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Will your comment appear on this blog?


Today I received a surprising message. As the blog moderator, I learned that a very beloved Blog-Buddy had written two previous comments that never made it onto the blog.

What happened?

And what to do if such a thing should ever happen to you?

Usually your comment will go live within two days

Exceptions occur if we are having power outages here in Sterling, Virginia. (Sterling is America’s #1 county in median income. We also rank pretty high in serious power outages caused by rain, snow, or whatevers.)

Or there could be a No Comment Zone caused by my traveling out of town. Or on a sumptuous holiday where there is no Internet access, such as a lunar landing. Neither of these happens as often as I might fantasize. 😉

Normally I check for comments a couple of times per day.

Why wouldn’t your comment go live very soon?

Because there was a problem. Such as landing in the spam filter.

My trusty spam filter does an excellent job. Usually. But maybe its bits-and-bytesy eyes glaze over after reading things like, “covers really good and lasts all day ,”.

Email me at I’ll check. If the spam filter didn’t get your comment, I might ask you to resend it and then enable it that way.

Your comments are a very cherished part of this blog, promise.

To be clear, I moderate and write “Deeper Perception Made Practical” for the sake of all you Blog-Buddies, even those of you who only lurk.

When you comment, hooray! Reminds me that this blog is a form of community service and education; it is a way to reach out and respond that works within my human allotment of time.

How does commenting here differ from Facebook

  1. We have zero components like advertisement, selling of data, secret tracking of anything.
  2. If you make a typo or want to change your comment, you can just send another comment. Ask me to take out the old and put in the new.
  3. You can type with style, using actual paragraphs. At Facebook, appropriate spacing of paragraph will result in a post going live, willy nilly.
  4. Yes, on Facebook, your messages are called “posts” while here they are called “comments.” Whereas the main article at the top is called a “post.” Don’t blame me. I didn’t make all this silliness up. 😉
  5. All our comments here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” are moderated. One advantage to you is that you can easily be anonymous or use any name you like, even if you aren’t the most high-tech locomotive in the jellybean jar. (Or whatever that is supposed to be called in post-millennial hep-talk.) Write any instructions to the moderator in the first paragraph. I’ll  make good on any request that seems reasonable to me.
  6. All commenters at this blog are exceptionally intelligent, interesting, kind people, with great sense of humor. And all of us smell really good. (My opinion, anyway.)

Apart from rejecting spam, do I ever disallow a blog comment?

On rare occasions, yes, I will use my editorial prowess to discern that a comment does not really work within the rules of this blog. Usually I write a quick email to the sender explaining why, as a courtesy.

Blog-Buddies, sending a comment takes precious time and, even more precious, your opening up to share an original point of view. I value that.

Sometimes you will agree with me on something, sometimes not. At this blog we have had some disagreements. Mostly they have ended well; occasionally not so well; always the whole process of exchange is informative, which is the point.

Know that I always do what I can, as moderator, to make this a fair forum and a respectful place for us to grow together. Yet it is always my personal blog, so I won’t allow anyone to push me around.

The artg of sticking up for myself is right here, on these electronic pages. You can track my growth in that way (among others) over the long history of this blog.

 Overall the goal is to make this blog a safe and nurturing community for all of us with an interest in “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Comment away, whether your interest in this blog is energetic literacy, aura reading, empath coaching, face reading; Energy Spirituality, cord-cutting, regression therapy; Enlightenment coaching.

The blog might supplement interests you learn about elsewhere, like Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Reiki, Pranic Healing; psychic development, mediumship, channeling, intuitive development, remote viewing, animal communication; psychotherapy, counseling, pastoral counseling, mediation; your sacred religion, atheism, whatever is your personal path to Enlightenment.

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    Curious As Ever says:

    Rose, your blog is such a treasure.

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    Sweet! Thank you, CURIOUS AS EVER.

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    Rosalyn Smock says:

    This is a remarkable blog. I think it is one which persuaded me to look up evidence-based life coach certification.

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