about that.

    What I meant was, he struck me as otherworldly. But it’s just an impression.

  13. 13
    Emily T says:

    SNL’s recent send up of Mark Zuckerberg reminded me of this aura reading!

    They also think he is ‘doing a good imitation of being a human’ LOL

  14. 14

    Devastating SNL sendup, EMILY! Of course I dropped everything to view this. Thanks for the share.

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