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Announcing Enlightenment Coaching

Announcing Enlightenment Coaching. It’s time.

Announcing Enlightenment Coaching. Yes it’s time to officially add this specialty of energy spirituality to our other three resources for personal growth.

You see, today I’m announcing a cool new category for this blog, Enlightenment Coaching.

Let’s start with a little back story.

Announcing Enlightenment Coaching. Why?

Spiritual Enlightenment is a milestone in the human evolutionary journey. Characteristics include those described at these blog posts:

But it is hardly as though spiritual evolution ever stops. Since I passed that milestone, I have found myself growing faster than ever.

Two major Aha!s I have been having are the topic of today’s post. 

#1 Gentle Immersion vs. Leap of the High Diving Board

Not only are there extremes of flash, moving into Enlightenment. There is a whole continuum of degrees of flash. (Until recently, I would have called it “Shades of Grey.” Now I’m not so sure the term would fit well in our lofty context here. ;-))

With bigger consciousness comes a more sticky connection to the Divine.

Yet differently sticky: Each soul acts according to its nature. (Just like pre-Enlightenment, only having more fun.)

Personally, I received an invitation to an Orientation Phase of Enlightenment, gentle and sweet. There was not flash. In retrospect I believe this is because, for me, The Great Love Story did not require drama so much as tenderness.

Enlightenment Coaching is meant to help those who are ripe for every degree of flash, including those whose energetic shifts meet the criteria of Enlightenment.

Moving into Enlightenment/Self-Realization/Self-Actualization

It makes for great reading when someone’s awakening into Enlightenment includes big drama, one of those whack your head open, fall on your knees, make way for God-type experiences.

A beautiful example of this, incidentally, is recounted in Michael Tamura’s “You Are the Answer”

Divine flash is different from The Romance of the Astral. Yet both are highly dramatic, flashy, could be perfect for a psychedelic movie.

Some souls need that. Many do not. To rejigger the famous words by Henry David Thoreau:

 “The mass of men lead lives of quiet inspiration.”

To date, most writing and advice on Enlightenment is related to Divine flash. Jeffrey Chappell is a notable exception, with his crystal clear  “Answers from Silence.”

(Unfortunately Jeffrey Chappell is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but he was at the time of this blog post.)

Well, as a teacher and healer, I see an opportunity for service here.

Partly this service relates to helping folks recognize their own personal experiences. In contrast to myth and traditional ways of thinking.

Hmmm, some of you Blog-Buddies may be smiling by now. Could this be like the difference between “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” vs. The Myth About Auras? Definitely.

Also, I find a service opportunity — and great personal fascination — with acknowledgment of a second important lack until now in the literature about Enlightenment….

#2 Recluse Enlightenment vs. Householder Enlightenment

For years, you long-term Blog-Buddies have been reading Rose Rosetree’s theme song:

I believe millions of souls have incarnated now in order to be part of a Great Leap in consciousness, where millions of souls do become Enlightened. And we do it as householders.

Some of us even incarnated as teachers to help make that happen, lightworkers of all kinds. Most of us are not “officially” spiritual teachers or healers. We are parents, secretaries, dental hygienists, regular people without some fancy external sign.

No silken swami robes, no big nun’s habit, no outer status to intimidate other people. Well, that’s appropriate.

True spiritual growth is caught, not taught.

If you have read the wild succession of comments at this blog’s most popular post, the Enlightenment Life List, you have seen multiple comments with a surprise twist. Turns out, some candidates who are official spiritual or psychic teachers not only aren’t Enlightened but are significantly farther from Enlightenment than many of you unsung hero-type Blog-Buddies.

Having the wisdom to know the difference can bring a new kind of serenity! It’s important, I believe, to distinguish Enlightened from Not-Yet-Enlightened.

Not to bring judgment but to bring clarity. Everyone has a beauty. That includes beauty of being at a certain level of consciousness.

As always, with blogging about Enlightenment, I am only using the criteria for what I consider to be spiritual Enlightenment. This is not necessarily what other people believe, of course, but Rose Rosetree’s understanding, e.g.,  for Rose Rosetree’s personal Enlightenment Life List.

With that List, with this post, with my new Enlightenment Coaching, it is all a big learning process to explore one of the very most important things in my world. And maybe in yours.

In that context, I’m finding that it is really important to distinguish Householder Enlightenment from Recluse Enlightenment.

Householder life is different from recluse life in other ways besides Enlightenment

The human lifestyles of householder and recluse (or renunciate) are way different.

So are their respective specialties of Enlightenment. You will be reading more about this difference in blog posts to come.

That is why I am now making live a second new blog category… about Householder Enlightenment.

Why the category of “Householder Enlightenment” matters

Often a cause of spiritual addiction is a confusion between whether to be a householder or to be a recluse.

Teachers are not always honest, or entirely clear in themselves, about the difference, either.

Personally, from 1969 until about 1999, I explored living “Life in the middle, neither fish nor fowl, neither recluse nor householder.” In retrospect, it stinks!

Among my clients for Energy Spirituality, face reading and aura reading, have been ex-monks, ex-nuns, ex-priests. Plus so many folks who didn’t even know the meaning of the terms “householder” or “recluse.” Yet they were living in the middle, semi-renunciates.

For example, many dedicated spiritual seekers follow a meditation path that claims to be for householders. Unlike what has been promised, that path aims to make these people in the world live like renunciates. Perhaps the guru tricks them “for their own good”? Perhaps a renunciate teacher doesn’t clearly understand the difference?

Here I think of my client GLADYS, whose spiritual inspiration in childhood was a saintly priest who brought her into the special honor of being accepted into a little-known branch of a religious order, supposedly a secular version of being a nun while in the world, someone who could still get married (and have it work, supposedly), and be in this world but not of it (and have that work, supposedly).

Did all this work for her? No. GLADYS’ life didn’t work nearly, as a member of this special order, as well as her life has worked recently. That would be after she cut her cord of attachment to that saintly priest. And, in her session, the vow she took back then was retracted.

No more living in the middle for GLADYS. Just a fabulous life as a householder!

Announcing Enlightenment Coaching. Even If It’s a Tricky Topic.

It’s complicated and tricky for many of us, Blog-Buddies. Householders living like recluses? This lifestyle does not come with a label. Yet it comes with definite consequences.

Sure enough, folks who “Live in the Middle” discover over time how their lives show up with celibacy, poverty, and obedience to the spiritual authority. Generally the followers don’t know what hit them, at least not for a very long time.

Why? They were told by the respected (renunciate) teacher a variation on this promise: “This is what you must do in order to become Enlightened while you live in the world.”

More of life’s maya, right? Well, let’s rip apart those old illusions. Illusions that cause so much pain and suffering, so much self-blaming. Illusions that side-track folks who could be speeding along a more appropriate personal path to Enlightenment.

And, in some cases, that shift could be just a tiny tweak away from what that person had been pursuing.

It is definitely possible to become Enlightened as a householder. A real householder, not someone with the lifestyle and sympathies of a recluse who pretends — to self or others or both — to be a regular Joe or Gladys, a householder-style person.

Announcing Enlightenment Coaching. So new!

Search on Google and you won’t find much, yet, on “Householder Enlightenment.”

Just hold onto your hats, or your hair, or your wimple, Blog-Buddies. Another wild ride is beginning in collective consciousness.

Some of you Blog-Buddies know I have often been positioned with pioneering in mind-body-spirit. Like the 558 million Google hits you can find if you search on “The Power of Face Reading.” (That’s the name of one of my face reading books. Currently that title is out of print, but “Read People Deeper” still is in print. It is the only book in print right now that teaches the system of Face Reading Secrets(R).)

Back at the notion of pioneering, our Blog-Buddy AJ recently commented: “Everybody on TV is talking about the “Mitt Romney Smile” right now after his really strange reaction to the conflict in the Middle East and the death of Ambassador Stevens. Funny that you wrote this blog post right before that happened.”

That post, Energetic Literacy Explores The Mitt Romney Smile, was related to an article written a month before that happened. The article was first published in the fall issue of Pathways Magazine. Print edition.

If today you Google “The Mitt Romney Smile” you will find me high up in the search engine standings. But probably not for long.

Announcing Enlightenment Coaching. Will The Idea Catch On?

Often, in my career, I start a conversation rolling and then others play with it or improve it or whatever with it.

With healing skills I have pioneered, that process can seem a bit weird. Some healers have briefly studied with me or just read a book of mine. Then they use variations on my techniques and are far more popular at promoting their expertise than me. Maybe they really become better known in these fields, or perhaps they just work harder at search engine optimization.

One way or another, there they are, surpassing me at Google related to cords of attachment or skills for empaths. It’s wild!

As a human individual, that still makes me feel a bit weird. Enlightened or not. It’s a flicker of weirdness that quickly flickers away again, part of the human experience.

Announcing Enlightenment Coaching. A Little Scary for Me.

And speaking of human experiences, I feel vulnerable sometimes, starting something new. I have felt that way with going public on every one of my trademarked systems. I have felt that way with every one of the books I have published. Not that this stopped me, because the spiritual inspiration has always been stronger than my human insecurities.

That holds true with these two new specialties, too.

In case you’re wondering, pioneering doesn’t always feel comfortable.

So I just work one day at a time, inspired and delighted and doing my honest best.

To date, I am glad to have made my profession spiritual teaching and emotional healing. I am willing to honor my inspiration, including that presence of Divine silence, support, and love that constitute my main identity now.

Like anyone, at any state of consciousness, I continue to act according to my nature. In this context, as always, I will go ahead and pioneer as appropriate. My last 42 years of service in New Age have been a great way to get started. These days I feel like I’m just beginning to hit my stride. 🙂

And so I do see a real need to offer a new kind of service, Enlightenment Coaching.

Announcing Enlightenment Coaching SESSIONS.

These new sessions are 55-minute one-on-one co-creations. Just you and me plus your choice of Divine Being. (Atheists and agnostics, we can find a workaround with this, because the Divine does not require worship or belief to be included in one of our sessions.)

You will bring an intention, just like any of my other 55-minute sessions. An example might be, “To move forward more rapidly on my personal path to Enlightenment.”

  • Depending on what you wish, we could emphasize mentoring and answering questions.
  • Perhaps the session would involve validating your experiences as someone as reached Enlightenment (bolstered by my reading your chakra databanks, doing a brief Skilled Empath Merge as the basis).
  • Maybe, early in the session, you and I will decide to make it a healing session. Of course, I have access to the full skill sets of Energy Spirituality, including 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), removing Psychic Coercion, etc.
  • Or you might find it interesting for me to do the kind of aura reading research where I pull out an energetic hologram of someone you have studied with, in order to help you move through illusions about the who-you-be of that person, in contrast to what you thought at the time.

Okay, I have done each of these with clients already. But placing my experience and skills in the context of Enlightenment Coaching might be useful for you. So let’s play!

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  1. 1
    Jill Erin says:

    Wow, Rose, this is wonderful news. Having been healed and mentored and helped to reach enlightenment as a householder by you, I can enthusiastically recommend you as a teacher/coach and healer on ones path to enlightenment.

    BTW, in my own reading of your solar plexus data bank for Sharing Power I found a strong component of not only respecting each persons self authority but also a deep desire to teach self authority at every opportunity. That teaching is not only in the accepted capacity of obvious teaching, but just in your everyday interactions with others. You teach by example as much as by the old fashioned classroom and healing session techniques. You want everyone to experience themselves as powerful and capable.

    Your entire being just sparkles with joy and loving energy! A true delight to read and experience.

  2. 2

    JILL ERIN, I am so moved. Thank you.

  3. 3

    Many healers and friends and clients have inspired me on my spiritual path. One stands out, however, related to Enlightenment Coaching.

    Huge cheers and thanks to Jozef Dominguez. He has been an Enlightenment Coach to others and to me.

    A friend from long ago in Seattle, Jozef contacted me last year. He offered to give me some coaching, and his work has set the standard for me in the emerging field of Enlightenment Coaching.

    More than anyone, Jozef helped me to receive that invitation into Enlightenment.

    Incidentally, Jozef is the one who set up my teaching tours this year in New Mexico and California. Both workshops were filled with students he referred.

    For all this, Jozef wouldn’t accept a penny in thanks. He just wanted to help my work become better known.

    Learn more about the powerful work of Jozef Dominguez here:

  4. 4
    "Helen" says:

    In my session, you described how I have a spiritual addiction and made suggestions for getting over it.

    I’m upset. It’s true that I spend half my waking hours asking for guidance from my angels. But that doesn’t mean I listen to them.

    I am very proud of how I don’t necessarily accept everything they tell me. I trust them. I don’t call myself addicted, since I use my freedom to disagree.

    Why should I trust you when you call this an addiction and I don’t believe everything my angels say?

  5. 5

    It’s a matter of how you spend your time, plus how you position your consciousness.

    What can happen if you cut down your spiritual practices,including conversations with angels, down to 30 minutes per day? (Maximum.)

    You will engage with life more fully as a human.

    Your angels exist to serve you. Not to serve as a replacement for a human identity.

  6. 6
    Lauren says:

    Hi Rose,
    Did you say you’re doing workshops out in California? Also do you teach the chakra databanks and energetic literacy in your aura reading book? Or only in your workshops?

    Thank you

  7. 7

    Thanks for asking, LAUREN.

    Later this month I will post my workshop schedule for 2013. However, I can tell you right now that there are no plans for me to return to California.

    Except for phone sessions, which can include mentoring. Just today, I have three sessions with clients in California. 🙂

    When Aura Level Workshop Levels I and II are announced for 2012, consider flying to the largest area in metro D.C., staying at a nearby hotel at a very reasonable reduced rate, and going downstairs to the workshop meetings, all in the same place.

  8. 8

    Other ways to learn the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R) include:

    “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses,” which you can preview here:

    “Read People Deeper,” which you can preview here:

    Phone sessions of personal mentoring, one of which I just finished between last comment and this one, two hours of fascination for sure. You can learn about those here:

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