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London Olympics, flags and auras


Downtown London, always a treat, now looks more festive than ever. In anticipation of the Olympics, the Union Jack is flying on many a street.

A veritable procession of international flags is strung above other thoroughfares. Fresh energy seems to surge through the crowds, a kind of collective self-consciousness. The crowds on Regent Street, for instance, look even more dapper than I have seen them during visits to Britain over the past decade.

In June 2012, shop windows carry signs with slogans like, “Look your best.” Those Olympics, and Olympic revenues, are coming, no doubt about it.

Blog-Buddies, I’m delighted to be in town during this time of heightened official expectations for the goodness of life.

In the words of one of my fellow teachers at The College of Psychic Studies, “London is coming together. It’s such a good thing. We needed something positive to bring us together for a new start.”

This Lightworker doesn’t envy her European counterparts. In today’s post I’ll tell you why. Beyond that, I’d like to share a historical perspective energetically on what YOU may be going through now, whether you live in London or not.

Auras walking down Regent Street

Any street, really. I’ve been doing the occasional aura reading technique since arriving at Heathrow airport over a week ago.

(Not incessantly, Blog-Buddies. Note that word “occasional.” Personally, I stick to that 30 minutes per day total woo-woo, just as I encourage you to do. That practical emphasis on human-type activities and light clock-watching is the simplest way I know to prevent spiritual addiction.)

Of all the chakra databanks to read around here, I am especially fascinated to do aura reading research on the Third Eye Chakra Databank, Connection to Spiritual Source.

About 90% of the folks I am seeing here are living with major Third Eye shut-down.

With the cafe crowds I’ve seen outdoors, passing by “Happy Hours” after work, make that closer to 99.9%.

In America, I have been seeing big spiritual shutdown, too, only the percentage is more like 50%.

About six inches or less, reading this joy-bringing chakra databank at the third layer out. Ouchers!

The small showing at Connection to Spiritual Source has many variations on the theme of shut-down, including:

  • Fear of life
  • Suspicion of people
  • Frantic efforts to focus on material, physical life as the main, attainable source of happiness.

Why the aura-level shutdown?

Vibrations on earth keep lifting. It’s a spiritual invitation that each human being is free to ignore. Or resist. Or to welcome.

Since you’re reading this blog right now, chances are that you are among those who welcome today’s grand spiritual invitation to wake up.

Living now, we can move forward ultra-rapidly along our chosen personal paths to Enlightenment.

Even mild curiosity about the paranormal could be a grand start on this path. This blog, of course, isn’t about paranoramal phenomena, grand synchronicities, or The Romance of the Astral. Although interest in all of this has its place as part of one’s sacred path to Enlightenment.

The techniques I offer help instead with energetic literacy (all the way through to Stage Three Energetic Literacy, reading chakra databanks at will, even on Regent Street), plus the self-healing techniques of Energy Spirituality. But whatever…

Whatever has you curious, that very curiosity has you growing. Were you walking about in London right now, you would be a big standout with your Third Eye Chakra Databank, Connection to Spiritual Source.

Although that doesn’t mean you are necessarily feeling great right now, either.

Today’s big extremes, showing aurically

Two extremes are occurring on earth right now, plus a fine-line-to-walk in the middle.

At one extreme is spiritual shutdown. If the foreign tourists in London are representative of their countries, spiritual shutdown is common elsewhere in the European Union, not only the U.K.

It’s delightful to this language lover to walk the streets of London, eavesdropping on tourists speaking Italian, French, Spanish, German, and more.

However, it’s not so delightful — though admittedly fascinating — to do the occasional aura reading and see Third Eye Chakra Databank, Connection to Spiritual Source semi-frozen into stupor or chronic misery or (for now) a state of giving up psychic or spiritual seeking entirely.

The other extreme, often lamented at this blog, is spiritual addiction.

Spiritual addiction shows at the Third Eye Chakra Databank, Connection to Spiritual Source with extreme over-functioning, whether in desperation or bliss or a pot-induced assist into miles of spaciness, sweetness, and astral light.

Of course, finding patterns of distress in an aura requires reading far more than one chakra databank.

  • With a spiritual addiction, choose from hundreds of chakra databanks about pursuing human life. Any ones you read will tend to be drastically under-functioning.
  • While every person also has hundreds of chakra databanks about being a World Server. Connection to Spiritual Source being just one of them! With spiritual addiction, these chakra databanks tend to be hugely over-functioning, even desperate and frantic.
  • A healthy balance means that all chakra databanks are working more-or-less properly.
  • And, of course, spiritual Enlightenment requires that all of your chakra databanks function normally, with a joy-from-God bonus stuck everywhere. After Enlightenment, the whole storehouse of impressions has turned to bliss, a.k.a. Sat-chit-ananda.

Living now, each of us can progress rapidly toward Enlightenment. We’ll progress faster if we avoid pot, spiritual addictions and…

Other addictions

How about folks with other addictions? Alcohol, sex, pornography, and drugs remain popular.

Often these are related to spiritual shutdown, with fascinating variations in other chakra databanks related to that individual’s way of being addicted, plus dullness, despair, torpor, a sort of non-political “Downing Street” version of Third Eye Chakra Databank, Connection to Spiritual Source.

Electronic addictions are the real biggies today in popular addictions, of course. Whether to perpetual television watching or texting or social networking or constantly being wired and responsive.

(When folks never turn off their mobile phones, for instance, what does that say about being in control of their own minds? Or interested in them?)

In London, as in America — even on-screen during my transatlantic flight here — advertisers invite us to develop a sense of identity around electronic toys for sale.

Have you seen ads that show people represented by their electronic devices, talking to each other and playing one-upmanship?

Have you seen ads that promise you deep friendship and meaningful connection just because of how you are wired? Such a 21st century way to sell product!

I disagree with the premise. Droids and iPhones and iPads exists to serve us. Occasionally.

To rehabilitate an admittedly weird slogan from America’s National Rifle Association, here is what I believe. Machines don’t love people. People do.

Isolated? Not connecting?

Just yesterday, I met with a long-term client (GLADYS) who is a wholesome, well adjusted person without a spiritual addiction. After doing a Skilled Empath Merge at the start of her session, I described her feeling isolated, as if she couldn’t connect to other people.

“Exactly,” GLADYS said. “Thanks for putting it into words.”

Blog-Buddies, I’m here to tell you that when someone as deeply sane as GLADYS feels this way, she (and we) can consider what’s happening “Living in very, very challenging times.”

In America, close to 50% of folks are spiritually addicted, while the rest are in spiritual shutdown. While in Europe, according to my small but poignant research, about 2% are spiritually addicted, with the vast majority in spiritual shutdown.

Either way, you are living in the meaningful, fast-growing, middle by being a regular human being most of the time, pursuing your personal goals, enjoying whatever relationships you manage to have with real live humans and pets.

Living so beautifully, you are positioned in consciousness to evolve extra quickly. Only that may not be what you are noticing most of the time. Instead you may be feeling isolated, terribly lonely and disconnected from others.

Even with the great relationships that you do have, you may feel the terrible anguish around you. Loneliness you could cut with a knife, like butter. Solitude, self-conscious aloneness, waving in the air like the flags on display throughout London.

No worries

That quaint British expression, “No worries,” just might help you now.

Not that you have no worries. 😉 Except for psychopaths, addicts, chronic blamers, and the Enlightened,  just about everyone living today does have worriers.

My advice to you is to think “No worries” occasionally. Remember that you are living in profoundly evolutionary, though challenging, times.

If you feel angst that doesn’t come from an addiction, you’re doing well.

As a skilled empath, you still might feel angst. It is all around you. Just reading body language and expression, staying determinedly on the surface of life, you could notice it.

Coming into London this trip, riding the Tube nearly every day during my spare time as a tourist, I have never seen anything like this. Not on my previous five trips to London, not during my two trips to Frankfurt. Not like this.

I have seen so many folks clearly suffering, bleak faces with no stiff upper lips but a kind of hopeless misery. Not to gross you out, Blog-Buddies, but this is my first time in London seeing well dressed adults out in public who were picking their noses, walking as though sleepwalking, or strangely blank as if waiting for somejone to control them.

Welcome any discomfort you feel these days, Blog-Buddies. Especially relish your happiness. But even when you notice some grim contortions of your fellow man and woman, be glad you are free enough in consciousness to notice the worries.

Then banish them with “No worries.” It’s only growing pains for the planet.

Staying awake, moving toward Enlightenment, you are a flag of hope.

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  1. 1
    AJ says:

    I was just listening to a few lectures where addictions and enlightenment was discussed by Caroline Myss. You two have a very consistent stance on this, actually.

    She talks about addictions quite a lot. She says that everybody who isn’t enlightened has addictions whether they know it or not. She had a really good explanation of why this is and it had something to do with under/over stimulated chakra databanks—BTW she actually uses the words “chakra databanks”.

    She also talks about Psychic & Energetic Disorders and how people are beginning to open themselves up energetically and the consequences that arise from this. She explains that cell phones and the internet have made us an “energy society” and that because of this, people are perusing psychic development, meditation, and healing. She actually shows a much darker reality around Spiritual Addiction. She explains that because energy work makes us more psychically porous, we are opening ourselves to a lot of dangers.

    I know a lot of people who get very ill and exhausted doing energy work. I know somebody who is a medium and he crosses spirits over all day long. They have taken over his life and it’s having profoundly negative impact on his relationships and health.

    I let him borrow my copy of “Use Your Power of Command” and suggested to use the exercises provided. I actually suggested not to cross anymore spirits over over (even though you provided a tool to call in the Divine to help do so in that book) and to focus on strengthening his own aura (“I close off my aura…”).

  2. 2
    Primmie says:

    I hope your talk goes really well tonight Rose. Sounds like London needs it.

  3. 3
    Dave says:

    Quite a nuanced approach to consciousness on the planet, Rose, much more so than the typical “we’re all changing in 2012!”

    It’s interesting to me that you seem to note that far more people are shut down spiritually in England than in the US. Personally, I would have assumed differently. But this is also from your samples just in London, correct? Perhaps the tourists who can afford to come to London for the Olympics are not a representative sample?

    I also wonder how a person who is shut down spiritually can make the shift/change to being open to connection to source. Is it a conscious choice? Can we do anything to help initiate it in others?

    In my neck of the woods, in the grand old US of A, I’ve notice lots of irrationality, unpredictability, immaturity, and pettiness in many acquaintances. So I definitely understand the phenomenon you describe. It is unsettling. Still I find it hard to believe that this is more prevalent right now in Europe, although it’s been some years since I’ve been there. Any hypotheses on why this is? And would a visitor to Japan encounter less of this, due to there bigger, more prevalent, spiritual connections?

    Fascinating stuff, as usual.

  4. 4

    AJ, thank you so much for Comment 4. You are being a good friend by sharing knowledge lightly and letting it be known there are resources in that direction, then letting go.

    I am honored (guess I could write “honoured” as I am now in London, sitting in an Internet cafe) that Caroline Myss is among those who now uses the term “chakra databanks.”

    When I first wrote about this, in “Cut Cords of Attachment,” it was one of those bold/inspired/pioneering things. It is fascinating to me that these understandings are helpful to others in the field of spirituality, enlightenment, energy, healing.

  5. 5

    PRIMMIE, lovely to hear from you. Yes, the talk did go well, and today’s workshop had very brave explorers who have moved forward hugely in the first half of our Empath Empowerment Workshop. 🙂

    Was just thinking about you and your twins yesterday. Hope all is well with the family and, especially, you.

  6. 6

    DAVE, quite a nuanced comment yourself!

    My small sample is just that. However, it is not just tourists but workmen on the street, folks who obviously live here or nearby.

    Including two very handsome, fit gentlemen who were spotted during my stroll last night, each gent carrying a large and gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

    Aw,not tourists and quite the homeboys!

  7. 7

    DAVE, back at your nuanced Comment 4 and this part:

    “I also wonder how a person who is shut down spiritually can make the shift/change to being open to connection to source. Is it a conscious choice? Can we do anything to help initiate it in others?”

    Of course, any human can make a conscious choice to connect more strongly to the Divine. Or to the psychic. Or to the collective consciousness of those who follow a particular Olympic sport.

    We humans do this with thoughts, words, actions, how we spend time. Free will is the ticket, and it can take you anywhere… given your current level of spiritual development.

    Experiences are structured in consciousness, however, so a person needs to move out plenty of STUFF before having clarity at energetic literacy, spiritual exercises, or other activities.

    Even a hazy experience counts for something, in itself as a personal experience and also for patterning, down to the human level of neurons and brain development and creation of habit… and up to the Divine or astral level chosen by that person with the glorious free will.

  8. 8

    As for helping to initiate spiritual growth in others, DAVE, you do that very powerfully and appropriately through your auric modeling.

    Blog-Buddies, for more discussion of this you could search on “auric modeling” at this blog. For more depth, read “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

    As for more aggressive attempts to help others spiritually, anyone can make one comment to anyone, ONE TIME, without sending out psychic coercion.

    Be gentle, though, DAVE (as I know you are, you wonderful man) as one difference between America and England, in my experience, is that religion is a kind of intense, infected area of life in America.

    Even the smallest comment may get you fired or treated harshly, so be prudent.

  9. 9

    About DAVE’s last part of Comment 4, you European and Japanese readers, speak up and share your experiences, please.

    In America, I’m not surprised that such a high proportion of the population is in spiritual addiction now, higher than in England as I have been sampling folks’auras.

    Like it or not, intelligently done or not, Americans have often cared deeply about religion and spirituality. Think of all those early settlers!

    Our money carries no portrait of the Queen but is inscribed with “In God we trust.”

    Many of America’s spiritually closed off have fortified themselves in Fundamentalism; unable to do even the most basic aura reading research so far, how would they know the difference?

    We do live in such fascinating times, where huge growth strides are available if we stay open to our good, live in integrity, and stay on one spiritual path at a time.

  10. 10
    Primmie says:

    Rose, am glad the workshop was a great success. I hope next year you’ll be in London again as by then I’ll be able to take time away from the babies. We are all well and very happy. Being a mother is wonderful.

    I agree with you that there isn’t a lot of spiritual addiction in England. My experience is that there is spiritual addiction in small pockets of the population. I find it amongst my personal acquaintances in 12 step recovery.

    If it weren’t for my connection to recovery, I doubt I would come into contact with anyone with a spiritual addiction. It is generally quite unusual for people to advertise their interest in spiritual or religious matters here.

  11. 11
    Rachel says:

    Just a brief comment from me, Rose! As you know, I live in a city some miles from London (but am delighted to have been able to meet you in London!), and my personal impression is that there may be more spiritual addiction outside of London. Just a hunch. Where I live, I have definitely met lots of people who are heavily into psychic development or superstition of some kind. Could it be that London, as the economic centre of the UK, tends to have a higher concentration of ambitious, money-centred people than in some provincial centres here?
    (And just a small aside – I can’t help wanting to point out that “No worries” comes from Australia, I think, and has infiltrated the UK!!)

  12. 12
    Rene says:

    Comforting and Inspiring post! Makes me want to sign up for session with you, Rose. I have not had one in a while.

    Can a be person be in spiritual shutdown and spiritual addiction at the same time? Thanks for any comments.

  13. 13

    Thanks, RENE. In response to your question, I have not usually encountered that.

    More commonly, spiritual addiction involves human types of shutdown, such as not really having emotions, physical sensations, sexual awareness, direct verbal communication, personal power.

    All the while, the person with this (usually easily healable)syndrome thinks there is direct experience of these types. Ironically, the person is running everything by angels for comment and guidance, or pleading with Jesus for approval, or stopping to psychologically analyze every waking thought of a negative nature.

    Illusions in life go so deep, a person can easily get used to using one or more chakra databanks rather than the appropriate one(s) for a particular aspect of life. In “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” I refer to this as outsourcing, or even (with repeated habituation) an energetic subroutine.

  14. 14

    RACHEL, how extra enjoyable to read your comments now that I have met the glowey face with the eyes of nearly surreal clarity. 🙂

    Thanks for the report. Very possible!

    How funny about the origins of “No worries.” I have many clients in Australia and New Zealand, yet don’t recall offhand having heard that expression once.

    While several years ago in England, while still teaching for the Inner Potential Centre (as a did a few years in a row), the phrase was used countless times. Hilarious!

  15. 15
    Rene says:

    I have a question that risky and potentially controversially. I wonder whether as a result of social and ethnic stratification, some groups have higher levels of spiritual addiction? People who feel powerless in objective reality, often turn to the spirit for solace. I wonder if this can result in a greater portion becoming spiritually addicted?

    Also, does it require energetic energetic literacy for a person to ascertain whether s/he is spiritually addicted?

    Last, regarding the phrase “no worries”: I did not know that the phrase originated outside of the US. It certainly is used widely in California, and its use is growing. Interesting…

    Thank you!

  16. 16
    Jordan says:

    Haven’t you guys heard people say, “No worries, mate”? I always thought it came from Australia.

  17. 17
    Adam McIntosh says:

    The short form, “nurries”, is sometimes used in Australia as well. I use it sometimes 🙂

  18. 18

    JORDAN, I never heard anyone say, “No worries, mate.”

    ADAM, “Nurries” seems perfectly appropriate, given that you live in the land of extreme sports. Are there also “Nurries touchdowns”? 😉

  19. 19
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Oh Rose! You crack me up 🙂

    In Australia, “touchdown” is considered a strictly American term. In rugby league (football) we have the “try” and in aussie rules (another type of football) we have “goals” and “behinds”.

    This is all stretching the limit of my sporting knowledge: my preferred physical recreation is a stroll with an audiobook 🙂

  20. 20
    Amanda says:

    Hello Rose and everyone 🙂

    Just to add to this statistical sample a possibly related (and in any case interesting) fact, which is that while the Church is a big deal in America, and God is certainly on the celebrity circuit, in the UK the Church of England is in a state of decline and has been for years.

    I live in a rural community where each village has a church. We have one vicar covering six parish churches with the help of two lay preachers. The Church is in such financial trouble that the parishes have to pay the salary of the vicar through fundraising events and donations from parishioners.

    So there’s quite a large discrepancy between the two countries in that very practical respect as well!


  21. 21
    Dana says:

    Thank you for this post, Rose! It was very validating to me, and I have revisited it to remind me of perspective.

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