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Empaths, living during earth changes


Of course, empaths are on my mind this morning. Today’s the day for an in-depth radio interview with the great Rebecca Jernigan!

Details for listening and calling in, texting in, diving in, are at an earlier post about this Empath Radio Interview.

You may know that a teacher’s knowledge flows based on demand. Not that different from milk production if you’re nurturing a baby, as some of you Blog-Buddies may remember in a rather visceral, squirty, leak-onto-your-clothing, way. 😉

When it isn’t appropriate to cut a cord of attachment

See note at the end of this post about something cool in this photo.

Miracles and everyday healings, both, result from cutting cords of attachment. In my opinion, cord-cutting is the single most powerful technique —  and universally helpful technique — available today for healing STUFF.

“STUFF” in Energy Spirituality means “Astral-level debris, real solid matter at that psychic level. ”

And that level corresponds to your subconscious mind, which is a big deal when you think about it.

If you don’t believe in God, how can Energy Spirituality help you? Part 1


An eloquent, heartfelt comment came in this morning from SOPHIA. When you read it, you may understand immediately why I moved it into the start of a whole new thread, as the start of today’s blog post.

So, first, the words of new Blog-Buddy SOPHIA….

Simple Advice for Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery works amazingly well. Except when it doesn’t. Or when there can never be enough.

Today’s post is meant to help with the “enough” problem, not the surgical one.

GLADYS brought up cosmetic surgery yesterday, when we were doing the kind of aura reading research I call “Thrill Your Soul Research.”

Hanging onto your STUFF, a Guest Post by Jill Erin

Jill Erin Mabie, a molecular empath who is also Enlightened

Blog-Buddies, today’s Guest Post began as JILL’s comment at a popular recent thread at another Guest Post, Cord-cutting at an intersection that changed my life, a Guest Post by Max.

However, this comment was so thought-provoking and thorough, I thought it deserved its own space, easy to access.

First time at the Pathways Natural Living Expo


Looking for the best of New Age in metro Washington D.C.? For that you might want to thank Lou DeSabla, editor of Pathways Magazine and organizer of the annual Pathways Natural Living Expo. Lou has played a unique role in the literary and social life in our region.

Even before telling you about the goodies available, and the NEW THING I’ll be doing at this year’s Pathways Natural Living Expo, I want to give a shout-out to Lou.

Cord-cutting at an intersection that changed my life, a Guest Post by Max


Blog-Buddies, Max can speak for himself. So I will let this health professional take it away. Let him, and me, know if you have any questions about Max’s….

Energy Spirituality Case Study

One thing to learn from face reading Phyllis Diller

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Mourned now, dead at 95, Phyllis Diller was a talented comic. You can see her zany spark from a photo in 1975. And the Internet today is all a-twinkle with her witty remarks, part of a dazzling career.

I really loved her work, her spunk, her satire, her face. At least, her authentic face, the one that developed over time and expressed her soul. Phyllis Diller’s authentic face before she followed in the face-steps of so many performers and had her appearance cosmetically altered, almost beyond recognition.

When you can’t let go


Shame happens. Often a cause for shame is that you feel a certain way. How you wish you didn’t.

Which only makes things worse.

It can be such a heartache when “You’re so over” this or that, this habit or that person. Nonetheless, it comes sneaking back and you can’t let go.

Energy Spirituality Websites, go apprentices!


Melanie Shimokawa has inspired today’s post dedicated to websites developed by apprentices in my Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program. As this program is growing more rapidly, expect updates about other unique websites with professional caliber within the emerging field of Energy Spirituality.

I am so proud of the first two active websites from these talented apprentices.