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Reading energetic holograms, what is this type of aura reading?


Thank you, GLADYS. Because your question today made me realize that I have probably never given a good explanation of this process online anywhere. Yet this type of aura reading, with energetic holograms, has a lot of uses. It’s a good thing to know about.

At this blog, I have written many general articles about Stage Three Energetic Literacy — where you can research any chankra databank at will, one chakra databank at a time.

And with that Stage Three Energetic Literacy, it is possible to read a person’s aura from a regular photograph as well as in person. Having done this sort of thing for thousands of session hours, a new skill emerged for me.

Hence the various ways it is possible to research an energetic hologram. Just so you know about this very practical skill set, and how it might be helpful for you, here come some details.

What IS an energetic hologram?

Whenever you are with another human being in energetic real time, your subconscious mind stores an energetic hologram.

“Being with someone” for this purpose means either you are in the same room with GLADYS or you are on the phone together. Not email, not snail mail, not tombstone reading, not anything else. Plain vanilla being together.

This is real human time. You could be talking on the phone across the International Date Line, as I did just today with a client and probably average five hours a week (always tickling me, somehow).

You humans are talking in a certain here and now.

Because you are human, you have a…

Storehouse of impressions

Known for 10,000 years as the chit (in Sanskrit), your storehouse of impressions contains detailed memories of every conversation you have ever had.

Lodged in your subconscious mind, of course, there is some overlap between this information and other the subconscious material accessed through aura reading skills.

In fact, with a certain skill set, it is possible to pull out the specific energetic hologram from a particular incident, say JOE talking with GLADYS on the day of a big romantic breakup.

Every single incident between you and others is recorded in your storehouse of impressions. And if JOE was talking in person or on the telephone, bingo! Part of the recall is a complete energetic hologram of GLADYS, one for each second, of your conversation.

Bottom line, JOE is doing a session with me and he wants me to pull out an energetic hologram of GLADYS during the conversation. Easily, I research one chakra databank at a time.

If it helps, I can then research any chakra databank in JOE during the same conversation. Both energetic holograms are stored, and reading them is easy for me after so many years of practice.

What about ethics?

A comment today came from GEORGE, who decided he needed to teach me right from wrong about reading people’s auras. (See his Comment 22 here for his ethics tutelage.)

Each of us must decide for ourselves what is appropriate with aura reading.

Personally, I believe that I have the right to use all skills of energetic figures on public figures, celebrities of any kind. I don’t read photos from paparazzi, but publicity shots seem fair to me. And I don’t believe that reading a person’s aura changes a person, not the way I do it, anyway, with the techniques of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

I also believe that I have the right, at my personal blog, to share this research.

By contrast, what about putting on this blog my findings about energetic holograms, or cords of attachment, from JOE’s personal session with me? That would be done only by permission, and with appropriate disguise of personal details. And for a good reason as a teacher.

But what about ethics around the ability to go into the chakra databanks of anyone you have ever encountered directly, at any time in your life? What about telling you what made the other person tick?

In your own private session, learning a deeper truth at the time? You bet that is ethical. I believe that, anyway.

Subconsciously you know the truth already. I just help to make the information conscious, with as much accuracy as possible, co-creating the session with your choice of Divine help.

Practical uses for reading energetic holograms

Here are a few of my favorite ways to help clients with this form of energetic literacy:

  • For a new job, researching chakra databanks from a job interviewer.
  • For recovering from an old job, researching chakra databanks of a person who acted strangely, or with apparent malice. Dating someone new, or evaluating a current romantic relationship.
  • Understanding the behavior or motivation of an ex.
  • When there has been a relationship to someone who took drugs, understanding the process.
  • When there has been physical or sexual or emotional abuse, understanding better what happened.
  • Building new social skills along a theme related to my client’s intention.
  • Assisting East-Meets-West clients to understand more clearly the nature of Western ego structure, especially for women.
  • Helping super-intelligent clients to appreciate the impact of their braininess in relationships, not always an advantage at all.
  • Coaching empaths to understand more about who they were during an incident, in contrast to their own experiences in certain situations where the habit of routinely doing unskilled empath merges.

What kind of session would that be, reading energetic holograms?

All-in-a-day’s-work type of session for this healer in the pink office in Sterling. 🙂 A Rosetree Energy Spirituality Session, usually by phone but sometimes the appointment is made for meeting in person.

Sometimes it is a usual-minute session. (55 minutes). Sometimes a client chooses a 90-minute session.

Either way I can facilitate a session with a healing centerpiece. I facilitate healing of STUFF, whichever skill set, and go on, afterwards, for example, to research the cordee after cutting a cord of attachment. Or other research, as chosen by my client.

Sometimes it is a research session of whatever length, either for helping to develop new social skills or integrate healing from the previous session, or refine coaching at Empath Empowerment®.

The simple part is this. As with any session you set up with Rose Rosetree, you call or arrive at the appointed time. For a phoner, bring paper and pen, for making notes, or an electronic equivalent. Have no pets or small kids in the room.

Also bring an intention, a way to grow emotionally or spiritually as a result of the session, such as “More confidence.”

We may negotiate that intention, depending. Whatever your official intention, results will flow from that.

If you are interested in healing or research, let me know that, too. Depending on what I find doing a brief Skilled Empath Merge at the start of the session, I will choose the skill sets that best match what will fit your intention.

Whew, there’s the practical summary at last. Ask away, if any of this isn’t clear to you.

And GLADYS, note that I have kept my promise, writing this and posting it before going to bed today.

GLADYS, you are doing great. So are the rest of you clients, and it is such a privilege to do sessions with you. 🙂

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  1. 1
    Dave says:

    I learned so much from our most recent session Rose. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around a lot of the stuff we talked about. It’s easy to forget just how useful and growth-inducing sessions are with you, especially since I’ve learned to cut cords of attachment for myself. Your insights are extremely useful. Also Rose, I wonder if you’ve written any where about the “Blessing of Light” technique you’ve used in all the sessions I’ve had with you. Can that be a useful self healing technique that your students can learn to use on themselves, if they gain the neccessary skills? But, keep doing what you do. It’s been tremendously, tremendously (put twice for emphasis) helpful to me.

  2. 2
    Amy says:

    What is a Blessing of Light? Although I do have a session coming up in which I could learn about it then.

  3. 3

    Now that’s the kind of Wrap Music I like, DAVE.

    Creating a Blessing of Light is taught in my Cut Cords of Attachment Level 1 Workshop.

    Which, of course, you could also take in the form of Mentoring Sessions, one 55-min. chunk at a time.

    Learning that skill could also be done in a Mentoring Session, and would probably take a bit less than 55 minutes, thereby leaving a bit of time for research, such as Soul Thrill® Aura Research or pulling out an energetic hologram.

    I prefer to teach this technique directly because, as with many of the things I teach, quality control really demands it.

    You know, some things can be taught effectively in books and others require interaction to make sure that your consciousness is positioned correctly, your questions are answered, etc.

    Hope I managed to answer that question, anyway!

  4. 4

    AMY, let’s leave that discussion for your session.

    In general, Blog-Buddies, there are many skills of Energy Spirituality. It is not just cutting cords of attachment.

    If you’re in session with me, and I feel a particular technique will be useful, I’ll explain enough to request informed consent.

    Otherwise, this is one of those oopsie threads where questions are asked about sessions, rather than bona fide blog topics.

    Now if any of you have questions about energetic holograms, the topic of this post and attempted thread, I’ll do my best to answer. 🙂

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