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How to Help Your Friends in Spiritual Addiction


Spiritual Addiction has been a theme in many blog posts since I first described the problem in the how-to, “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

Today I would like to approach this problem from a different angle. How can you help friends who have slipped into this increasingly common problem?

Perhaps by viewing spiritual addiction in terms of some friends and acquaintances, you will gain a fresh perspective that can help you, too.

Because the prevalence of this problem has been increasing. Let’s start with that simple fact.

Why Spiritual Addiction has been growing

Spiritual Addiction could be likened to global warming. Do you live in America? Then you just lived through the hottest month on record. Compared with what? Only weather data collection since it started, over the past 117 years.

That month would have been July 2012. Higher temperatures than have been recorded since the U.S. Weather Service first began tracking temperatures! [Unfortunately at the time of this edit, the original article linked to in the previous sentence is no longer live.]

And it’s the same deal worldwide. Hottest temperatures on earth, global warming, unavoidable for people to notice! (Unless they choose not to notice.)

In terms of aura reading, all that global warming is bland compared to other ways that earth changes have been happening vibrationally.

Frequencies of consciousness on earth have been easier and easier to access. Why exactly? I leave the whys and cosmic discussions about this to folks who know more than me. All I can tell you for sure is that this is happening.

I am just a teacher of energetic literacy and a healer who uses techniques of Energy Spirituality to move out STUFF. My perspective comes here from earth, from doing aura reading and facilitating healing with real-life clients — over 1,000 session hours per year for many years now — and a history of working in New Age since 1970.

Invited to read their auras, I use Stage Three Energetic Literacy to research what is going on with chakra databanks, those tube-like structures of information that can be read in anybody’s aura. You have 50 chakra databanks in every major chakra, plus extra chakra databanks in subchakras. Hundreds in all!!!!!!!!

And like any other information that shows with aura reading, auras never lie.

The human capacity to rationalize is marvellous, really. We may lie to ourselves unintentionally. We may put truth into denial or work extra hard to make certain beliefs come true.

But chakra databanks are like that well-known analogy about car tires — where the rubber meets the road. Either a tire works well or it doesn’t.

What happens to chakra databanks as we experience new vibrational freedoms on Earth? It’s a great opportunity for spiritual evolution. Each of us can move forward much more rapidly on our personal path to Enlightenment.

Unless we are moving in an unproductive direction. In which case, Spiritual Addiction is a strong possibility. This syndrome shows clearly to anyone who can read auras with enough clarity to research chakra databanks.

Three choices, as the planet changes

With the huge changes happening on Earth, one way to respond is to resist the changes to consciousness…

Choice #1. Closing down spiritually

Choice #1 for handling the new awareness of energy involves resisting change. Could be called “Living in fear,” as well.

Choice #1 has also been flagged previously, at this blog, as developing gray slime. That means a type of STUFF that gets lodged in a person’s aura as a result of choosing “No” to spiritual invitations. (If you type that term in our blog’s SEARCH BOX you will find loads of posts about gray slime.)

Of course, ingenious humans don’t call themselves “Suffering from spiritual shutdown.” Instead, the person finds a way to cope, replete with fascinating nuances of belief system and lifestyle and politics, often sprinkled generously with self-righteousness.

Spiritual shutdown has a common denominator, though. The pattern shows with energetic literacy.

Chakra databanks about spiritual connection under-function. They slam way down, the quality rife with self-righteousness, superiority, fear, etc. Size of the chakra databanks becomes tiny, drastically under-functioning.

Meanwhile, chakra databanks about being human over-function. Energetically, there’s great emphasis on enjoying self, taking what’s “mine,” looking good on the surface of life, accumulating money and status objects.

In America, about 45% of human beings are living that choice. Meanwhile, another 45% are moving into the second choice, Spiritual Addiction.

Choice #2. Spiritual Addiction

With Choice #2, folks start living with an over-emphasis on spirituality or energy or religion or psychological self-analysis.

The person intensifies existing habits or workarounds that have been undertaken for psychological healing or spiritual growth.

Nobody I have met, nobody I have helped, not one single person, has made a conscious choice like, “Hey, why don’t I lose my connection to reality and go off on a fascinating side trip?”

Nobody says, “I’d really like my education at Earth School to include a noble-sounding, dead-end experiment.”

Instead, a person slip-slides into a shift of emphasis — to be discussed more in today’s post.

Overall, the common denominator with this shift is that chakra databanks devoted to spirituality etc. move into drastic over-functioning, up to trillions of miles out from the physical body.

Meanwhile, chakra databanks related to human functioning in objective reality — oops, they move into under-functioning or, even, temporary shutdown.

Of course, as Goldilocks could tell you, there has to be a third alternative…

Choice #3. Moving forward rapidly towards spiritual Enlightenment

Choice #3 is just sanity, folks. About 10% of Americans are moving ahead with chakra databanks that function in a pretty darned good balance.

You could call it a middle path. Or Choice #3 for responding to what’s happening now in 2012.

Choice #3 is only a path to Enlightenment. Moving forward on that path does not mean a person has already arrived at self-realization. More that the person is exploring a viable path for using the accelerated momentum of evolution available at this time.

This is the spectacle described in our recent blog post, When E.T. saints come marching in.

With Choice #3, STUFF can still be stuck at that subconscious level where people suffer. That subconscious level corresponding to what, in New Age terms, could be called “The astral level” or “The psychic level.”

Despite having STUFF, a person can live with Choice #3 and keep in contact with reality while having better spiritual experiences than ever. It’s wacky fun, actually.

Spiritual Addiction defined as positioning of consciousness

Not only does earth life offer us choices. Those choices aren’t clearly defined. Your sacred growth path could involve psychological health or a major world religion or shaking up that old version of religion and becoming disillusioned with it.

Then you could pursue your sacred growth path as Choice #1, Choice #2, or Choice #3. Really personal, isn’t it, how the rubber meets the road, how consciousness is positioned?

Beliefs and definitions and ideals could mean anything in terms of how you use your consciousness to relate to life. That angle you take, purposely or not, is what I mean by “positioning of consciousness.”

Here’s a New Age example. Ever hear of Law of Attraction or The Secret? How about New Thought religions, like Divine Science, Unity or Church of Divine Science? Or so many of the talented Hay House authors.

Then you’ll hear ideas like:

    •  “Thoughts are things” and
    • “Think and grow rich” and
    • “Pay attention to the coincidences. Always be on the lookout for synchronicity.”

Human consciousness flows in one direction at a time. We’re designed to pay attention to one thing at a time.

What, no labels like street signs to help you position your consciousness?

No, labels on earth are not here like street signs. It’s Earth SCHOOL, folks! How you position your consciousness does not come with street signs. Nor are there warning labels like “Watch out for Spiritual Addiction.”

A path that sounds absolutely beautiful can have disgusting consequences over time, showing up at the level of chakra databanks. For a mild sample, check out folks nominated for Rose Rosetree’s personal Enlightenment Life List.

Reading chakra databanks will show you the truth about what a spiritual path really delivers.

Either you can develop the aura reading skills on your own or, meanwhile, find someone with good skills at energetic literacy. Ask that person to research what on earth is going on with your chakra databanks.

Simplest of all, you can experiment with some lifestyle shifts that counteract Spiritual Addiction. You’ll see improvement to your quality of life after three weeks, most likely sooner. If you like those results keep up the new lifestyle.

Quality of life with Spiritual Addiction

Oh, it really stinks. A gradual and growing stink. Spiritual addiction is not beautiful, even if it results from following teachings that look and sound and emotionally feel beautiful.

Let’s say that you have a dear friend, GLADYS. While she talks with you, it feels half the time as though she isn’t really there.

She’s doing something with her consciousness, meanwhile pretending to go through the motions of the conversation.

If you talk about her particular path — be that analyzing problems of her past or working hard to manifest prosperity or What Would Jesus Do or messages from spirit, guides and angels  –whatever GLADYS’ brand of Spiritual Addiction may be — once she gets to talk about her grand passion, you’ll see something fascinating.

Suddenly GLADYS will become animated, enthusiastic, fully present.

Once you return the conversation to everyday things, however, off goes GLADYS. Back to having her consciousness positioned on what is, supposedly, really important. Not “Mere reality, so trivial.”

How Spiritual Addiction feels on the inside, apart from the particulars of the belief system

Variations are infinite, and feel extremely personal. Here are common samples:

  • I can’t get interested in everyday, trivial things. I’m much too evolved for that kind of thing now.
  • I must find my purpose.
  • I must live my passion.
  • Regular people don’t understand.
  • I only respect people who are doing the same kind of thing I am.

What is supposed to happen when perfect doing blah-blah-blah (the particular work of that Spiritual Addiction)?

Sure, just have a heart-to-heart with GLADYS and she will glow up telling you about the hard work she is doing and the glorious experience she is working towards.

If GLADYS only does more and more and more of the spiritual addiction-type path, supposedly, things like this will happen:

  • All my problems will be solved.
  • I’ll have money, respect, The Presence of God.
  • I’ll be living from my Higher Self.
  • No more problems.
  • Never a disgusting, selfish human impulse.
  • Everything I say and do will come from The Deep Place/ The Will of God/ What I am supposed to do/ My guidance/ The will of Spirit/ Universal Love/ Universal Peace/ The Light.
  • Pigs will fly and laundry will sing on my clothesline.

Except Spiritual Addiction is not spiritual Enlightenment. Oops

If you research chakra databanks, which you can easily do as a skilled aura reader, what will become mega-obvious? You will find dramatic differences between spiritual Enlightenment and Spiritual Addiction.

In Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy my favorite chapter is Chapter 9, “Spiritual Addiction Versus Enlightenment.”

In book-length, systematic development, I have provided a sequence to help you understand this topic more fully. If it matters to you. (And why wouldn’t it?)

Your financial wellbeing isn’t all that depends on how you position your consciousness. Your love life, your social life, your self-esteem, your emotional growth, plenty is tied to what is happening right now – to your chakra databanks.

Only one person controls that. You.

Even at this blog, where I write exceptionally long posts for a blog, there’s no way I can approach the rigor of writing book-length exposition. But if this topic matters to you, you just might want to get yourself a copy of “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” and read it.

You sure aren’t going to find this perspective at Hay House Radio. Or at your local New Thought church. Although you might find a bit of it in Pathways Magazine, where I write a column on Energetic Literacy.

You may have many friends like GLADYS because that Choice #2 is way popular. I’m not kidding with my estimate of 45%.

So how can you help your friends with a Spiritual Addiction?

You might forward this post. Or have ONE conversation where you gently bring up the ideas in this post.

Why do I recommend having just one conversation? Because someone who is interested doesn’t need to be sold.

  • Someone who is curious will pursue what feels better. (Your friend GLADYS might race like a bat out of hell…)
  • Someone who is not curious is engaged in an important, beautiful experiment on earth, finding out what a particular path can deliver.
  • No matter what your friend chooses, in the long run, there will be learning here at Earth School.
  • Each person’s chosen spiritual path is sacred, not yours or mine to interfere with. (Offering a possibility ONCE does not count as interfering.)

Having a Spiritual Addiction may be surrounded with glorious language, plus loads of company, sometimes even cult reinforcement. However, the quality of life really stinks.

At a certain point, a person like GLADYS will hit bottom. Or she will see that bottom approaching quickly and try a different choice before all the big, honking drama.

When she chooses, she or anyone else, can fix a Spiritual Addiction. Here’s how.

Heal Spiritual Addiction as a form of time management

Yes, the problem is about positioning of consciousness. But your friend GLADYS or JOE is also human, so a magnificent remedy is available easily and freely.

It’s called “Being human.” As in “Speaking and acting in objective reality” a good deal of the time. Rather than “Withdrawing into subjective reality, working hard on a belief system or psychological or spiritual path.”

Being human, inserting yourself into regular human life, can serve as a kind of medicine for the spirit.

Allow just 20 minutes a day for the mind-body-spirit/consciousness shifting activities. “Woo-woo” activities for short. Within a couple of weeks, GLADYS can overcome most of the Spiritual Addiction.

Over time, that lifestyle will keep GLADYS stable and evolving rapidly along Choice #3.

What must fit into those 30 minutes a day, for GLADYS to overcome Spiritual Addiction?

  • Meditation
  • Prayers, scripture reading
  • Contemplating reality or truth principles from the belief system
  • Energy-based exercise like yoga, tai chi, chi gong
  • Energy-based healing, where the practitioner or client focuses on energy
  • Stealing away from spontaneous human experience to seek guidance from angels or Jesus or “Deep knowing, in contrast to my (supposedly) garbage-like spontaneous human emotions, ideas, reactions, and ways of solving problems.”
  • Trying to live “From the heart” or “Figuring out what my guides tell me to do.”
  • Dismissing human feelings, thoughts, ideas, and desires while striving to “Live from the big universal superior version of everything human.”
  • Any other attempt to fake it in life, where GLADYS pretends to herself or others that she is more spiritually evolved than she happens to be. (Ironically, despite all her current problems, GLADYS is probably way more evolved than she fears.)

Only 20 minutes on the woo-woo? What on earth is GLADYS to do the rest of her waking hours?

Just live. Like a human. Having human interests, hobbies, activities. Talking to friends. Eating meals. Cleaning the bathroom.

Even spending hours each day on Twitter and Facebook would count as doing non-woo-woo activities.

Yes, it can feel hard at first, overcoming Spiritual Addiction

Exercise, talking to people, earning a living, humble human-type positioning of consciousness can feel so very unglamorous.

As with any addiction, a certain amount of stinking thinking is part of the problem.

After a couple of weeks, neurophysiologically certain changes occur. Thinking regains a clearer connection to human reality.

In terms of consciousness, vibrational positioning changes back to human frequencies as the core experience of everyday life.

Life does start to become fun again.

Over time, it can even become a delight.

Chakra databanks start working better, automatically. People respond better, too.

And, yes, money comes in much better.

Because money is made when a person connects forcefully to reality, saying and doing the things that support inner ideals.

Money does not just manifest for humans, earthlings, because of virtue or purity or believing that Abraham or other channeled beings are necessarily as loving and disinterested as they claim.

Still confused? Needing personal support?

Consider a session of Energy Spirituality with me or one of the RES Experts or apprentices in my Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program. Sometimes the particulars of a Spiritual Addiction can be hard to spot on one’s own.

  • Personally, I have found that most clients with a Spiritual Addiction were shocked when I pointed it out to them, one chakra databank at a time, with personal details that were very familiar once pointed out.
  • Personally, I have had clients send me thank you emails within 24 hours, noting how life has started shifting back to normal, just as a result of acknowledging the wonky vibrational positioning.
  • Personally, I have had some clients come back strongly, a horrible Spiritual Addiction almost completely overcome, in just a week or two. While some other folks need a bit longer.

Why can Spiritual Addiction can heal so rapidly? Because, unlike a fondness for bourbon or love of reefer, there is no chemical component.

Once a person starts doing that 20-minutes/day rule — and stops ingrained habits of fleeing reality in favorite ways that used to seem like “improvements”  — balance can be restored very rapidly.

Humans are designed to function well with consciousness positioned mostly at human frequencies.

Sure, you could learn more about the ins and outs of Spiritual Addiction and its alternatives from this blog. Or my books.

However, the free resource of this blog might be all that GLADYS needs. It’s very personal, making a choice about how to position your consciousness. Fixing Choice #1 or Choice #2 is an inside job.

All we humans are driving together down life’s highway. Wouldn’t it be more fun if people’s tires were inflated appropriately? Where the rubber meets the road — that’s the highway where you and GLADYS and JOE and I are all doing our best.

It’s only neighborly to point out a flat tire.

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  1. 1
    Curious as Ever says:

    30 minutes a day, ok!

  2. 2
    Curious as Ever says:

    Thanks, Rose, your blog is such a wonderful resource.

  3. 3
    Jean says:

    Thanks Rose – a wonderfully straight-forward summation here.

    Sure do appreciate the teaching time and effort you put into your posts….and into all you do.

    Will be re-reading for enhanced absorption…and then getting on with human life.

  4. 4
    Isabel says:

    Hello Rose,

    Thank you for this wonderful post and reminder!
    This is the first time that I have written on your blog but I am a client and regular reader.
    I am constantly reminding myself of objective reality and placing my conciouse focus on what is in front of me. It is a great read. For I can look at clothing and shoes, dance, get a manicure, look at beautiful paintings and sculptures, take long walks, feeling the breeze and fragrances, cleaning my dwelling place, talking and really listenig to people, enjoing and pleasing myself and actually thinking for myself in objective reality. Focusing my conciouse mind on what is in front of me and planning the practical necisities in life while balancing the spirituality aspects. For the unbalance of too much spirituality, energy stuff can become a bit too much.
    A relief from worries of such spiritual organizations and please, no “new age” concepts, that i find fuequantly around and still do not fully understand. Though, I have to admit, I have read some of those things if only for some clarification or ideas of what is going on and if it rings true to myself, it is okay. However, if not, igrowths waist bin for, I guess, I grow out of them.
    It is such a relief to be alive and human and to do human activities that thrill my soul even if it is brooming or mopping the floor. And thanks for reminding me that I do not have to speak nor write all flowerie and it is okay to get angry !!! even though I am a very heartfelt sensitive person, as I hope you remember.

  5. 5
    Dave says:

    This is excellent. I really like the rubber meets the road analogy.

  6. 6
    Amanda says:

    Great post, Rose, and all the sweeter for coming to it after a day of buying school uniform and an evening spent sewing on nametapes and playing cards. Much more satisfactory than affirmations or the like 🙂


  7. 7

    JEAN, ISABEL, DAVE, AMANDA, thanks to each of you for your wonderful comments.

    And ISABEL, I am especially delighted to have you commenting here at the blog. What a tender, personal sharing you gave us!

    I’m lucky, Blog-Buddies, because I know all four of these wild and wonderful people very well. Each of you four is a peace of my heart. 🙂

  8. 8
    Rene says:

    Nice! I was really surprised when in one of my sessions you said I was had a spiritual addiction. My “spiritual” addiction was not spiritual at all. I simply day dreamed all day because I did not like my everyday life. Now that I stopped the day dreaming habit, I can feel the energy in my head when I start day dreaming. Does not feel so good–feels top heavy. I do believe I am more effective in life too.

  9. 9

    RENE, so proud of you. 🙂

    One practical use of reading chakra databanks is that they reveal patterns at a subconscious level.

    It’s easy to slip into a kind of functioning that doesn’t work well, long term, and not know it consciously.

    I’ll bet you are more effective now! Thank you so much for sharing your tale of triumph.

  10. 10

    A related, fascinated, quote comes from the Washington Post on August 19, 2012:

    “The recovery of the European economies is dependent on the mental health of the population.

    — “Matt Muijen, the World Health Organization’s mental health program manager, said the rise in mental health issues is affecting people’s physical health and, in turn, becoming a drag on European economies.”

    My bold emphasis here, Blog-Buddies.

    Both Choice #1 and Choice #2 could give rise to their own distinctive kinds of mental health problems.

  11. 11

    So glad you asked! NO. NOT OKAY.

    Not okay unless you want to creep back into spiritual addiction.

    Make it 1 30-minute period or 2 15-minute periods of that woo-woo.

    The rest of the time be human without all that sprinkling. Integrate the Divine into your human life by acting like a human.

  12. 12
    "Bernadette" says:

    Is it okay if I do my 30 minutes here and there throughout the day, sprinkling the fun parts like prayer into the rest of the time?

  13. 13
    Chante says:

    Rose Rosetree, I want to thank you for your articles on spiritual addiction. A year ago and for a couple years before that, I was deeply spiritually addicted but could not face the facts. Now, I am receiving treatment for a psychiatric disorder called schizoaffective disorder, which I feel definitely coincides with that spiritual addiction. I’m going to reread this article because it is full of gems. Thanks so much. I’m also going to reread your interview session with the groovy psychiatrist as psychiatry has helped me so much.

  14. 14
    Kathryn says:

    I am in Rose Rosetree’s Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program and just had two clients, one right after the other. Both, I suspected, had a spiritual addiction.

    So I asked each one, “What is more important to you, connection to the divine or communications from your angel guides?”

    I practically fell off my chair when the first client said, “What’s the difference?”

    Needless to say, her life is an absolute mess; she is trying to live her life as if the money economy does not exist and she can barter her way for everything and is frustrated that everyone just doesn’t “get” it.

    The second person answered, “Well, of course, Divine Connection.”

    During that session’s Healing Centerpiece, I used aura reading research into her chakra databanks to help her understand that she had a spiritual addiction. Then we went into specifics about what she could do to overcome her spiritual adiction.

    I suggested 30 minutes a day on spiritual practices, tops, and went into detail with her about what would need to fit into this time if she was serious about getting her human life back.

    This client practically fell off her chair. “Whatever will I do with my time if I am not doing x, y, z?”

    Thank you, Rose, for emphasizing the importance of dealing with this!

  15. 15
    Gowri says:

    Great post. Rose!

  16. 16
    Gowri says:

    I know you have mentioned the balance a lot of times in our sessions, and I have slowly started realizing deeper and deeper how important it is. I think I am closer to a balance now, I do a lot of arts. painting, crafts and exercise along with just enjoying every moment and making the best of it, and the blessings I have been given! I would lose out on so much of it if I lost all of my time in spiritually addictive pursuits.

  17. 17

    More discussion of Spiritual Addiction can be found at this thread:

    Starting at Comment 450.

  18. 18
    David says:

    Wow, Rose. Excellent observations and summary. I’ve seen a few shutdowns but lots of addictions and know some there now. In fact, I’ve been there myself. Real life corrected the worst of it. 😉

  19. 19
    David says:

    Looking forward to Chapter 9 even more now, as I read Magnetize Money… 😉

  20. 20
    HHH says:

    If I am not a Spiritual Addict & decide to go on a meditation retreat (like a Vipassana retreat) –> will I become a Spiritual Addict?

  21. 21

    HHH, every once in a while someone asks a question like this at my blog, and usually I just don’t let it go live. But it has been a while since I made this sort of exchange public. Besides, you meant well, undoubtedly. So here is your answer.

    And likewise an answer for anyone else with such questions to float at my blog:

    Are you kidding, asking me something like this? I am a professional in my field. I don’t tell people what to do with their lives. And I don’t give advice at my blog about whether to take a particular retreat… or anything else.

    If you are really interested in proper aura reading research from me, please set up a personal session. Otherwise don’t — unintentionally, no doubt — trivialize either yourself or the work that I do.

  22. 22
    Erin says:

    HHH, the short answer to your question is no – attending a Vipassana retreat does not guarantee you will become a spiritual addict. If you choose to go, have a wonderful time.

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