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Extra-credit points from being an empath


For your eyes only, empaths.

Today’s post, Part Three of this series, might make non-empaths jealous.

Hey, that’s only fair. So much of the online conversation about empaths screams “Victim!”

And it’s true that being an unskilled empath is no fun. Unless one likes pain… such as physical pain from taking on STUFF with Physical Oneness, or spiritual anxiety due to taking on STUFF as a Spiritual Empath, or the ever-popular “What did I think anyway?” confusion of an Intellectual Empath.

The list of torments goes on and on, inter-psychic and inter-personal and, especially, Internet. Yesterday’s post stunned ME, when I found the statistic of 1/2 million hits on the pathetic concept of  “Empath + victim.”

Those words never have to be juxtaposed for you, Blog-Buddies! And maybe you even know a different empath pair ‘o terms with a way lower recognition factor right now, “Molecular + empath.” Currently this has just 19 thousand hits on Google… but “molecular empath” refers to something that really exists.

In fact, today’s blog post is being written by a molecular empath. And I’m pretty sure that I exist.

Whereas “Rose Rosetree as empath victim” ended back in 1997.

No repining about some of the weirdly popular victim terminology. Let’s allow the not-yet-skilled empaths to feel good about themselves, whatever it takes to make even a marginal improvement. 😉

Truth is, unskilled empaths are less effective than non-empaths. But skilled empaths are more effective than non-empaths.

Personally, I’m convinced that the overall point of being born as an empath is to become a skilled empath.

Empath gifts can only be given turned ON

Does that fact of life have to mean “victim”? Nope. To me it means “part of Earth School.”

If God could give someone even one empath gift, installing it turned OFF until that empath decided to turn it ON….

Surely that would be how it was done for you and me and all the other empaths on earth.

Only nope. That is not how any of us millions of empaths have come into human life.

Fact of life: Empath gifts being given turned OFF just isn’t possible. Being born all the way at one delightful end of the Continuum of Human Sensitivity, each empath gift is switched ON until the soul learns how to turn it OFF on purpose. Same as being born as a Highly Sensitive Person. It’s there from babyhood on.

HSP self-management matters for quality of life. Empath gifts, being at the extreme end of the Continuum of Human Sensitivity, require proper stewardship even more.

Your challenge and mine: The empath gift(s) that make you an empath will not serve you well… unless you do your part as an evolving human.

So rejoice when you find a system for empath skills that works for you. Follow through and do that wee bit of work to gain Empath Empowerment(R) until you own the skills for life.

Obviously, pursue whatever that system is called that you might prefer to the one I teach. Many new techniques for empaths are coming up all the time, and you get to decide for yourself what appeals and what doesn’t.

Today’s article about extra-credit points from being an empath applies only to skilled empaths, folks who have a dependable way to keep from taking on STUFF at a subconscious level. Read the aura of a skilled empath, down to the level of chakra databanks, and you won’t find unskilled empath merges, or their after-effects of STUFF.

I would like to make the technical point that any system for empaths that doesn’t manage this will not produce what I call a “Skilled Empath” by this definition, although obviously there could be other appeals and benefits. Okay, on to the pointies!

What’s the point of living with your empath gift(s) turned OFF?

Skilled Empath Point 1. Sense of identity

Skilled Empaths have a strong sense of identity. This sense of self doesn’t just randomly happen to people. It results from a cumulative process of waking up from inside.

Techniques of Empath Empowerment are designed to turn empath gift(s) OFF by turning sense of identity ON and UP. 

This authentic, buildable sense of identity is not based on identifying with one small portion of life gifts, such as being smart or looking cute or being in a love relationship or having a child, or other specialized aspects of life that can form a workaround sense of identity.

Workaround, that is, until some life event changes the social role that has formed the provisional sense of self. By contrast, an authentically strong sense of self makes a person more stable. It includes every gift that God has given you for this lifetime, including social roles, physical body, mind, intellect, emotions, soul, spiritual connection.

All of this, when owned by consciousness in a natural and effortless manner, can become one’s human sense of self. This is a huge, holistic, personal sense of identity.

For sense of identity to work well enough to provide Empath Empowerment, the experience of self will be clear enough to show all the way through to chakra databanks. Consciousness wakes up for a skilled empath.

Although this isn’t the same thing as being spiritually Enlightened, Empath Empowerment can help on one’s personal path to Enlightenment.

Here I think of folks from our community at Deeper Perception Made Practical who, this year, made it onto the Enlightenment Life List, including JULIE, JILL ERIN, PANTELIS, and STEPHANIE, Skilled Empaths all.

Not a coincidence, perhaps: I coached folks about Empath Empowerment long before, just this year, I humbly added the notion that I might also serve others as an Enlightenment Coach.

Skilled Empath Point 2: Quality of Human Relationships with Empath Gifts Turned OFF

There you are, a Skilled Empath, hanging out with your friends. Spending time with family members. Talking to neighbors.

Because of your training to become a Skilled Empath, you have developed a relatively sophisticated relationship to both objective reality and subjective reality.

You have the wisdom to know the difference. This brings on a kind of serenity.

Moreover, your depths of sensitivity are not used for casual chit-chat. You own most of the Continuum of Human Sensitivity in your behavioral repertoire. Spontaneously you can match other people’s position along that Continuum, match them gesture for gesture and joke for joke.

This is not conscious behavior, necessarily. Because nothing about becoming a skilled empath requires self-consciousness behavioral “working on the self.” Instead, the spontaneous positioning of consciousness itself shifts. And with that come a whole cascade of upgrades to mind-body-spirit.

Blog-Buddies, your consciousness is naturally fluid. As a Skilled Empath, you have automatic, spontaneously appropriate behavior with folks regardless of their sensitivity level, enjoying the playground of social relationships. (And, as a side effect, skilled empaths can earn the maxium possible respect from others.)

Skilled Empath Point 3: Sense of purpose while earning a living

Every human being has the majority of chakra databanks — and majority of time spent on earth — related to living a human life.

Service as a world server involves a separate bunch of chakra databanks.

How you earn your living does not have to involve being a world server. Money and human responsibility come with evolving as a human.

Much of today’s most troubling conversation within New Age puts “Grand purpose” into the role of fulfilling all these functions simultaneously. I question that.

In my experience, purpose does not have to be grand. It’s a fine purpose to be honorable as a human householder, to earn a living that is stable and helps human beings in everyday ways. You could be a librarian or can vegetables for the winter. You might get together with other guys every weekend and fix old-model cars. How very householdery and human… and magnificent!

As a Skilled Empath, with gifts turned off, you model extreme sensitivity as a fully functioning, powerful human being. That auric modeling provides an inspiration to everyone along the Continuum of Human Sensitivity. This means powerful service to humanity. Even could be considered a “spiritual purpose,” yet done in an un-self-conscious, very real way.

The meek can inherit the earth, and so can the sensitive.

Skilled Empath Point 4: Skilled Empath Merge teaches you every time

Just a minute or less, when you do a well designed technique for Skilled Empath Merge, whoosh! There goes your consciousness, learning in the deepest way possible about human Otherness. In Part One of this recent blog series, I described the big-picture, World Server-type benefit for humanity.

Here, the human point is simple. Whatever you might consider “The last frontier,” be it settling in a new colony, exploring space, learning about your chosen profession, finding out how many orgasms you can squeeze into each day….

When it comes to experiences of consciousness, Skilled Empath Merge is one of the ultimate frontiers. Though quiet, and lacking in psychic flash — that flash being what can be so  addictive about The Romance of the Astral –whatever happens during a Skilled Empath Merge is a powerful and distinctively human exploration of consciousness.

“Wait!” some of you Blog-Buddies may be thinking. “I care so much more about gaining spiritual Enlightenment/Self-Realization/God-Realization/Self-Actualization.” Isn’t that “The last frontier.”

Sure. I’d agree. But who has to choose?

It does seem to me that becoming a Skilled Empath, including doing Skilled Empath Merge as appropriate for a healthy balanced lifestyle, is a powerful way to move extra quickly on your path to Enlightenment.

Certainly it is clear that one need not be anywhere close to Enlightenment in order to learn Empath Empowerment skills or to do Skilled Empath Merge. That, to me, is pretty exciting, too.

Stage Three Energetic Literacy, so you can read auras all the way down to the level of chakra databanks — that’s my basis for saying that Skilled Empath Merges are healthy. Very healthy. Extremely evolutionary for someone who seeks spiritual Enlightenment.

Skilled Empath Point 5: Extra-amazing relationship with God

Of course, everyone can have an amazing relationship with God. Each of us does already.

Playing The God Game, each of us gets to have just the type of relationship with God that we desire. Long-term this relationship develops more and more.

Of course, every non-empath can have an extra-amazing relationship with God.

But this is an article about empaths, for empaths. So, between you and me, think about this.

When you have skills as an empath:

  1. You can interact in any relationship with your empath gift(s) OFF and have a gorgeously authentic human experience.
  2. You can choose to do a brief Skilled Empath Merge, with anyone you  choose, in person or via photograph. Turning your empath gift(s) ON, you will have a transcendent, inspiring, making contact with the Otherness of the other person.

Well, think that might come in useful for your relationship with God?

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  1. 1
    Dave says:

    Beautiful and so so helpful!

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    Rose, this is wonderful.

    I haven’t forgotten your challenge to write a poem about skilled empath identity, partly because when I do think about identity at the moment it just becomes one set of ‘Well, it’s for sure not that, or this’ after another – leaving me feeling more and more comfortably separate from what you call the ‘workaround sense of identity’.

    You’re so right that that we’re not identified by our relationships to others, these are merely comparative statements and sets of beliefs which right now I’m simply finding painful.

    So I’ll write my poem when I’ve got there! 🙂

    To me, this last set of posts have been a poem of yours, and what a wonderful one. Thank you.


  3. 3

    AMANDA, thank you so much. You would have loved my favorite college professor, the acclaimed poet Allen Grossman.

    He used to teach us that poets name the truth. And that the most important job of a poet is to find the special excellence in a person or situation.

    Dr. Grossman has influenced me more than any of my teachers and professors in academic life. I’m so very grateful to him.

    Incidentally, if any of you Blog-Buddies are curious about a really great and very human American poet, you can sample three of his poems here:

  4. 4
    Jill Erin says:

    Rose, what a beautiful post for all us empaths. I still remember the first day, after reading your book Become the Most Important Person in the Room and doing the first couple of exercises in that book, of experiencing my Self, with no outside interference patterns. It was pure bliss. I lay down on my bed and just gloried in it. It unlocked me and opened me up in a way that I had never experienced before. I felt like I was seeing, smelling, touching, hearing everything for the very first time. And I was! And I still am!

    A funny aside about poets. I read a very funny story by a Montana author a few years ago about playing softball in college. He said no one wanted the poets on their team because while everyone else was playing the game, the poets were experiencing everything else, as well as the game, and, no doubt, composing a poem in their mind about it. In the meantime, they would allow the ball to fly past them. The last poem in the three that you share in your link to Allen Grossman reminded me of that story.

  5. 5
    Miranda says:

    Hi Everybody
    This is my first time posting though I have been a ‘lurker’ for quite awhile. This post really spoke to me, especially the Sense of Identity. What a clear way of describing the difference, Rose. I have never been really happy with my ‘workaround identity through any stage of my life because it always felt like it could collapse at any moment with any outside change, and there have been many of those! (house built on sand metaphor). In working with Rose I am finally beginning to experience what she refers to as the ‘authentically strong sense of self’. What a breath of fresh air!
    I am still learning to become a skilled empath but now have a frame of reference to my life long burning question ‘Who am I?’

  6. 6

    MIRANDA, thank you so much for making that leap of trust from lurker to contributor at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

    So much more fun for you, I hope.

    I think you spoke for many, describing that ironic plight of big spiritual seekers who have been directed toward the renunciate form of Enlightenment, believing it was that or nothing.

    Of course, with a path of renunciation, it is very important to have a guru or an organization of fellow travellers on that very same path to Enlightenment.

    That makes it safer to proceed in life as someone who strips away things of the world in order to have as little sense of identity as possible, save for what comes from relating to the Divine, pure consciousness, etc.

  7. 7
    Tehya says:

    Thank you for this post, Rose! All of the above resonated deeply. I feel better than ever and I owe a lot of that to your books and sessions.

  8. 8
    Lauren says:

    Hi Rose,

    I just had an interesting experience that I wanted to share with you. Last year during a cord cutting session we had you told me that I am definitely an empath. Well even with that confirmation I got caught up with life and didn’t exactly make developing empath skills a priority and sort of forgot about it altogether. I don’t immediately feel other people’s emotions which you said isn’t the only tell tale sign of an empath, so my symptoms have never been too obvious for me and I never really took it too seriously. That probably wasn’t the best idea as I was hanging out with a depressed and anxiety ridden heroin addict all year, trying to help her with her addiction.

    I don’t know if you know who Dougall Fraser is, but he’s a highly publicized psychic like Colette Baron Reid and has a weekly radio show on New Sky Radio. Well I randomly called in not expecting to get through because so many listeners try to call in for a reading. To my surprise and shock I was on air and Dougall began the reading. What was interesting about his reading was, he was picking up on my family, and people around me but not so much on me in particular!! It was if he was trying to read a murky pond. He even acknowledged this and said I was an emotional sponge, not the best judge of character when it came to relationships because everyone wants to dump their problems on me, and that I need to get clear on who I am because I am floating around with everyone elses energies.

    I got off the line and let the reading sort of marinate, and then it clicked. I realized that I should probably look into this whole empath thing. I went on your blog and then decided to order your book “be the most important person in the room”. I’m also very interested in Use Your Power of Command and have a very good feeling about it and will order that next. Anyways, just wanted to share what it’s like for a well known psychic to have trouble reading an empath!


  9. 9

    Thanks for sharing, LAUREN. Smart of you to start by developing Empath Empowerment!

    “Become the Most Important Person in the Room” can get you there.

    Wishing you success as you get your life together!

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