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On NPR's "All Things Considered," Rosetree Energy Spirituality Gives a Stop Pot Message

Rose Rosetree's anti-pot message on NPR's "All Things Considered"

Rose Rosetree’s anti-pot message on NPR’s “All Things Considered”

It all began with “All Things Considered.” And led to the healing of some 4,000 ghosts. Plus one human whose life was changed by the anti-pot message informed by deeper perception and the energy reading skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

As a big NPR fan, one evening I was listening to the radio when I heard an “All Things Considered” segment about legalizing marijuana. My reaction was so strong, I sent a letter. My first written comment ever to any show on National Public Radio! Here’s what I wrote:

“From my perspective, pot is very, very dangerous. It’s a slow poison that has very specific consequences for all long-term users as well as very individual and heartbreaking consequences for each user.”

Miss Rosetree goes on to say until all NPR listeners can read auras, invaluable for all holistic forms of healing, as well as many other practical uses, “With all respect, non-aura readers will perceive only the surface problems with marijuana and other recreational drugs.”

Addicted to weed, ready to stop

Robert Siegel read my comment on the air. I don’t know which amazed me more:

  • That my comment beat the odds and made it into the world of broadcasting.
  • Or how extra-intelligent the words sounded, issuing from the lips of wonderfully nerdy Mr. Siegel.
  • (Although I’ve done over 1,000 media interviews, I’ve only been on “All Things Considered” once before, and that one was an official interview. Not one email plucked from so many others.)

Certainly I didn’t anticipate the phone call I got soon after.

How My Anti-Pot Message Helped a Long-Term Pothead

GLADYS called up to schedule a phone session of Energy Spirituality.

We did that first session and six others followed over the years. Not so many, considering how much these sessions of aura healing helped GLADYS to get off pot. Previously she had been a pothead for 20 years.

Something about that letter clicked with her, and she decided to stop. And she has, completely, lost that old habit.

Helping people to get off substances is one of my privileges doing sessions that move out STUFF from the astral level of an aura (which corresponds to the subconscious mind). I have helped some clients to kick dependency on alcohol, marijuana, and even cocaine.

What is especially characteristic of STUFF in those who smoke grass? More than users of any other substance, potheads are the most likely to carry around loads of ghosts, a.k.a. astral entitities, stuck spirits, astral attachments.

Unpublicized Side Effect of Pot: Ghosts Stuck to Your Aura

Getting “high” is a good name for what happens with recreational chemicals. Living in human bodies, each of us has a series of overlapping energy bodies as well. Collectively they make up your aura, or “The human energy field.”

Normally we identify with the physical body, along with the human level of life. What happens with weed or alcohol or harder drugs? The chemical reaction sets off a shift in consciousness.

Depending on how the person processes the substances, the user identifies most with one of the energy bodies. All of them are at an astral, or psychic frequencies. Technically all of them are higher vibrations than the human one. So it is very accurate to call the reaction “Getting high.”

With pot, the person starts identifying with an astral experience. This makes the stoner especially attractive to ghosts. So many ghosts will attach to the aura of the pothead. Others will take up residence in the pothead’s home or car or workplace.

One of the RES Skills You Can Use to Stop Smoking Pot… Involves Ghost Removal

It gives me a laugh, each year, around Halloween time. Astral entities are considered so interesting, such freaky or cutely paranormal spooky rarities. Actually ghosts are very common. They are in malls and airports, a small number in most people, a large number in others, a huge number in potheads.

And one of the factors that causes a person to become a ghost after death? Maybe you guessed it. Being stoned on weed, or drunk. Or not being high at the time, but being addicted to alcohol or marijuana or cocaine or heroin.

STUFF Removal Makes It Way Easier to Stop Smoking Pot

It’s important to know about RES, neither I nor those I train are substance abuse counselors. However, some people really can just break the habit of smoking pot, etc. In which case, RES self-healing skills can help. You might start with one day at a time and one book at a time. I’d recommend these three, in the order given:

  1. Become The Most Important Person in the Room,
  2. Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection,
  3. and Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.

Yes, the book for self-healing related to ghost removal — and much more — is the second in that recommended series of books. Each one can help you as a person. And if your life has become way too influenced by weed-grass-cannabis-marijuana-pot… Aaaah! Yes, your self-healing can make it far easier to say goodbye to these highly seductive drugs.

What else could help? One or more sessions of aura healing with me or another RES expert. You must be drug-free for at least three days prior to your appointment. (And, of course, the day of your session as well). If this is possible for you, that’s a good sign!

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  1. 1
    Curious As Ever says:

    Rose, This is so interesting, and if you would be ever offer more detail on this, I’d be fascinated to read more. (I know you’ve blogged about it previously.) What types of ghosts? Types of entities?

    I strongly suspect that there is a similar but very different phenomenon going on with most TV programming / watching.

  2. 2
    Elaine says:

    Rose, I just took your workshop Spiritual Cleansing and Protection and while I always enjoy and learn in your workshops, this one felt especially important for me. After the workshop I went to stay at a bed and breakfast in Delaware, which I found out while there was supposed to be haunted. Interesting fact, I thought, when I stumbled across it. Whether true or not, the B&B built around 1900, was a perfect place to use my new skills of spiritual protection and cleansing. After I did the simple exercises from our intensive workshop (also in the book) “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Protection and Cleansing” everything in my B&B experience felt lighter and yes, cleaner spiritually!

    Thanks for continually sharing and upgrading our knowledge and skills

  3. 3

    A beautiful comment was posted here, Blog-Buddies, by Anonymous.

    I elevated it to a guest post so it wouldn’t get lost in our other conversations. Take a look here:

  4. 4
    Gladys the Seeker says:

    I just want to add that going to a Kryon meeting is another way to pick up astral entities(stuck spirits/ghosts)and ET entities.
    I came back from a Kryon conference with 10 022 astral entities and approximately 90 000 ET entities stuck to my aura. Fortunately I had a session with Rose 2 weeks after and she cleaned out my aura.
    Kryon always talks of the ever present entourage who come in advance of a Kryon session to ‘prepare’ the place, who walk the aisles, and sit at the feet of all those present during the session and who leave with them after all is over. Never for the life of me did I ever suspect what he really meant.
    Those of you who, like me (at that time), do not know how to close off your auras from such unwelcome beings would benefit from learning this skill from Rose.

  5. 5

    GLADYS, SUCH A SEEKER, you and ANONYMOUS here have been in my personal Hall of Fame as a healer of astral and ET entities.

    So rare to have such high numbers! Thank you for the recommendation to Blog-Buddies. I offer two ways for someone to receive an astral healing as appropriate and also to learn how to close of his or her aura to random entities:

    * One phone session of Energy Spirituality
    * One easy-to-read how-to book, “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.” This one makes a great Halloween present!

    Isn’t it fascinating how KRYON, JOHN OF GOD, and others involved in Energetic Ponzi Schemes will send around clues about what they are doing.

    Only the big-seeker listeners will interpret according to the equating The Romance of the Astral with “Being especially favored by God” or whatever.

    You didn’t mention that part about KRYON’s glam entourage when we did that session, but it sure makes sense this could be a problem now, doesn’t it?

  6. 6
    Gladys the Seeker says:

    It’s true Rose, I never did update you on Kryon’s entourage. But I didn’t make the connection right away.
    In the healing modality I practice the presence of healing angels is a given. In fact we always invoke for their help (and that of the Great Ones) before a healing. So whenever I read about Kryon’s entourage (Kryon refers to them as angels) I never felt anything was amiss.
    Kryon has also stated that the entourage is made up of the many disembodied family members of the Kryon audience and these departed ones were often responsible for drawing these people to the Kryon meetings. Apparently, the Kryon audience is made up of many who still grieve the loss of a loved one.

    It was not easy for me at that time to accept that Kryon was not aligned to the Truth. That he was just a sly astral entity totally divorced from the Divine. And with my habit of denying my inner voice, I never received the inner alerts.
    But I also recognize that my Kryon involvement was of my own making. One reaps what one sows. I somehow sowed this experience through my actions either in this or previous lifetimes.
    Even so I was a little puzzled as to why the Universe had not protected me. I, who had always asked to be kept on the path of Truth. Why
    And the Universe replied,
    You were protected! You were guided to Rose and within weeks she purged you of all ties(karma) to Kryon.
    And 10 022 lost souls got to return to the Light. And 90 000 ET entities got to go home.
    And a great many people were alerted to the great lie that is Kryon.
    So it was not all bad was it?
    And I guess, viewed from this perspective, it wasn’t.

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