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Feeling my cord of attachment, smart or not?



“I know just where that cord of attachment connects to my body,” GLADYS told me.

“At least, I’m pretty certain. So I’m really looking forward to when you do the cord-cutting.”

Turned out, GLADYS’ cord of attachment to JOE connected to her eyes. That’s where the bandage was put down.

Later in the session, GLADYS told me that she was sure that the cord location was in her belly, where she felt a stabbing pain whenever she thought of JOE.

Well, what’s the deal?  Could GLADYS have been right?

Today’s post will contain an answer, of course, along with general discussion of the topic we could call, “Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located.”

Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located

Many a client feels she or he is doing me a favor. How helpful to let me know, right? GLADYS locates her own cord of attachment and then the healer’s job is so much easier?

Or the healer feels so wonderfully supported by the client?

Or might GLADYS  actually know better than any healer? After all, GLADYS is the world’s expert on GLADYS. So would that include her insights and instincts about where a cord of attachment would be located?


GLADYS  is mistaken about the locating part. Of course, there is one huge, important context for evaluating Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located.


Yum! Spiritual self-authority! (That’s self-authority for short.) It means valuing your own truth.

Your wild thoughts. Your wacky feelings. Your personal belief system. Your current path to Enlightenment.

This is gold, the highest value for your own personal evolution. This healer believes strongly in you, and especially in honoring your self-authority.

So when GLADYS tried Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located, I had some ‘splainin’ to do, just why it would be such a bad idea for her — or any other client — to take on this job.

What do you think right know about that Locating Job? You know, where you go to a healer and helpfully provide unsolicited  information like Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located.

Problem #1 with locating your cord of attachment when with a professional healer

Skills not yet developed.

Are you using an actual skill set for Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located?

If not, you may be under-estimating that cutting cords of attachment with quality control is a professional skill. You may be mistaking a hunch or a theory for the physical reality of a real-life cord of attachment.

Because cord-cutting is not a fantasy or visualization type of healing, not if you want authentic, lasting results.

Cords of attachment are real energetic structures, astral-level (a.k.a.  psychic-level) structures. They happen to exist at a level where it takes some energetic literacy to perceive them, but cords of attachment are definitely real thingies at their energetic level.

Etheric cords of attachment

Incidentally, have you heard references to etheric cords of attachment?

I’ll be blunt. IMHO, any healer describing etheric cords doesn’t know beans about cutting cords of attachment. Sorry.

Such a healer might be very distinguished and talented and have loads of other skills. But etheric means the spiritual level, the Divine level of life, corresponding to your Higher Self.

Etheric-level structures include the bodies of Archangels and Ascended Masters. Also The Akashic Record… which is made of akasha, or etheric  substance, get it?

Etheric structures are perfect. While astral-level structures can, and often do, include problems. Hence my definition of STUFF: Stored-up emotional or energetic debris at the astral level.

Cords of attachment are real-live, astral-level structures.

When you have a skill set for locating cords, that’s great. Until then, self-authority is not operating in a realistic framework.

Would you go to a surgeon and say, “Here is where I think my appendix is located. So please, aim the scalpel there for my upcoming appendectomy” 😉

Meaning no disrespect to GLADYS or her self-authority, or to you and yours, are there actual skills for locating a cord of attachment? Or is there more something like a hunch? Hello!

Problem #2 with locating your cord of attachment when with a professional healer

Skills misapplied.

Maybe you do have skills that you can use to locate a cord of attachment.

Cutting cords for yourself? That’s great. I wrote a whole book about how to do that, “Cut Cords of Attachment.”

Sure it’s great, cutting cords of attachment for yourself. Only if you are going to do it, be the healer and do it.

By contrast, if you are going to a professional healer to facilitate your healing, it might be smart to let the healer help you.

Wow, choice coming down to self-authority yet again. Do you choose to do the healing for yourself or to authorize someone else to facilitate the healing for you?

Choose please, and then respect your own sacred choice.

Incidentally, I am not meaning to rant against GLADYS, who was experimental and lighthearted when she made her statement paraphrased at the start of this post. GLADYS just reminded me that this topic has come up often, during the thousands of session hours when I have facilitated cord-cutting for clients.

To summarize one thing I have learned over the years, facilitating sessions of Energy Spirituality, “If you do not have the skills and perception to do a healing, don’t try. Not until you have developed the skills and perception needed. Don’t collaborate.”


  • Don’t ask someone with Stage Three Energetic Literacy to tell you about STUFF at the astral level, and then assume you can save money, moving out the STUFF on your own by doing Reiki, EFT, etc. If you currently lack the skills to perceive, at this time, you also lack the skills to heal.
  • Don’t tell your healer what the STUFF is, where it is, why it is, and then demand that your healer follow orders and do cleanup for you. Micromanaging employees may work in other contexts, but not this one.

Anyone who desires to do so could learn to cut cords of attachment with quality skills. Before then, collaborations are not appropriate. Make sense?

In no way is this meant to take away from self-authority, either. It’s an honest statement about what really works in life.

About perfection

So much of New Age today involves people being told, “You are absolutely perfect. You are perfect in every way.”

Feels so good! And it is partly true. But which matters more to you, feeding your vanity or evolving spiritually in a rapid manner?

As a sane, functioning adult who wishes to evolve quickly, however, you can handle reality.

In my opinion, it isn’t “Being negative” to say “When you are absolutely perfect in every way, your aura will show that you are spiritually Enlightened. Before then, magnificent as you are in many ways, you still have some growing to do.”

Similarly, there is no point to using skills for Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located unless you own the rest of the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).

Sure everyone is a healer. Or could be. That doesn’t mean everyone has got skills.

Problem #3 with locating your cord of attachment when with a professional healer

A logical fallacy.

Often Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located is done by logic, or other analysis, not by direct perception.

That just doesn’t work. See previous point that cords of attachment are physical structures at the astral level. They aren’t ideas. Or logic. Or something that can be figured out along the lines of:

“My relationship with JOE took away a lot of my power. So my cord of attachment to JOE has to be in my solar plexus area.”

In theory, maybe theorizing like this would be accurate. In practice — and I mean having facilitated thousands of sessions with real-life clients who were hurting and who got relief from their sessions — nope.

Problem #4 with locating your cord of attachment when with a professional healer

Cart before horse.

Why locate a cord of attachment in advance of cutting it? Whether you are the healer or you are the client!

I can’t speak about all methods for cutting cords of attachment that work. But in the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment, “Locate the Cord” comes as Step #5.

Not Step #4, for instance, where the responsible healer connects with Divinely co-created clarity to discern if there even IS a cord of attachment to JOE, and then ascertain if there is permission to cut that cord of attachment right now.

(Usually the answer to that first question is YES, but significantly the answer to that second question can sometimes be a great big NO.)

What is the point of fussing around with cord location, cord items, cord anything… when it is not necessarily going to be appropriate to cut that cord of attachment?

Uh-oh, the motivation to do cart before horse just might be related to…

Problem #5 with locating your cord of attachment when with a professional healer

Energetic hypochondria.

Energetic hypochondria means being way more involved with energies than other aspects of your human life.

Being human, you have access in consciousness to many different vibrations and energies, including:

  • Human energies
  • Astral energies within you, such as STUFF
  • Astral beings, such as angels

Paying close attention to energies, that is an interest of many today. Unfortunately, that interest is especially strong for the millions of folks today who have a spiritual addiction.

  • Energy hypochondria, sometimes also called “energetic hypochondria,” can be a precursor to some cases of spiritual addiction.
  • Or sometimes energy hypochondria can be a consequence of the spiritual addiction.

Either way, a person always has the choice to not go there.

To this practitioner, it makes absolutely no sense to go there, not when “there” means seeking the location of a cord of attachment … unless you have the skill set for doing the healing and are in the process of doing the healing right now!

In which case, locating that cord of attachment is Step #5 to Cut Cords of Attachment. So please do Step #5 in order, first things first.

Problem #6 with locating your cord of attachment when with a professional healer


This point about mislabeling is also the answer to our original question, could GLADYS have been right about the location of her cord of attachment?

Energy Spirituality has way more to it than, even, the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment.

There are many skill sets within the system of Energy Spirituality.

Hey, let’s clarify

I’m actually a bit embarrassed at how I wrote about Energy Spirituality in “Cut Cords of Attachment,” Editions 1 and 2. Currently I am revising that book, part of the creation of e-books that is a major project for me at this time. In Edition 3, I will be clarifying.

But right here and now, I can do some clarifying, too.

Yes, you can go through that book and learn how to cut cords of attachment for yourself. You could even, if very bold, offer to cut cords of attachment for family members and friends (at your discretion).

You are not, however, going to be qualified as a professional healer at Energy Spirituality. Not just from reading “Cut Cords of Attachment.” Or from even taking my workshops on cord-cutting, including Cut Cords of Attachment Workshop, Level II, an annual treat coming up this July 28 and July 29, 2012.

Instead, learning the skill set about cord-cutting is ONE of the components of becoming a professional at Energy Spirituality.

When it came to GLADYS and her Figuring out where my cord of attachment is located, she was correct that she had some STUFF alright. Only that particular STUFF wasn’t her cord of attachment to JOE. What was it then?

Frozen blocks of energy

Yes, GLADYS had a frozen block of energy related to JOE.

Frozen blocks of energy get stuck, as STUFF, at the astral level. They are a separate kind of STUFF from cords of attachment. A completely different deal.

Frozen blocks of energy become stuck as a result of a trauma or overload experience. You know, like being stabbed by JOE in a previous lifetime.

GLADYS has plenty of frozen blocks from interactions with JOE in this lifetime; she also has frozen blocks from other lifetimes. Her whole collection of unresolved frozen blocks, from all incarnations on earth, are in her now.

And those frozen blocks could be triggered by contact with JOE, or just thinking about JOE, or somebody liked JOE, or even somebody named “JOE.”

That’s right, the energy sensations in the frozen blocks could originate from her relationships with people who resembled JOE in one random way or another.

Self-authority is a beautiful thing. GLADYS does a great job at noticing things about energy appropriately, especially when invited to do research.

But thinking, “I’m going to figure out where my cord of attachment is located” is not necessarily a technique. It is not necessarily a skill. It is a direction to move into and find a something. And “find” a person will. That’s how human minds work.


When you are ready to learn the full skill set for cutting cords of attachment, go for it. Start by cutting your minor cords of attachment and then go on to cut major cords of attachment, as appropriate.

Otherwise, don’t go there as a healer. Become a client who works with a qualified healer. Or just put the whole idea of cord-cutting aside for now. You’ll be better off.

And some day you might want to be my client for a session of Soul Energy Awakening (sometimes known as Energy Release Regression Therapy). Excellent! Then I will use a completely different skill set to move out the completely different type of STUFF known as frozen blocks of energy.

STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Only it helps to proceed in an orderly way, with skills.

My advice? If you’re looking for the biggest bang-for-your-buck healing, start with cutting cords of attachment. Only after moving out many relevant cords of attachment would I generally recommend the other type of healing, Soul Energy Awakening.

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  1. 1
    AJ says:

    That happened to me a few weeks ago. A friend asked me to cut a cord of attachment between her and her mother. She was convinced it was attached to her 3rd chakra. When I asked the question to locate the cord on Step 5, the answer I received was on her left ear. Then when I looked at her, I could clearly see her ear glowing.

  2. 2
    AJ says:

    I used to have a very strong feeling above my heart chakra and it was quite uncomfortable.

    I would Reiki it everyday and it would always come back.

    Then, I took your advice and took 21 days off of spiritual work and it went away forever.

  3. 3
    Rene says:

    Very educational. Even though it would be premature for me, I am interested in learning about Soul Energy Awakening. Rose, do you plan on writing about Soul Energy Awakening?

    AJ, your comments are really interesting!

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